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  1. First of all many thanks for your detailed and indepth write-up! I only found two small things to add. I let you know: You could have clarified that you need a Masterclan (Greyseer) for the Skavenbrew. At first I was puzzled and thought you got the points wrong .. The Greyseer could also add Death Frenzy as sidenote. You could also add a Warbringer with RR 1s to hit+wound (and Dreaded Death Frenzy) for a total of 970.
  2. I love your take on Be'lakor's wings! Could you post a close up of him and also a short description what colours you used?
  3. It's in the Pitched Battle Profiles at the end of the respective Battletome.
  4. Ohoh! Watch out! The Arch-Warlock only has one unbind!
  5. He could, if he had the right keyword. But he is neither Mortal nor Daemon.
  6. The damend legion ist not "Everchosen" but "Host of the Everchosen".
  7. @AverageBoss if you try to apply RAW, you missed out, that there is no case to discribe what happens to a roll of 7+. The rule is only worded for 2-6, so nothing would happen. The intention is most likley to always add 1 to the roll and that the events then trigger on 1-4 and 5/6.
  8. Keep in mind that you can not fight twice for a second time, as the Lord of Chaos and the Varanguard only allows a unit to pile in and attack a second time.
  9. Keep in mind, that you need to be within 12" of an enemy unit to declare a charge.
  10. Why do alot of people asume that Archaon's "All-seeing Dominion" is free? It is a command ability, thus costs a command point.
  11. From the "CORE RULES Designers’ Commentary", December 2019
  12. You still can do a 18" charge, you only need an enemy unit within 12" of the charging unit. You can even add another 3" with the Warqueens CA to a minimum of 14".
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