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  1. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    This past month I've placed 1st in a 50 man event and 3rd in an 80 man event. Both with 5 major wins, I can say that in every game 3 balistas with an ordinator was hands down MVP. They are fantastic screens to block objectives and put out a crazy amount of shooting. The buff range is quite large and fairly easy to work with. Evocators hit like trucks due to the mw output. I will be adding in some skinks as we do need some cheap screens.
  2. I'm putting this post up because I'm pretty proud of our little corner of the world. Cancon has sold out in under 3 days at 200 people. The organiser is looking to extend the space available and make this even larger. The event is in January and held in Canberra, Australia. For a relatively small country population compared to UK and US and chuffed with how much the game has grown over here.
  3. So all the people throwing shade on this guy that they probably dont know, aka the 3 guys above me, what are your tournament results?? Show us all what major event you have played in and hit the top? To be honest no one is going to listen to your negative and insulting posts over someone who went, played and did well with their army. Enjoy your echo chamber, because that's all this thread is.
  4. One of my local hobby stores has said that idoneth is the highest selling aos range currently. He got told because they sold none so the rep inquired. The internet is full of fake facts.
  5. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Aos shorts is very up to date with events and a list of army lists. He has blackout up there
  6. Killamike

    New Stormcast... sweet baby jesus this is powerful stuff.

    Yep, total truth @Richelieu. People seem to think that a list or army is the end of competitive discussion. The same people are at the top. They are the common denominator.
  7. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    The rogue idol was clutch in a lot of games. The 4+ against mortals is amazing. The list presented a lot of threats, being big stabbas, idol and arrows. And then u have the wizzies doing cool stuff. After playing him I wouldn't take him out of the list, he provided a really resilient anchor to which ever side I put him. And his new scroll removed all the downsides and randomness. The big stabbas were MVP a few of the games. Notably 3 killing allarielle with a reroll hits triumph and the monster table reroll wounds. Took exactly 16 wounds off her after saves. I usually play nurgle and tzeentch and this is the most fun I've had with an army in ages.
  8. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    Hey @PlasticCraic It was brizhammer. Brisvegas open was earlier in the year. I was the TO for that event.
  9. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Bonesplitterz Discussion

    Hi fellow splittas. This weekend just passed I took the savages to a local 24 player event and ended up coming first. While not the largest event it did have a lot of good players rock up. I played in order: Skryre - cannons, fiends, packmasters Sacrament - arkhan, 30 dogs, 12 spirits Disposed- about 120 dwarves and prime Sylvaneth - alarielle, durthu, prime ambushing dropping and pre game moving. Nurgle - roti, glott, kings, bearers wizards Nurgle and death are very hard opponents and both those games came down to out maneuvering and not killing enemies. Without vanguard wing and old tzeentch in the current meta I think we can perform a lot better. Hordes of 4-5+ save models are fairly common and a kunin can deal with those fairly well. We still have good board presence and the tools to get things done. The new missions are great and add a lot of tactical depth. My list: Big boss - general, warpaint Prophet - extra random spell Maniak weirdnob - MW mask 10 savages 10 savages 30 arrowboys 6 big stabbas Kunin rukk Rogue idol.
  10. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Yep, I'm not saying that tzeentch don't have counters, but I'd personally much rather not look at a stardrake and remove it in a hero phase. We have been brought down a peg and I think that's a good thing. I may be missing some but it looks like 3 lens were taken to 6 nations, all on stormcast and 2 on 6 wound hero's. That artifact will be great against us and nurgle board wide spells, but it wont shut us completely down. Edit - I'll definitely be getting my stormcast mate to take that artifact to get a feel for playing against it.
  11. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    List was: Cursling - general, magical supremacy Gaunt summoner Shaman Blue scribes Loc - aspect of tzeentch 10 acolytes x3 9 skyfires Spell portal 2k. With the spell portal and a huddle you arent limited to 18" for spells. The cursling denying at 42 is awesome. I reflected rotigus spell and then stole it and cast it next turn . You can stay out of range easily from enemy deny first turn. Slaan and dropping stormcast obviously will effect that. Our summoning points are just a side product of what the list is trying to do so it's a great bonus. 3 flamers popping out can kill weakened heroes or camping smaller units. Herald just adds to the madness. I was also killing 1-3 models with the shaman spell and putting a tzaangor out with a banner, then u can mortal wound further off the banner. Was a bit cheeky but was fun. Skyfires are skyfires, fold reality is broken on them and they really shouldn't be able to reroll everything just for going first. But hey I'll play them. As I mentioned deep striking castigators and ballista are going to be bad news for our heroes. I'm very much looking forward to denying peoples endless spells and casting it back at them, or getting a free cogs.
  12. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Disciples of Tzeentch Discussion

    Played 3 games over the weekend with tzeentch. Still crazy strong and summoning gives some great flexibility. Won all three against rotigus drone bomb, blight cyst and mixed destruction. Every game summoned flamers and heralds. Skyfires are expensive but they are still pants on head stupid. Spell portals is like giving your wizards all balewinds. I could see shooting stormcast giving us problems.
  13. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Starting to build up my idoneth forces for aos2, it'll be a nice break from chaos. What are our best ally choices that you have found? I'm thinking of running a drakeseer for some MW output and I was going to replace his wings with fins like the eels. Make him a big bad eel. Chuck some idoneth parts on for the rider. Would love to hear what has worked for people.
  14. Awesome post. I love TGA because everyone loves AoS. Being a fanboi is great.
  15. Killamike

    The Rumour Thread

    The problem with chargers going first in aos is that ALL damage rolls over. Unlike 40k where only mortals roll over. Not a fan of this rumour. But I don't think the sky is falling.