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  1. EMMachine's post in Hitting on abilities and abilities to re-roll success's was marked as the answer   
    The answer is actually on page one of the Core-Rules. Re-Rolls, last sentence:
    So re-rolls have priority over other abilites.
  2. EMMachine's post in Warding Lantern was marked as the answer   
    It heals wounds that the unit had suffered before the attack you are saving at the moment.
    The point is, that the game works this way.
    If an enemy unit for example has 3 weapontypes and attacks one unit you make the following.
    Rolling to hit, to wound, save and damage for weapon 1 (putting the damage into a pool) Rolling to hit, to wound, save and damage for weapon 2 (putting the damage into a pool) Rolling to hit, to wound, save and damage for weapon 3 (putting the damage into a pool) Only after you handeled the last weapon, the combined pool of weapons 1-3 will be allocated to the models.
    This means if you roll a save of 7 for a wound of weapon 2 or 3. The wounds of weapon 1 or 2 aren't allocated to a model yet, and this way can't be healed.
    Only wounds from a combat before this one can be healed because the wounds are allocated to a model.
    (this is basicly stated on page 7 of the corerules (allocating models and later)
  3. EMMachine's post in Protection of the Dark Gods question was marked as the answer   
    What gaming mode do you play, because the answer is depending to this?
    If you Play Pitched Battle (Generals Handbook 2020, Page 72.) or Meeting Engagements (Generals Handbook 2020, page 88), both have the following rule.
    So if you are playing a gaming mode like this. In case of Mortal Wounds you can either use the Chaos Runeshields or Protection of the Dark Gods, most likely prefering the Runeshield because of the better roll requirement, but not both
    In case of normal wounds you have your 4+ Save and the Protection of the Dark Gods roll after it.
    If you play a game mode that doesn't use the special rule above (Open/Narrative play) you can use both for mortal wounds.
  4. EMMachine's post in Orruk Warboss legal in Big Waaagh? was marked as the answer   
    You have to ask for permission because it is a Legends Pitched Battle Profile but other than that it shouldn't be a problem because you only need the Orruks Keyword (which Greenskins have).
    Keep in mind that there was a Grand Alliance Destruction Errata, that changed the rules for Waaagh! and Waaagh Banner after Orruk Warclans was released.
  5. EMMachine's post in Artifact Question was marked as the answer   
    "Wounds Allocated to the Model" are all wounds that are currently allocated to the model. A wound get's allocated and than it is allocated to the model until it the model is either slain or the wound get's healed.
    We see this for example in the corerules for slain models and healing wounds.
    The Artefact triggers when the model would be slain (so when the wounds allocated to him are equals his wound characteristic).
    The rule for healing wounds wouldn't work if only wounds that are allocated in during one attack would coun't because most Healing Wounds Abilities aren't used in the steps the model actually takes damage.
  6. EMMachine's post in Slayer of Kings (Archaon) vs Cycle of the Storm (Lord Arcanum) was marked as the answer   
    This is what you are searching for, for the cycle of the Storm (Stormcast Eternals FAQ)
    There is not really a specific order because most of the time it doesn't really matter after you decide which attacks target which model before rolling any dice for the unit and you  normally add up the wound pool for all attacks the model uses for the target unit and allocate them later, but slayer of Kings would apply before any wounds are allocated to the target because it triggers on woundrolls.
    There were some rare cases where the order mattered (Grundstok Thunderers, Orruk Brutes) but their rules were changed.
  7. EMMachine's post in only named heroes - command trait? was marked as the answer   
    The Corebook Faq has the answer.

  8. EMMachine's post in Be'lakor in other chaos god armees ally or no ally? was marked as the answer   
    He is an Ally because he doesn't have the "Nurgle" Keyword.
    And "being part of a nurgle army", means "having the nurgle allegiance".
    So these points are against Belakor getting a spell.
    Plus these points of the Corebook FAQ
  9. EMMachine's post in General re-roll questions was marked as the answer   
    You can charrypick. The rule is written that way, that you can re-roll dice as well that would be successes before modifiers but misses after the modifier.
    I think the point of confusion comes from the point that all dice are rolled at the same time.
    From the point of view of the corerules each Dice sequence would be rolled one at the time
    Corerules Page 7, Making Attacks
    So you would roll one Hit-roll, look if you have to reroll it, make one wound roll if it is a success, your Opponent would make his Save roll and than calculate damage if the save failed for the pool.
    So each time you check if you re-roll the dice there would only be once dice after each dice is it's own attack sequence. Making multiple attacks at the same time is only to speed the process up.
  10. EMMachine's post in Can Allies fullfill the Battleline role? was marked as the answer   
    Generals Handbook 2019, Page 54, Allied units, paragraph 2, first sentence
  11. EMMachine's post in Ironfist Battalion in Bonesplitterz Allegiance Army? was marked as the answer   
    To specify this.
    Yes you can use them without spending points for allies or counting against the 1/4 Rule because they are in a Battalion.
    They still count as allies for anything else (so they can't fill the minimum for Battleline or can't be general, can't get Artefacts etc.).
  12. EMMachine's post in The Great Company & Wholly Within was marked as the answer   
    After the rules say "wholly within of the  unit"  the entire unit creates a fieldbubble like said in Fieldcontrol:
    A unit that covers 12"x1" would have a bubble of 36"x25" where the unit could be fit in. So 1 and 2 are possible.
  13. EMMachine's post in about the lore, magic and their choice was marked as the answer   
    The rules for the Nurgle Lores on Page 66 states the following:
    The Glottkin has the choose if he wants to get a Spell of the "Lore of Malignance" or the "Lore of Foulness", he doesn't get both lores.
  14. EMMachine's post in Charging vs Pile-in was marked as the answer   
    You can't get into combat range by normal moves in the movement phase. (except you have a rule that you can pile in if you are more than 3" away like Yethees who can pile in while they are in 6" of enemy units), because you have to end normal movement outside 3" of enemy models while to pile in you need to be in 3" to the enemy unit.
    Corerules Page 4, Enemy units and Retreat
    Corerules Page 5, Piling In
    So if you want to attack a unit in close combat you have to charge them or get into pile in range when another unit in combat piles in into the 3" Range of your unit.
    And if you are in 3" you can't make chargemoves.
    Corerules page 5, Charge Phase, Paragraph 1, last sentence
  15. EMMachine's post in Spiderfang question was marked as the answer   
    I contacted Adam about the ruledifference between App and Battletome, so I think it will be corrected soon.
  16. EMMachine's post in capturing objectives was marked as the answer   
    We had this question basicly 3 days ago here:
    In this case the corerules state this (Corerules Page 11, Objectives, last paragraph)
    So a unit can capture 2 objectives, but models in range of 2 objectives can only be count towards one of them.
  17. EMMachine's post in about the capture of the objectives in some battleplans was marked as the answer   
    That's basicly an paragraph above (Corerules Page 11, Objectives, paragraph 4) :
  18. EMMachine's post in within was marked as the answer   
    Yeah, like @King Taloren said.
    The FAQ part he meant is in the corerule FAQ page 3
    Blue is "within" (a part of a model has to bee in range)
    Red is "wholly within" (all models have to be completly in range)
    The case with the  green models is also used in the rules. This this case the rules for "Obstacles" (the particular part maked in blue)
    Green would be in this case "all models within range not don't have to be wholly within the range"
  19. EMMachine's post in Variable Attack Characteristic was marked as the answer   
    In fact to say the location in the Corerule PDF, Page 13, Random Values, Paragraph 3
  20. EMMachine's post in Retributor Lightning Hammer Rule (how to save) was marked as the answer   
    The Term "Save" is only used for the role on the "Save Characteristic" in the top left part of the warscroll (the circle with the values for move, save, bravery and wounds.
    Rules like the chaos shield don't have an official name by GW, but are often called "After Save" because they are triggered when wounds/mortal wounds are allocated, after the save.
  21. EMMachine's post in Forwards To Victory used more than once for one unit in one turn? was marked as the answer   
    No, because you can't re-roll a re-roll (Corerule PDF page 2, Re-Rolls, sentence 3)
  22. EMMachine's post in Guardian of Souls Lanterns in Legions Army was marked as the answer   
    No, If you take Grand Host or Legions of Sacrament/Blood/Night Allegiance you don't have Nighthaunt Allegiance (and Nighthaunt Artefacts are part of the Nighthaunt Allegiance Abilities).
  23. EMMachine's post in Mortal vs Regular Wounds was marked as the answer   
    Only if  the rule says "Wounds and mortal wounds" the ignore role works against both. In both other cases it only works agaist the type that is listed in the rule.
    For example in the Designer Notes of the Ironjaws, there is a Question about the Shield of the Ardboys with the answer that it only works against normal wounds.
  24. EMMachine's post in Allies and allegiance abilities was marked as the answer   
    Okay, let's roll up this topic entirely:
    At first we have the Allegiance, Allegiance Keywords and Allies. (Generals Handbook 2017)
    First the Allegiance
    Page 116, Allegiance
    So, the Alegiance is based on on a Keyword of the Warscrolls or Warscroll Battalion you include into your army. And if you have more than one Keyword you can choose one of the Allegiances that all your units have.
    Next Alllegiance Abilities:
    So Allegance Abilites are keywordbased and can be chosen for the Allegiance the army has. This is interesing in cases where more than 2 Keywords are possible
    Next we have Allies. There Rules are on page 76 for Pitched Battle. Here we have to parts with the paragraphs 3 and 4
    So we get the information that allied units are ignored when the allegiance is chosen and the minimum requirements and that allegiance Abilities are keyword based and only apply to the keyword.
    On page 77 Army Roster we have the additional information about Allegiance Abilities in the last paragraph
    So, we can have the Battlelines of the specific allegiance and the allegiance abilities of the Grand Alliance. After all we had now that everything is based on Keywords a Order Unit that is Allied with Stormcast Eternals can't benefit from Stormcast Eternals Allegiance Abilites (do to the lack of the STORMCAST ETERNALS Keyword, but could benefit from Order Allegiance Abilities because it has the Order Keyword.
    Now there is a strange part of the Generals Handbook, the Pitched Battle Profile Explanation on Page 86
    Generals Handbook 2017, Page 86, Factions & Allies
    Here we get the Information that Allies of Brayherd cannot use Brayherd allegiance abilities but not mentioning the lack of Keyword (if we look into the Allegiance Ability of Brayherd we see that all abilities require the BRAYHERD Keyword, so it is somehow correct but I don't know why this time the mentioning of the keyword is missing on Page 86).
    And now we get to Legions of Nagash.
    In the end its working the same way like the other rules do to Page 60, Most importent the Point Legions of Nagash
    So now we know that in case of the Legions all Warscrolls of the Book can get an additional Keyword if they want to use one of the Legions. This prevents that an Allied Hero would get an Artefact because the mentioned Ghul, Mourngul or Knight of Shroud don't get the Legions Keyword
    Now we get to the second strange part of the day. In this case that "Unquite Dead" mentioning DEATH HERO for setting up a SUMMABLE UNIT, Deathless Minion mentioning DEATH and DEATH HERO in case of the feel no pain roll. Why didn't they simply use  LEGION OF BLOOD and LEGION OF BLOOD HERO in the Legion of Blood Allegiance Abilites like in the Rule Favoured Retainers? Why Death this time? Because they have these rules 4 times in the books?
    Looks a little like an error here, GW made, if units that aren't part of the Legions shouldn't be affected by those rules (after all points we had in this post).
  25. EMMachine's post in Setting up all battle line off the table was marked as the answer   
    I can only say the same as I said here:
    They are in your list and they are paid. so it's possible. It doesn't count if the unit is summoned because those units where made of requirementpoints, but this isn't the case here.
    A Runesmiter + another unit should be one deployment
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