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  1. Imagine if you were a low/mid teir army as well and everyone complained about you. That's stormcast baby!! I responded, I don't play them but I've played a good amount of games against the new book, I like it overall but the points comparisons are wild.
  2. Your wrong and Joseph is right. The biggest aos tournies are 200 people. You don't become a billion dollar company by selling models to 200 people each country.
  3. I think a more interesting way to use him would be in conjunction with drocoths. Decent combat, fairly tanky and increasing those mw shots to 3+.
  4. Stormcast havent had a proper release in how long? And people still complain about them. Move on.
  5. I've played at least 1 game a week and played a handful of events. Your anecdotal evidence means nothing and just because you don't care about an FAQ being released or not also means nothing. The excuse was fairly transparent lie. As people have said the 40k FAQ released with points and rules changes. Last I checked 40k doesnt magically supersede covid.
  6. Read back a couple pages and someone gives a great explanation. There is a tourny run through as well so it's some good info and insight into the sub faction.
  7. Grats YMH. And your army looks amazing. I took a double drake list to a 1 dayer 2 weeks ago and went 3-0. The list definetly has legs. You just have to work for it.
  8. Interesting. Keen to give it all a spin. Thanks for the insights.
  9. Really good showing mate. Thanks for the rundown too. Are there any other tips and tricks you have or what the specific counters are? I'm building an empty throne list and planning on taking it to an event soon.
  10. You'd be hard pressed killing a mega Gargant with Ballistas. Raptors or kittycators would do a better job, combined with something else. I don't think giants mw output is that big so storms with high armour can sit on them. Problem is they play the objective game better so you have to kill a unit a turn.
  11. U can't without some serious luck kill an ironclad rerolling saves on the drop. As schwabelle listed. The points are so tight with the three battalions that your only real customisation is 3 venators or 2 and an Azyros.
  12. Honest Wargamer does an Ep with Shawn Bates who was the first to put a score on the board with them. I won a smaller 16 man event with the list not to long ago. Your birds are the lynchpin of the list. It's not a face roll list that you can just put down and win, there is some finesse to the list and how you play it. I've found its real weakness is being doubled by a shooting list. Heavy combat armies are it's bread and butter.
  13. Crab claw is Probs from that slaanesh beastman in the Underworlds preview.
  14. One of your main reasons for the soulscream bridge is it's a placement so doesn't count for moving. Great for drakes so they can double tap. Your screen doesn't need to teleport with them. Tempest eye can get you up the board fairly quickly. +3 move and a 6" run can even make your short legs move quickly.
  15. The space marine chapters all got a primaris special character release with their supplements. Would love to see the same here. Release the stormhost sub books with 1 special character.
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