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  1. what are peoples thoughts on drill cannon, vs grapnel vs light skyhook on endrinriggers/wardens? I'm doing 2 min units of endrinriggers in my list for objective tagging and long range shooting but not sure which gun to use, the rend -3 D3 dmg or rend -2 and straight 3 dmg.
  2. How can you fly high in the hero phase with zilfin? It says normal move only for zilfin (run retreat, disengage) and the fly high rules says “instead of a normal move” which to me means you can’t use the special ability for fly high?
  3. it's great! take second turn, pick target, drop comet, fly high and shoot, drop prime if needed. The 5 wound heroes that used to annoy me aren't a problem now!
  4. Played 2 games so far with the new book, and won both! First game was against sylvaneth, and opponent conceded in turn 2, I killed 800 points first turn, second game was against Daughters of Khaine temple nest (-1 to hit shooting) and came down to turn 5, the free zilfin move managed to get me the objective! attached is my list. KO%20%2D%20Iron%20Sky%20Command.pdf
  5. How are people reading that you can disembark after a fly high? It’s in the warscrolls under flying transport you can’t join or leave if the model has moved or flown high in same phase?
  6. Does lookout sir apply to heroes while in ships?
  7. But how is the magnetization, is it super sturdy when moving around?
  8. how do you find the flight stands from magnet baron? is that the 1.5" one for the ironclad?
  9. Anyone been able to translate the navigator warscroll?
  10. Is everyone building the greatblade on the guard? Any reason not to?
  11. Sorry if it’s been asked, are people putting the special weapon on the hekatos for their mortek guard? Just like liberator last and the hammer?
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