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Endless Spells conversion ideias

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Hi all!

With the upcoming Malign Sorcery supplement and the Endless Spell models, my mind is boiling with ideas for conversions in order to make them unique and aligned with the theme of my army - in this case Beastclaw Raiders...

The idea was not to avoid buying the supplement - although it may help for some that may not want all the spells - but more to share ideas for thematic conversion of them, creating unique ones... In fact even the info we have so far points out that there are many "wild and undiscovered" ones...

So will start with some Ideas... For the Ravenak's Gnashing Maw  (the Ghur one), I will try to make it using a Stonehorn skull, floating with an aetheric tail sculpted with greenstuff, painted in a ghostly icy blue tone, which I think will fit more with a BCR theme...

For the Prismatic Palisade I'm planning a wall of Ice stalagmites, sculpted with greenstuff too... something similar to my plan for the Quicksilver swords, flying ice stalactites...

But I would like to use too the Purple Sun and the Chronomatic Cogs, but I am struggling with ideas for those... on a more icy, savage and ramshacke concept... Any ideas?

And you? Are you planning something like this for your army? I would Love to hear, and try to help too... Like the Shardwrack spines  (40k terrain) that would make a fantastic "thorn wall" for a Gyran theme Prismatic Palisade...



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There'a a fantastic array of possibilities when it comes to representing magic and I feel GW missed some opportunities with these models. I like your ideas for conversions and I think you  could probably do a whole unique set witout buying the supplement.

For Chromatic Cogs you could pick up on the time-theme with a little piece of terrain, one half of which is in spring and the other half in winter, maybe incorporate the clock face/gears from an actual pocket watch. 

For the Soul Snare shackles what about having an etherally-painted model wrapped in chains Jacob Marley style?

I like the purple sun but what about sticking a LED within a ball of painted clear plastic, papier mache or thin green stuff to cast an etheral purple glow over the battlefield?

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For my own part its more wanting to convert my wizards to be actively casting them. The flaming skull spell will definately be integrating into my Firebelly to replace his gout of flame and be actively casting the new one


Similarly the massive swingy axe spell looks like a fantastic replacement weapon for a giant/overly large ogor etc.

The models look really well done and I'm always up for converting them into my models.

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28 minutes ago, Melcavuk said:

The models look really well done and I'm always up for converting them into my models.

I hope they are, because the Balewind Vortex was clearly more cheaply cast and used a different plastic. Hopefully these use the same process and material as the typical models. 

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I'm planning on converting them all (or most of them). They look like a good sculpting project opportunity for greenstuff noobs like me.

Head & Jaws: A skull of any big beast and greenstuff the flames. Thematically pick what creature it is depending on the army is cool too.

Cogs & Shacklers: I'll just get the http://www.greenstuffworld.com/en/ cogs & chains, should look just as good.

Purple, Geminids, Maelstorm: I'll start with a ping-pong base, maybe something bigger for the Purple Sun. Will then greenstuff the details. Could use paper clips for the Geminids and skeleton skulls for the Maelstorm.

Swords: Get a bunch of swords, make flames with greenstuff. This also lets you be thematic. Like for BCR, I'd get 4 or 5 Ogre Bull blades.

Pendulum: Similar to the Swords, but just getting an oversized one from a big monster.

Gravetide and Palisade: Greenstuff/Plasticard, not much else going on.

Lifeswarm: I don't know if any hobby/miniature company sells very small insects that could just be put together. Tomb Kings, Skaven and Lizardmen all had swarms.... A combination would work great. Wood elves fairies/little spirits from the Dryad box also seems viable.

Spellportal: I still have some doors from the plastic house that came with the WHFB 6th ed. starter box. I'll use those as the portal and add plasticard for the middle, and greenstuff around. I think this also lets you be thematic, just use a door frame appropiate to your army, and that's it!


Hopefully we get access to the rules without needing to buy the whole box, or sell them separately. That's how I plan to do it ;) 

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