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  1. Honestly, you have the makings for a pretty good Host arcanum list. 1 more unit of screamers an maybe more screamers to summon wouldn't be too bad. But the enlighted and skyfires would love that 6" bump to really do some strong stuff You might also consider grabbing a fate master to buff up your enlightend and sky fires. shop list: 6 screams 1 fate masters that's not a big buy really and would make for a rather strong list. Edit: Mind you i didn't math much out, but that looks like a lot of stuff and i'm assuming it more or less 2k pts as is. List looks like (with no
  2. yep both have thier places, and as i pointed out i did say his spell is more consistent with command ability. If your bringing the LoC out of change host, its for the CA working to buff lots of daemon wizards like in a guild of summoners list. Or you want the flexability you can get with the sword. Kairos higher damage at top bracket is a trade off for more damage fall off and utility.
  3. Both spells do average 6 mortal wounds. Kairos falls off more, but kairos gets a spawn. LoC is either a way better model to have in melee or about the same if you combine the magic and ranged profiles. As mind you the shooting attack is basicly a bonus spell with longer range (range+movement). Kairos Vs LoC is really this Spells ~= Loc 48/Kairos 52 -Loc gets 2 spells + rods (rod against a 4+ save is better than your average spell doing about 2.... damage. Signature Spell with command ability LoC is more consistant. -Kairs actualy gets 3 spells which Matters for
  4. Marauder's work with a word Lord and giving a unit +1 attack from 9"+ charges. Chaos knights also work well with destiny dice they compete with enlightened, but can do even better with good support. All can get an effective extra tend via arcane suggestion.
  5. I'd say if any army could get away with out not having a heavy hitting CC unit it would be tzneetch. That said his list does lack a little punch. Outside of the screamers when fighting monsters.
  6. I like the sword because it's a good dump for destiny dice. IT works nice with those 2s and 3s in our destiny dice pool that don't see a lot of love, and make the bird really strong on that alone as a tool that can go slice a character up. As @umpac said the rod is definitely a great tool for consistency as you don't have to charge to use the darn thing, but it's never gonna be a star. Basically the rod is a free auto cast arcane bolt against most targets. That said again the sword is good when you need it as it can become very consistent. Where the rod blends into your haze of arcan
  7. Along with reroll on cast from the blue scribes. Which is enough to make your spells quite consistent. You only need 9 or 10 spells to get the Lord of change out consistently between destiny dices and casting bonus you can get access to.
  8. It's not super easy to pull off as the ranges are all quite limited but the power level is through the roof if you get the spell.
  9. Gaunt summoner is the best faster or one of the best spells in the book. Arcane suggestion. It needs an 8 with a LoC around they can catch the +1 to cast buff. Guild of summoners would let the model pink up a second boost to casting. Making that spell realisticly castable. -1 to hit and -1 to wound is really strong.
  10. I was of the opinion that the banshee endless spell eat faq also hits the LoC, but I guess they are worded differently. The skaven list I've been running since the book came out have been double death frenzy clan rats getting +1 attack rerolling 1s. They hit very hard and can trade with gotrek. With bells hanging out in the swarm this one I play more causually but the list is great. Yeah just checked when I got home. Thanks for the correction.
  11. My friend that was at the event tolde today that lvo did use the book. It made it just in time for the deadline.
  12. You don't change it without more data. I don't super know the cancon results, but as I understand only 2 tzneetch list at the top tables last round with one winning? All in gyrhan where you can heal D6 with life swarm. Heck in the interview the winner even said he didn't understand his opponents list and didn't realize the threats💤. Hell they even rules for the event that the LoC could pick up endless spell anytime in the hero phase!!! This blows my mind that people are even upset. While only 1 tzneetch list made it to top tables at lvo, and it wasn't even change host, and it didn
  13. The whining is pretty stupid. Literally cities of sigmar had the same sort of thing occur. Book comes out they win an event and top table a few. Every one cries hollow heart is OP. Thankfully however no one listened and the only real nerf they got was you have to take the damage which is what most list did and do anyway. I will not be one to say tzneetch is bad or needs a buff. That said I think before we get our undies in a bunch, we need to give it time to play out. We have to see how the meta adjust. The honest wargamer guys are a part of the problem too
  14. The event also took place in ghyran making life swarm a d6 heal. You won't normal get a no draw back d6 heal that very much favors that pink horror squad. Now if we could ally in hollow heart wizards with thier alliegence abilitys still intact....
  15. This is untrue as sequitors are more durable And clan rats are alittle more durable for the points and give more bodies. Again the horror mechanic was simply stronger before and you say the banner beings them back? Then you don't understand how horrors work the Pink's die first and almost anything can do 20 would to a 6+, 6+ and thus you get no banner to destiny dice any models back. So the only real heal is fold and maybe life swarm of you wanna spend the points. Similar tank with similar number to Pink's is pheonix guard who are immune to b
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