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  1. This time around a new warband will release about a month and a half apart
  2. From my knowledge of underworlds cards, the great fortitude card that's just a brute skull is only an artist's rendition of a extremely wounded orruk, hence the arrows also in his back. There will be brute warband though, they'll just look like the other card examples.
  3. In this instance, the commas are used to replace "or". So it would read as "Vokmortian or 1 Mortisan Boneshaper or 1 Mortisan Soulreaper or 1 Mortisan Soulmason".
  4. Adding to the discussion, the stormcast have a similar ability, but it was recently errata'd to be only once per phase, which we currently dont
  5. Orruk Warclans Errata - http://bit.ly/2VZ8jPe Orruk Warclans Designer's Commentary - http://bit.ly/31EUAys
  6. They updated their warscrolls in GA:Destruction
  7. If ironfist works, I'd safely assume brustish cunning would as well
  8. Also in the Orruk warclans discussion
  9. Yea having troubles with it too, looks like they rushed it out without a decent QA
  10. Don't know how it can be a nerf with all the bonuses it now gets with keywords
  11. The battalions are labeled "Orruk battalions" so I'd say they're legal in a big waaagh!
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