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  1. Up to 70 paid attendants now guys! Really hope there's a bunch more people excited to play AoS2 who want to get involved! Still time to get a ticket. Chris
  2. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: Realms at War 3 - Aethermy

    If you removed the wings and modelled a cloak thing over his entire body he'd probably look the part with little else required!
  3. Are these on the sprue @BroccoliBoy?
  4. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: Realms at War 3 - Aethermy

    Firmir would be cool....but super expensive. Depends how deep you want to take the theme I guess. I suspect you could do something solid enough with Tzaangor.
  5. Chris Tomlin

    Updating Ironjawz

    Ha! That would literally be my dream. Go on GW - make Krunk a named Ironjawz character! Even a cheeky reference to the Black Sunz would be amazing haha (to clarify, I don't for one second think that would ever happen, but it's fun to dream right! A more realistic, but still highly unlikely, aim is to just get the army in White Dwarf I guess)
  6. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: Realms at War 3 - Aethermy

    Great idea! Landstriders would look right at home in the Mortal Realms. That said, a Tzeentchian Skeksis army seems the easiest route to go!
  7. Cheeky little bump for this...
  8. Chris Tomlin

    Army Transport Recommendations

    @Bozly - This is the correct answer you need! That said, if anyone is after one of those large 720 Battlefoam cases I do have one for sale...
  9. Awesome man, that's great news. I'm sure you'll have a blast. Up to 68 players now
  10. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: Realms at War 3 - Aethermy

    I have made a couple of Twitter accounts for my main two characters. Whilst there isn't much going on with them at the moment, I will be using them to help build my narrative in the run up to this event, including taking the army to a couple of other events beforehand to help lay down the foundations. Give them a follow if you like; @prince_xarca @autumn__ashe Note the double underscore on the second one. Chris
  11. Chris Tomlin

    Updating Ironjawz

    Ardboys at 100? Come on @Malakithe, that's just silly isn't it?! No one will take us seriously if we're shouting things like that! I think something like 140-160/380-400 would be a very interesting price point on the massive regiment. Right now though there is just little reason to take Ardboys over Brutes in my opinion. @Sangfroid covered my feelings on the matter, including the Gore-grunta reference, perfectly. As a bit of a pet peeve, I do wish they wouldn't consistently push this "Ironjawz are deceptively fast" agenda on the community site and WHTV (I heard it mentioned loads whilst watching @Sangfroid's game). It's a complete misnomer since the GH2017 as the Ironfist and Rampaging Destroyers were both hit hard, which killed a lot of our impressive movement shenanigans. The fact that Mighty Destroyers can easily be countered by edging one model within 12" of your units really doesn't help matters. Anyway, I'm gonna reserve judgement overall until we've seen the new rules and GHB. It's hard to put too much stock into the snippets of info given in the faction focuses without context. That said, points decreases are cool, but they don't fix the fundamental issues with Ironjawz. I am feeling (perhaps foolishly) optimistic that things are going to get better for us...maybe not straight away with the release of AoS 2.0 and the new GHB, but sometime in the not so distant future. Either way, I'm excited for the changes to come and look forward to trying out some new stuff with the Ironjawz. Chris
  12. Yeh I've played four games of escalating sizes so far. Hard to take too much from these smaller games and also the fact the other three armies in the campaign are all reasonably soft. I have won them all and they have been pretty fun. Currently have considerably more Glory (the Firestorm win condition) than the others. Will be interesting to see how I find the army in bigger games though. At the current 1,300pt level we are planning a full days gaming with a round robin on Sunday. My army has all but doubled in size 23>44 and I've added a magic phase this month, so I expect it to do pretty well. Mounted one needs to be more expensive. Definitely underpointed at present. You can tell this by the way they are appearing in a bunch of mixed Order armies at present. Jack Armstrong even had one in his Vanguard Wing army that won SCGT. As for my month five additions, the models are assembled and sprayed; I will start the painting next week and expect it to be a fairly smooth road to completion with just four models (Archmage & 3 Raptors). Cheers, Chris
  13. Cheers man! Haha yeah certainly works in this example. This is interesting. I'd never really considered Wanderers (tbh off the top of my head I wouldn't have even said they were one of the ally options for Phoenix Temple!). Some of the range could definitely fit in aesthetically and I love the thinking before Araloth fluffwise. I really hope we'll find out what happened with that bro at some point, his little arc seemed so crucial at the end of End Times: Khaine. I'm definitely thankful for Phoenix Temple getting mentioned with the Firestorm campaign. It at least validates them as being a faction that exists within the Mortal Realms. Personally I think this is a must. The bonus granted by the Anointed is huge and it makes zero sense for them to be pointed the same. I'm actually considering having the 3rd Phoenix in this army to be unridden anyway. Allows me to do something different with the pose. Cheers guys, Chris
  14. Morning, Nice to see a few more people signing up. Attendance is slowly creeping up to a pretty respectable figure. We also still have some big dogs to add to the list when they pick up their tickets (hint hint @ChippyRick @Sangfroid @Countmoore @Nigehelm ) Don't forget to get your grudges in as well!