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  1. I agree, but it doesn't really help blood knights either right?? Where as radukar's +1 attack is a 100% zombie damage increase that is double with dance from a necro as a spell is boosted by vykros. Plus spore tracker lets you simply just win the games. That said i'll clarify that I don't think you are wrong. In fact, i agree with your argument in a wider sense for soulblight. 1 or 2 units of blood knights are a decent throw into any army. They are fast, durable, and hit decently hard, while not needing any real support to be affective, but as you say can benefit casually from any buffs you have. That all said i think if you go the idea route of looking at buffs, i'd recommend buffing zombies and graveguard, and having your blood knights benefit from said buffs more passively like radukar and unholy impetus let you do. Graveguard and zombies use the buffs more efferently and will put out way more damage for your buffing investment. Investing too heavily in blood knights i think is going to get you in trouble if you are looking to make a completive list. Again 1 or 2 units can be very power and game winning, but to many will cripple your list.
  2. I'd say the beast works quite fine with zombies, and Soma's buffs to dire dogs makes corpse carts more reliable. While spore trackers can make corpse carts quick enough to keep up with dire wolves and attacking zombiie units.
  3. I think all have thier place. Vykros is very weird and very specific. Kasteli relys on big alpha turns and 1 or 2 units max of blood knights with a bigger hitter general with artifact and command traits. Legion of the night is the army of zombies, skeletons, and graveguard. Basicly doing the Warhammer fantasy battle style of vampires. The main things are artifacts and abilities. Vykros basicly gives you worse +2 to cast as rerolls general is alittle worse than +2 to cast. So you'll get a good army wise casting bonus. From here skeletons and grave guard perform well getting an easy access to +1 to wound that doesn't take up that one command ability per unit per phase. I also think vykros can do we'll with a objective focused list with zombies. Spore tracker is a great free move and can give the zombies a potential 19" threat range with out rolling any dice. Letting you just shuffle lots of zombies onto objective, and catch key units. Kasteli I think is a trap. I think 3+ uunitsof blood knights will struggle to function well. Havin played Deepkin and having seen the chat here. Getting more than 3 model into combat will be a struggle. That's including trying to stack your buffs. I think 1 or 2 blood knights and a VLoZD with sword and relentless (it think it's called) is going to be the gravy. Hit hard get your buffs and hope to seize momentum. From there zombies and skeletons will be there to actually win the game and score objectives. That's the thing the zombies and skeletons can come back giving you so much objective control. You'll want serveral units or a few big ones. Legion of the night is great. Everything can work. Blood knights, skeletons, and zombies can all get great buffs from impetus. The sneak into the table and cover are very strong against the meta. Letting you protect power pieces and getting that bonus to save against early shooting that I think we will see a lot. The claw is a better bonus than rerolling your cast, and let's you get higher number protecting you from unbinds. You can go really nuts with Morris engines and corpse carts to set that bonus to the moon. Only claw downside is it being realaticely stationary, but if you bring the boat you can move that buff around the board. Honestly I think the three live and die off a few key artifact and command traits that are almost just must takes. I also think skels and zombies will be bread and butter to winning a lot of games. From there pick a monster or two, and then lastly pick your favorite flavor ice cream (kasteli, vykros, or legion of the night)
  4. battle scribe for AoS is like the worst thing to use i feel. I'd stick with warscroll builder personally.
  5. if you are looking at the GW site there are twp weapon sprues and 2 banner sprues in the box in memory serves. Otherwise there wouldn't even be enough sword and boards.
  6. Hmm fair enough. Think it would be worth to hit them with levitate so they can definitly get everyone in?? 3.0 fly rules seem abit goofy, as you seem to completely ignore terrain unless you start or end on it otherwise you have to measure at an angle.
  7. Yeah I guess that's fair. It really depends on how you use the pile in. To me the pile in is about giving them consistent charge range and activation protection, but I see how you use it to get more models in. Though I think getting them all in make them super vulnerable to anything near by and make them afraid of battle shock. Where units of 20 let the zombies screen each other and 20 can get most stuff done. You are right about the endless legion. Being less effective 20 combat can really do stuff where as the 10 are just gonna grab objectives. That said the one that combat usually I'd use that way anyway because the unit combat always feel kind of clunky, out of position, to slow, or too vulnerable. Lastly 20 zombies can clap a unit of blood knights with 2 buffs, where as 40 is far and way overkill. But I think if you want the best chance of bringing something like archaeon down you want that 40block. Also the 40 block has a realistic chance of taking a hit and recovering.
  8. They are still running just at a set pace. It's like the command ability that has you add 6" to move rather than rolling. You might consider giving this to the vengorian lord so he can buff the vamp lord on zombie dragon. It also free up the VLoDZ to not have to be central to your army and let's him make safer or more strategic charges I might be leaning toward units of 20. 20 models is the max you'll ever get fighting most targets, and it protects you from battle shock and unleash hell. It also let's you play alittle cagey and be more flexible.
  9. I think zombies can (and honestly always could) kill almost anything save for maybe archaeon just because he's to quick to pin down. Dance+2 attack (pick your favor sources: vampire lord, blood seek palaquiin, big generic with impetus, Radukar, and maybe some more??) that's 120 attacks, on 6's doing mortal wounds getting you about 20 mortal wounds. Now you could get more attack bonuses and make it even more stupid, but you start to cut into zombies and list effectiveness. The real benefit and also downside (with 3.0) is being able to get to them to pile in 6" letting them protect themselves from thier weakness which has been getting activated on first. It also make them rather speedy getting to run and fight potentially in the same turn, at a 19" threat range you can garentee. Downside is redeploy can mess this up quite baddly.
  10. Note as I understand all spell are cast before picking targets. For instance tzneetch armies use this to cast all thier spells for summoning points at the top of turn 1. Despite not being in range It is wise to not tell your opponent your spell targets so they will always think the worst when considering unbinding it.
  11. The thing i don't love about this is that it works so poorly for activations. You gotta go with the VLoZD first to get full use out of the buff which means your blood knight will need to be cagey on who the engage and how to not lose a few knight before you fight. Another quill in the VLoZD's favor in that he can fight at full strength all game in the current edition. I wonder if it wouldn't be better to have a side model with the command trait that can tea up the buff. One where you can soft targets and they can be in a more central location to your knights and VLoZD. Also generally 10 models blood knights will struggle to hit the same target 1 VLoZD will. Now we are alittle moving away from the hit em hard strats, but we do also want to kill what we hit. Take multiple turns to clear 10-20 models with BKs is not ideal. @Liquidsteel It's okay my skaven is all pretty mag nuts too with like 200 clan rats?? all on magnetic movement trays. You are likely right with grave guard, which is probably why i always stick with skeletons, zombies, and clan rats where i can play with the horde models like a blob, and count models loosely where i can ignore the fringe attacks.
  12. I think this is why there is usefulness in the big heavy models such as VLoZD, Manfred, etc. The blood knights when hit with ranged attacks and mortals don't have a way to recover when they drop models, while the big monster heros can heal themselves up in different ways as long as they can cling onto a few wounds. I'd also go so far as to say i'd lean more in favor of a consistent VLoZD or vengorion lord with amulet and a good command ability like rousing command or unholy impetus vs trying to make the model more killy. This also make me alittle uncomfortable with Manfred and some of the other special characters that I think are very vulnerable to strong 1 phase armies like tzneetch and KO that can take out heros like him in a turn. Where as something like the amulet can go a long way on a VLoZD Not saying any of these are suddenly trash, but just it's good to know each model's weakness when building out a list. Are you using movement trays as well. I saw you speak of magnets?? I also think this why the game really badly needs to move back to a rank style combat system or a 40k style attack system with a rank component. One that is quick and balanceable. Clumping modeling really close up together is a recipe for damaged models and wasted time. But having played skaven, horde armies can take a while, but as of current instead of taking effectiency out of your list, just be less efficient with your pile in where its not vital. Just shove the model in the general area and keep them on trays unless. When I mathed out a few skaven games it ended up being more effective than a lower model count army, mainly because i could go big where it mattered. All of the comments taken into consideration i think i'd go with a list like this inspired a bit by @Kaizennus It focuses on 120 deadwalkers (the list swaps out for skeletons easily, and it could go half and half as per preference). I went dead walkers because the list allows for a 2nd necromancer which is a key buff peace in my mind. Double battle reginment. Most importantly 2.5 Mortis engines! I think this sort of list would give the blood knight list a very hard time. A necromancer can be dropped for a wight king on foot and a dead walker unit can become 30 skeletons. Personally i don't like too many more command abilities. Zombies i like because they in sort of can retreat and recharge, and get a little better when they do so because they can be outside of 3 before they do thier attacks. Vykros makes dance more reliable and with +2 to cast you should get it off with a decently high cast. potentially throwing out 5d3 mortal wounds to multiple units seems very strong, and i've seen a number of little here list that would shutter at the thought. Having used lightning vortex, and played a multiple mortis engine list back during generals hand book 1. It can be a huge tide turner and in the long whole win games. I even think the mortis engine pose a huge threat to armies like KO and armies now in AoS 3.0 where we have more MSU. Also the threat of unless hell from a Mortis engine i think is no joke. edit: There is a good argument for hunters in the heartland to protect the zombies. IF that's the case i'd also take warlord, line breaker, and heartland
  13. There actually is kind of a reason. The vampire take on an aspect of the bat. If you look I'm images they have pointed ears, and so all of them are all some degree of ware at, and apparently if you ware anything you get bigger in human consciousness. In some art they even have slightly bat like noses.
  14. @swarmofseals I agree with most oh what you have here. The only thing i'd say is hit'em hard will still matter if you can kill archaeon or go'trek. One benefit VLoZD and i guess vhordrai have have is that they over the beast is that they are also monsters and can use the monster actions. For rousing command the coven throne isn't to bad, as it can hit more targets, not being to concerned with getting itself stuck into combat for that turn, and more just projecting the buff from the best spot. Having played skaven with lots of similar buffs, if you set it up right you can very easily get all your units in on the buff. With 4 or 5 units buffed and it's command ability (stacking quite well with the the rousing command increase the buffs .WOR as you call it.) I also think the bloodseeker has some value. bringing a strong buff like unholy impetus on the warscroll, This can be used in conjunction with rousing command. Also it's ranged attack put you in a place where you want to put the model some where quite central. I think the idea of the two ghost ships is the most effective first turn possible. Anywho mostly agree just adding my two cents.
  15. Howdy all would love help with penning a list to paint toward for slowing jump back into the hobby. I have two list, and am looking for some might, magic, and speed. Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords - Lineage: Vyrkos Dynasty - Grand Strategy: - Triumphs: LEADERS Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (435) - Deathlance - Artefact: Sangsyron Spell: Flaming weapon Coven Throne (310) General - Command Trait: Pack Alpha Spell: Amarannthine Orb Vengorian Lord (280) Spell: Amethystine Pinions Bloodseeker Palanquin (290) Spell UNITS 10 x Dire Wolves (135) 10 x Dire Wolves (135) 10 x Dire Wolves (135) BEHEMOTHS Mortis Engine (200) 1920/2000 The idea with this list is getting the reroll to cast and +1 to cast, along side a lot of poke damage to remove key target. With 2 hammers in the vamp lord and vegorian lord. 80 free points, could take a corpse cart or endless spells. Cogs? Between all out attack, Finest hour, and coven throne command ability should keep up lots of +1 to hit/wound/save on the big hitter vampires? Knight List: LEADERS Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon (435) -- Deathlance General - Command Trait: Rousing Commander Vengorian Lord (280) - Artefact: Sword of the Red Seneschals - Lore of the Vampires: Amethystine Pinions Bloodseeker Palanquin (290) UNITS 5 x Blood Knights (195) 5 x Blood Knights (195) 5 x Blood Knights (195) 5 x Blood Knights (195) BEHEMOTHS Mortis Engine (200) 1985/2000 just damage sword is on vengoriun to beaf up the vamplord and knights to do real damage?? Anywho thoughts on either are welcome.
  16. Sorry if this was asked, but can a mortis engines unleash (actual) hell? and still hit everyone??
  17. Honestly with them pumping out monsters all year i'm hoping for a kraken model.
  18. Competive? 100% cavalry?? Deepkin
  19. I like this actualy. It's pretty cool making a list that does a thing well. Faction specific grand strat would also rock. Where you have this points foundation, and some armies might hard counter this by being able to stop what you think you can do best, but for the most part you have a secure safe part of your strategy.
  20. I agree with most of @Enoby's summary of some of the issues. I think a lot of it is pushing monsters being a strong them, and i think this is fine and kind of fun for a year. Like a season of the beast. That said it makes some of those hero models really stupid and just unfun, and so much some it pushes some of the cool monsters out of the space. I think my 3e or well 4e wish list would be: Make low investment wizards worth it and mid tier wizards worth taking "Aspect of the sea" has been dead on arival for a while, i think even at 200pts you wouldn't take it to tournament because it'd just get shut out. Reduce bloat. I think keeping the game simple is the best way to go. I think it's the only reason AoS had the huge growth it did when the first GHB dropped. Just like 5e DnD showed all of nerd gaming, simpler rule sets are more inviting. Also i like winning game based on superior tactics, not on remembering page 33, subsection 3, paragraph 2, line 2. I'm a gamer not a lawyer.
  21. I think what makes it dumb is the unbind preasure. If you oppents have any unbinds most of our magic starts to suck really fast as a lot of it is kinda close range. Worse with a 30" unbind range. That said i do think the aspect of the sea spell is quite good -1 to hit and bravery is quite strong. That -1 bravery gets a bit stronger when you are dampening some unit's ability to heal.
  22. I'd say lottan is not a nessary component in Dom han with tidecaster general where I'd argue the flipped tides is more useful as the run shoot because very vital to reavers. I think the best list is reavers and eels. As getting access to all the tool will make you effect against most targets. The shooting power projection is quite big, and the access to defense unleash hell combine with something like morraar shock can do a lot to make getting charged feel quite safe. Plus aspect of the storm and turtle are net just for the reavers the eels and other units also benefit from thier buffs. From there it gives you more good targets for all out attack in more phases. I do think garrisoning the boat is a powerful option. A terrain piece we can place is quite strong when we can load it up with pepper.
  23. I'm thinking of jumping back into the game and putting together a list to build and paint toward. @Siorra and @Sonnenspeer i was actrualy thinking of a list just like this i like the large mix of units you get access to in this. Eidolon of Mathlann, Aspect of the Storm (330) Akhelian King (230) - General - Bladed Polearm Isharann Tidecaster (105) UNITS 20 x Namarti Reavers (230) 3 x Akhelian Ishlaen Guard (155) 3 x Akhelian Ishlaen Guard (155) 6 x Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (390) BEHEMOTHS Akhelian Leviadon (380) 1975 I was wondering how reasonable this looks?? I think it packs a lot of punch in different areas of the game. I don't yet know grand stratagems and artifact i want to use for this. Or even command traits that would be good. So any help would rock. I wish i should get an aspect of the sea in there. I think he kinda sucks, but i like big models LMAO!! Plus the +3 bravery lets you ignore battle shock on the eels for hte most part, and also lets the aspects auto heal ever turn with out fail. Plus i like the magic protection and preasure. Thinking maybe arcane tome on the storm for flaming weapon. Could drop the spear eels for 3 ishlaen to sneak in the aspect of the sea, but wonder if i'd lack to much on punch?? Edit: or replace the morrsarr with ishlaen and some sharks. They'd make a decent target for king buff?
  24. HAving worked at a GW and selling both game at different times. AoS being overly complex is bad for it's bottom line. An easy to understand set of rules helps get new customers and help retain them for longer. Aside from that i think i personally prefer a less complicated rule set that rewards players for playing the game and not lawyering up on the rules. Have played warhammer 40k 7th(??? the one with all the special rules and such), i've find it freeing to win based on smart tactics rather than smart application of section 7 article 3. paragraph 4 line 3. I think it's not as complicated as the one 40K edition or any of the old editions, but i'd say this is as complicated as i'd care for the game to be, and some areas it could be stream lined.
  25. Howdy!! I wanted to ask about knight of the empty throne as I'm slowly convincing myself i might jump back into to playing. For knights of the empty throne they varangaurd can only use relics and command abilities from thier own pool?? or can they use the universal artifacts and command traits as well?
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