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Daemon Battleshock and Icon Bearers



So in a game today this situation came up:

I charged 3 units into a group of 30 Plaguebearers and killed off 15 of them in the combat phase. During the battleshock phase the unit of Plaguebearers rolled a 1 and had an Icon Bearer so they get d6 models back. 3 were returned to the unit. Should he have removed 5 (bravery 10 +1 for 15 models, vs battleshock of 15+1) then added 3 back, add 3 then remove 5, or only add 3?

It was no big deal, just a friendly game with a newer player, so I had him just add 3 and remove none, but moving forward I would like to be clear on how this situation works. Thanks

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Just now, RuneBrush said:

Nice spot - that's a change that's come from Maggotkin!  Previously it didn't mention anything about not fleeing and Bloodletters still have the old wording

Just wanted to say the same thing. The Maggotkin Daemon Icon Bearers are the only units with the new wording.

Bloodletters, Horrors and Daemonettes should still have the old rule until getting an errata. In there cases they would lose models.

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