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  1. Just come across this. Amazing work, everything is a piece of art. You should feel pretty chuffed with yourself. Grats on squig too.
  2. Daughters - hagg nar. Reroling saves, rerolling 5+ aftersaves.
  3. It's cool dude. If you wanna champion your army go for it. His getting two armies, one for fun one for tournaments. Personally I wouldn't lead him down the path of an army that doesn't do well in tournaments. I also think free people are a very cool army and have a lot of potential as far as hobby goes, so I'm not throwing shade at them. Just giving unbiased feedback (I hate daughters).
  4. If his getting an army specifically for tournaments then tell him to have a look at what's been doing well. If u want the most defensive and one of the most offensive armies go hagg nar daughters of khaine. Free people's is a terrible option. Point something at the general and watch it all come tumbling down. And there is so many things out there that can do this.
  5. Love what your saying. I'd also just be happy with the update battletome with spells and scenery. An endless spell of a bone Trex, big bone shrine or skull that they carry around with them. It would be the best. My savages have been put aside and working on them Gitz, but hot damn would I swap straight back with an update. Im also foreseeing that my 40 arrer boys will not see so much use. BRING ON THE PIGS.
  6. I'd be so pumped for any type of orruk battletome release. Or ogres.
  7. Turtles, eidolons, sharks and hopefully reavers drop points and people can start playing interesting lists that don't consist of 18-24 eels.
  8. With FEC doing the rounds fairly hard, 3 ballistas, ordination and astral Templars has been blowing them up. Ballista bomb has always been solid but a good reason to give the Templars a go.
  9. Consider gildenbane on your eidolon too. Turning off artifacts allows your wave bro to do his job better. Ethereal is fine but doesn't stop mortals or bulk attacks.
  10. There is so much stuff in a tabletop game that breaks immersion. We play on a 6x4 every time. Named characters on either side of the table. I dont get this thread, that will annoy some people. If u want 100% immersion play a video game or go larp.
  11. Nah, looks cool on the tabletop. Rule of cool wins. Sorry you guys have to draw your 'unbelievable' line in the sand over nice models. Pretty 'stupid' when my stormcast play someone elses stormcast too.
  12. I did this a while ago but figured I'd put it up. My archmage on dragon, I whip him out for a bit of casual play. Kinda spewing i didn't put him on a smaller base and made him a king.
  13. Should rename to general discussion thread as that's basically what this is and start a new rumours thread.
  14. Gutbusters battletome. Add maneaters, firebellies and gargants into the keyword. Make new character types out of golfag, Bragg and overtyrant. Pretty large model range already.
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