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  1. Looking for descent second edition expansions
  2. New on sprue 20 seekers Assembled but totally Unpainted 3 new plastic fiends Party painted 40 marauders 2 seeker chariots 2 hellflayer chariots (crew all painted) Fully painted and based but not highlighted 30 daemonetttes 1 herald of slaanesh Fully painted Raging heroes keeper of secrets (avatar or shah model) Chaos sorcerer lord on manticore Herald on exalted seeker chariot Keeper of secrets (needs base finishing) Soul grinder (needs vase finishing) 10 converted chaos knights 5 seekers All 3 Slaanesh endless spells Daemonfire Ri
  3. Looking for LRL dice willing to pay £12.50 per set including postage
  4. You say that we have an advantage because we know things before other people and that side of the equation is indeed true. However what you are maybe not aware of or do not fully appreciate the impact of is the disadvantages that we also incur, which I will list below. 1: Having to have in our heads multiple iterations of books with only a broad idea of release schedules, this means when we playtest we are a period of time in the future but also factoring in the current meta and books we have completed. But when we are playing normal games we have to adjust to a different environment.
  5. Spare lumineth items for sale book - £30 spell cards and reference sheets - £15 eltharion - £25 pm me if interested
  6. Those spells are critical as they give you extra tools in your toolbox - the list requires a lot of finesse but means you can punish any mistake made by your opponent
  7. James used my list (and most of my models) this is the list I can second at Facehammer with
  8. To be honest 99% of the time I forget about rolling for it - don’t think I rolled for it once at Blackout or Facehammer
  9. Most of what I played are hard games - as the list is so fragile - just have to know your list inside out and practice practice practice IDK are our hardest matchup right now but everything is beatable if you outthink your opponent
  10. Enoby - don’t but them for your list - they are however a viable summoning unit
  11. Godseekers with triple keeper (one was Shalaxi), triple hellstriders, sybarites, cavalcade, mirror, wheels, palisade nothing special - pretty much the same list I came second at Blackout with
  12. Reapers of vengeance khorne with either multi-thirsters or Archaon is not that hard to beat. You need to take advantage of your longer threat range, ignore Archaon or feed him one keeper at a time or even better get him to fight Shalaxi with her spell on as unless he slayers of kings her she will tank him. Also screen what you can - most importantly both of those lists have very squishy other elements that you can easily kill and win on objectives. For the record so you don’t think this is theoretical hyperbole I just came second at facehammer and played and beat the following
  13. Dark Angels themed Stormcast army for sale as follows: Painted Knight Incantor Lord Relictor Chromatic Cogs 3 * 5 Liberators (Sword and Shield) 20 Sequitors 2 * 10 Evocators 2 * Celestra Ballistas Unpainted 2 * Lord Arcanum on griff charger 20 Sequitors 10 Evocators 2 * Celestra Ballistas Am after £250 / $350 for it including postage
  14. Think that they are great - I do get the immersion arguement - but Aos is a game spread across fractured magical realms not on a single normal world so all previous concepts of normal do not really apply Most importantly they look great and give armies a small buff which means that they add to the game rather than distract from it
  15. Agree that they are still viable maybe not top tier but certainly not autoloose
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