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  1. Seedy Sneaky Snuffler offering some unsuspecting goblins some mushrooms from his coat liner.
  2. Its answered in the Movement Phase portiom of core rules FAQ. Tl;dr no you cannot use fly high. MOVEMENT PHASE Q: Several abilities allow a unit to make a move ‘as though it were the movement phase’. Does this allow them to make use of abilities or special rules that normally only apply in the movement phase? For example, in the hero phase a unit of Kurnoth Hunters in a Free Spirits Battalion can move as though it were the movement phase. Would this allow them to make use of the Forest Spirits battle trait, where a unit can be transported to the battlefield in the movement phase? A: No, it does not. All it means is that the move is made as though it were the movement phase, so the distance the unit moves will be based on its Move characteristic, it can’t move within 3" of an enemy model, it can run and retreat (but if it does so it will have counted as having run or retreated for the rest of the turn), and so on.
  3. Does faction terrain count as an enemy model for the purposes of rules that summon/redeploy outside 9" of enemy models?
  4. Navigator goes in the Gunhauler w/ compartments. Thunderers in frigate.
  5. KO book released same day, only has 3 (4) battalions. Wish there was as many battalion options as Teezntch
  6. Been toying with this list a bit: Barak-Zon - [101 wounds, 3 drops, 1 CP] Endrinmaster w/ Dirigible suit (220) [General, Zon relic/trait] Navigator (100) [Flare pistol] 10 Thunderers (240) [4 Rifle, 1 Fumigator, 2 Decksweeper, 2 Cannon, 1 Mortar] 6 Skywarden (200) [all spear/pistol] 6 Skywarden (200) [all spear/pistol] 6 Skywarden (200) [all spear/pistol] Gunhauler (150) [Drill Cannon, Collapsible Compartments] Gunhauler (150) [Drill Cannon] Gunhauler (150) [Drill Cannon] Frigate (250) [Sky Cannon, Skymines] Escort Wing (140)
  7. When you say lower drops, do you mean because its one boat vs 2?
  8. These arguments are always the same. Some people only value this game in a competitive capacity and cannot see the enjoyment of having sub optimal lists. While other's cannot see the value in a highly competitive setting. There is more than one way to play this game, as a member of a non-competitive playgroup, everyone seems to really enjoy these types of books. Both KO and Gloomspite books are rated as the top flavorful/fun to play. Yet neither are considered "top tier." People need to realize that not everyone agrees with their vision for the game, and the best thing you can do is join a group or club of players that share the vision, you will have a more enjoyable time with it. I would advise people to give up hope on trying to convince a competitive player that there are other aspects to the game, likewise, competitive players should probably give up hope on perfect "balance." /2c
  9. Could you give a tutorial on your bases? I've been working on water bases for another army and none of them look the way I want.
  10. I'm leaning on something like this: Endrinmaster w/ balloon Navigator Khemist 20 arkanauts with specials Ironclad 10 thunderers (1mortar/fume, 2deck/cannon) Gunhauler w/ 5 man transport 5 thunderers w/ rifles 6 skywardens 3 endrinriggers with guns 3 endrinriggers with guns If I mathed correctly that should be 2k It is an 11 drop list, but my group is generally pretty casual and not many people take batallions.
  11. It's not really doubling, it's +1a. Almost every army in the game has buffs to give units +1 attack to melee weapons. I think the shooty heavy army should have a comparable buff.
  12. Skaven received Warplighting/Plage Claw, Doomwheel, and Screaming bell/Censer all came out with release of the 8th edition army book in ~2011ish. Seraphon received Skink Starseer, Skink Priest, Carnasaur/Troglodon, the Terradactyls in 2012 with thier 8th edition release. Skaven got the Verminlord, Thanquol, and Stormfeinds with the End Times release in 2013.
  13. S and T makes sense for 40k where you have multiple units that use the same weapons. There's very few units in sigmar that would benefit from this. Example: Astra Militarum with a lascannon Vs Space Marines with a lascannon The lascannon is the same for both, but one is more accurate than the other. 40k needed to break to hit rolls off of the weapons and make it on a model by model basis and the only way they could do this was with S/T values.
  14. Basically a reimagining of the Ogre Kingdom Army Book. I want a hellheart equivalent.
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