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Found 74 results

  1. Hi party people! So, I've read these things for years and always appreciated the ideas they gave me. So i thought I would set one up myself and detail the progress I'm making on my AoS army(s). Firstly, just a little background on myself. I'm actually a classically trained figure painter. I've been painting professionally for about 15 years off and on (though more off than on since becoming a father 3 years ago.) I originally got into warhammer as an alternative to playing online MMORPG's about ten years ago, and since I specialize in miniature paintings, I figured painting miniature soldiers would be an easy transition. I currently have an 8th edition Warriors of Chaos army (my first army) a 8th ed Wood elf army as well as an AoS Sylvaneth and am currently starting A Disciples of Tzeentch army (although that army is still more in the planning stages). This PLOG will probably heavily feature my Sylvaneth army, since it's my first real dedicated AoS army in progress. There will probably be some Tzeentch stuff thrown in as well, to give myself a break from the trees, and who know where it will lead (I'm as excited to see that as you are). So i'll start by showing what currently finished and what's in progress. If you want receipts, thoughts or anything just ask. I'm always here to help. Happy painting -Frank
  2. Hi guys, Here is the digital variant of the card list so far, I plan to create the database with actual scans and perhaps even an online deckbuilder the moment Games Workshop is allright with this and when The Grand Alliance Forums is willing to share this type of information on their platform. This initial post will be updated with the expansions, below I've also covered in spoilers what is the "standard deck" the Core Set comes with for both Garrek's Reavers and Stealheart's Champions. Warhammer Underworlds Card List: Garrek’s Reavers 1 A Worthy Skull Objective 2 Blood for the Blood God Objective 3 Coward! Objective 4 Draw the Gaze of Khorne Objective 5 It Begins Objective 6 Khorne Cares Not Objective 7 Khorne’s Champion Objective 8 Let the Blood Flow Objective 9 There is Only Slaughter Objective 10 Blood Offering Ploy 11 Blood Rain Ploy 12 Boon of Khorne Ploy 13 Desecrate Ploy 14 Final Blow Ploy 15 Fuelled by Slaughter Ploy 16 Insensate Ploy 17 Khorne Calls Ploy 18 Rebirth in Blood Ploy 19 Skulls for the Skull Throne! Ploy 20 Berserk Charge Upgrade Saek 21 Bloodslick Upgrade Garrek 22 Deadly Spin Upgrade Targor 23 Ever-Advancing Upgrade Garrek 24 Frenzy Upgrade 25 Grisly Trophy Upgrade Garrek 26 Terrifying Howl Upgrade Karsus 27 Unstoppable Charge Upgrade Saek 28 Whirlwind of Death Upgrade Karsus 29 Wicked Blade Upgrade Arnulf Steelheart’s Champions 30 Awe-Inspiring Objective 31 Cleanse Objective 32 Consecrated Area Objective 33 Eternals Objective 34 Immovable Object Objective 35 Lightning Strikes Objective 36 Seize Ground Objective 37 Sigmar’s Bulwark Objective 38 Slayers of Tyrants Objective 39 Heroic Guard Ploy 40 Peal of Thunder Ploy 41 Righteous Zeal Ploy 42 Sigmarite Wall Ploy 43 Stormforged Resistance Ploy 44 Stormforged Tactics Ploy 45 Tireless Assualt Ploy 46 Undaunted Ploy 47 Unstoppable Strike Ploy 48 Valiant Attack Ploy 49 Blessed by Sigmar Ploy 50 Block Upgrade Brightshield 51 Brave Strike Upgrade Obryn 52 Fatal Riposte Upgrade Steelheart 53 Heroic Might Upgrade Steelheart / Obryn 54 Heroic Stride Upgrade Steelheart 55 Lightning Blade Upgrade Steelheart 56 Lightning Blast Upgrade Obryn 57 Righteous Strike Upgrade Brightshield 58 Shield Bash Upgrade Brightshield Sepulchral Guard 59 Battle Without End Objective 60 Claim the City Objective 61 Fearless in Death Objective 62 March of the Dead Objective 63 More Able Bodies Objective 64 Peerless General Objective 65 Skills Unforgotten Objective 66 The Invigorated Dead Objective 67 Undead Swarm Objective 68 Bone Shrapnel Ploy 69 Ceaseless Attacks Ploy 70 Clawing Hands Ploy 71 Danse Macabre Ploy 72 Grasping Hands Ploy 73 Restless Dead Ploy 74 Spectral Form Ploy 75 Swift Evasion Ploy 76 Terrifying Screams Ploy 77 The Necromancer Commands Ploy 78 Ancient Commander Upgrade Warden 79 Assumed Command Upgrade Prince 80 Deathly Charge Upgrade Champion 81 Fatal Strike Upgrade Champion 82 Focused Attack Upgrade Harvester 83 Frightning Speed Upgrade Harv, Champ, Prince 84 Grim Cleave Upgrade Harvester 85 Lethal Lunge Upgrade Warden 86 Remembered Shield Upgrade Warden, Prince, Petition 87 Undying Upgrade Ironskull's Boyz 88 Ard as Iron Objective 89 Biggest 'an da Best Objective 90 Call of the Waaagh! Objective 91 Dead Kunnin' Objective 92 Dere's more of Us Objective 93 Get da Boss Objective 94 Good Scrap Objective 95 Punch-up Objective 96 Too Dumb to Die Objective 97 Avin a Good Time Ploy 98 Brutal but Kunnin' Ploy 99 Deafening Bellow Ploy 100 Gorkamorka's Blessing Ploy 101 Kunnin' but Brutal Ploy 102 Last Lunge Ploy 103 Leadin' by Example Ploy 104 More Choppin' Ploy 105 Pillage Ploy 106 Scrag 'Em Ploy 107 Ard Head Upgrade Hakka, Basha 108 Aspiring Boss Upgrade Hakka 109 Brutal Frenzy Upgrade Hakka, Basha 110 Brutal Swing Upgrade Bonekutta 111 Crush and Cleave Upgrade Gurzag, Bonekutta 112 Dead 'Ard Upgrade Gurzag, Bonekutta 113 Eadbutt Upgrade Gurzag 114 Headlong Rush Upgrade Basha 115 Unkillable Upgrade Gurzag 116 Waaagh! Upgrade Universal Core 236 Annihilation Objective 247 Conquest Objective 253 Denial Objective 263 Hold 1 Objective 264 Hold 2 Objective 265 Hold 3 Objective 266 Hold 4 Objective 267 Hold 5 Objective 292 Supremacy Objective 311 Confusion Ploy 330 Healing Potion Ploy 355 Shardfal Ploy 360 Sidestep Ploy 363 Sprint Ploy 385 Disengage Upgrade 389 Great Fortitude Upgrade 390 Great Speed Upgrade 391 Great Strength Upgrade 431 Total Offence Upgrade Universal Expansion 1 and 2 239 Blooded Objective 240 Bloodless Objective 241 Brawl Objective 248 Contained Objective 250 Crushing Force Objective 254 Determined Defender Objective 255 Devide and Conquer Objective 256 Endless Slaughter Objective 259 Flawless Strategy Objective 260 Geared for War Objective 281 Plant a Standard Objective 282 Ploymaster Objective 287 Reaper Objective 288 Scent of Victory Objective 290 Stymied Objective 291 Superior Tactician Objective 293 Swift Advance Objective 296 Tactical Supremacy 1-2 Objective 297 Tactical Supremacy 3-4 Objective 299 The Harvest Begins Objective 302 Twilight Conquerer Objective 305 Victorious Duel Objective 308 Anticipation Ploy 312 Cruel Taunt Ploy 315 Daylight Robbery Ploy 318 Distraction Ploy 319 Dual Strike Ploy 320 Duel of Wits Ploy 324 Forceful Denial Ploy 325 Fortify Ploy 332 Illusory Fighter Ploy 339 Mighty Swing Ploy 341 Misdirection Ploy 345 On Your Feet Ploy 346 Parry Ploy 353 Scavenge Ploy 357 Shattering Terrain Ploy 359 Shiting Shards Ploy 361 Stumble Ploy 368 Time Trap Ploy 370 Triumphant Roar Ploy 371 Trust to Luck Ploy 375 Army of One Upgrade 377 Blessed Armour Upgrade 379 Coordinated Attack Upgrade 380 Cunning Dualist Upgrade 381 Cursed Artefact Upgrade 382 Daemonic Weapon Upgrade 387 Flickering Image Upgrade 393 Helpful Whispers Upgrade 396 Katophrane's Belt Upgrade 401 Katophrane's Plate Upgrade 402 Legendary Swiftness Upgrade 405 Low Blow Upgrade 411 Shadeglass Darts Upgrade 414 Shadeglass Sword Upgrade 416 Shardcaller Upgrade 418 Sixth Sence Upgrade 420 Soultrap Upgrade 423 Swift Strike Upgrade 426 The Dazzling Key Upgrade 430 The Shadowed Key Upgrade Garrek's Reavers Starting deck cards: Steelheart's Champions Starting deck cards: As the sets become known the database will be updated. After the Sepulchral Guard and Ironskull's Boyz are available I'll also share the link for the Excel file of the total database. Cheers,
  3. Just a heads up: it appears that the old shadespire warbands are no longer available online. I guess that the old warbands will be cycled out with the release of Beastgrave. 🤷‍♂️
  4. Extreme Flank added to the ban list; superior tactician, deathly fortitude and sudden growth added to restricted list.
  5. Hanging out with an old mate of mine over Xmas got me addicted to Shadespire. Got a few groups playing in my local area but would like to still play my friend who lives in another state. Thought I would attempt some games over webcam or something. I was hoping for a bit of advice about how I could set this up. We have matching Nightvault boxes and could use proxies of each others models if we invest in new teams. I was also going to set up a simple rig to film from above. Any other ideas or potential pit falls that might occur would be appreciated. Thanks for any help.
  6. So I own the sepulcral stalkers because i wanted some nicer models in my skeleton horde and i've been considering getting the thorns of the briar queen. I've been wondering how useful they'd be in actual matches. I know the sepulcral stalkers would have to be taken as allies, which is fine since they have their own revive mechanic and thus don't need as much babysitting from heroes and i don't run many allies outside of banshees. The briar queen i believe has the nighthaunt keyword so would also be an ally and seems like a decent spellcaster/ranged combatant. The thorns themselves just seem like meh non-battleline chainwrasps tho. Thoughts?
  7. I’m looking for promo stuff (alt.art cards, tokens etc.) for Warhammer Underworlds. English cards only! If you have some stuff for sale please send me a pm. Annihilation Supremacy Shardfall Great Speed Coordinated Attacks Illusory Fighter Geared for War Distraction Assassinate Shifting Image Denial Concealed Weapon Hold Objective 1 Hold Objective 2 Hold Objective 3 Hold Objective 4 Hold Objective 5 The Blazing Key The Dazzling Key The Formless Key The Fractured Key The Hallowed Key The Shadowed Key Slumbering Key Blue Deck Box Gold Deck Box Scatter Token Nightvault Activation Token Acrylic Movement Tokens Acrylic Activation Tokens Shadeglass Token Card Shadeglass Token Card (Translucent) Grand Clash Dice Grand Clash Playmat
  8. Hi all, just starting to play Shadespire more seriously and the more I play the more I realize that I lose some games just at deployment. Haven't seen any guide about deployment anywhere, so I would love to have some general insights or tips from more experienced players. Band or matchup especifics appreciated, thanks. Things like trying to make a bottleneck on the boards when playing Ironjawz or deploying long boards when playing Khorne or objectives Sepulchral Guard.
  9. Inspired by both all these talks about narrative gaming and 40k kill team, should GW take more steps to showcase the alternative ways to play AoS? I know there was that topic a while ago about new game system or tweaking the current systems within AoS, but this is purely from a marketing/packaging standpoint. Granted I do understand there is nothing stopping the Start Collecting or the smaller starter set boxes from being used for Path to Glory or Skirmish, but would it help those systems (as a bit flawed as they are from a balance standpoint) if GW specifically made a box with "Path To Glory/Skirmish" printed on them? I do realize the current smaller rules in AoS are nowhere near the Kill Team rules (they are far more Narrative in style), but maybe if more players saw specific items related to them then they would express more interest and in turn GW would flesh them out more. Especially since I have this nagging feeling in the back of my head that the majority of players who buy battletomes...skip the PTG section of the book. Or is the main reason for the lack of official support due to GW not wanting to compete with themselves on Shadespire? Kill Team vs Necromunda are 2 very different themes (outside of chaos cults and genestealer cults), however Skirmish vs Shadespire are very similar in theme. So if they tried to promote the smaller AoS games, then Shadespire popularity might slip. I do apologize if this topic has been discussed to death. I tried searching topic titles with PTG and haven't really seen any recent discussions in the past few months.
  10. I'm just curious as to what everyone feels the usefulness of these units is in matched play. To me, they seem massively overpriced for what they actually provide. Here are their warscrolls: https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads/aos-warscroll-garreks-reavers-en.pdf https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/Downloads//aos-warscroll-magores-fiends-en.pdf Any comments or ideas on how they could be made better?
  11. Hiya everyone! Took the plunge with Shadespire, and I must say I love it. Really inspiring Warbands here on TGA does help I like how Steelheart's Champions play, but I'm still not a huge fan of the Stormcast Eternals (although Anamnesis's Angharad is bringing me round!). So I thought I'd do something a lil different. Presenting my Bretonnian Warband! They are still wip, but thought I'd share my progress. First up is Annette Bertrand (Angharad Brightshield) WIP
  12. I returned to the hobby in May 2018 after a longer pause of maybe 7 years. Decided to begin with Shadespire warbands to get a feel for the new GW style, getting some routine back and not to be immediately overwhelmed by the prospect of painting an entire army. I came quickly back to my old skills and was able to improve above and beyond them, especially because of the vast amount of information gathered in different communities, Patreon, YouTube and countless content creators around. That was not at all available in the current amount ten years ago. Therefore I would also like to thank everyone around here for their shared information and inspiration. Now, on my last day of summer vacation, I completed my last warband and it felt so amazing to have this project complete. Looking very much forward to Killteam 40k and more painting!
  13. Our store Shadespire championship is back and promises to be bigger than ever! Your chance to win a shiny trophy, deck boxes and alternative tokens and cards. We'll also have some spot prizes available each round and prizes for best painted!The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that this is on a weekend, rather than a weeknight.This means that we can play more, and longer rounds. The number of swiss rounds will be determined by the number of players. Each round will be 90mins long. We are hoping to have a top cut after the swiss.Food is included in the price of the ticket. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know.Tickets must be purchased by 25th July, so we can order the correct amount of food.Tickets £10 per person. You can buy them in store or on our website here -> http://bit.ly/2us5zNZ
  14. Event Title: July Shadespire Store Championship Event Author: Boards and Swords Calendar: Events UK Event Date: 07/29/2018 12:00 AM Our store Shadespire championship is back and promises to be bigger than ever! Your chance to win a shiny trophy, deck boxes and alternative tokens and cards. We'll also have some spot prizes available each round and prizes for best painted!The eagle-eyed amongst you will notice that this is on a weekend, rather than a weeknight.This means that we can play more, and longer rounds. The number of swiss rounds will be determined by the number of players. Each round will be 90mins long. We are hoping to have a top cut after the swiss.Food is included in the price of the ticket. If you have any dietary requirements please let us know.Tickets must be purchased by 25th July, so we can order the correct amount of food.Tickets £10 per person. You can buy them in store or on our website here -> http://bit.ly/2us5zNZ July Shadespire Store Championship
  15. Farstriders done. Took me a bit longer than I thought, but man, those are huge and have some detail on the bases. Happy how the etherwing turned out. At first I wanted to do him entirely complementary to the green armor, then decided on using the armor base tones. Some WIP shots and palette shot below.
  16. Hello there, I'm going to paint my stormcast warband from shadespire, i like the playstyle but i wanted to integrate a few conversion on the mini. My first question to you is would you mind playing against this conversion of anghara, based on neave blacktalon, and do you think i should modify it further? Any more sugestion? Cheers! Anamnesis
  17. Hi all, I want this to be a place to post and to collect ideas how you customize your shadespire warband or board I'll start with some markers for blocked terrain that I build, so that it is easier to identify these tiles. and it looks nicer on the board and I changed weapon and shield for my female stormcast ^^
  18. Really looked forward to painting these guys. Did a bunch of new techniques I never tried before, kudos to Tabletop Minions and the great tutorial on messy wet blending basecoat from Sam Lenz.
  19. Just as a side project while I work on organizing my local tournaments and the AoSFanzine, I thought i'd get back into doodling up concepts for stuff. I'll be updating this thread with content as I attempt to construct a full force of Katophrane Dominion with art and custom warscrolls. CONCEPT: As Nagash is eventually thwarted by the forces of order, he will probably scramble to restore his ruined lands. Hopefully this leads to some unlikely returns, as Nagash restores the katophranes to a physical unlife, only manifested if they can manage to protect their soul shards, the one resource that keeps their life and memories intact. Knowing they must serve him in this life, in contrary to their last, they change their guiding principle to the collection of knowledge, stealing the lives of the best Scholars, Warlords, Mages, and more in shards that they soon come to hoard. Their leader and the rest of the nobles of course are constantly plotting to overthrow nagash, but know fully well that nagash is near impossible to get a drop on. With this, they commit his will in the war of the realms, but use the opportunity to search for the right combination of knowledge to destroy nagash and take shyish for their own as an ultimate revenge. The Katophranes are a genius people, gatekeepers to constructs and magical mechanisms that far surpass the best scholars in the realms. Due to the Noble's importance in society, they enlist the most elite warriors in the ranks, who now after returning from the deathless limbo are tirelessly hungry to destroy their foes, each fueled by their hatred of Nagash. From elite warriors of the Katophrane Guard to the gargantuan construct The Nihilossus, there are plenty of ways to play the Katophranes! First warscroll for now: KATOPHRANE GUARD I'll have more soon! Stay Tuned!
  20. Does anyone have any recommendations on brand / sleeve sizes to use for the Shadespire cards?
  21. I have dice and sleeves for the Orruks and Undead for shade spire and the extra card pack from the main game for sale, All unopened. I'm looking for Paypal.
  22. So I only have Shadespire stuff right now, (I sold other stuff a while back while I was working on school) and am thinking about how to expand my forces for skirmish. I really like the skirmish format. I want to make war bands for each grand alliance, and have a spreadsheet planned out with how I might fill out a skirmish force for each, but I wanted to see what others think Does anyone have any suggestions for expanding from Shadespire to skirmish? Possibly cheaper ways? I know that obviously it depends on what you like to play but I want to know if anyone else is thinking about this route from Shadespire to skirmish. Current plan: Order : - Liberators Shadespire (already have) - Hammerstrike brethren skirmish box - Lord Relictor (or Knight Azyros) Destruction - Ironskulls Boyz Shadespire (already have) - Weirdnob Warband - Fungoid Cave Shaman - Box of Moonclan grits Death: - Sepulchral Guard Shadespire (already have) - Barrow Lords Deathrattle Allied Box - Nighthaunt tormented spirits allied box Chaos (Want to do skaven) - Spiteclaw’s swarm Shadespire (already have) - A mix of stormvermin, some night runners, maybe some plague monks, and I’m not sure what else. (Need help/suggestions here)
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