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  1. Make a unit of 3 models with 2 attacks each. 4+ to hit 3+ to wound -2 rend 3 damage with conditional modifier 6 to hit is an additional wound that is what generated the Stats Fetch Error. Its definitely the conditional modifier generating an extra damage on 6's to hit or wound causing it (it caused it whether the 6 was to hit or to wound). As for the reroll ones I had to scroll down on the menu to find it so my bad it does exist which is fantastic! loving the tool so far
  2. Small things. There is no reroll of anything less than total rerolls (ie no option for rerolls of 1 to hit) Also if you add conditional modifiers it results in an error "Failed to Fetch Stats" Otherwise very cool tool. Just makes me sad to see the true output of some of my units haha
  3. Darkling covens (Cities of sigmar now I guess) I do not attend tournaments too often (mostly local 1-2 day tournies) as I am simply not that motivated to WAAC. I like the challenge presented by players doing their best to win. But I will almost always lose at the list building portion of games as I will always pick armies that appeal to me then try to maximize their abilities (often against insurmountable odds) and I am aware that not trying your hardest in every single portion of the game (list building to piloting) often leaves a bad taste in true competitive players mouths as some armies can definitely treat me as a free win (heres looking at your skaven/slaanesh).
  4. Deployment for Assassins? Fanatics? There are units that DO have secret deployment that is not outlined exactly in your list (as you choose which unit they are hidden inside during deployment) and are relied upon to not be fudged by being written down (although nothing stops the player from just having multiple papers in his pocket with every variation of his units written down). There will always be room to fudge rules in warhammer just due to the way they are written (we all know GW isn't exactly running a tight ship rules-wise.) you just have to trust that your opponent is not a complete degenerate who cheats at plastic soldiers. The dice with a cup over top seems to be a very easy solution with slim chances of cheating.
  5. I have found that games where I ceded the turn to my opponent (even when not beneficial in any way for me) to enforce the regular turn order all turned out much closer than those where I, or my opponent, took the double turn. Often with the double somebody gets creamed. One way or the other. I find the situations where it enforces advantage leading to "hollow" victories like @Overread stated to be too common. I also find the "bonuses" given to the player choosing or forced to go second to be so garbage that they may as well not exist. Move endless spells first? Only predatory spells, only the first move, most faction specific endless spells either cannot be controlled or do not affect their own faction on top of the fact that most endless spells are rarely taken make this beyond useless. Keeping defensive buffs active? Why not just take the turn and re-apply them or more commonly just buff your shredder unit with offensive buffs and immediately remove the enemy unit rather than try to tank hits. Wholly anecdotal based on games I play. But I do play frequently (2+ games a week) with a variety of armies (CoS, Stormcast, Ironjawz) and my group is a mix of competitive and casual players.
  6. After having played against several bonereapers players and lists (~4 games now) I think the faction overall has its hits and its misses. The big offender is the cost of the basic infantry combined with Petrifax Elite (PE), at least on first games/read-through. There is almost no point in running the other boneglades because of bonuses from PE for the basic infantry (mortrek) which become fantastic for their points cost (the only possible exception here is crematorians. They may be capable for competitive play but the cheesier list with double harvesters for mass mortal bounce on death are FAQ'd out. I also overall I despise the wound bounce mechanic for strong combat rank and file as it is a negative play experience to kill opponents forces which is an integral part of exerting board control but I still feel this is a potentially slept on subfaction). Maybe I am missing some insane interaction in the other boneglades but so far they just seem very meh. This forces the use of long range spam (rare, rip KO) and/or mass mortal wound spam, which is rare as well, to try and soften them up. I considered spellcasting to deal mortals/debuff, however every single game I have played had Arkhan and the obelisk shutting out all spell based methods of damage. Even spells which on paper seem incredible for dealing with the reapers, such as vitriolic spray from Anvilguard, were unable to get through. So only lists with ridiculously potent casting like Hallowheart flamethrower or DoT Lord of Change can cast reliably against them? Not a good option. They are not particularly slow (which people really tried to sell as their weakness) so they can readily hit or setup on objectives where the re-rollable saves, healing and shrugs while ignoring all battleshock (seriously GW just needs to remove this mechanic if they are going to trivialize it and stop over-costing units for interacting with it) become the fecal icing on the dookie cake that is this subfaction. Very negative play experience to have units 1 combatted while only killing 2-4 mortrek in return which are resurrected the next turn. I feel the easiest way to defeat PE bonereapers is to just give up on trying to remove anything and just flood the board with very fast chaff to block up those units for multiple turns and score enough points to win while only removing models, which is a horribly boring play style for everyone involved. The catapults are obnoxious but can be tied up. Harvesters are no longer busted per wording so I will have to play more games to see if they are truly hard to deal with. Both are expensive points wise so I do not think they will be particularly problematic. I haven't seen stalkers or morghast yet either as they are appear to be flat out worse than mortrek spam. Katakros is expensive as hell and the playgroup OBR players did not seem eager to dump cash on such a points heavy model when Arkhan is around. Other than PE the faction seems almost on the weak side. Overall poor internal balance seems to make this tome a one trick pony. I hope to be proven wrong.
  7. Updated tomes for the remaining three factions in desperate need (Tzeentch, KO and Seraphon). I suspect a Nurgle and maybe nIghthaunt refresh as well however it is not as likely as the first 3 tomes. Refresh for model ranges like seraphon (new sculpts), skaven (replacements for metal/finecast/old plastics), beasts etc. Updates for smaller ranges like Ironjawz a centerpiece for bonesplitterz etc. Endless spells for the factions that did not receive them OR equivalents similar to the endless prayers khorne has.
  8. For lore reading hard copy all the way. For every other use an electronic copy on tablet is ideal, easy to carry and can hold not only the tome but also downloaded copies of FAQs and other rulebooks which are very easy to look through with the "find" function.
  9. Same. Its just a bit too much to justify in my current situation. Hell if it was 500 cdn or less I would have snapped it up immediately for the novelty
  10. Eugh I do not need a reason to consider that immense khorne dragon that requires refinancing my house to purchase....
  11. Blades of Khorne is probably the best all around book in my opinion. Gitz is not well balanced when it comes to troggoths whatsoever. Cities is not bad except for the Hallowheart wizard flamethrower disaster.
  12. I think we need more data points and of course time for the meta to develop a bit in response to the reapers (avoiding katakros actually sounds like the wrong option from what I have read). However I believe anyone who thinks OB are going to be less than tier 1 (probably on par with skaven minimum) are likely incorrect. There are very obvious synergies and potent rules requiring the quick elimination of tanky buff pieces at range, as they are very very resilient in combat. This is just not possible for a large number of armies (funnily enough slaanesh is included in this and has actually been dominating DESPITE having no ranged capabilities) or the OB option is more powerful (those catapults are by far one of the best artillery pieces released in AOS and 36 inches out ranges most other options, maybe deepstrike ballista spam can handle them but otherwise they will likely eliminate most efforts to defeat OB at range before they even have a chance. I actually cannot think of a ranged attack off the top of my head that is further or even on par as most cannons I know of are 24 or less and likely to be at -1 to hit (or cast) from their frankly stupidly good terrain piece). tldr their weakness looks like sniping buff pieces. But their buff pieces look tough enough to survive multiple turns and options to eliminate them are slim with how weak the ranged game is in AOS. Hopefully the hivemind finds a way to handle them and I am proven wrong. I would overall prefer more tomes written like the mawtribes book.
  13. See I would agree with this as I would prefer slaves be able to be marked and be very allegiance friendly with other factions (to act as mortals particularly for those gods without mortal options still). But GW has had a habit recently of adding things in one book and taking them away in another. A huge example is the mercenary cannons (sub 6 months ago) were added then summarily removed in the cities of sigmar tome. Lore wise skycutters were mentioned under a year ago in novel form and then sub 6 months ago were removed. They had a faction focus on basic orruks then removed them under a year from the articles publication as well. I have a hard time trusting GW not to change something like marks if they feel like it as they have had a notable lack of consistency.
  14. I have seen this as well and have to assume that local postage/currency exchange makes this possible/cheaper in certain areas but not to my country.
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