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The Legions of Morximinus Thrash

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Salve Nobs and Nobettes,

I've been working on a slow grow warband of Ironjawz since about the beginning of summer, but the idea for it came up way back in 8th ed.  I had purchased a bits for Mordheim a while before getting back into WFB.  I never did anything with these bits, so they sat in a bits box for a while until i had a look at them again when considering a diorama.  The cloth covered shield of the Orc Boys and the Orc caps reminded me of a Gaullic/Barbarian look and it made me consider doing an 8th ed force of done up in Gaullic colors, focusing on Boar Riders and chariots.   I did up a basic test model at the time, but that's about it.


Then the End Times happened and my Destruction ambitions went with it.

Soon after the release of the Ironjawz, the idea came back to me, but the fully armored aesthetic didn't mesh with the barbarian look I had envisioned.   This lead me to think, "Well, what about Rome?"  Ardboys still had shields and I could run destruction GA to get in the Auxillary units that were not Legion.     And then, a long period of nothing.  That is until I found a cheap Warchanter on eBay.  I picked him up and started the conversion to what I figured would be the closest Roman equivalent:  the Aquilifer.  So, the conversions began:













The theme worked rather well, I think.  And so with that, it was onto find the next model:  the Mega Boss.   I'll post each of the steps I've done in separate posts here in this thread, but as a teaser, I basically cut him apart to match a primarch's forgeworld pose.  Maybe one who likes to shake as a form of dancing.



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Great conversion on the warchanter! The chain mail turned out really well, and the models is very reminiscent of that era, at least to my untrained eye.

Looks like it'll be quite a modelling project to do every model like this, but I'm looking forward to what you make next :)

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Thanks All!

@BunkhouseBuster - If I finish and decide I don't need them, I will let you know. ;)

@Banglesprout - extensive greenstuff and reposing are exactly the purpose of this army.  I want each model to represent the best I can do, hobby-wise, so I can see if I've made growth and to challenge me.  This is why it will be a slow-grow.  I think the goal is a full army by Armies on Parade 2018.

For the breakdown of what I am planning so far:

Warchanter - Aquilifer

Mega Boss - General - Morximinus Thrash (a pun on Maximinus Thrax)

Brutes - Praetorkian Guard

Ardboyz - Legionaries

Gore Gruntas - Scholae Palorkinae  

Any Bone Splittas or Greenskinz will be Auxilaries or Foederati

Anyways, back to Morximinus Thrash.  I had thought about something more obvious like Morkus Aurelius or Orkrelius, but a buddy pointed out a relatively obscure emperor from the 3rd Century who was a giant from Thrace:  Maximinus Thrax.  

I modeled his pose on the forgeworld Roboute Guilliman (sp) on the marble plinth.  For his armor, he's adorned with Squigs instead of wolves or horses.















At this point, I realized i forgot to clean up the top of his head from the sprue removal, so i made it a wound.


I felt he then needed a base to match the primarch, so i began the base of a a temple:






Looked a bit plain, so I wanted to add some banners to announce the Legion.  I then realized I was out of grots/goblins and went for some Ork skulls and greenstuffs to make Acolytes of Mork:




I used the 40k Ork symbols to mark the legion.  Gold is done with a gelly pen and traced over with a sakura 05 pen.  I've also added a gold lauren to his head.

Here's what's next and will get us to the present:




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Man, now I am seriously questioning my army color scheme for my Ironjawz...  I originally though about a silver scheme, but wanted to go with red instead.  Hm...  I haven't painted much of them, maybe I will have a few odd squads in something similar.

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Silver wouldn't have been my first choice if it wasn't for the theme, but having done them, it looks cool.  I'd be interested to see if someone did like the stormcast gold on them instead of yellow.

You can do different squads inverting the colors (silver and red accents to red with silver accents) to denote them potentially.

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1 minute ago, Tyromancer said:

I think this would be interesting:


Seen some interesting results on Twitter with this stuff. On Stormcast I think actually

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Oh boy... this thread is better than the World of Warcraft reimagination of Ogers as a Roman Empire with ogre legionaries and gladiators! 

Maybe a ally unit of Ironguts to your Ork army modified as Murmillos?



I declare myself fan of this thread and this army! Really, you have mixed my two favourite styles, Orks/Ogres and Roman Empire :D 

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Your modelling is amazing. The colours, the theme, all fantastic.

I now want to see gore gruntas converted to roman lions. 

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2 hours ago, Titcher said:

Your modelling is amazing. The colours, the theme, all fantastic.

I now want to see gore gruntas converted to roman lions. 

I hadn't considered them as lions.  I was going to add snouts and make them back to the boar rider types, but we'll see.  I currently don't own any.

Thanks also for the kind words everyone :)

Now onto the legions.

'ere are the 'Ardboys as legionaries.  Like most of these, I've posted them up on twitter already.






I couldn't find a wolf head, so I used a FEC head:




The Centorkian of the Praetorrukian Guard:




same model:


Paint on the legionnairies ('Ardboys) is nearly done, but i don't have current pics, so here is what i have:

I should finish those tonight and then I will continue to repose the Brutes.




Edited by Tyromancer
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More work on the Praetorrukian Brutes today.  Just deposing and doing the chainmail.  The hauberks will extend down  to the upper thigh like on the Centurian and eventually they will have capes like the 'Ardboy Centurion, though I'm thinking blue or purple for those.  Undershirts will be red and pants a dirtied white, like the Warchanter.   I'm debating whether to have the one Brutes holding the fleeing guy from the Giant kit or just to leave it with his hand up.





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The Ork gravin the guy is awesome! Like he is going to execute him in front of a enemy army! 

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11 minutes ago, Galas said:

The Ork gravin the guy is awesome! Like he is going to execute him in front of a enemy army! 

He's missing some fingers, so i may leave it as an old would, but part of me thought it would be fun if the Brute had bit them off.  

Or if i find another grot in the bits bin add that it to the base and have that one be the biter.

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Praetorrukian Guard Centurion, Gore Choppa, and a Jagged Gore-hacks done.  Work started on the weirdnob while greenstuff cures on the other brutes.  Toga is done and I've removed the horns.  He'll either look like a priest of Jupiter in the series Rome or a senator.








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It's been a while since I last worked on the Legion.  I had been focusing on my AoP board, but now that is done, I can return to the Orruks.  The Praetorrukian Guard are finally getting paint as I am also using purple on some of my Aelf models.  I need to include red on them somewhere, so they are either going to get red capes or I will likely repaint their tunics from purple to red.  C&C welcome on these.  Only really the skin is done at the moment.  Everything else needs highlights or glazes.  On a side note, the silver and gold base coats were all done with gel ink pens.

20171030_235653.jpg.7d2e1c3a82cbdba62e30dbf1f9fb31ea.jpg 20171030_235722.jpg.f66dce05d99b23c00fa581f6b0c00a47.jpg20171030_235640.jpg.de9067902bd6bb79e1eb790477f4e992.jpg  20171030_235633.jpg.166735d817e0ea176ee0e8949b701dbb.jpg20171030_235614.jpg.7f8b683e0b5d4667ac7a03dd10a81378.jpg20171030_235603.jpg.961951b39300bf0e01f4993ca3f75326.jpg20171030_235559.jpg.5e4b6d0e00270e3a69648b597aa52ee9.jpg


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So I changed the tunics to red and they look a lot better and inline with the rest on the army so far.  I've nearly finished the paint job on the weirdnob and have settled in calling him the Weidnob Senator.  His actual name is still to be determined.   I've also picked up the Shadespire crew and will be converting them up like gladiators.  In Skirmish and standard AoS, I will just use them as regular 'Ardboyz until i get more of the normal models.












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