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  1. Drib


    Ment to be my Everchosen entry. Guess I'm too late..
  2. What about Stormvermin buffed with Gnash-Gnaw and Tyrants of Battle from the Warbringer?
  3. With your unit selection I would use the following list:
  4. But in the "Matched Play Rules" that's written differently. (p. 52 ghb2019) "The Meeting Engagement rules that feature later in this section build on the precedent set by the Pitched Battle rules, but add a new dimension." The Battleline requiremts could need an FAQ.
  5. Allegiance: Beasts of Chaos- Greatfray: GavespawnSpearheadGreat Bray Shaman (100)- General- Trait: Unravelling Aura - Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Vicious Stranglethorns10 x Bestigors (120)10 x Ungor Raiders (80)Main BodyGreat Bray Shaman (100)- Lore of the Twisted Wilds: Tendrils of AtrophyBeastlord (90)- Artefact: Mutating Gnarlblade 10 x Bestigors (120)10 x Ungor Raiders (80)Ghorgon (200)Rearguard1 x Chaos Spawn (50)Total: 990 / 1000Extra Command Points: 1Wounds: 74
  6. I just got my hands on the new Gernals's Handbook and very certain that you do indeed require atleast 2 battleline units for Meeting Engagements. "The Meeting Engagement rules that feature later in this section build on the precedent set by the Pitched Battle rules." - Gernal's Handbook 2019 p.52 And "The Meeting Engagement rules are designed to allow players to play a matched game with 1,000 point army [..] " - Gernal's Handbook 2019 p.72
  7. 1) The changehost allows you to freely swap in and out of combat, as long as your models are setup within 9" of the first swaped model. 2) As @Reezark_SP said, you are free to dispell and recast endlessspells. 3) You only ever have to re-roll the unmodified successful save rolls! For the Gaunt Summonder its only the 6s.
  8. A unit of Blightkings is always in range with itself. So there is no need for another unit in range.
  9. I have seen the chart, but that's only for setup. There is no information on listbuilding yet. And as I said, I am certain that the requirements stay the same, as GW stated "[Meeting Engagements are] focused and generally based around the core Battleline units of your army".
  10. Well, there is no indication that the Battleline requirements for 1k games have changed. I would be surprised if the limit will be droped to 1.
  11. From the Core Rules Designers' Commentary:
  12. Well, as @Skabnoze mentioned maximum base-to-base distance over a 25mm base is allways less than 1". Played in offset, the distance decreases to ~0,85"( ~21,65mm) for the second rank, doubled for the third. That's a measurable difference.
  13. That should be common practice -s ame with long quotes - but only a few do so 😫
  14. Well I was thinking it's more like Cassandora Yellow over Palid Wych Flesh and than heavy dry brushed as Mentioned above
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