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Found 14 results

  1. I am planning a Tzeentch army, mainly to satisfy my urge to kitbash and mutation-mod models. I am planning to have a unit of Tzaangors made up of prior enemies who have been blessed by the Boon of Mutation spell in previous battles and also a Chaos Spawn or two who used to be other things before experiencing a Bolt of Change spell. This should give me fluff free reign to kitbash various models from other factions with mutations (yay greenstuff!) and include then in my Tzeetch army. But this got me thinking, what happens fluffwise to a Stormcast who has been blessed by a Tzeetch spell to become either a Tzaangor or a Chaos Spawn? Under normal circumstances a defeated Stormcast gets zapped back home and re-forged. But if they are turned into a mutant what happpens? Is their soul reutuned to Sigmar while some chaos spirit controls their mutated body? Or if they are stuck as the mutuant then when they die as a mutant do then then return to Sigmar? Or Can their physical body even last long as a mutant or would their corrupted body be quickly reclaimed by Sigmar and teleported back for cleansing and re-forging? Is anyhting of this covered in any lore, stories or other fluff?
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Found this floating about, not mine but great list of cards for new DoT Battletome spells
  3. Version 1.0.0


    All the magic spells from the Skaven Battletome including the two magic lores and all the Hero's unique spells designed in the same style as the Hearthstone card game.
  4. I’m new to age of Sigmar and was looking at Nagash’s wars roll which states that he knows all the spells of death wizards on the table, both friendly and enemy. But does Nagash forget the spell once another wizard is slain, off the table, or if using the ageless cunning ability from legion of night, would Nagash only know the spells of wizards once they have appeared?
  5. I've been experimenting with spells from the lore of the Storm, the lore of Invigoration and the endless spells specific to the Stormcast. I've come away with some impressions and I'd like to leave this thread as a guide to new players as well as a springboard for some conversation from current SE players. Lore of the Storm- very much a hit or miss lore, this lore is all about dealing mortal wounds and not always in a satisfying fashion. Lightning Blast- A fine little spell that's quite reliable on your lesser caster heroes who don't have the "prime electrids" ability. Its cheap and it has UNLIMITED range! Starfall- this is a bad spell, it's cheap to cast but basically works like a shotgun arcane bolt (which sounds cooler than it is). The range is very limiting at 12", the 6" bubble is nice but you still need to roll 4+ per unit to hit them and its only 1 wound per unit. Thundershock- A personal favorite of mine, though it's not guaranteed to have an effect even if you successfully cast it. dealing mortal wounds is just icing on the cake, you really take this for the -1 debuff which is always huge, its like have another relictor thunderstorm prayer that can hit multiple units. Azyrite Halo- Another reliable pick for me, combos very well with our shield bearing units for which we are spoiled. Put on a unit of sequitors channeling into their shields for maximum value. Throwing back mortals on an unmodified 6 is really solid in most combats you will find yourself in. Chain Lightening- basically a better Starfall with 2 higher casting value. You get twice the range, better targeting bubble in my opinion and you're doing better damage right away if it goes off. I think the damage could be better for its cost but its not a terrible pick. Stormcaller- a bad spell, it has a high cost and is too conditional. every enemy unit gets rolled for which is nice but you need a 6+ to hit them for d3 MW. Think about how many times you've rolled 12 or more die and come up with ZERO 6's. Its too random and unreliable. If it was on a 5+ would be the only way I would consider taking it. Lore of Invigoration- your combat multipliers and a sold lore for a few reasons not least of which is that your evocators can pick a spell from here. Terrifying Aspect- it's ok, but you've got so many better options. Celestial Blades- better option #1. flexible and cheap with good range, you will never regret taking it. Plus 1 to wound is always great, will make your liberators actually kill stuff. Speed of Lightning- an excellent pick on Evocators, their one weakness is to rending attacks and the best way to avoid that is to getting into combat at the right time with the right enemies. This spell makes that happen, my evocators win me games alone with this spell, get into combat when they can be chosen first and make sure it happens that turn. Endless Spells- two spells that are just fine and one that's quite an investment but potentially very potent if used intelligently. Celestian Vortex- it's ok except against chaos where it's amazing. has an added benefit of reducing missile weapon accuracy so it can be used as a screen if you plan right. Dias Arcanum- a strange one who's effect doesn't match it's own lore. needs to be used by a 5 wound wizard, gives them plus 1 to save, 12" flying move and an additional unbinding pretty useful even if you don't need the extra unbind. Everblaze Comet-a pretty cool spell with a cool model. can be cast without line of sight and outside unbinding range. has an immediate mortal wound output that punishes close knit armies. acts as area denial because it continues to pump out mortal wounds over time and disrupts enemy casting attempt making the cast on a -1. the only negative thing you can say about this endless spell is that it's not a steal for points. you pay for it but if you are clever with it you can really mess with your enemy.
  6. Hi all. Have seen plenty of analysis both on TGA and elsewhere of ranking hte power of Endless Spells, but not much about the Realm Spells included in the book. Had my first game using the realms on Tuesday night, and the Realm Spells all of a sudden made magic worthwhile. I think wizards are significantly overcosted points wise unless they have access to realm spells (with mystic sheild and arcane bolt and most of their specific spells not being worth the points by themselves, and many of the endless spells are only ok but also add further to the points-efficiency cost equation). I think that goes to the Designers Commentary - points values (of everything, including wizards) balance reflect the assumption Realms and Malign Sorcery are in use. So, first, there is loads of discussion online that "Banishment" (Hysh) is 'broken' and a potential game winner (noting short-ish range (exposed wizard), high casting value and needing to overcome the likely unbind also...), and it could be a game winner in the right circumstance and seems likely to be the most powerful overall Realm Spell if it gets pulled off. But after that? To start the debate: High Power: Banishment (Hysh) (strategic movement) Bridge of Shadows (ulgu) (strategic movement) Inferno Blades (Ashqy) (buff an entire unit with +1 damage could be huge! I used on Swordmasters and a Highwarden and it turned them into absolute melee monsters) Curse of Rust (Chamon) (debuff) Transmutation (Chamon) (debuff) Parch (Ashqy) (anything that affects movement in AOS is strategically powerful...) Unnatural Darkness (Shyish) (buff) Rule of Burning Iron (Chamon) (damage, situation, vs Hordes only) Aetheric Tendrils (Ulgu) (strategically powerful movement) Aetheric Net (Hysh) (again movement) Stoke Rage (Ashqy) (buff) Low power/ most useless (or extremely rare situational) Glare of Vulcatrix (Ashwy) - casting value way too high, range way too short, damage way too little. This is worse than generic arcane bolt! Sicklewind (Ghyran) / Amber Spear (Ghur)/ Molten Gaze (Chamon) (essentially the same spell) Briarstorm (Ghyran) (too easy to avoid) Crown of Ashyxiation (Ulgu) (what are (most) wizards doing in the middle of multiple melee units? ) Most of the damage dealing spells. Most of the wizard defence spells (for majority wizards, who shouldn't be that close to the combat in the first place, and if they are there, then these probably aren't enough to help survive and the wizard would be better off casting damage, buff or other spell to go out in a blaze of glory instead) So to me, the common theme is movement and buffs are good, damage dealing not so good. This being and internet forum, let the dispute begin!
  7. Hi all, Something I felt was really lacking in the Generals Handbook allegiances is a lack of spell lores or prayer lores. I think this is a really important part of making spellcasters interesting in the current state of Age of Sigmar. Some casters just don't have interesting spells on their profiles, or ones that are so niche that they basically only count as having Mystic Shield and Arcane Bolt. I think that's an issue, because for some factions (Such as the Darkling Covens), casting is a core part of their identity. Yet in the entire Darkling Covens range, they only have 2 spells because they only have 2 unique casters. To make matters worse, those are your only Heroes in the Darkling Covens itself and even amongst their allies. I guess what I'm trying to illustrate is, the Darkling Covens allegiance would be much more interesting if they had a spell lore as well, making it more enjoyable to create your own coven of Sorceress' when building an army of that allegiance. Darkling Covens are certainly on their way, but today I delve into their Highborn cousins, the Eldritch Council. The Eldritch Council did not get any allegiance abilities under the Generals Handbook 2017, but I decided not to restrict my scope of work to just those with allegiances. They are an interesting faction, because just like the Covens, all their heroes are spellcasters and it's a core part of the factions identity in the Age of Sigmar. When designing this spell lore, I went back to the root of High Elf magic - the Lore of High Magic. In this lore historically, because the High Elves are the more noble and defensive of the Elves it has been a more defensive and utility based lore. Sure there have been iconic spells like Flames of the Phoenix, now part of the Dragon Mage warscroll, but iconic spells like Walk Between Worlds and Drain Magic were defense and utlity orientated. So that's what I mainly stuck to when building this spell lore, there are a lot of defensive and utility orientated spells in the lore, and not much on the aggressive side. In fact, the only aggressive spell in the list I took from an old Warmaster spell, Storm of Stone. Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the Lore of Elemental magic, and if you use it in your games, let me know how it feels! Download Link: LoreOfElementalMagicV1.pdf
  8. Hi there I'm a long time TGA reader, first time poster and I've been dragged back into the hobby by my nine year old son who has gone AoS mad (good job I kept those Skaven and Undead in the loft!). We've been playing AoS since Christmas and the whole magic-thing is doing my head in. I welcome news that GW are doing something on magic, but I wonder if they're going to sort out the mechanics of it or just do more fluff as an excuse to sell more models. I'm hoping both, because a bit of balance whilst keeping the simplicity would be nice. Especially summoning units. I mean, for f-sake, how can you have a Grey Seer summoning a creature that's worth more points than the Grey Seer? Or a necromancer summoning unlimited skeleton warriors? It's ludicrous. The rule of setting aside points for summoning also seems a bit point-less (ahem) as I'd rather have all my points on the field of battle than risk them on the roll of a dice. It seems like a ham-fisted way of balancing something, or an excuse to hide the fact the rules on summoning are an after-thought. At the moment, we've been running with the following rules for summoning, to balance it: you can only attempt a summoning spell of a particular unit, once during a game per army. If it fails, that's tough. all summoning rolls require +2 than on the war scroll (because, let's face it, a roll of 9 to summon a Keeper of Secrets is plain silly. It's like Paul Daniels pulling a demon out of the hat without even trying. A roll of 11 seems more realistic but with the following rule to help succeed...) you can improve a casting roll by sacrificing some of the wizard's wounds. This effectively means throwing life-force into a summoning to improve the chances of success. The player can opt for a D3 or D6 wound-sacrifice before a casting is made. For example, a chaos wizard opts to summon a Keeper of Secrets which under the new modifier is 11 to cast. The Chaos Wizard has 5 wounds, so takes the risk of adding D6 of their wounds to the roll. They roll the D6 and get a 4, reducing the Chaos Wizard's wounds to 1 and adding 4 to the casting roll. The casting dice roll is two 4s. With the additional 4 wounds added, the casting roll is modified to 12 and thus the Keeper of Secrets springs forth, but the Chaos Wizard is severely weakened (he won't be trying that again in a hurry). Also, you don't need to set aside points for summoning - you get these as additional units, but obviously they come at a wounds cost to the caster. And casting is a gamble. You could kill your wizard during the summoning and still not succeed. We tried these out and a casting nearly killed my Gaunt Summoner, so he spent most of the battle running away from Prosecutors, while the summoned Keeper of Secrets played merry hell with a unit of retributors. It was more fun: more of a gamble, more of a strategy. My son thought it was much better. However, is there a better way of resolving summoning? Would love to know what everyone else is doing at the moment, before GW rush out a book on magic... Thanks in advance
  9. Just wanting to make sure I have the correct interpretation on how this resolves. If I manage to get this ability to trigger on a 1+ (and then subsequently <1), does it fail on the roll of a 1, or does the unit just get removed, seeing as though it is impossible to roll less than a 1, allowing it to trigger until there are no wounds left? That seems to be the intent of the spell text. I realise most tournament packs count 1's as automatically failing, but I just want to check the 'vanilla AOS' effect of this. *** I had a 3 player game today where the TK player had managed to throw enough Mystic Shields onto the unit of 6 Necropolis Knights to give them a 1+ Save. Arkhan came in, cast Curse of Years on them, and rolled: 1st Roll: 2 Sixes 2nd Roll: 1 five and 1 six 3rd Roll: 1 four 4th Roll: 1 four 5th Roll: 1 three 6th Roll: 1 five 7th Roll: 1 two By this point, my ally (at the time) said that he thought the unit would be deleted. I thought there was a chance it would fail on a 1, so I kept rolling to see. Ended up causing 25 mortal wounds before I rolled a 1. That spell is insane if you get lucky up front. Turned the tide of battle for sure, and saved my Aelven ally's butt. Alas, he only repaid me with betrayal.
  10. When casting to summon Bat Swarms, the spell says to set up 3 Models, but the the unit size is min 2 max 8. Does this mean I can set up 2 for the points for 2 or alternatively set up 3 for the points for 4?
  11. Aebal

    Rules question

    Hello! I'm new to AoS and I started with Death, the themathic I like the most Me and my group like to play matched play, and was a deception to know that summons must be counted as part of the army (reserve). Maybe the other way was too over. To summon 10 or 20 skeletons over and over again hehe BUT! A games workshop manager of the city i live said me that you cannot create a new unit, but you can instead regenerate units who has lost models. I knew that, for example, the ability of the skeleton standard bearer let you put d6 skeletons on your hero phase. That doesn't cost reserve points. But what the gw manager said is that I can launch the spell summon skeletons on a unit of skeletoms to regenerate slain models (just as standard bearer does). It sounds me as he is trying to convince me that summoning can be as I wanted to be, but I prefer to play as rules intend to be. We like matched play and thats the way we want to play, so please, answer me: Can I launch the spell "summon skeleton" to a unit of skeletons in order to refill the unit? Thanks!
  12. Hi I'd like to share with you guys my personal take on magic for AoS. They are house rules I made in order to make the magic a little bit more challenging and fun. I personally find it flat and think it should be one of the first thing GW should fix in the next releases of the game. But until that happens, I hope you will find my house rules fun and as balanced as possible. Keep in mind that this IS a critic at the current rules, but that I'm in no way a hater and that I play Age of Sigmar without any problem with its standard rules, so please no hate, I'd love to hear rational and well thought impressions. Bye bye and have a good read, Laerethian EDIT New version with some corrections and changes available, just follow this link to the file page: http://www.tga.community/files/file/25-winds-of-magic-for-age-of-sigmar/
  13. Version 1.2.0


    Hi everybody, This is a house rule I made in order to enrich magic in the game, taking inspiration from the old 8th edition winds of magic phase. I also added new spells for each grand alliance that are supposed to be the high risk/high reward spells you want to use when you have a lot of power dice and little spell slots to use. I tried to make the rules so that you don't need to change anything from any warscroll and all the spells already available (and also those that are going to be released next) should work perfectly. Please try this in your games if you are interested, and let me know if any balancing problem occurs, the rules are still in an early version and I had the chance to play only a few games with it myself. Looking forward to hearing from you guys, happy wargaming, Laerethian
  14. Since my first post I have been able to finish the bases on my next set of models. These Liberators have been done for a while but required a bit of sprucing up with another layer of Liberator Gold and a their bases painted. This unit of Liberators are led by a Prime named Sulla that has held the line admirably in several key battles. Get them in cover holding objectives and they can be hard as nails. Not very deadly but a good line unit. When I get my next unit of liberators, Grand hammers will be in this unit's future, To help out the Fists Obsidian and provide sage advice to the Lord Celestant, they are accompanied by Cato, a grumpy and old fashioned wizard of the Collegiate Arcane. He is miffed because for the time being he has had to leave his Hurricanum in Azyrheim. (It will a while before he won't have to walk anywhere). Yesterday, my friends, my girlfriend and I went down to our local shops and played several games from the Generals Handbook. Each of us taking a hero and a unit to try and capture a central objective, and cause the most kills. I took my Lord Celestant on Dracoth (Overkill I know but as he was newly painted and untested in battle since being finished an exception was made) and a unit of 5 Judicators (To be posted sometime in September). Arrayed against me were a force of High Elves (A Prince with Bow and a unit of ten swordsmasters) , another force of High Elves ( A prince with blade and a unit of 5 Silver Helms) and a force of chaos (A Bloodsecrator leading a unit of ten Chaos warriors with two hand weapons.) It was the first time I had used Judicators and I am definitely a fan. The battle was close and ended with Chaos and High Elves (Force 2) struggling for the objective and the failed charge by my Judicators and poor showing or my general leaving me out of the running for the Win. What was even better was it was only the High Elf player's second game and she stung us on both objectives by tactically retreating her Silver Helms to the Objective just in the nick of time. Her prince also lanced his way through a unit to Chaos warriors and his enchanted shield kept him from being overwhelmed. It was awesome that someone so new to the game could enjoy it with our group and even come out on top. The second game was unfortunately cut short due to the store closing but ended in a victory for Chaos, Man Flamers of Tzeench are scary. Wiping out entire units with their damaging shots and mortal wounds... Anyway thanks for listening to my ramble and I'll have another blog post up shortly. Cheers!
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