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  1. I don't believe there is any official restriction other than it requires the parts to be GW in origin for some tournaments. Conversions are usually allowed as long as they are recognizable as the model they represent. For me the silhouette by the proper weapon arms/weapons really sets the verminlords apart rather than the heads so in our group I would easily allow it. Any former TO's that can weigh in maybe?
  2. I know its not a rumor. But I agree with your first sentence. I want malerion elves as much as the next. But the pace of army releases is leading me to fatigue both financially and excitement-wise. it also makes me a bit wary of the support of those factions where they have been left with very few kits for so many years (fyreslayers, ironjawz, deepkin I am sure there are more) yet they keep adding entire new armies. That being said the new factions have a large number and variety of kits which is very nice (bonedaddies and looking like lumineth had very full ranges on release). I would like to see some revisited support for the smaller factions and some do-overs for the struggling factions (stormcast, Beasts, KO, Khorne etc,).
  3. Honestly with the volume of special rules and interactions I have to deal with personally in my army. I rarely want or remember to use realm rules even if we do roll for them. Even terrain rules frequently get forgotten. Not because of any crazy complexity just sheer volume of interactions in AoS. Especially when you get down to the nitty gritty of buff duration, placement, measuring. Our group could easily do without but several tournament players insist on utilizing them on occasion as some of the tournaments they play in apparently make use of certain of them.
  4. Awesome! I need to find if theres any reps on this list! finally a reason to bust out the 3 dragons
  5. Do you have a link to the lists? I would absolutely love to up my game, especially if I can add in a nice looking model for better reasons.
  6. I hear you. I have 3 sorceresses on BD's at this point. I have only ever used all 3 once in a fluff match. I was really hoping she would be significantly stronger when Cities dropped and she only got a little better but her points jacked up an unreasonable amount. Sad to be honest love the minis.
  7. Sucks. But I sure am glad I purchased those 6 boxes of blackguard before the closure. Something to hobby on in the coming weeks.
  8. Yea a friend of mine picked up on the interaction before the FAQ when malign first came out. We played it as they ended up writing it after some discussion deciding that the infinity geminids were not fun or likely intended. It was funny seeing it come up here again many many months later.
  9. They addressed this in the faq on malign sorcery. "If a predatory endless spell finishes a move within 6" of an Umbral Spellportal model, remove it from the battlefield and set it up again anywhere within 6" of the other Umbral Spellportal model from this endless spell. After an endless spell finishes a move within 6" of an Umbral Spellportal and is set up again, it cannot move again in that phase, and you cannot use the Arcane Passage ability again for that Umbral Spellportal in that phase.’"
  10. Sorceress on black dragon is a bad warscroll. I am still unsure as to what possessed GW to cost her the same as the current dreadlord who is barely useable for his 300 points cost. Keeper of secrets is only 60 points more for reference. To fix it would be as easy as a giving her a 4+ save baseline (3+ for the dreadlord), OR a second cast even. But for her points she probably deserves both or a significant reduction to 260 points or less 5+ save on a dragon is a joke and her wounds disappear faster than dust being blasted by a jet turbine. Her only saving grace is flying but she is too fragile to be used offensively so its mostly fancy overcosted flying which could be filled by a sorceress with thermalrider for 90 points. I do still make her work by being a large distraction in my covens force but she's only there to magnet shooting for a turn. Also based on what I have seen from the beasts tome basically the entire tome barring tzaangors, bestigors and shamans is beyond repair. Bullgors make me cry and the ghorgon could be 100 points flat and I still can't see why anyone would take it.
  11. Later on as a pool. Although most people will topple their minis immediately to help keep track of total damage which is misleading.
  12. Looking back at it you're right! no gemstones between the tassels good eye!
  13. This is the hat from the crossed legged buddha zen wizard. He's already revealed. They are helmet horns.
  14. These are arranged by how I believe the factions options/play/rules work out on the table. If I was arranging by flavor it would be completely different. Good: Mawtribes, Khorne, CoS, Bonesplitterz, Ironjawz, Slaves, Sylvaneth, KO, Seraphon, Tzeentch, Nurgle, LoN, Gloomspite The tomes I believe are most balanced and if pitted against one another would lead to interesting battles. Many options, few standouts that skew lists but also very few options that break the game in significant ways. Obviously there will always be better and worse options if you're playing competitive but overall these tomes appear to have some restraint when it came to combo'ing interactions. Bad: Ossiarch Bonereapers (PE), Skaven, FEC, Slaanesh, Nighthaunt, Orruk Warclans, Daughters of Khaine, Fyreslayers, IDK Over-strength options, generally undercosted, single list meatgrinder factions that excel in the current state of AoS. I have rarely enjoyed games against any of these particular factions as they deal incredible damage/durability/utility for their supposed points cost and almost to a T can do anything the other listed factions can for either cheaper or free ignoring any or all restrictions or roadblocks the other factions have to take into account to carry out their combo's. Simply not healthy for the game overall and all need a harsh balance pass with some rules rewrites (ex: hag narr, warchanters, PE, skaven points costs overall, slaanesh still needs some work although the recent nerfs have made it bearable to play against them) Caveats #1: OBR is only on here because of PE, otherwise I would have placed it in good. Caveat #2: Nighthaunt is here because it is overall a poorly written tome with a few weak options that are severally overcosted (likely the ethereal rule was considered too powerful before mortal wounds became so plentiful leading to very expensive unit options that do not appear to be very tough any more). A glut of heroes that all offer very samey bonuses that are overall weak when compared to other factions. Caveat #3: IDK, they are on here because eels are the only really viable way to play them. Which is very dissapointing as they have such an interesting theme. Send it to the abyss: Beasts of Chaos, Stormcast Horrid writing, weak options, extremely poorly costed points (bullgors/cygors for example), a terrain piece that takes many turns to become truly effective, basically no viable lists without stealing from tzeentch. A monster faction with no usable monsters. I feel horrible for the player in our group running his best bestigor list and consistently losing. Weak summoning, weak options, weak rules and weak points costs. The stormcast players just have a bloated monstrosity of options with most of them being rendered redundant by the few solid options. Just nuke the lineup its got so many samey models that I don't even remember what half of them are except flavor of paladin X/Y.
  15. I think the majority of players (both narrative and competitive) would prefer the unlocked option. However, I think it is an attempt at a balancing lever, to pair slightly worse artifacts or command traits to better subfactions to help control their strength. Narrative players would prefer to pick what they feel best embodies the feel of their army and that is fine but would occasionally result in broken jank. I have found that most players have some sort of competitive slant or streak to their gameplay though, even the narrative players USUALLY want to win or live our the fantasy of their army at least. In this way, with some help from the internet hivemind, I believe most lists would would end up like the competitive players version where unlocked artifacts and command traits would just be one more avenue to boost efficiency and make oppressive subfactions even more oppressive. Overall I am glad that they do it. Flip side. Some of the items are useless and the command traits worse. Usually piled on top of bad subfactions making them even more unappealing. I think this is just a symptom of GW rules writing and until they transition to a digital living ruleset/take the rules writing more seriously (like introducing keywords for similar effects etc.) then it will never be remedied. Subfactions like PE would be the most picked subfaction even if their command ability and artifact effectively did nothing. They are just that much more efficient than the other subfactions in all the parts of the game that matter.
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