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  1. Will make your guys battle shock immunes it's effects are just good and can't be dispelled. It learns a spell from the grey seer table as well so potentially with the build your going the best ones would either be plague or warp gale. If you make it your general you bring it and no break your skyre battleline options.
  2. I mean we also had a khorne and slannesh release, a tzneetch release would further suppor that as well. Death hasn't had anything so i mean *shrug*, but we have strong rumbling on soulblight and an icon of what looks like it could be soul blight related in the war cry non chaos image.
  3. blade of khorne as memory server it was a picture of all 4 chaos gods as each 1/4th a pie slice. If you take the picture as your guide it'd be gut busters, stormcast, soulblight, tzneetch and/or nurgle.
  4. I can certaintly see new generals of painters coming in on contrast paints and no growing from there because they are satisfide with that.
  5. I think sylvaneth were suppose to drop with looncurse. Just like skaven and flesh eater dropped with carrion empire. I think they think warcry is a really big deal, and they also think contrast is a really big deal, and they want to focus on those two product. FOr instance i think war cry might take an entire months worth of releases to itself. They've teased it like 3 or 4 times now in big ways.
  6. Base shade layer is SUPER easy for some one learning, because it doesn't require a lot of painting and artistic know how. It also lend itself to the highly detail nature of the models. However, as you say it's SUPER slow, time consuming, and it feels and looks terrible until the model is completely finish. All of which really slow down hobbist. I think these new contrast paints will go VERY far. For one it makes every color approachable even yell is easier if you can start with a yellow contrast. More over a 2nd shade or a dry brush will see your model most of the way to done, and atleast done enough for table top.
  7. I don't know next week pre-orders are always announced on sunday. Plus we've seen all of forrbidden power already, it's not like it would have been worth having a whole seminar for it. They have said it's only sylvanath that were held up in one of the Q&As
  8. well the new keeper of secrets has weapon options so that doesn't nessarily throw that potential out the window. I'd rather they not be though.
  9. I'd say i don't want many of these armies back simple because they just don't fit, and fit so much in with the old warhammer fantasy battle. So much of TK and bretonia were tied very powerfully to where they were, and not as much who they were. TK were about the desert and being the army from there, and those specific places. I like the loss of this, and that this is gone from this world. The end times meant we lost this thing and it's gone. They are so cool to see as an old army, and i'd be happy to play against them and their legacy rules form time to time. Brentonia are just different flavor humans with a higher tier humanity and lower tier human schemism. They almost didn't even fit with the setting of the game they came from. As even the other humans had black powder, steam tanks, and wore Renaissance style clothing. Just like TK they were all about that place and that exact situation that saw them in this forever in this place sort of world. I like the idea that FEC is who they are now. Get mob and regular orcs, man i'm so jazzed gloomspite is it's own faction. I am soooooooo happy goblin finally get to be there own thing. Gah that's so cool to me. I like that you have the option to use some of them as allies as well, and the odd goblin wizard can often be a great idea. I think it super sucks that those playing alot of these armies can't use models they've had and enjoyed for years, and i think it's lame they are shelved. There is no way around this form the stand point of wanting to see what's new. That all said, i am fine with them retiring model lines that get long in the tooth or don't fit the meta, or that die to help keep the plot going. I want the landscape of the game to change and for the story to develop. I'd like the land scape to shift more and seem potentially more thing develping plot wise, and even armies dying out again over the next 5-10 years. Heck it's pretty lame to me that slannesh didn't even excape with the release of the book. All the videos and wiggling of the chains was pretty exciting, but it's made cheap by not having any movement on that front. Heck forbidden powers is just gonna be some one opening sigmar's toy box, and it won't really push the narrative all that far along, still trudging along at a snails pace. TLDR: Out with the old in with the new, Sorry your models are shelved, and i don't mind if they shelve some of mine, i want more lore progress, slannesh should be free by now.
  10. I mean for as much as the WLV does it could be over 100pts and still be pretty darn great, it just really boost the risk reward of the model quite a lot. Even more so in the tournament scene. Like it's pts being higher is so reasonable i've repeatedly considered taking and have taken a battalion (claw pack like 300pts i wouldn't spend otherwise) just to get the artifact so that i could auto unbind it once per game. I think changing how it works isn't nessary it's good and very strong, but nagash is great and strong and also cost a lot. Plus the oppurtinity cost of WLV being very expensive isn't so high as most if not all skaven list are pumping out some where between 4-8 spells per turn, and the verminlords can't even take a 2nd spell, and generally rely on endless spells.
  11. Well what makes it strong is part of the game for many army's is to group heros next to other units to use buffs and other short range skills. Most buffs are range from 6"-18" with optional wholly within. Many buffs are done in the hero phase meaning your unit needs to be close the turn before you use said buff. The WLV has a max range from 1 lightning's max reach to the other of 22" Meaning if you put the buff targetted unit many armies revolve around in the center of the storm every hero trying to buff will very likely be in range of one or more orb. So while don't stack your heros is sage advice to defending it is very much so against the whole game. So its punishes opponents not because they play poorly, but because they are playing the game the way the game tells them to play. Even more so even if you kill only 1 single hero model the WLV has paid for itself, and this isnt account for the tactical advantage of smacking a 22" equilateral triangle in the middle of an enemy's line and forcing them to spread out. Heck some deployment lines are only ~55" or 48" long. Thats about half the front line space of many lines army's can set up on. Lastly, unlike many spells that can be unbound, you can every effectively set up a vortex from a range that exceed most unbind ranges with a 26" set up and 7" + 6" set up and effect ranges. I'd say it should be some where around 160-200pts.
  12. Just think our wizards need to be brought in line with the rest of the game, both in bonuses to cast and number of spells they can cast. Skaven get 2 spells for 120pts and once per hero phase can throw 3 dice pick the highest, but on a 13 die and cat the spell with out fail or unbind. LoC could use an extra spell slot.
  13. KO definitly does... tzneetch eh? We definitly could do with an update to bring our wizards in line with being the best in the game (as they should be). However, we have aleast one viable build and some really food units. We constantly make top 10nat tournaments. I think what we need is endless spells and more spells on some of wizards. Not so much to make us better, but to bring the army in line with its lore.
  14. Not that it matters tooo much the HPA gets pretty harshly punished when it's taken a lot of wounds.
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