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  1. These are some awesome work! Do you happen to sell these sculpts at all? I would love those shaman sculpts as weirdboyz in 40k, and that warboss with banner as well!
  2. Looks like FEC to me. Hopefully a FEC warband for underworld that has suitable standins for the courtiers in AoS
  3. Faction specific generic command abilities table similiar to spell lores. More once per battle abilities (inspiring presence!) Removal of the grand alliances via lore and implemented well in game. The dwarf gods having more presence in a narrative form, maybe playable incarnates for Fyreslayers (Grimnir) and KO (Grugni). Better terrain rules. But most importantly, please let GW finally make the layout of their books coherant, and add indexes to the back...
  4. The only concern is that Knife to the Heart says "starting from the third battleround, if any player controls both objectives, they immedietly win a major" So if they control both objectives at end of battle round 2, at the start of 3 they should immedietly win right?
  5. Thats what we thought, but we could not find any source to back it up. Do you know where this is written?
  6. If a player controls both objectives at the end of turn 2, do they automatically win at the start of turn 3? Would therr be an opportunity to roll of for turn to shift the tide?
  7. Is the webspinner shaman on A. Spider worth taking if you have no other spiderfang models in the list? Recently picked up the model, not sure which loadout I want to build it with.
  8. I started fantasy in 5th edition, and iirc they definitely had expanded lore for many of the the empire cities, to include their citizens.
  9. Gloomspite, because every random roll at max value is OP, and at worst is expected of lowly goblins.
  10. I hope they add in the vargheists and Mannfred as well, could make soulblight have a 2 pillar style, more lhamian vs more feral.
  11. You can Fly High even if you are unable to use the Flying rules. Flying rule is clearly defined in the core rules as being able to move over obstacles and units but not being allowed to end within 3" of enemy models after the move. Fly High is unrelated rule defined on the war scroll itself.
  12. Friends and I think they are repackaging the Aleguzzler with an extra sprue with more options. One of the rumor engine photos looks like the exact dimensions of the Aleguzzler's front torso piece, but had skulls and such on it instead of the skin look. Would suspect that the Mancrushers will have multiple weapon options to ensure variety in playstyle. EDIT: Added Picture.
  13. Gloomspite Gitz for me. 60 strong goblins are so great, and there are tons of synergies with them.
  14. Seedy Sneaky Snuffler offering some unsuspecting goblins some mushrooms from his coat liner.
  15. Its answered in the Movement Phase portiom of core rules FAQ. Tl;dr no you cannot use fly high. MOVEMENT PHASE Q: Several abilities allow a unit to make a move ‘as though it were the movement phase’. Does this allow them to make use of abilities or special rules that normally only apply in the movement phase? For example, in the hero phase a unit of Kurnoth Hunters in a Free Spirits Battalion can move as though it were the movement phase. Would this allow them to make use of the Forest Spirits battle trait, where a unit can be transported to the battlefield in the movement phase? A: No, it does not. All it means is that the move is made as though it were the movement phase, so the distance the unit moves will be based on its Move characteristic, it can’t move within 3" of an enemy model, it can run and retreat (but if it does so it will have counted as having run or retreated for the rest of the turn), and so on.
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