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I have the Generals Handbook 2017 - Ask Me Anything.


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Hello AoS fans. 

I have set up a new forum section. 

The section will be used in to have Q and A sessions similar to AMA (Ask me anything) on Reddit. In the perfect world we will be able to invite guests in to talk about their given topic. For now you have me ?

I have the Generals Handbook 2017 to review.  Head over to this forum section to ask me questions.  


let me know what you think to this format and who you would like me to invite to take part. 

Forum members can post questions and vote on other questions. Only the guest for each section can reply. 


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This is great!

I am mostly interestes about seraphon, and skyre.

Could you please give us a heads up of the units that have decreased in points for the seraphon?

What are the bonuses for the battalions?

Have the minimum unit sizes increased?

Is than anything to help the slanns cast more spells?

For skyre:


Any particular comand trait that stands out? any object?

Thanks a lot,

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Fyi @Ben

I think this question 

 is basically asking, if the warscroll battalion is not from the allegiance (i.e Everchosen battalions such as the Fatesworn Warband), can you still keep your allegiance as long as everything within the battalion meets the allegiance requirements (i.e you take a Fatesworn Warband made up only of SLAVES TO DARKNESS units. The battalion is from 'Everchosen' but all the units are Slaves to Darkness.)

Believe that's what that question was asking about (But seems only you can reply in the AMA? So posted it here instead).

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