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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone, happy to be here! I found this community the other day via a random google search and on the side bar saw a Lumineth symbol... and here I am haha A little about myself: I am a relatively new hobbyist having only started last May (2019) but have been going hard into it ever since day one. I originally started with Seraphon as my Intro to Warhammer was Total War by CA, in that game I'm almost always the Lizardmen. Aside from that, I just love Dinosaurs and Mesoamerican histories, so joining the two is just amazing to me. However, with the Lumineth release I have all but switched over, this isn't to say I dont still work on my Seraphon.... but they're certainly not getting the attention they used to! The Lumineth to me are just brilliant (pun intended) all the way around. I love their lore, the silly Stoneguard hats, I love the Bull Symbolism they chose (excited for the other Aelementals) and just the models are gorgeous (except the heads, man, wth GW haha the alternative Lumineth heads are kinda horrible imo). My Original theme for my Lumineth was to be a firey destruction type theme with reds, oranges, yellows and a base of black. Over time this theme has blossomed more into a Rebirth & Destruction theme as I got more into my Alarith units. Really the big theme in my homebrew is balance, which I guess in many ways is also what Hysh is about! So works well lol My first Lumineth model finished was a Warden, absolutely love it (and almost lost her shield! That was scary) and Ive slowly finished (or nearly finished) two Truestone Seneschals, Avalenor and currently working on my Spirit of the Mountain. Avalenor in my theme represents Destruction as the magma from his mountain back rages in battle, however the Spirit of the Mountain that follows him is about rebirth.. akd where there was once death & Destruction... there is inevitably Rebirth & Regrowth. I also enjoy writing my own homebrew (which I hope to share sometime), right now I am busy worldbuilding/raxe building a new non-chaos aligned Minotaur race, the Hathorians. A small little glimpse into this homebrew: The Hathorians & Ymetrican Longhorn are related. Down below are some of my finished and WIP works, hope you like em and C&C is always welcome!
  2. Hey everyone So, here we are at the end of 2020, it's been a crazy ride. As the year comes to an end I've started to think about how I want my hobby to look like in 2021, and a big part of that is definitely homebrew lore writing. When I first started getting into Warhammer I started with Seraphon, just so natural given my love for dinosaurs and mesoamerican culture, morphing the two together is just genius to me. However, time marches on my interest in a select few factions has happened, the Lumineth being the main one (Deepkin and new Slaanesh being the other two) and with that means I get to do more homebrew! With the release of the Lumineth and their battle-cattle the door has been open on so many conversion/kitbashes, and that's where this blog comes into play I love Minotaurs, but I dont like that isn't a a non chaos-aligned games workshops interpretation of them, so taking matters into my own unofficial hands, I have created my own Minotaur race for AOS. This minotaur race resides in Hysh and is not chaos aligned and does have shakey relations with the Lumineth, in particular the Syar. This blog is hopefully a launching point to possibly turning my homebrew into an unofficial battletome for myself. Any tips anyone has for battletome creating would be awesome! As i'm not a great artist, nor have money to hire an artist, most of the pictures for this will likely be either of my kitbashes or art that loosely represents what i have in my head (sourcing the artist when able or using those with a watermark). I'm going to reserve the first few comment sections to fill in, and add to/edit as i go and as I receive more feedback. I hope you enjoy this as much as i have and continue to love creating and building
  3. Hi guys, Just looking for a place to share some of my stuff! I've painted a little before I decided to choose Idoneth Deepkin for my Age of Sigmar army. This is really my first foray at actually painting an entire army. I watch a lot of tutorials and paint videos in my spare time for fun, so I like to think that I've picked up a decent understanding of the essential techniques. Some of the more advanced stuff like wet blending still elude me, however. Let me know what you think!
  4. Hello, I‘ve got my hands on a unit of Vanari Dawnriders which I intended to convert. Wait, past tense? More about that later. The Vanari Dawnrider Kit consists of three Sprues holding 5 Knights and Horses. The Assembly is pretty straight forward as every Knight consists of 14 parts (2 Horse halves, each consisting of the Armour and the legs, the Horse Head, Front and back of the Knight‘s Torso, Front and back of the Head, two legs, two arms, one holding the reigns and one holding the weapon and the shield.) The kit is easily assembled, while the biggest hassle is the removal of mold-lines which are surprisingly thick (at least on my sprues) Some Tipps while assembling: prepare all 5 horse parts, then try to glue the horse in one go (legs to Armour parts, head inbetween and then glue and press the two halves together), this will make sure that your model won‘t have a gap running along the middle Btw: All horse parts are labeled so you know in an instant which parts belong together (most rider parts are also labeled) Also be cautious while clipping and handling the reigns. *snap* Oh well. At least it‘s mostly easy to fix if a reign breaks since these are attached to the horse’s head. Moving on. Instead of glueing the torso to the saddle I only glued the legs to the torso (in theory this enables me to remove the whole rider when it comes to painting) so push the rider to the horse and only glue the legs onto the torso-leg-stumps For the Shield and the head I‘d advise to use some non-hardening putty (in Germany it is called patafix) to temporarily attach said parts. This makes painting easier. Conversion time! I planned to use the Vanari as Cities of Sigmar Drakespawn Knights (I really have a longing for ordinary Knights! Why did the Lady betray Bretonnia!?) I tried to put some Incubi Heads onto the Vanari Dawnriders but... ... these are way too big. This was surprising since all 40K and AoS Aelf/Elf kits had the same propositions and used to be cross-compatible (works just fine with Idoneth, Sisters of the Watch etc.). Even after trimming the sphere-neck-part of the Incubi Head it looked like a bubble-head. So I examined the differences a bit further and realized that the Dawnriders had overal slightly different proportions (thinner arms, less broad Torso etc). For further comparisons I took some pictures So I switched back to the standard heads and decided to paint them alike to my other Knights instead of converting (the white head is from Eltharion and that one is also too big, which isn‘t too bad since the helmet hides this rather well). Final thoughts: The kit is not for beginners: It consists of too many easily breakable parts and mold-lines running along these parts. Yet the kit is a great joy to assemble (though said mold-lines are quite annoying at times and produce a lot of waste - just look at the table on the pictures above xD) There are also some bits left: Ratings 0-10: Details: 10 Easy to build (amount of parts, naming of parts and fitting of parts) : 8 Placement of mold-lines: 4 Convertibility: 2 Poses: 9 overall a great and fun Box with really cool and dynamic looking Knights! I bought mine for 38€ on eBay (Second hand). My estimated retail value (which feels fair) for this box would be 32,5-35€. But let‘s be realistic, GW will charge 45€ for these...😵 which is too much imo so I‘ll skip the final box once it is released Some final images They also looked pretty nice (unpainted) in my Mixed CoS Army as Drakespawn Knights alongside actual Drakespawn Knights. All of this was written on my Smartphone, my fingers need a break 🤣. Tell me what you think!
  5. Spare lumineth items for sale book - £30 spell cards and reference sheets - £15 eltharion - £25 pm me if interested
  6. we try them vs Seraphon this time. Really need to get round to painting some more. battle report From a few games, I am getting more convinced the Stonewardens are not worth it with move 3. Similar reservations about the caster. Going to try one of the cheaper heroes and some more archers.
  7. Eager to try the new Lumineth rules, we used a collection of Aelf models to give them a go. Battle report
  8. I am not the most experienced player, but I like to compete from time to time in official tournaments. I play mainly destruction (gitz & jawz) and I struggle a lot against shooting heavy lists. In my group is a Skaven player who runs 12 Stormfiends, and another member rocks 30+ buffed up Irondrakes in a Tempest Eye dwarf list. And now, after what I've heard, was pre faq'd Tzeentch doing overly well in recent tourneys. Mostly with some cheesy strategy, in preventing the opponent from retreating from 10-20 Pinks and lighting them up with Flamers from behind. The most competitive SCE list includes the usage of Hurricanes by a lot. KO and Cities have a lot of shots as well. And the upcoming Seraphon and Pointy Elves release will produce also strong shooty options (by comparing the old stuff). Do you have any tips along the lines of good deployment, screening, going defensive/offensive. Right now, as my chosen faction, does not really have the option of shooting back effectively. My "gameplan" is to cast geminids and hope my stuff does not get shot off, before I reach my opponents screens. And then I get deleted, lol. I can only assume, but my guess is that shooting will be very prominent in the future. And maybe we can discuss here, how to deal with that meta shift. Or maybe in your oppinion shooting is fine and I just need to "git gud". Your thoughts on AOS is a melee driven game and should stay that way. Let's have some fun with it.
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