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Found 1 result

  1. If you got any question feel free to ask it here. - if Brightshield was attack, she block, become inspired, can she use is furious parry reaction for this attack ? Page 13 of the Rulebook says “If a fighter is Inspired as a result of an action, the fighter becomes inspired after that action is complete.”Which would mean that the entirity of the attack action would have to be complete, including the failure, so Brightshield wouldn’t be able to react to it. -Sigmar's Bulwark: "Score this in an end phase if none of your fighters suffered any damage in the preceding action phase." Can I score this if one of my fighters was damaged and then healed for the full amount (and all the other fighters unharmed)? No he take dammage -should the discard pile be face-up or can it be face-down? Face-up: At p.25 where it described the steps of the end phase it does state that cards that are discarded are placed "face up in a discard pile" and I would assume this means that cards in discard piles are open information and you are free to check the cards in any discard pile whenever you wish. - Is it possible to activate and attack with the same character multiple times during the activation sequence, so long as that character hasn't moved? Yes: A model can attack and defend as much as the player like - To buy upgrades you spend glory points but are they counted at the end of the 3rd round? Yes Spent glory points still count towards your final glory tally to determine the winner of the game. - you can keep a Guard on a warrior even if he/she attacks or moves later on in the same phase ? Yes -Does Steelheart's upgrade "Heroic Stride" trigger after an enemy fighter moves or after the entire activation, before the power step begins? the card should actually say "Action" instead of "activation". the ennemy fighter make is activation, when his activation is done you make the reaction and after that the power step begins -the card"Fuelled by Slaughter" if an action or power card would kill a warrior, a friendly warrior could perform an attack, does this include warriors that already charged ? Yes, a model who charged can attack but he can't be activated again. This is an out-of-activation attack which isn't specifically stopped. -If I had 2 hammers would i only have one success of my enemy had NO luck and zero shields/crits? Yes, you are either successful with your attack, or you're not successful. Multiple Successes from the same roll, does not constitute multiplying damage. -An attack action that targets each enemy within 1 hits steelheart first. This attack fails and steelheart performs the fatal reposte reaction, killing the attacker.Does this reaction (and death of the attacker) prevent the attacker from finishing his combat and hitting the rest of the opponents within 1 hex? Its after the attack action has been resolved, therefore, after the other player has performed his attack against all enemys adyacent to him, then the fatal reposte resolves. -Brightshield has an upgrade that puts her and all friendly models adjacent to her on guard.How does this work? Block does this for an Action, what this means is that all the effects thake up an Action and thus basically open another choice for Action (point) use. If it is used she and any adjecent friendly warrior go on Guard. This means that one to two other models can be put on Guard for one Action. -"Righteous Strike" can the reaction can be triggered by itself No, by courtesy but ine the rule they are nothing that prevent you to make only one reaction per even -"Flickering Image" which reads, Reaction: After an Attack action made by this fighter that scores a critical hit, you can push them up to two hexes. Does that mean I push MY fighter up to two hexes, or, the target(s) of my attack up to two hexes? Its your fighter -Can i use "Swift Strike" to put me in range of combat? No, Swift Strike has the Reaction that before you make an Attack Action you can push the model once hex. Currently the rules still state that in order to make an Attack Action you should still have a legal Attack Action option before that. Based on weapon range.(page 3 for more detail)
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