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Events UK: AngelCore 2017, LONDON. Tickets now available! 23/32 Sold


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Event Title: AngelCore 2017, LONDON. Tickets now available! 23/32 Sold
Event Author: Skyel
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 11/25/2017 12:00 AM to 11/26/2017 12:00 AM

Angel Wargamers, together with Core Hammer have teamed up at their new London Venue to give you: 

AngelCore 2017! 

This will be a 2 day, 2000 point GHB 2017 matched play tournament with secondary objectives similar to South Coast GT. 

This will be held in Central London, at EXP Leisure in Stratford (just 10 mins from the Olympic Park) http://www.expleisure.com/contact/. This site has food and a full downstairs bar next to the Canal, so should be great for Saturday night. 

Details can be found at www.angelwargamers.com/events

There should be space for 32 players at this event, but we're looking at expanding for the next one! 

Tickets are now available! 
£25/player is the amazing price we have managed to sort out with EXP.

Update 3: Food sorted with venue! 

  • Cheese burger and small fries
  • Chicken burger and small fries
  • Sweet potato curry
  • Chilli with fries or rice
Plus a free beer / soft drink. 
  • Pork roast
  • Chicken roast
  • Nut roast
Plus a fruit crumble with custard.
All for £20! We really think this is one of the best food offerings on the tournament scene! 

If you want to add this to your tournament, then please paypal, as before (friends and family), to angelwargamers2017@gmail.com.


Alternatively, you can just pay the £25 and try out their full menu yourselves! http://www.expleisure.com/cantina-menu/

Each player will be required to bring 3 pieces of terrain, the rest will be supplied by the venue and our friends at http://www.tanelornwgc.org/

Your £25 will buy you 5 games of 2000 points AOS, with custom secondary missions. In addition to this, you will have FULL ACCESS to the EXP Board games library, PC Games and consoles (which includes Mario Kart on a huge projector for Sat evening!) for Friday evening, and all day Saturday and Sunday. You can also give their VR Headsets a try from just £8/person. 
We're hoping to have mats on every table, and full prize support too! 

Update: Pack is NOW AVAILABLE. Attached to this post, or click below. Note this is version 1, so please send your questions to angelwargamers2017@gmail.com. 

Update 2: Blog post from CoreHammer: http://www.corehammer.com/angelcore-2017-an-age-of-sigmar-tournament/


Paypal £25 to angelwargamers2017@gmail.com as a gift (Friends & Family) with your name to reserve a place! Please note that refunds will only be given until October 31st. Past this date, you will only get a refund if you sign up another player (and they mention this, or the event has 32 players on the day. In the latter case, refunds will be processed on November 27th. 

Update 4: Lists to be submitted to angelwargamers2017@gmail.com by the 18th November.


Additional Information

Nearby Hotels

As the venue is next to the Olympic park there are tonnes of hotel options nearby, which should make prices cheaper (for London) as they are more competitive. Currently you can get the travelodge, first on the list below, for two nights for £70.

Air BnB also has some local rooms and entire flats at great prices, like this flat near the venue.

Traveling to EXP


EXP has been described as a “hidden gem”, it’s certainly a bit off the beaten track. Nearby rail lines are well connected to the whole of London, the South East of England and even further afield. The venue is a short walk (10 minutes) along the Lee river-side from two stations, Hackney Wick (London Overground) and Pudding Mill Lane (DLR). You might prefer to walk across the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – 20 minutes from the stations at Stratford International and Stratford Underground lines.


There is off road parking near the venue with a parking meter, which I believe still apply on weekends. However, the best value parking in the area is actually at the Westfield shopping centre on the opposite side of the olympic park, about 15-20 minute walk.


Car Parking



Westfield Parking

24 hours £9.50

Walking route


Buses to Monier Road (Near venue)



Goes from Mile End Central Line stop


Goes from West Ham C2C trains and Jubilee//district/hammersmith tube


Goes from Bromley-by-bow district/hammersmith line stop











AngelCore 2017, LONDON. Tickets now available! 23/32 Sold

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All attendee's should now have received an email about the food deal we have got with the venue, so do check that out and get in touch with with your options.

Now just under 2 Weeks to go until the actual event and we only have 6 tickets left. So get signed up if there is anyone on the fence about coming!  

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