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Imrick AOS collection

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I wanted to share some pics of my AOS miniatures collection.

I collect 3 armies: Sylvaneth, Lumineth and nighthaunts plus some other miniatures I like.

Let's begin with few sylvaneth


Alarielle herself, love this "mini":

[Image: 1526814629-img-0275.jpg]

[Image: 1526814668-img-0270.jpg]


[Image: 1526814739-img-0279.jpg]

[Image: 1526814772-img-0276.jpg]


The arch revenant:

[Image: 1581856561-img-0815-copier.jpg]

[Image: 1581856583-img-0817-copier.jpg]

[Image: 1581856602-img-0818-copier.jpg]

Other sylvaneth (from Underworlds bands):

[Image: 1581856644-img-0825-copier.jpg]


[Image: 1581856666-img-0826-copier.jpg]

[Image: 1581856775-img-0810-copier.jpg]


[Image: 1581856794-img-0811-copier.jpg]

[Image: 1581856816-img-0812-copier.jpg]


The following next time in otherpost.

Don't hesitate to react!

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On 6/15/2021 at 3:50 PM, Painbringer said:

This is fantastic! I am a Sylvaneth player myself, and your Allarielle is beautiful! However, your Nighthaunt paintjob (especially the one on the Black Coach) is among the best I've ever seen! Absolutely stunning work!


Thanks! I really enjoyed painting Alarielle (buth it takes 6 month to achieve her). The black coach is a big one to. But I love thi "mini" and it was realy cool to paint.  

On 6/16/2021 at 7:16 PM, Dukeus said:

Just an awesome paint Job. Love it


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On 6/28/2021 at 5:04 PM, Greybeard86 said:

Beautiful painting! Any tips for a returning painter? I feel I might be stagnating a bit.

Sorry for the very very late answer! (better late than ever...)

For me, to make progress in painting (but it's true for many things), apart from practicing, it's important to try things that you're not accustomed with (I hope my english is understandable). Try new techniques, new colours, new styles. And take time. Some people very talented and equiped can paint astonishing miniatures in acceptable time. But they are generally very experienced painter (even "pro" painter). I'm a very slow painter. I take my time. I can spend 15 hours on a simple lumineth spearman if necessary. And I watch that miniature painting is always a pleasure and not a boring thing. 

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