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Event Norms for Realms, spells and features


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hey folks,

will be hosting an event at my FLGS soon, was wondering is the norm for competitive events these days regarding realms, spells and features?

are they predetermined prior or rolled off as per RAW?

I'm particularly curious at how spells and realm features are handled, if they are both curated or chosen by the TO.


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Each event is different and depends somewhat on the local scene when you're talking about a local level event. Some clubs love all the extra stuff and some don't so you've got to get the measure of what your local players would like to see. Though giving them a challenge and presenting something new is never a bad thing now and then. 


I would say that its my observation that when it came to realm rules; many events tend to pre-define what realm is going to be used or what pattern of realms will make up the tables since realms have a fairly big impact on what spells are up for grabs. That is if they choose to use realm battle rules. 

As for army composition I would say that Endless Spells are, in many areas, almost an auto-include for many events and even casual games. Realm artifacts is more hit and miss - some use them and some don't and they appear to be a more optional element.

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