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Sell me on/off FEC


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I'm considering picking up a 3rd army and I'm trying to decide between FEC and StD.  Some relevant background: I'm principally a Khorne player.  I have a SCE army, but it's new and I haven't used it much because it is an odd collection of parts.  One of the things I like most about Khorne is the flexibility of list building; there is more than one competitive build and even more "fun" builds.

I'm thinking of StD because they would obviously complement my Khorne forces.  They also look like they have a lot of list-building options of their own.

I'm thinking of FEC because I like the fluff and their play style will likely come easy to me as a Khrone player, but I'm concerned that the army is too "small."

So, Death players, I ask your help: based on what I've told you, is FEC a good choice for me? Or I should I remain enmeshed in Chaos? TIA.

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So I hear you’re interested in a new army.

Well as your probably unknown, friend I’ll happily help you with that.

Fec, are undead mad-things that choose to take the legacy of a failed kingdom into their hands.

a useless bunch, who don’t know the power of science and that of the (true and only) chaos God(s).

The dark warriors of the everchosen, on the other hand know how to truly wield their weapons, and do have some greatly appreciated synergy’s with the chaotic beings.

Although like their faction title, they are basically slaves to their dark and weak chaos deity’s, that don’t have the knowledge of true destruction!!!

It you really want to defeat your opponents with shear cunning, or are just interesting in seeing them to suffer-die from a unstoppable horde of vermin, the skaven are a better pick for you my friend.

not only do we have the superior numbers of body’s on the table then any army would be capable of bringing, but are also one of those factions with a almost unlimited number of units to our disposal.

Unlike those weak-things the everchosens or slave warriors, we only serve our impotent selfs.

Our warriors are disposable, all just meant to die in your name, for your goal,

although You will have to stay more cunning and stronger then your underlings, or-or a knife in your back might be imminent.



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I'd say that scale wise they are very different in purchasing terms. Slaves to Darkness, esp right now, have a lot of varied options. They really do compliment your Khorne so you can add to them slowly and draw them in as allies to each other. However in the long run Slaves are diverse and a big army to buy into.


Flesh Eaters are small in terms of model variety, but at the same time they are possibly one of the cheapest armies to buy into new. You can basically just keep buying start collecting sets and get yourself almost the entire range of models. GW even lets you make an army almost entirely out of zombie dragons and terrorgasts so the big models aren't wasted either. I think it makes them an ideal "inbetween armies or side project" type army because of this cheap approach to buying into them. 





Also I see you've met our resident "Horned Rat Witness". Just give him some black cheese or a shiny stone and he'll be fine. 


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There are all of 5 model kits, not counting the obligatory endless spells and faction terrain.  One of those kits is a finecast model with a really awkward pose, and another is an essential character that is completely unavailable outside of the secondary market.  Half their heroes are 'paint the champion from the unit different and pretend that counts as a hero model', and since AoS still goes with a nonsensical batch-purchase process for selecting units that means converting and fielding a courtier effectively involves throwing the rest of a unit box in the trash.

They have one of the smallest unit ranges of any faction with a battle tome, made functionally even smaller by the fact that some of their few extant units aren't very good.  Granted what's left can be pretty strong, even their detractors have to admit that FEC can be a strong *army*, but their promoters are being a bit disingenuous if they pretend FEC qualify as a *faction*.

What little variety is left doesn't really make it to the painting table either since all the non-monster units are basically variations on the same hunched over generic naked ghoul.  Without mounts or armor or banners or whatnot painting FEQ can be pretty quick, but it can also be painfully dull.

Fluff-wise FEQ have a fantastic narrative gimmick, but they have no named characters and next to no presence in the overarching metaplot & tie in novels.  To date they aren't a part of Nagash's plans, which means narratively they might as well not be part of Grand Alliance Death, but they don't fit anywhere else either, making them an orphan faction without a role in the story of the game as a whole.  And as any jaded Neferata fan will tell you, it doesn't matter how cool your favorite character's personality and motivations are if they don't ever get to do anything important in the actual story.


It might be hard to believe this after all that negativity, but I love the idea of the Flesh Eater Courts.  Conceptually they're one of the coolest factions in the game, but in practice?  Until they get a full release with some actual kits fleshing (ha) them out with some legitimate build and unit variety including some named characters with real influence on the main stage...

Until then I just can't see them as a faction I could buy into myself, let alone recommend to anyone else, because I just can't see them as a real faction at all.

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I've seen Flesheaters in a lot of the lore stories, but they are often a bit like the boogymen of AoS at present. Nagash uses them as he can but often they act purely on their own for their own selfish ideals and goals - whilst considering themselves noble knights and lords of truth and justice and such. 

They are more than capable of major military feats and conquest. Heck they are the prime enemy in Ghoulslayer. 

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You can field proud knights in shining armor, destroying ancient evils and abhorrent monsters... FOR THE LADY!!!

or you can catch yourself some STDs and see a doctor about it.


serious recommendations are stated above, except from that mad squirrel... kinda cute but full of rabies 

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