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  1. Banglesprout

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    ... I have no idea what I was thinking.. Somehow in my mind it came to 380, it was late ok? 😴
  2. Banglesprout

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    The points reduction for giants does mean you can now take 3 as allies where before it was only possible to take two, so theres a new option to consider for list building of you weren't taking destruction allegiance. Curious to hear the points reduction for trolls too, I love my river trolls, so would really like to see them get better!
  3. Banglesprout

    Plan for the Destruction forum post AoS 2.0 - PLEASE READ

    Hey guys, Just to provide a counter point - when I started playing AoS again about a year ago I did read through all of the major "Let's chat ..." topics in Destruction. I found it really useful and informative, as well as getting me excited about the factions! I might be a bit of a weirdnob, but I don't think I am *that* unusual that there is no one else doing this. That said I do agree that it makes sense to make new versions for AoS 2, so I'd be happy to see those. One thing I don't really want to see is those topics being sticky'ed - I find the number of sticky topics at the top of the main AoS room quite annoying, particularly on a mobile. I'd rather just see the topics rise to the top when they have new material as we do now - I'm sure most of the new "Let's chat.." topics will generally be near the top anyway as they've always been the most popular topics.
  4. TGA is the best warhammer forum going! It's a shame @Ben needs to make these posts semi regularly, but I guess it's posts like this that help keep it that way? Also now I really want to watch BSG again...
  5. Banglesprout

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    Hey @Donal, it's cool to hear about your visit to LGT - I noticed there was an army listed as Grand Alliance Destruction at 9th but with relatively low kill points so was quite curious about what was in the army! You must have played the objective game pretty well, congrats on doing it like a gobbo 😁
  6. Banglesprout

    GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Yeah I think it's unique to Ardboys - it's a legacy thing because back when they were black orcs in 7th and 8th Ed. they used to have a rule called "Armed to da teef" where they count as being armed with all three options, and you could choose which options to use in each round. It was great from a game point of view, but also from a modelling point of view because you could model them however you want, since they all counted as having all weapon options. Wish they'd just stuck with that!
  7. Banglesprout

    Let's chat Grotz and Moonclan

    I miss Grom, and of course Niblit! I'd love GW to bring back a big fat gobbo boss! And speaking of regeneration... Trolls! Is be so excited to see them expand!
  8. Banglesprout

    New to Ironjawz - 2k list and questions

    You might find it more useful for playing the objective game to split the Ardboyz and/or Gore Gruntas up into two smaller units of 10 / 3 respectively. Conversely the two small 5 orc brute squads are great, but if you combine then into one unit of 10 they make a much nicer target for your warchanter buff! Either way can be great but it's worth thinking about! Welcome to the Waaagh! And good luck
  9. Banglesprout

    Da Ghostwulfz wiv special guest

    This is awesome! Might not be able to watch it live but look forward to catch up afterwards, good luck @Sangfroid! I'll be cheering on that footboss!
  10. Banglesprout

    Head 2 IJ warhammer tv

    It was really nice to see someone giving the Bloodtoofs a go at a tournament - the realm gate shenanigans were almost so good, but I also really felt that investing all those points into battalions showed - once he'd lost the two brute units I suddenly realised "oh, he doesn't really have an army left, and the Undead player still has plenty of units to take objectives".
  11. Hey @Chris Tomlin, nice to read some reports from you again, its cool to hear things going well too! Have you and @Sangfroid decided whether you'll be using Ironjawz in any more tournaments this year?? The pics were cool too, we got a *lot* of sweet maw-tail! Regarding this I have actually thought about this before - I spend so much time painting the model's faces, then all I ever see of them is the back of the head! I wonder if anyone really focuses on what they will look like from a on-the-table-top-from-behind perspective... gotta start giving more attention to that back of the head, and shoulder detail!
  12. Banglesprout

    GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Sounds good! I play both too so happy to check out your 40k reports, must admit Fantasy was always more my thing than SciFi though Oh I also forgot to mention - I like the way you edited down the gameplay - it felt like you made some good choices about what to skip over, but still showing you guys playing the game. I dunno if you've watched Frontline Gaming's reports, but they're really good as shorter faster reports which give lots of insight into the decision made during play...but they do lack that feeling of watching the guys play because it's whizzed through so fast. So it's nice that you've struck a different balance from them. Anyway looking forward to seeing more of your Palefaces (and your miniatures trolololo) in future, hope your opponent gives them a harder fight next time!
  13. Banglesprout

    GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Hey @Anaticula thanks for the battle report, it's really good! Really nicely painted models on both sides and of all the different battle report styles I've seen you gave the best view both of the individual models and the battle field as a whole. Are you planning on doing reports regularly?
  14. Banglesprout

    GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Hmm maybe I am misunderstanding what you're saying but allied heroes can't be your general so you can only have the Fungoid as your general if you are using Destruction, or Moonclan allegiance.. I think? Reason I brought it up is because, without being your general, you don't get to use that interesting command ability so he them becomes very comparable to the other Grot shamans.. I think this spell is worse than the other two, but his extra survivability and mushroom are nice so I think overall he's slightly better, since I'm probably only really casting mystic shield and arcane bolt with any of them anyway. But I thought it'd be more interesting to compare him with the Weirdnob! I feel like the Fungoid is a bit more survivable with his -1 to hit and ward save. On the Weirdnobs side his bonus to casting does make him a bit more reliable at getting spells off.. at the cost of mortal wounding your own models at some point in the game. He also allows you to make one more attempt at the Ironjaws Might Destroyers move, which is kinda nice. I feel like they're pretty even, and which you include doesn't make a big difference, but I'm thinking I'll keep my Weirdnob... unless I really need those 40 points for something else...
  15. Banglesprout

    GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    Thanks for the posts @PlasticCraic it was super interesting to think about how you could use the Fungoid command ability, made me go away and write some lists with it in mind! I do think it's a big blow having to have him as general and drop Ironjawz allegiance for Destruction though, and you're right at 2000pts he'll feel a lot more vulnerable! What are people's thoughts on the Fungoid compared with the other shaman options for an Ironjawz allegiance list? (Ie Fungoid cannot be the general) I think he's clearly better then the other two goblin shamans, unless you're pairing the gitmob shaman with a unit of gitmob archers.