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  1. Fungrim

    AoS 2 - Kharadron Overlords Discussion

    This would go a long, LONG way to helping KO. Current meta favours horde units, resilient characters, and summoning - in this respect KO are majorly behind the times. The traditional Clown Car does not cut it anymore sadly, mainly because even if you kill off a decent portion of your opponents unit in early game - it's irrelevant if they have the bodies left to hold objectives. Or, produce new bodies to do the same. KO (as well as quite a few Destruction factions) are just going to struggle now, because their ability to hold objectives is as a huge disadvantage compared to other factions that can either summon (Seraphon, Chaos, Death etc), are hyper mobile (SCE, Idoneth, Sylvaneth), or are hyper resilient (Nurgle, Fyreslayers etc).
  2. Fungrim

    AoS 2 and what it means for Destruction

    Maw Krusha price drop again, I'm so ridiculously happy 😍
  3. Ahh sounds good. I know it's not the place for it - *whispers* your Phoenix Temple look ace. Will be interesting to see how they perform, have a lot of decent warscrolls, just seem to lack the army synergy (that you obviously get from a book these days)? I played: KO (clown car), SCE (warrior brotherhood), Tzeentch (Tzaangor bomb, skyfire, LoC). Felt incredibly lucky to survive all 3 to be honest. The first game the Lobbers abandoned me a bit, despite both being sat on Damned. They did some work against the SCE though, pinging off some vital wounds, freeing up some units for optimal combat conditions. They were invaluable against Tzeentch however. Knocking off a Tzaangor Shaman in a swift clunk. Then T4, killed off a herald-on-disc that was holding an objective, letting my Warchanter run straight on for double points. They're definitely dicey, at 1 shot a piece, but I'm happy with how they worked!
  4. This is ace mate! I saw your pre-game shot on Twitter so good to see some follow-ups, and that your Lobbers are working out for you! I managed 3 major vics the other day, Lobbers did a lot better than I anticipated (not great, but good enough). Might update my thread somewhere if I can dig the thing out! Also great to see you're still updating this bad boy
  5. Fungrim

    Let's Chat Dispossessed

    Cheers for this! I was keen on fitting a King in, but just don't feel he's as worth it as Belegar used to be. His Command Ability is good, but I'm struggling to wedge him in. I think if anything, I'd drop a few units of LBs and up the Ironbreaker unit to 30, giving me a proper solid, no-nonsense elite block
  6. Fungrim

    Let's Chat Dispossessed

    Hello good people, I've had a lengthy hiatus from all things dorf. I've got a fairly big collection of stunties from 8th and earlier AoS, and am looking to get the little dudes back on the table this weekend. Here's the list I cobbled together. The only thing I'm really not sure of, is the Longbeards vs Warriors thing. I just prefer LBs, both as models and on the table. But I get that Warriors are far more points efficient. Any feedback welcome. Allegiance: DispossessedLeadersRunelord (80)- General- Trait: Grudgebearer Runelord (80)- Artefact: Ancestral Pickaxe Cogsmith (100)- AlliesBattleline10 x Longbeards (120)- Great Axes & Shields10 x Longbeards (120)- Great Axes & Shields10 x Longbeards (120)- Great Axes & ShieldsUnits30 x Quarrellers (360)20 x Irondrakes (400)20 x Ironbreakers (320)War MachinesCannon (180)- AlliesOrgan Gun (120)- AlliesTotal: 2000 / 2000Allies: 400 / 400Wounds: 123
  7. Fungrim

    Gitmob Artillery Bases

    Can confirm, 50mm is good
  8. Fungrim

    Weirdfist list

    I'd be tempted to try this: Allegiance: DestructionLeadersMegaboss on Maw-Krusha (460)Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120)Orruk Warchanter (80)Orruk Warchanter (80)Battleline40 x Orruks (320)- Pair of Choppas10 x Orruk Brutes (360)- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz Battleline3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140)- Ironjawz BattlelineBattalionsWeirdfist (200)SceneryBalewind Vortex (100)Total: 2000 / 2000Allies: 0 / 400Wounds: 132
  9. Fungrim

    GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Destructive Bulk
  10. Bit of a give and take job though that. Brought together loads of new Stormcast into one book, what little purging that did take place was softened by its replacement with better stuff (battalion-wise). Loads of bonus stuff in the way of prayers etc. I agree though, it's not something that will never happen. I just think they're so busy churning out Battletomes that the only time they'd be able to hit reset on the Grand Alliance books is when things have settled a bit more (AoS is still very new bear in mind). Has been rumours of 2nd edition coming soon though, this year or next, so maybe! Interesting hearing it from the other side. Have to say I've only played a handful of Nurgle armies this side of the End Times, and that was with my old Order list. The only Nurgle I've faced with my Ironjawz, is in Mixed Chaos lists. In that scenario, I'm fairly terrified of it. This is because more often than not it comes in the form of 30 Plaguebearers, and that wall... urgh... not only will I not get through it, I'll probably get battered by it - volume of attacks, buffed, will probably beat most Ironjawz elite units, especially a 3 of Gruntas or 5 Brutes. Add to this now, the new range of benefits from the book, GUO boost etc etc - it's definitely something to be wary of. Like anything, it all depends on what that particular list has been tailored for
  11. 'plans and schemes' eh? Grot pirates incoming
  12. I agree with the early sentiment in this thread that it would be nice if, instead of points changes, Ironjawz (& Destruction in general) had a boost to their warscrolls and synergies. Sadly, this just isn't realistic, not only because of the volume of work it'd create for rules writers etc, but also because it'd mean re-releasing Grand Alliance books that overwrite all previous books. This is isn't impossible, but is highly improbable, as it would inevitably anger a lot of people whose literature would become redundant overnight. Points changes are the easiest way to re-distribute meta balance, whichever way we spin it. I personally wouldn't mind brand new GA books if it meant Destruction gets the re-modelling it needs, but I completely get why it's bad customer service from GW's perspective. A new GHB (or 2nd ed AoS), is the most efficient way of doing it. That said, as much as I'd love to see certain elements of Destruction get reductions in price, I do think Nurgle have had a particularly good time in how they've been costed, and call me cynical, but at the end of the day, GW wants to sell their products. There's huge, huge differences between Nurgle and Ironjawz however. Both in terms of gameplay and in terms of the state of the faction as it currently stands. Nurgle is one of the biggest factions in AoS, with a massive range of heroes and units to choose from. Ironjawz is one of the smallest. Nurgle has access to faction-specific, cheap, varied battleline - Ironjawz do not. Nurgle has access to differing levels of varied magic, IJ does not. Nurgle has access to numerous behemoths, IJ does not. (I could go on). This isn't a hit at Nurgle, it's more to point out the apples-and-oranges type comparisons we're seeing. Ironjawz just had the misfortune of being released before AoS kicked into gear, so it's battletome is fairly basic. Hence why the faction abilities in GHB17 were so great for us - it really gave the army some character. The problem with Ironjawz however, is whilst their battalions got readjusted points-wise like the rest of the factions, it was the battalions (Ironfist in particular), as well as the destruction move, that allowed Ironjawz to sit so comfortably at mid tier pre-GHB17. Whilst the update brought points drops for units, options to ally, and nifty faction abilities; the loss of movement, I feel, has been fairly catastrophic. This extends to BCR too. The typical 'Mixed Destructon' list of pre-GHB17 fame, and how GW went up trying to nerf this kind of list, has now left factions like Ironjawz and BCR really behind in terms of the meta. The biggest tell of what we can expect from GHB18, will be how Death is now pointed - especially their behemoths/large heroes. Although - their synergies are so tied up with these models, that it's difficult to tell if the points cost has been carried over from this rules packaging.
  13. Fungrim

    Hello Destruction sub

    Not at all - it's great to see what many of us have faced watered down into a few well written points. These are issues that need addressing somehow. I've loved AoS from day 1 and am loathed to criticise it or GW but it does feel like things are beginning to slip away from us a bit. This is even more emphatic as new details emerge of the upcoming Death book. High volume of attacks, access to mortal wounds, extensive magic arsenal. It's not going to be nice folks. It's great for Death players of course... and they do deserve a bit of happiness now and again. I find all 3 lesser Ironjawz heroes really awkward to fit to be honest. I've come full circle in my advocacy for Warchanters to be fair - I'm so bad at rolling that I just need 1 or 2 to boost either my block of Brutes or the Mawk. That said, I'm contemplating dropping 1 and putting in Ironskull's Boyz - a great objective holding unit for the same price. And then of course, if your ally slot is free, a Grot Shaman also falls at 80. Further still, 2x Warchanters is the same price as Ironfist. So many permutations now, which is a good thing really, but also makes for hard decision-making re. lists. The Weirdnob is the Weirdnob. Complete love/hate relationship with that dude, especially when I started using the Balewind. They're in no rush to drop his points, and I kinda get why - I think I'd genuinely prefer his points to go up and get a 2nd spell (not too much to ask considering what SCE heroes get) - plus it wouldn't exactly make him broken at say, 140. Then there's the Megaboss on Foot - I love him, but he gets sniped off so quickly, and most the time I'd rather have 3 Gruntas. Only the Mawkrusha has a nailed on spot for me - and even he is not value for money IMO (despite a massive points drop). The new GUO's pointage is just madness. Great point of reference though - it'll be interesting to see what GHB18 does in terms of re-pointing similar heroes/monsters.
  14. Fungrim

    Hello Destruction sub

    This is great assessment mate, nailed it to be fair. I went to Heat 1 and won 1/5. First two games were Tzeentch, lost one (not horrendously), won the second. I was beginning to worry it would be a weekend of Tzeentch hell. The following 3 games however, consisted of Seraphon, Wanderers, Fyreslayers. There was literally nothing more I could do in any of those games. Exactly what you described above. I was at least in the first two, right to the end. But the Fyreslayers was a forgone conclusion T1. Worries me ever so slightly that new releases constantly shifts things in one direction, instead of providing a new balanced army to choose. "Here's the new hotness, go crazy" - meanwhile the top tier armies figure out how to deal with it, and the rest of us can only hope that the next Generals Handbook is super kind to our faction.
  15. Fungrim

    Hello Destruction sub

    Good Morning good people. It's been a looooong time since I came on here! No particular reason - a heady combination of work, home and new projects I think. Despite this, I've still been playing with the Ironjawz a lot, and sadly, losing a lot. This isn't particularly abnormal (a lesser player with a mid-tier army), winning 1-2 out of 5 on average, probably sounds about right. However, it felt right to have a change. I've had over a year with the Ironjawz, and have taken them to a number of tournaments. It's been very fun, and I've loved playing with them, but as I say, I've got the bug for something fresh (spoilers: it's Overlords, proceed to judge me accordingly) I'm by no means dropping the boyz though, I have no doubt I'll continue to play them, especially in the coming months as I take my time painting the new stuff. Plus, I just love the army I've amassed now - still hoping for a little Ironjawz expansion at some point! With all this in mind, I though I'd briefly cover some of the list permutations I've been messing with whilst I've been absent from TGA. Please accept my apologies if any of the following has already been comprehensively discussed, or I'm accidentally parroting other peoples' feedback. I've not managed to trawl through all the threads yet! I'm not going into battle reports as they can become boring and laborious to read through. I'll try and keep it short and sweet. So: After GHB17 landed, I went for Brute-heavy lists, using Gitmob as cheap allied objective holders, and a Moo Shaman as a cheap, reliable mystic shield. I really liked these lists and their variations. I'm highly tempted to return to this at some point, especially as Iove the 40 Blood Bowl grots I kitbashed. This list did ok - I won a few, lost a lot. I know however, that quite a few of those losses were heavily influenced by my mistakes. It's definitely a different way of playing Ironjawz when you all of a sudden have access to cheap bodies in volume you can move around surprisingly quickly. Takes a bit of getting used to. The main reason this Gitmob/Brute combo didn't last too long though, is I finally purchased a Troll Hag. What a wonderful lady she is. Adore the model, adore the rules. Sometimes I feel she's overcosted, but her resilience and shooting probably means she's pretty good value for money. She ousts the Weirdnob Shaman (no need for him). She's 16 wounds, 4+ save, heals d6 per Hero phase. So, so tough. She dies quite often to be fair, but that's because she draws a lot of attention (...) - her biggest asset for me, is the 10" vomit, it's help me so many times, especially as she's not afraid to get up close and personal. Her spell of course, is also fantastic, I've used that + a 10 of Brutes to great effect before. I think I'd like to see her points go up ever so slightly (maybe to 400 so she perfectly fits in the ally slot), and in return gets an extra spell to cast - currently, just the 1 means making that decision becomes a chore, and the Curse casting on a 7 means it's liable to not go off. Eventually, I started toying with how a Balewind Vortex (proceed to judge me accordingly). I really wanted to ally in some Gitmob artillery I'd got floating about, but at the same time, I really didn't want to drop the Hag. So I figured, Foot of Gork - it's ranged, it's mortals, what's not to like? Plus, we get a handy discount in the way of 30 Ardboys. It meant that I had a fairly small-drop list on paper. especially with a 10 of Brutes. And it also meant that the 30 Ardboys were often torn between staying close to the Weirdnob, or moving forward to objectives/combat. Add to this the fact that even with +3 to cast, Foot of Gork still only goes on a 7 (so only once or twice a game for me), and then that d6 can easily be a 1, and a 4+ is harder to roll than you'd think.... - basically, it's not an efficient way to spend 770 points. THAT said, this is one of my favourite Ironjawz lists. So, so fun to play. The potential for FoG going off makes for really different, interesting dynamics. And I'm happy to say, with a little help from some Brutes, I merrily Foot of Gork'd off Alarielle. It was glorious. I proceeded to lose the game. More recently I've been toying with back-to-basics Ironjawz. Still been using the Hag, because I just can't bring myself to drop her. Trying to make more/better use of Gruntas. Brought some Warchanters back into the fold, because I can't roll for toffee and I really need those buffs. These have been some of the nicest, most balanced lists I've used in the last few months, and have felt like that they would have been competitive maybe 6-8 months ago. However there's definitely been a meta shift recently. And I'm not even talking about Tzeentch or KO. I've fallen victim numerous times now to a combination of movement shenanigans and hordes. As I'm sure you all know too well, those two things don't mix well with Ironjawz. But hey, there's been some great results for Ironjawz players recently, so at the end of the day, it's how you use the tools in front of you. I know I could play better, and I know playing with Ironjawz has taught me a lot. Hope you're all doing well, and continuing to smash some heads in. Cheers, Fungrim