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  1. Honest 120 is perfect. I just think the discount is all wrong. It should have the same discount sequitors had qnd i think still sort of do? Should be 120/400. Its verminus hordes should be easier, and at that pts cost they'd be perfect. They would be relatively tanky, but damn deadly in a frenzied or double frensied 40 block, but still wouldnt be quite as good as sequitors were at 400. Plus optically storm vermin being twice that of a normal clan rat feels right. While plague monks should maybe have alittle less of a discount or no discount at all.
  2. Honeatly think it might still be worth it to bring 2 greyseers on foot to get the WLV off. One to warp token skitter leap and the otherto cast the vortex. That second one could throw out plague for funzies. This is my list with the changes i think this is just under on points: Grey seer on bell w/ master of magic + death frenzy Warbringer Warpseer w/supcious stone Claw lord Grey seer w/skitter leap Grey seer w/plague 40x clan rats 40x clan rats 40x clan rats Pendulum WLV Gravetide Vermin tide 1990pts (i think)
  3. Yeah but yhe skull shattering hit on a namarti only breaks a kneecap on a ghorgon. The durability is there already. I think the ability to take any unit and make them the star of your army is a key feature of AoS. Where as 40k if i love rust stalkers i have to bring some 2nd unit that can kill tanks and monsters. Wounds, saves, and war scroll mechanics are enough ways to show durability. While, allowing every unit to shine and be effective against every other units. Sure stabbas aren't, but 60 of them can climb upand over a dragon and poke it's eyes out.
  4. You don't take the fumigator just take 2 sets of rifles and then the 3 concerted weapons. The fumigators don't even buff your other weapons, so why make it more complicated for a weapon that likely will never land shoot. The list i'm using them in isn't exactly KO so it's just 20 thunderers for me, and the more thunderers the higher the odds of getting the concerted buffs of course. that said average damage for 20 thunders with a Khemist buffing them is something like 14 damage. against 4+ saves Where as 20 thunders with special weapons (no fumigators). Does 13 damage. against 4+ saves. Mind you the thunderers get better and worse depending on the targets save gets better or worse as your odds of successful doing damage goes up and down. So for 140pts your getting basicly +1 damage at the end of the day. Also other buffs like +1 to hit or reroll 1s are pretty dramatic on the thunderers as again you start getting that buff chain more reliably. So reroll 1s is usualy +1/6th damage its more like +1.5/6th damage for these guys when all is said and done. I was gonna fiddle with numbers of bringing the khemist with the mixed weapon folks buffing that cannons, but i got lazy.
  5. Well and this us why i said don't take the fumigator and did all my calculations with out it. As the other 3 have the dame range.
  6. I was curious why folks don't run thunderers with the mixed weapons?? Is it simply just a ranged thing?? or is it also just the lack of khemist buff. When i do the math on it (or attempt to :P) I feel the thunderers are more cost effective with the mixed weapons than the atherkhemist+ thunderer rifles combo. Just wondering if there is more there i am missing?? Mind you this is not using the fumigators as getting in range for that is too tough. As for getting into range, an ally wizard or two can bring the screamer bridge and send lots of thunderers up.
  7. The lord ordinator doesn't break even on paying for himself until you have 3 ballista. So you could drop him and take a 3rd ballista, or you could drop the knight incator+comet for 2 more balista.
  8. Well also to a not small extent avainst many armies 10 wounds with a 6+ save isnt much different fro. 10 wounds with a 4+ save as both will die to a single round of combat from most killy units. So in the case of skinks you are paying for the cheapest 10 bases you can find. So while as long as skinks are cheapest at 70 they are your best screening option. More over the power of skinks is also that the unit has to be attacked first, as it can just walk away and be safe thus keeping the screen intact.
  9. THe best kind of movement tray are 5 man movement trays that are straight lines, as they can go single file through doors and over terrain, big 40 man units turn into 8 man units that can be lined up as need be and not generally taking off the trays for most of the game play. For instance these are great by magnet baron Source https://themagnetbaron.com/collections/trays-bases/products/movement-tray-ferrous-5x1-straight I use these with my skaven, and general for the whole game i don't have to take them off because they line up more or less perfectly, evne for competive play they get so close no one really seems to care them being a tiny bit off some times. I hope if GW does an AoS version they make something like this in mind, or they release it along side a change of how weapon ranges work. OR give the movement trays a special rule that lets you use them more easily.
  10. So i wonder for KO why not run the deep strike frig, and bring lauchon with a knight incantor casting. Could pitentially run the frig with 15 thunders, the knight incantor + lauchon (ghetto frig) with 20 thunderers, and a unit of 40 company with skyhooks??
  11. Man... really?? I get your disappointed, but let's not put folks down.
  12. I'd find space for a lord ordinator i think.
  13. I feel like the thunder's being 90pts with cheaper friget/ironclad make just better KO list over all. The Thunders with only rifles already compete with skyhook for damage, if you compare only the hooks to the rifles the rifles do a tiny bit more damage (like 5-10%) this is when both are buffed with a chemist. More over the thunders can be more impressive as the chemist buff is a less than 50% damage increase vs the skyhooks geting a 100% boost, meaning it might be worth just taking more thunders in some cases (depending on how pts work out for fitting stuff in your list). Where as the arkanauts don't even have that option, as it khemist+them or nothing.
  14. Really hoping we get points changes to nerf plague monks & buff storm vermin. I believe a sweet spot exist where a all pestilence list can still be really good, but also a spot where stormvermin in mixed skaven/pure verminous can also still do really well.
  15. Eels+ thralls do just as well as Just eels due to taking tide caster general and flipping the tides table. So the eels+thralls were un changed really, while pure eels were mildly nerfed. Yeah the thralls did get a good point drop, i'd definitly still try to find room for a soul scryer even with the points boost he's pretty pivotal. With pts changes and the new 1k format we aren't super sure. I think morrsarr will be very powerful if you bring a king as general as you can still take units of 6, which is the normal unit size we tend to take. That when compared to units of like which are very powerful. Thralls also shine as 10 man units, so they also won't do too poorly in the 1k format. The aspects of the storm and sea are actualy better in 1k pts as they aren't likely to die in a single turn, letting them take advantage of thier healing.
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