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  1. Just having a bit of a clear out plus I play a lot less events than I used too.
  2. Massive well painted Gloomspite Gitz army comprising OG enough models to play all of the following separately plus more. 2000 point moonclan army 2000 point squigalanche 2000 point trogherd 2000 point spiderfang All models painted to a decent standard and bases magnetised Skraggrot loonking Goblapalooza Fungoid cave shaman 2 loon kings 2 loon kings with giant squig 12 sneaky snufflers 5 spore splatta fanatics 5 loonsmasha fanatics 90 stabbas 20 shooters Rippas Snarlfangs 2 web spinner shamans on araknarok spider 2 webspinner shamans Scuttleboss on gigantic spider 30 spider riders 2 araknarok spiders 2 loonboss on mangler squigs Loonboss on giant squig 2 * 12 squig herd 20 squig hoppers 15 boinggrot bounderz Mollog 2 * dankhold troggboss Break boss on mirebrute troggoth 12 fellwater troggoths 12 rockgut troggoths 2 dankhold troggoths 2 Marshcrawla sloggoths Endless spells looking for £1500
  3. Large well painted and highly competitive night haunt army including Lady Olyander Reiknor Cruciator Lord executioner * 2 Knight of shrouds on horse and on foot 2 spirit torments 27 chainrasps 60 bladegheist revenants 10 hexwraiths 3 spirit hosts 2 black coaches All models are magnetized on their bases. Will ship to anywhere in the world but you pay postage at cost
  4. Large lumineth realm lords army - all assembled and undercoated. Comprising of the following 15 wind chargers 15 anvilguard 15 bladelords 20 wardens 30 sentinels Windmabe Stone mage Loremaster Twins Cathilar * 2 Scribe Mountain Hero mountain Severith Air spirit Endless spells Spell portal Don’t want to split - make me a decent offer and it is yours
  5. For sale - nicely painted Adeptus Titanicus legion 2 Warlords 2 Reavers 4 Warhounds 2 fighty knighta 6 baby knights
  6. Sorry Just can’t sit by and see this sort of myth peddled anymore - i have played several games over the past 18 months of AOS 3 with GSG and they are absolutely fine - they don’t work in the same way as before but this is a radically different game so very little does. They are one of the few remaining armies that can deploy large numbers cheaply, they have good access to a wide variety of hard hitting units and monsters that all benefit from all out attack / defence. In fact the only thing they truly lack is a decent shooting phase. Before you write them off play some games - winning is more than just damage output and armour saves and the most important thing is they are great fun to play. Also to all of those saying you could do better in a day / week / month - believe me the amount of effort that has gone into this from playtesters alone is immense - despite COVID and real world commitments - the amount put in by the studio is almost unbelievable - rubbishing this is both rude and ungrateful- end of the day if you don’t like the game - implement house rules, play WHFB or go play something else - being obnoxious is going to get you absolutely nowhere whatsoever.
  7. Sorry just after heroes and monsters expansions now
  8. Pete me and mr Jingle Jingle aka Adam Hall would like a grudge game one please - also it's Bryan not Brian cheers
  9. I have had a long held fascination with Slaanesh but have never got around to doing a Slaaneshi army. After getting my Alpha Legion Eternal Stormcast list to where I wanted it to be I took the plunge and picked up the bones of a Slaaneshi army from some fellow gamers that had no use for it. Slaanesh has always been about speed, manipulation and a boat load of attacks that have some element of armour piercing to them, this is all true in age of sigmar so it felt like I was coming from a comfortable place. I reviewed all of the warscrolls that are slaanesh only or can be marked slaanesh and decided I really liked the Daemon Cohort of Slaanesh formation. This formation is centred on masses of daemonettes backed up by a Keeper of Secrets (Or Deamon Prince of Slaanesh), a herald of Slaanesh and then a unit of either, seekers of Slaanesh, fiends of Slaanesh or Slaanesh daemon chariots. It gives every unit plus one to its movement thus further pushing the inbuilt speed of the units to insane levels and has a healing mechanism when enemy units fail battleshock tests - although I always forget this. So my initial list built on this formation is Keeper of Secrets - 280 Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot - 160 30 Daemonettes - 360 10 Daemonettes - 120 10 Daemonettes - 120 10 Seekers of Slaanesh -240 Daemon Cohort of Slaanesh- 40 Total - 1320 This gives a solid combat unit in the large Daemonettes, 2 objective grabbers in the small units of Daemonettes, a fast alpha strike / pinning unit in the seekers, a solid combat unit / caster / buffer in the keeper and a unit destroyer / Saurus Guard killer in the Herald of Slaanesh on Exalted Seeker Chariot. What the list now lacked was some ranged firepower, some heavy hitters and some tank units. Thankfully for only 280 points a piece Soulgrinders with the Mark of Slaaensh fulfill this role perfectly so I added a pair of them to take me to 1880. This left me with 120 points - enough for either 10 Daemonettes or 5 seekers, I Italy I went with upping the size of these elder unit from 10 to 15, but after some games have found that the 10 Daemonettes are more useful either kept in reserve for summoning onto objectives or in the list to boost one of the units from a 10 to a 20. Having played 1 practice game (a loss) and 3 tournament games with it (2 minor and 1 major victory) I am happy with its performance so far - just still learning how to get the most out of it. Will post a game overview later on but wanted to get this rolling.
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