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  1. I'm confident at least some of the current aelf models will continue to be sold, what I'm saying is that I don't think all the current aelf factions are going to survive. They'll either get a generic aelves battletome or be folded into new Aelven factions. We might see some disapear entirely although I hope not.
  2. We'll see what's in the new GHB, but it doesn't look good for wanderers and the other legacy aelves. The only thing GW have done with Wanderers was to make the already uncompetitive faction less competitive. And now aelves are grouped together not only under model categories but also in the faction summaries. I very much doubt they'll scrap all those models but Swifthawk Agents, Wanderers, White Lions etc probably don't have much life expectancy as individual factions.
  3. I'd like that too, but it seems unlikely that they would have pulled the dragons/wardancers/eagles only to put them back in. I'm not inclined to read much into GG being unavailable, it's probably a production problem. If there is a significance to it I doubt it's a good one. GW could surprise us but there's no indication they have any plans for Wanderers and the direction has consistently been making them less attractive/playable. I would be surprised if they scrap the faction altogether but seems marginally more likely than some sort of surprise release. Happy to be wrong though.
  4. These look great, some very nice non-metallic metals and I think you've done a good job de-40k-ing the components as much as possible.
  5. I am boring and use Vajello deep, olive and light greens. Or make them autumnal. Until GW give us back our forest dragons I am attempting to convert idoneth eels to fill the role:
  6. Love your writing almost as much as your conversions.
  7. Been a busy month with other stuff but finally got the chance to do some more work on my baby forest dragons:
  8. Wanderers -Juvenile forest dragons. Flying cavalry with hard hitting archers on their backs, akin to a ranged version of the Idoneth Eels. - Wanderer Caravan. An Aelven fortune tellers wagon, I don't really care what it does, I just think it would look neat. Buffing wizard would be the logical role I guess?
  9. Thanks, it's a lot of bits and green stuff, dark aelf sorceress head, arms from a heroclix glued to a random torso, branches from a citadel tree for the legs, and then a skull placed inside a hollowed out plastic bead for the head of the staff.
  10. I think I may have gone a little over the top with my converted Spellweaver: And some WIP terrain for the Apostate Wood:
  11. If you try and pick up one of my delicate looking models by it's head I get to pick you up by your head.
  12. There has been no information about Malerion beyond the picture and references from the original book, it is reasonable to suppose that he and his hypothetical "Shadow Aelves" won't be introduced for some time to come, particularly as there seem to be a number of other army releases being teased for next year. I don't think we'll see Malerion/Shadow Aelves before 2020, I could of course be wrong, but if such a release were coming soon we would probably have heard something about it.
  13. I bet Dragonblade riders on Drakespawns would look super sweet, and feels thematically more appropriate than horses.
  14. Look like a good start, I like the autumnal colour scheme on that one guy.
  15. I genuinely like the idea of tiny Stormcast, if halflings are gonna appear in AoS it will hopefully be a weird new take on them like that.
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