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Ranking Realm Spells


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Hi all.

Have seen plenty of analysis both on TGA and elsewhere of ranking hte power of Endless Spells, but not much about the Realm Spells included in the book.

Had my first game using the realms on Tuesday night, and the Realm Spells all of a sudden made magic worthwhile.   I think wizards are significantly overcosted points wise unless they have access to realm spells (with mystic sheild and arcane bolt and most of their specific spells not being worth the points by themselves, and many of the endless spells are only ok but also add further to the points-efficiency cost equation).   I think that goes to the Designers Commentary - points values (of everything, including wizards) balance reflect the assumption Realms and Malign Sorcery are in use.  


So, first, there is loads of discussion online that "Banishment" (Hysh) is 'broken' and a potential game winner (noting short-ish range (exposed wizard), high casting value and needing to overcome the likely unbind also...), and it could be a game winner in the right circumstance and seems likely to be the most powerful overall Realm Spell if it gets pulled off.    But after that?    To start the debate:


High Power:

  • Banishment (Hysh) (strategic movement)
  • Bridge of Shadows (ulgu) (strategic movement)
  • Inferno Blades (Ashqy)  (buff an entire unit with +1 damage could be huge!  I used on Swordmasters and a Highwarden and it turned them into absolute melee monsters)
  • Curse of Rust (Chamon) (debuff)
  • Transmutation (Chamon) (debuff)
  • Parch (Ashqy)  (anything that affects movement in AOS is strategically powerful...)
  • Unnatural Darkness (Shyish) (buff)
  • Rule of Burning Iron (Chamon)  (damage, situation, vs Hordes only)
  • Aetheric Tendrils (Ulgu) (strategically powerful movement)
  • Aetheric Net (Hysh) (again movement)
  • Stoke Rage (Ashqy)  (buff)

Low power/ most useless  (or extremely rare situational)

  • Glare of Vulcatrix (Ashwy) - casting value way too high, range way too short, damage way too little.  This is worse than generic arcane bolt!
  • Sicklewind (Ghyran) / Amber Spear (Ghur)/ Molten Gaze (Chamon)  (essentially the same spell)
  • Briarstorm (Ghyran)  (too easy to avoid)
  • Crown of Ashyxiation (Ulgu) (what are (most) wizards doing in the middle of multiple melee units? )
  • Most of the damage dealing spells.
  • Most of the wizard defence spells (for majority wizards, who shouldn't be that close to the combat in the first place, and if they are there, then these probably aren't enough to help survive and the wizard would be better off casting damage, buff or other spell to go out in a blaze of glory instead)

So to me, the common theme is movement and buffs are good, damage dealing not so good.   This being and internet forum, let the dispute begin!



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5 hours ago, AaronWIlson said:

When I think realm spells the three that stand out off the top of my head are Inferno Blades, Banishment, Mirrorpool & Flesh to Stone (though that one only sticks out as makes Nagash ****** hard to remove).

I think Mirrorpool is the best spell if your wizard is also a combat beast. +18" move is insane.

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Great thread idea. I recently made a list of "good" spells for easy reference during my games. Note that my list is for a combat army with support wizards:

Spells of Ghyran

  • Whipvines

Spells of Ghur

  • Flock of Doom
  • Cower
  • Primal Hunter

Spells of Chamon

  • Rain of Lead
  • Curse of Rust
  • Rule of Burning Iron
  • Transmutation

Spells of Aqshy

  • Stoke Rage
  • Inferno Blades
  • Fiery Blast
  • Parch

Spells of Shyish

  • Night's Touch
  • Soulshroud
  • Unnatural Darkness

Spells of Ulgu

  • Labyrinth of Sorrows
  • The Enfeebling
  • Bridge of Shadows
  • Aetheric Tendrils

Spells of Hysh

  • Light of Battle
  • Aetheric Net
  • Healing Glow
  • Banishment


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5 hours ago, Tittliewinks22 said:

I think Mirrorpool is the best spell if your wizard is also a combat beast. +18" move is insane.

Or your caster is 18" closer for his other spells.


17 hours ago, knight_797 said:

(anything that affects movement in AOS is strategically powerful...)

17 hours ago, knight_797 said:

Briarstorm (Ghyran)  (too easy to avoid)

Well it still affects movement.


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