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  1. Sponsored by and Good evening, After a refreshing two week break, I’m back to talk some more Warhammer with you guys! Just a bit of a catch-up this week as I discuss what I’ve been up to recently and also some thoughts for the General’s Handbook 2017. Get in touch with me if you’re interested in dice and be check out my new 40K podcast, The Triumvirate, on iTunes. Tickets for my next event, BLACKOUT, are on sale now! Find more info here – Also be sure to get a ticket for the Element Games Grand Slam – I’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas; the show e-mail address is and my twitter is @the_black_sun. Many thanks and much love, Chris x TUNES!! Intro – SikTh – Vivid Outro – Miss May I – My Destruction View the full article
  2. Just a friendly reminder @Timmaaa that this spot goes to Sam Davies @TDK.
  3. @ChippyRick - You still in need of these mate?
  4. @Mohojoe - Cheers for looking mate. It'd probably just be the banner I'd be looking for from that kit now.
  5. I've tidied up your post. Not wanting to derail this, but just interested why you think this is nonsense?
  6. It's because @Paul Buckler is a true gentleman gamer!
  7. Shadespire Ironjawz! Calling it first
  8. Cool, that seems the right size IMO. Perhaps we'll get to have an Idol-off at RAW!! You could do metal mask and bone armour (maybe some big skulls on the shoulders like the Megaboss model) or vice versa. It'll look cool whatever though.
  9. I got some bitz, but always looking out for more! I am indeed mate. How much? Drop me a DM and we'll get it sorted.
  10. @Ollie Grimwood - Cool sounds good. Is 160mm the Cabbage/Archaon one? If so that's what I'm using as well. Mine is just outright made out of a Gorkanaut, I've finally sourced the second klaw arm which had been eluding me for a while! Yeh it's a tough choice whether to go armour or bone/wood. I guess it depends on whether your army has more of an Ironjawz or Bonesplitterz vibe. Either would look cool tbh. I'll check to see if I have that Morkanaut faceplate for you tomorrow. If it's any good you can have it.
  11. Hey @Ollie Grimwood, Brilliant work so far, really impressed (and nothing like what I have planned for mine haha! ). What size base have you got it on? Do you have any plans for the face? I think I have a spare Morkanaut faceplate that might work as a mask? Keep up the good work!
  12. @Payce - Looking great man and thanks for the step-by-step, nice to see a good pink recipe. I look forward to seeing some shots of your new pink TBS dice alongside your army - the perfect match!!
  13. Perhaps I should've specified; the return of TBS weekly, so for my sanity it will hopefully be much shorter than 3 hours! Still haven't thought of a topic mind . Won't be going back to the previous format, the weekly is much more successful and just better IMO. There does seem to be a bit of a tournament lull across the summer tbh. I do hope to be at Blood & Glory though. I've reserved a hotel room just in case. After stripping Krunks power klaw the other night I have resprayed it and it has a nice even, smooth coat. May try to paint that tonight if I get time. Looking forward to seeing some paint on that Ironblaster. I've visited Midwest USA 3 times (for Warhammer) all in January so can vouch for the cool, super snowy weather. Don't see anything like that over here so it's kinda cool as a visitor. Now that is a very hard decision. In a perhaps controversial suggestion, I'd go for the 40K box set! Providing you have enough Ironjawz to be able to play smaller games with anyway. It's a great set and at least that way you'll be able to play both games as you choose. I'm sure I'll do a bit more promotion for them and give you all a heads up when the Kickstarter goes live. Between them, MiniMonsters (thanks again @Fungrim) and the existing Battlefield in a Box stuff I have, I should have a pretty cool Destruction themed badlands table. Will look to live stream some games in the long run I think.
  14. Good on you @rokapoke! Like you I had also noticed these things creeping into the forum of late, so this thread is an absolute breath of fresh air. Was genuinely great to read through a bunch of positive replies about what everyone loves about this awesome game. This is exactly what the forum should be about (IMO anyway); people sharing their love for the game in all its aspects. Myself, I honestly don't know to be honest! I really like the simplicity of the core rules, I think they achieve elegance quite nicely and the streamlined nature of them allows for bolt-ons and modularity. It's genuinely just a fun game to play, which I guess at a base level is exactly what I want from my games. This is my favourite version of Warhammer (having played since 4th ed WFB) by a long way and I've had countless great games. The changes going from WFB > AoS seemed to alter peoples mindset going into games and everything just became more fun. Tournaments have been better than ever IMO. I love the models! GW are pumping out release after release of awesome new miniatures. Wow, what an age we live in when plastic miniatures can be this good. I'd also like to touch on the community and GW's involvement. We seem to have a big happy family for AoS and it really does impact on my enjoyment of the hobby in a super positive way, so thanks all Also, to finish; Ironjawz. Never did I think an army would eclipse my love of the Druchii and I certainly didn't think it would be "orcs". I don't know what it was about the Ironjawz release, but something changed in me and I haven't looked back. They bring me so much joy in every aspect of the hobby, whether it's assembling/converting them, painting them, playing games with them or even talking/writing about them. But yeh, these particular little lumps of grey plastic bring great happiness to my life! Chris
  15. @Fungrim - Looks cool mate. I like the mix of followers from the different Gods. Will you tie them together with the paint scheme, or just leave basing to unify them?