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Found 8 results

  1. So in a game today this situation came up: I charged 3 units into a group of 30 Plaguebearers and killed off 15 of them in the combat phase. During the battleshock phase the unit of Plaguebearers rolled a 1 and had an Icon Bearer so they get d6 models back. 3 were returned to the unit. Should he have removed 5 (bravery 10 +1 for 15 models, vs battleshock of 15+1) then added 3 back, add 3 then remove 5, or only add 3? It was no big deal, just a friendly game with a newer player, so I had him just add 3 and remove none, but moving forward I would like to be clear on how this situation works. Thanks
  2. Ok I am pretty sure the answer is yes, still asking because a friend asked me: If I have an already wounded model in a unit and the battleshock forces a model to flee, can I let the wounded model flee, thus only losing one wound to the battleshock instead of two or three (for example in a unit of Savage Boar Boyz)? My answer would be yes because wounds are allocated to the models their owner chooses, and the models removed by battleshock are also chosen by the owner.
  3. Version 1.0.0


    My thoughts Clans Pestilens defense in AoS Matched Play
  4. So, the Skirmish rules state "in a Skirmish battle, your warband can only use the allegiance abilities of the Grand Alliance from which they hail" (i.e. no sub-faction specific Allegiance abilities). Does this mean they get access to the appropriate Grand Alliance battle traits as well? The battle traits seem usable for every faction but Order. According to the General's Handbook, Order's battle trait is: "You can re-roll battleshock tests for friendly Order units that are within 12" of your general or another Hero from your army in the battleshock phase." Since battleshock in skirmish is done on a collective warband basis rather than per unit, the rules get a little muddy here. If this is the case, then some special stand-in house-rules might need to be put in place for the Order battle trait during a Skirmish battle, or maybe traits should be omitted entirely. Looks like there might be some similar issues with a few warscroll abilities as well. The only one that I've noticed so far is the Arkanaut Admiral's Command Ability which allows friendly Kharadron Overlords units within 12" of him to ignore battleshock. Once again, doesn't really fit Skirmish because individual models don't take battleshock tests, the entire warband does. Thoughts?
  5. Ok so I've been toying with this list in my head for a couple of days now, and thought I'd post it to get some input. Now, this list is by no means a top-tier list, but rather designed to (hopefully) have a pretty interesting game without being stomped too hard. The theme of the list, apart from containing just factions that start with the letter S, is to fight the opponents Bravery. Its thus partially shut down by Inspiring presence, Celestant on Dracoth and basically everything - but still. The list goes as follows: Dreadwood Wargrove 100 pts Outcasts batallion 40 pts Spite Revenants x 4 400 pts Drycha 280 pts Saurus Knights 120 pts 3 x Saurus 300 pts Troglodon 200 pts Celestant-Prime 360 pts Decimators 200 pts Total 2000 pts Every single entry in this list, except the Dreadwood wargrove, interacts with Bravery in some manner. The units interact with them in different phases though, and some effect bravery in general while others only come into play when taking battleshock tests - so the synergy isn't 100% there. Outcasts Batallion: if 2 Spite-Revenant units are within 8" of an enemy unit in the hero phase, roll 2d6 and compare to the enemy units bravery. For every point the roll exceed the bravery the unit suffers 1 mortal wound. Spite Revenants: Makes terrain within 8" scary, opponents must roll 2 dice and choose the highest when performing battleshock tests within 3" of the terrain. Furthermore, units within 3" of any (so no stacking with several units of Revannts) Spite-Revenants subtract -1 from their bravery in general. Drycha Hamadreth: Primal Terror: Spell (hero phase) roll a dice for each enemy unit within 10", add +2. For each point it exceeds the highest bravery in that unit, it suffers a mortal wound. Saurus Warriors and Saurus Knights: Stardrake icons, if a battleshock test is taken within 5", add 1 to the result. Stardrake icons do not stack. Troglodon: Primeval Roar: Enemy units within 8" in the battleshock phase must subtract 1 from their bravery. Celestant-Prime: Retribution from On High: When the Prime lands, subtract -2 bravery from all enemy models within 12" of him until your next hero phase in general. Decimators: Add 2 to the result of Battleshock tests made for enemy units within 6" of any Decimators. So the "synergies" here comes into play in the hero phase and the battleshock phase. In the hero phase, the Outcast Batallion and Drycha's spell are used vs. enemy bravery. Only the Spite-Revenants reduction of bravery comes into play here, really - as the reduction from the Celestant-Prime arriving will have ended, if he arrived the previous turn. Now, in the battleshock phase is where the action gets good - hopefully! In magical christmas land, the opponents bravery can feasibly be reduced by -7, and they have to roll 2 dice and choose the highest. Likely to happen? No, not really - but the possibility is there! Having typed this out, I'm not really sure if the Dreadwood wargrove and Drycha are worth it. I was planning on using Drycha as some sort of Alpha striking unit with the wargrove, but I fear her spell will be dispelled most of the time. Also, her interaction with bravery is primarily reserved for the hero phase, so there's almost no synergy between her and the rest of the army. Thoughts? Also, any suggestions on things to change etc? With this list I can use 3 order artifacts, but no heroes who can wield artifacts - which seems a shame... perhaps drop Drycha (and dreadwood wargrove) and add some generic heroes?
  6. The Dark Rider ability Sow Terror and Confusion (StaC) lets the Aelf player roll a dice and add it to the battleshock test if the battleshock roller rolls a one. The Carnosaur Bloodroar ability allows the Seraphon player to roll a dice if an enemy unit takes a battleshock test and if the seraphons roll is higher than the battleshock testers roll, an additional D3 models flee (in addition to any fleeing from a failed battleshock test). Does StaC mean that the Broar ability is neutered by increasing the dice roll of the battleshock tester or are these ability a referring to separate parts of the battleshock phase? StaC refers to the battleshock test, Broar refers to the players dice roll. (Am I getting into bearer and wielder territory again...??) cheers Jimbo
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