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Basing of Endless Spells


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Hi everybody :) I just got a small question concerning the basing of Endless Spells. What is the general consensus for tournaments for their basing?

Are clear/transparent acryl bases allowed? Or do we need to fully paint the base? I guess it should match the army bases then?

Is it allowed to paint the bases somewhat magically so that I could use them in another army? Are there some good concepts/examples out there atm for a universal basing sceme for Endless Spells?

Thank you so much in advance!! :) 

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57 minutes ago, svnvaldez said:

My opinion is they must use the proper base size and you should paint the rims to match your army....

Other than that do what you want imo.... I’ve always thought clear bases are totally fine as long as they are the correct measurements.

Thank you for replying :)

I think that is a nice solution but what are the guidelines for most official tournaments? Are there any statements known from the TOs? :)



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1 hour ago, B.C.D. said:

Thank you for replying :)

I think that is a nice solution but what are the guidelines for most official tournaments? Are there any statements known from the TOs? :)

Does official mean a GW store event? We are not at a point yet where the independent tournament scene and events at GW stores use a standardized pack like say the game MTG where one can just say we are playing “standard” or “modern”.  So definitely ask the TO hosting the event what the ruling will before hand. If they can’t answer then it’s not an event worth attending imo.

The below is from the FHGT. A recent and large UK independent event. But again this is not standardized and just the ruling for 1 event. LVO, Acon, etc could have different rules in any given year.


The only official rules regarding a question like this for AOS would be found on PG 70-71 of the GH. It says something like the model must be a GW model, it must be on the correct based, and it must be painted.

LVO said last year:

”Models should be WYSIWYG. Painting is required - all models should be painted to a standard of 3 colors and be based.”

Below is how I approach it. The top is how I base my army... and below is just a GW standard basing approach that I do for my endless spells and just make sure they are rimmed the same so I can plug them into any army.



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If you did you best to paint the model and they are on the right size base you should be fine. 

Base wise: It doesn't have to match and i'd say the clear bases are fine, but you might get a few eyebrows raised.

If some one gives you a tough time about the above i'd be shocked. 

Honestly, i'm of the opinion all models should be on super thin clear bases because otherwise they clash with whatever surface you are playing on.

To be safe always read a tournaments packet ahead of time and message the TO if you have any concerns. 

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In general all that matters for an Endless Spell is that they are on the correct base size for the model, accepting that for some (such as walls) there is no base for the model as the model is its own base.

Other than that the base can be clear, black, blue, pink, purple. You can paint the model bright rainbow colours or whatever. In the practical real world no one is going to force you to repaint universal endless spells specifically for each army you own - its just madness. The model is there to represent a spell, nothing more, though in competitions with army/theme/painting awards and such it might lose you a few points, but otherwise it wouldn't be something to worry about. 

Heck GW doesn't even care if you use 3rd party resin scenic bases if you want (they tried once I think to control that and basically no one played ball so they had to let it go)

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