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  1. This to me says it's more of a "teleport and heal" rather than "remove and re-deploy", but I'll admit I'm biased as I like the item.
  2. I'm selling my multi-best-army winning ogre army. A lot of time and effort has been sunk into this. I'm more than happy to take more pictures if desired. PM me for more information or international postage. £1100. Includes postage in the UK. May be able to arrange drop off/pick up in Scotland or Leeds/Wakefield areas. The army includes: Beastclaw: 1 Converted hunter sitting on a mournfang head. 7 "Spidertusks" for sabretusks, to fit the forest theme. 1 Modified "young stonehorn" with fur over the worn skin and reposed legs. 1 Magnetised stonehorn/thundertusk. The riders and heads are magnetised so can have one or two ogres on top. 5 Yhetee (metal). 4 Mournfang. 4 OOP Forgeworld Rhinox. 1 Maw-krusha with converted Ogre rider with big smashy flail. The frostlord on stonehorn/Gordrakk leader. Ogors: 3 Maneaters - Stormcast conversions (liberator one not in pics as I was using him for silvertower). 1 Skrag conversion with grot carrying cauldron. 1 ironblaster. 1 scraplauncher. 1 Metal butcher. 6 maneaters. One female metal one, 5 converted (one not in picture). 8 leadbelchers (square bases, but basing theme still matches the rest of the army). 8 Ironguts. 8 Ogres with ironfists. 1 Converted BSB. 3 Rivertrolls/Forest gorgers. Other bits: Beastclaw raiders army book. Destruction grand alliance book. 7 Themed objective markers. Ogre tribe name plaque. Cheers, Joe
  3. iosefward

    Big Dave

    I honestly don't have a clue. I'd measure it for you too but for some baffling reason my Mum took a liking to him, so he got put on a plinth and posted to her yesterday. Not too upset about retiring him, he's had a good run on charging stormcast heroes and punting them off the board.
  4. I know, I know, it's just "krell" is much shorter to type, and I still think of him as krell.
  5. I don't know. I'm planning a pure rattle army, or mostly pure. I think there's a lot of fun to be had with the mounted wights, the command trait magician or summoning-sword. Krell with the -to hit artifact, immortality ring or the heal-on-kill sword could be fun too. Having at least one of the formation is a must though to give multiple of the artifacts. Sure it won't be the most competative list, but I don't think it'd lack fun. I like the idea of having a cairn wraith, spirit host or banshee that I can summon in with the sword. Summoning in a banshee to yell at stuff seems entertaining, and doesn't break the deathrattle theme. That said, a necromancer makes a world of difference with it, and doesn't really break the theme either. I wish Arkhan was given the deathrattle keyword, that'd have made this whole conversation null and void.
  6. Price reduced. Please do speak to me if you're interested.
  7. Selling my rather unique ogre maw-krusha conversion. Perfect if you're running a mixed Ironjawz/Ogre list or just want a centre piece for a beastclaw army. He was part of the best-army winning army at the last AoS tournament in Scotland. Looking for £180 given the time put into both the rider and mount, but open to offers. He's magnetised so with a bit of ingenuity you could use him as a tyrant too. The hand holding the chains is magnetised too.
  8. I nicked the original scheme from a guy called Neil Clarke who posted it on the 'eavier metal facebook page (which I massively recommend). His scheme was: Colours are:Undercoat Chaos BlackBase spray Zandri Dust,Agrax Earthshade all over,Heavy drybrush of Karak Stone,Then drybrush Terminatus Stone.Green tint is Biel Tan green with lamian Medium. I'm fairly certain that mine was the same, though I didn't use the gw washes, I think I used scale75 inks (definitely for the green). Adding a really light ink tinting into the warmer areas (scars, skin folds) helps add life to it a bit (though biologically doesn't make too much sense).
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