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  1. Killamike

    The Rumour Thread

    Should rename to general discussion thread as that's basically what this is and start a new rumours thread.
  2. Gutbusters battletome. Add maneaters, firebellies and gargants into the keyword. Make new character types out of golfag, Bragg and overtyrant. Pretty large model range already.
  3. Killamike

    Nurgle Army Painting Diary

    Awesome looking army. Super impressive colour selection.
  4. Killamike

    Alternate Orruk Skin Colours?

    I reckon have a look at the wow orc tribes. Some good earthy choices there.
  5. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    @Requizen we didnt use realm rules either. I just used the command in moments of opportunity. It sucks getting bogged down by one or two models which are blocking a unit moving. I used it on combat probs a bit more than on shooting. Things I would change is probably go back to my larger blocks of sequitors. I think they are the best unit we have access too.
  6. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Cheers. The cats were about 6ish away from allarielle and he had put the cogs down, I figured a 4" reroll was pretty good odds. Haha, would have been pretty lame if I had rolled a 3 twice. I defs didnt want him continually adding layers of driads to his back objective. That's probably the hardest the ballistas failed all weekend. 3 couldn't kill 1 branchwraith.
  7. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    This past weekend I ended up winning the Australian masters with stormcast. The missions for the event were unknown and randomly rolled up before each game out of the 18 available which made an impact on the overall list I ended up running. Essentially it was a toss up between the list below that I settled on, or a more main stream Gav/evo list. I'll explain my reasoning below. Anvils of heldenhammer arcanum on gryph- deathly aura castellant vexilor - pendent of the stormbringer ordinator - soul thief 10 sequitors 5 sequitors 5 sequitors 6 evocators on dracs 3 ballistas I settled on the dracs as they are a self sufficient unit, they reroll charges, neg bravery, put out a lot of damage and importantly move 12". I was definitely in two minds on which two lists to take but the descision came that if total commitment was drawn and I got put against a bad match up I'd straight away be behind. Turns out first mission random roll was total commitment. The other stormcast player with 20 seqs and 2 units of evos got matched against 3 guos and 60 plague bearers, the match I was dreading. He played very well and almost got the win, but the mortal wounds and resilience of nurgle pipped him in the final turn. I was pretty impressed with the list as a really good utility list. Ballistas were for the arkhans, nagashs and allarielles of the world. Cats with the lantern are very good and there speed really made a difference. My last 2 games were against sylvaneth which are very hard matchups, but I was able to capitalise on some mistakes and force the win.
  8. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    Yes people are winning events with their gatekeeper gav lists because they haven't faced the almighty competitive meta ..... that doesn't go to events???
  9. Killamike

    Stormcast Eternals or Beastclaw Raiders?

    If your playing super casual beastclaws can seem OP with the MW and high damage. But then they are really bad in a competitive environment. Stormcast you can go from ultra casual to competitive pretty easily due to the huge range of models.
  10. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Stormcast Eternals Discussion

    This past month I've placed 1st in a 50 man event and 3rd in an 80 man event. Both with 5 major wins, I can say that in every game 3 balistas with an ordinator was hands down MVP. They are fantastic screens to block objectives and put out a crazy amount of shooting. The buff range is quite large and fairly easy to work with. Evocators hit like trucks due to the mw output. I will be adding in some skinks as we do need some cheap screens.
  11. I'm putting this post up because I'm pretty proud of our little corner of the world. Cancon has sold out in under 3 days at 200 people. The organiser is looking to extend the space available and make this even larger. The event is in January and held in Canberra, Australia. For a relatively small country population compared to UK and US and chuffed with how much the game has grown over here.
  12. So all the people throwing shade on this guy that they probably dont know, aka the 3 guys above me, what are your tournament results?? Show us all what major event you have played in and hit the top? To be honest no one is going to listen to your negative and insulting posts over someone who went, played and did well with their army. Enjoy your echo chamber, because that's all this thread is.
  13. One of my local hobby stores has said that idoneth is the highest selling aos range currently. He got told because they sold none so the rep inquired. The internet is full of fake facts.
  14. Killamike

    AoS 2 - Idoneth Deepkin Discussion

    Aos shorts is very up to date with events and a list of army lists. He has blackout up there
  15. Killamike

    New Stormcast... sweet baby jesus this is powerful stuff.

    Yep, total truth @Richelieu. People seem to think that a list or army is the end of competitive discussion. The same people are at the top. They are the common denominator.