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Skragglegut Ogres / The Maw's Krusha


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I won best army at the Northern Invasion tournament in Scotland last weekend. Figured I'd post some pics up here for those who don't follow me on Twitter. This is my first, and only, fully painted army. Dead happy with winning that, especially given the competition. 

My general for the tournament was Mawdrakk, riding The Maw's Krusha. Since AoS started I've been wanting a mounted Ogor hero, so when the maw krusha came out, I saw my opportunity. I suspect he's going to be used as a frostlord on stonehorn when the beastclaw book hits!


The game you can see in the picture is from a modified relic game, facing sylvaneth in wyldwoods. The woods ate my army but it was so utterly worth it for the fantastically fluffy, themey game. 

2016-07-17 09.34.01.jpg

2016-07-17 09.39.57.jpg















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I nicked the original scheme from a guy called Neil Clarke who posted it on the 'eavier metal facebook page (which I massively recommend). His scheme was:

Colours are:
Undercoat Chaos Black
Base spray Zandri Dust,
Agrax Earthshade all over,
Heavy drybrush of Karak Stone,
Then drybrush Terminatus Stone.
Green tint is Biel Tan green with lamian Medium.


I'm fairly certain that mine was the same, though I didn't use the gw washes, I think I used scale75 inks (definitely for the green). Adding a really light ink tinting into the warmer areas (scars, skin folds) helps add life to it a bit (though biologically doesn't make too much sense). 

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I haven't got scrolls/rules to hand, so I would need to double check, but is that how it works with the Yhetees? Do you not still need to be within 3" to make the pile in, but then you can pile in up to 6" if so? I'm pretty sure there are some things like this in the game, granted Yhetees may not be one of them :)

I probably should've just looked before posting, but ya know...lazy! :P 

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27 minutes ago, iosefward said:

Bounding Leaps: Yhetees can be chosen to pile in and attack in the combat phase if they are within 6" of an enemy, and can move up to 6" when they pile in.


Just have to be within 6"!

Excellent. That's really nice then, thanks for clarifying. If only they weren't finecast!!

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34 minutes ago, iosefward said:

I got 5 metal ones off of a mate (Tim). He'd done the hard work of re-posing too. Just need to find a 6th!

Nice, I do like the sculpts but was kinda hoping we'd see new ones. Imagine how awesome they could be now! Still, doesn't look to be happening what with Beastclaw Raiders dropping shortly.

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