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  1. It's because one of thier major counters is skaven, with high numbers and shooting/magic. To the natural counter is already well represented. Similarly, with new cities we might be slannesh having more issues. That said slannesh stop most multi wound and melee armies from the word go.
  2. As long as you've done something to make it different, iconic, or recognizable than it's genereally fine. Went to that first LVO event run by GW (i believe???) when the ghb first dropped with my big zombie army and they had none issues. My zombies are various foot droops, eternal guard/ironwarriors/flaggelents/witchelves/etc all painted to be ghost. SO as long as you go through an effort to make them different and look like what they should be i don't think any one would care.
  3. tzneetch doesn't summon a lot off completed spells. Most of tzneetch summoning is most quickly gained by killing your own stuff. Otherwise the tzneetch summoning is very much secondary. Flying units do very well against tzneetch along side a very powerful shooting list work well against tzneetch. Tzneetch is made of tissue paper and they tend to put endless spells and summoner units from sacrifices in front of thier lines. Which means they are particularly good against all ground melee armies.
  4. As with everything GW i wish we got more advanced warning and firmer dates.
  5. I think getting the balance right on new armies is just a bit tough. As they don't have literally thousands of players testing the rules before they come out. I think for new armies GW should take an aggressive points adjust stance on each new book for about 6 months. Tweaking the points of models every 2 months till they preform near the levels of other armies. The need to keep physical books relavent and as a product really slows down balance. I think stepping into something more digital and being more aggressive with pts changes is an important factor to balance.
  6. Should the main cities of sigmar thread be moved there?? Might drop visibility for new folks interested in starting the army. Abit darned if you do, darned if you don't edit: Also living city is still out there in the wild.
  7. If you did you best to paint the model and they are on the right size base you should be fine. Base wise: It doesn't have to match and i'd say the clear bases are fine, but you might get a few eyebrows raised. If some one gives you a tough time about the above i'd be shocked. Honestly, i'm of the opinion all models should be on super thin clear bases because otherwise they clash with whatever surface you are playing on. To be safe always read a tournaments packet ahead of time and message the TO if you have any concerns.
  8. Where the double turn matters and is important for breaking up the game is that it forces you off hard and solid math. Currently in the very melee focus game where charge rolls are very predictable on paper, you have abit too much control if you go first, letting you skirt enemy charge ranges or walk into enemy charge ranges at your leisure. Unlike WHFB you could retreat or stand and shoot and do other things when an enemy was going to charge. Now your units only stand there and eat it. So, as the person going first you can dictate the game out side of a high ball charge roll. The double turn forces you to play more passively or go all in to win the game. If your whole army most up allowing enemy units to skate into easy combat and gets a double the game is over, so you have to play more passively in many situations. So it adds a very random element that make it so you can't really predict how the game is going to go. Sure you can skirt my charge range this turn, but if i double turn you than your gonna be stuck on your side of the table while i get the charges i wanted off any way, and get all the objectives. I think you'd need to add more random elements to movement to make I-go-you-go viable in AoS, such as retreating from charges, standing and shooting, more melee fight interupts that are baked into the rules to shift the game out of the control of the player going first. I think the times when the double turns break down are when you have super fast armies, alpha striking armies, and alpha shooting armies. Because you have no real counter play against the opponents double turn and your held very much helpless to them.
  9. they might just be a space getting started set like the daughters of khaine one with the cauldron??
  10. I honestly don't feel this is true. 40k is just as bathed in win as fast as possible smash your opponent into the groung as anything else, and if it's not that, it's last all game unkillable hordes. Sounds kinda familiar to me. With the stagnet initiative you never even have a chance to get back into the game against an alpha list that breaks half your army on the first turn, or a if your opponent has a super horde and goes first take up most of the table, and stay there all game. Theres a reason ironhands are better than ultramarines and that's because devastor doctrine takes effect turn 1, and that's about it. From there mono faction is near undoable in 40k outside of the new space marine rules they just released. Where as AoS encourages you to go monofaction, but allows to multifaction stuff when you look at list like pheonix temple, and now all the new city books. The above is not to mention that to make the game even approachable ITC implements ALOT of house rules to make the game even playable in a competitive setting. No line of sight bottom floor, Allowing charges to measure 3" up to count as being in combat, 100% 3rd party missions, etc. And 2 of those are to get around the power of ranged shooting and a turn 1 alpha strike breaking the game. I think all the various board games can be propped up on brought down by a different prospective, and a difference of what you want out of your games. This is simply anecdotal. 2017 nova had ~50 people, 2018 had ~85 people, and 2019 had ~100 people + and RTT, and all 3 years had a doubles event. LVO also had some 20-30% year to year growth in AoS participants. Groups turn on and off of game systems. That's just how it works. AoS and 40k have a lot of back and forth as GW shops tend to lean toward this, but other gaming shops also carrying both products. Folks get tired for one reason or another and swap games.
  11. I definitly think its up to the local community yo embrace every new player and help show them potential pit falls before, during, and after a game. If you are playing some one less than 10 games deep into the hobby and you see them moving in such a way that a double turn will destroy them, it is up to you to speak up and explain before hand. Dont just proceed to roll them. If you new hobby friend is think of starting a KO army, it's your job to make sure they know the score. The double turn, and really most war gaming as it is most punishing, and most likely to keep folks from wanting to play in the first handfuls of games. I think the double turn is a very fun mechanic. That said i think a you go, i go mechanic for all phases would be best.
  12. Any LoS rules should be simple. I like how the endless spells are a simple line interrupted by the model in the middle. Maybe its not realistic, but im.not playing a real life reactment, and i always pictured the players as general looking over a tactical map, and not players being gods moving actual models to their actual position. So anything super simple. It's why i like the current cover. Are you in or next to it completely?? Yes/no. While not super accurate. It's quick and simple. Dont my me crouch on my knees or bend over backward to see a models line of sight.
  13. A death fury clawlord with things bane and devious adversary is really cool. Used him a few times and he always preformed. Had him trade with a ghoul king of terror ghiest general. Edit i don't take him because you need the warbringer and usualy with out artifacts a warbinger can make a unit of clan rats do about the same thing.
  14. single/double death frenzy clan rats with +2 attacks from skaven brew and claw lord, and if really need the damage the warbringer can command ability as well. With the warbringer buff they've taken out 20 man sequitor blocks reroll armor. Edit: and not saying it's omg the best thing in the game, gonna win everything, perfect list. Just that's what the current list does, and seeing if folks having any cool alternative recommendations that fit well. I like the call clan rats because any near the verminlord or frenzy bell can be weaponized, giving me a larger potential damage block??? than say if i had 1 just unit of plague monks, the opponent would know to just avoid that block of plague monks.
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