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  1. Dark Angels themed Stormcast army for sale as follows: Painted Knight Incantor Lord Relictor Chromatic Cogs 3 * 5 Liberators (Sword and Shield) 20 Sequitors 2 * 10 Evocators 2 * Celestra Ballistas Unpainted 2 * Lord Arcanum on griff charger 20 Sequitors 10 Evocators 2 * Celestra Ballistas Am after £250 / $350 for it including postage
  2. Think that they are great - I do get the immersion arguement - but Aos is a game spread across fractured magical realms not on a single normal world so all previous concepts of normal do not really apply Most importantly they look great and give armies a small buff which means that they add to the game rather than distract from it
  3. Agree that they are still viable maybe not top tier but certainly not autoloose
  4. Personally am not a fan of conceding especially early on but I get that some people just want the pain to end and would rather go and watch another game / talk to their mates.
  5. Namarti Reavers - especially the way the ladies are just a bit smaller in all dimensions than the men
  6. Love the storyboard way of showing this
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