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  1. Are there any spare tickets left for this? I'd really like to come down and have now got the weekend free
  2. Don't take the noble... do take the Archmage, trust me its called Order Dracunis for a reason. Essentially fewer drops is the way forwards here. Archmage on Dragon and Hallowheart is awesome. Reroll to charge is pointless as you can use a command ability to get that. Spend the points on more blades. Traits/ Artefacts to flavour (but yours are remarkably similar to what I've been running)
  3. I did also win the speed painting competition at the event and there were two of us for the eels!
  4. It sure was wasn’t it @Skyel... released 11 hours before first dice roll...
  5. @Tyromancer Tzeentch is tough work. I've done well to avoid them often on the UK scene. Ironjawz struggle generally I guess. What was the Seraphon list? I only seem to come across Kroaknado these days. My rather good list has stopped being so fun (for me and my opponents) for casual Tuesday night games so I've come up with something that I think is a little softer but has some of the gimmicks of the list I'm familiar with: Allegiance: OrderLeadersAnointed Of Asuryan On Frostheart Phoenix (240)- Artefact: Phoenix StoneDragonlord (340)- General- Shield & Dragon Lance- Trait: Legendary FighterLoremaster (100)Spellweaver (80)- Heartwood StaffBattleline10 x Glade Guard (120)10 x Glade Guard (120)10 x Glade Guard (120)Units15 x Dragon Blades (420)5 x Sisters of the Thorn (220)3 x Vanguard-Palladors (220)Total: 1980 / 2000 So the lovely thing here is three WIZARDs (including Sisters of the Thorn) Potential of: Hand of Glory, Mystic Shield and Shield of Thorns on the Phoenix 3x 2+ chance of +1 save. and Mystic Shield itself leaves the Frostheart on a 1+ Save, rerolling, bouncing mortal wounds back on 2+ in combat and then ignoring damage after that on 4+. Healing one wound back per hero phase with the artefact. The three units of Glade Guard let me sit at home more efficiently than the 5 man Dragon Blades unit and the 15 strong unit becomes very hard to move indeed with 30 wounds and immune to Battleshock within range of the Dragonlord. The Palladors then Zoom around grabbing objectives and the main Order Draconis force bolts up the middle. I'll never go first with this but it should be fun. (apologies if posting here is inappropriate as I've lost the Order Draconis allegiance here...)
  6. @chordDrakeseer is nice in an otherwise resilient list like SCE. But its such an easy target (and costly) in Order Draconis. I did so want a mage dragon... maybe for more narrative games! @Tyromancer I've failed to cast Hand of Glory 8/10 of my last attempts. Almost to the point that I'm considering dropping the loremaster and just risking mystical for the wound reroll haha. Other Aelven allies are interesting, Gladeguard might make sense. Ranged is somewhat lacking otherwise. That said I built this army as a counter to Shooting meta. SO that would be contrary of me!
  7. I'm going to be running these guys at LGT, BOBO and Heat 3. Feel I'm getting pretty good with them too. I expect the Frostheart will go up points wise in GHB18 and possibly the Dragonlord too. But I think they need to do something about battalion costs... so hoping I can cover it without changing the list too much. Double dragon breathed a Gaunt Summoner off a balewind the other day which made me very happy. And @Tyromancer I still prefer the Dragon Noble to the Balewind They fared well at Blood Tithe. 4/5 wins. Only lost to Kroaknado (and a very good player). Mortal wounds are tough to deal with when you can't fight them. But this happened: Super happy with best painted at such a cool event! I made some match up cards for my team too (mine's top left): You can hear more about my exploits with Order Draconis on episode 71 of Hard 6 podcast http://www.hard6.co.uk/ A.
  8. QFT. Order Draconis is very good with GHB17 allies allowance. Im playing it this weekend at Blood Tithe. Will try to remember to report back.
  9. RAW team for president! Awesome event chaps. Have a listen to Hard 6 Episode 70 (!) I tell Jay how I got on and give some critique. http://www.hard6.co.uk/ In short- RAW= yay Skirmish= BOOOO Monstrous area was awesome! Food was great. Fruit and tea etc. is such a nice and helpful touch. I think the strength of Narrative events in general is that in encourages everyone to just have fun and be generous with their opponents. I loved all of my games which is weird because I also hated skirmish (thanks Ollie and Owyn for making them fun). Everyone buying into the ethos is the symptom of an excellent event. Extra huge thanks to the realm of beasts team! See you next year... unless there's skirmish games again. I'll show up on the Sunday otherwise...
  10. Monstrous Arena looks awesome. Good job team. Deep into prep now. Losing it a bit. So soon...
  11. Destruction won heat 3. Admittedly they've got worse in GHB2017. Players better than me often win with less efficient lists than me I find. I don't disagree in principle however.
  12. Paint things how you want to. You can always say its the army's away kit. A practical example from 4th ed 40k: My Dark Angels scouts were painted entirely in camo, no distinctive markings Opponent: 'how do I know they're dark angels?' Me: 'Your army can't see them because they're camouflaged and aren't interested in what chapter they are anyway, the bolt pistol is still going to fail to wound. The Dark Angels know that they are Dark Angels and want to keep that a secret.' Firestorm is narrative/ open. The Community article saying 'matched' is almost certainly misleading. As a side note if your opponent is being difficult about it make sure you brought a copy of Bloodbowl with you and play a game thats well written instead. AoS is fun, fluffy and ridiculous, especially in matched play. Alternatively ask them if they are @Jack Armstrong and will be winning with the flavour of the month either way, and if not whether the result of their game then really matters in the grand scheme of things, and buy them a drink.
  13. Paid and excited. Wanting to Grudge @Thornshield even if it isn't allowed.
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