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  1. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - Firestorm Games - 4&5th August - Pack released

    You two are very panicky indeed! I am reliably informed there is a GW FAQ to come imminently. As per the pack, all GW FAQs will be in place. Thanks Anthony. I definitely wanted to include the Realm Rules, but also felt it seemed sensible to manage their impact somewhat - most just to save some time for the players and allow people to plan/prepare better. Let me know how you get on with them at Sydney GT. Hahaha!! Genuinely made me laugh.
  2. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - Firestorm Games - 4&5th August - Pack released

    Pack is out now guys... http://traffic.libsyn.com/theblacksun/BLACKOUT_2018.pdf
  3. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - Firestorm Games - 4&5th August - Pack released

    You have just beaten me to it re Shadespire! To participate in Shadespire, you need to follow this link and sign up, your name will then be on the roster to play. This is a free event being run by Firestorm with full GW prize support as per the link. I will also be adding trophies for Best Warband and Best Opponent. https://www.thebattlefields.co.uk/events-at-the-battlefields/warhammer-underworlds-shadespire-q1-store-championship You need to arrive by 5.30pm for registration and the first round starts at 6pm. All the details for the event can be found the above link. It'd be really good to pack this out as well...and then straight on to Metros!
  4. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - Firestorm Games - 4&5th August - Pack released

    Yeh Firestorm has terrain for all tables
  5. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - Firestorm Games - 4&5th August - Pack released

    Clearly this is something I am working on as per my above messages! As previously advised, I want to run an event that is in keeping with how the new edition has been designed to be played (even at a tournament level), so this event will include Realm Rules!! The pack will announce which 5 realms will be used over the weekend as well as the specific realmscapes in use. This should allow us to see how these work for events (which is important imo), whilst also reducing the amount of reading/planning required for you, the players. Things like realm artefacts, endless spells etc I'm sure will just be considered a staple part of the game anyway and will of course be in use. You can expect to play any of the 18 matched play scenarios and armies will be 2,000 points. I think that is the gist of it, but check back this evening for the full pack. Many thanks for all of your patience...I know you all want to paint your armies and whatnot, but trust me, this is more of a headache for me that it is for you!! Chris
  6. Using these rules for matched play is very much how the game is intended to be played. I guess time will tell how that pans out. Saying they are "broken" before they have ever been used in a Tournament seems a little premature though. I'm sure most of them are perfectly fine and will create fun new, interesting and tactical challenges. Sure, there may be a couple of things in there that might need looking at (not sure on Banishment personally and also don't think the Realm of Beasts works in a tournament setting), but we won't know if we instantly shun it. One thing that may be a genuine concern is the amount of book keeping and time added onto a regular game for this extra layer.
  7. Thanks man, most appreciated. Glad you like the Incantor and appreciate the subtlety. I didn't want to push the Phoenix Temple link too much in the conversion as I know it'd be a pain to source the parts to follow it through across all the Stormcast I do, so instead I went more for a nod towards it, which I think works. You're completely right with Lotann. He is very much overshadowed by Ochtar (literally in the case of the stock model), so it's nice to be able to put some focus on the man himself, who as you rightly say is a lovely sculpt. The little awards are really nice and mean a lot, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't hopeful of winning something for the army itself when I get around to taking it to a tournament. It's definitely not as technically well painted as my Ironjawz or as obnoxiously grandiose as my Venetian Court (with display board and music haha), but hopefully it do ok. Time will tell and regardless, I'm pretty proud of it as a project overall! Cheers, Chris
  8. Hey, Thanks @AthlorianStoners, glad you've enjoy it. Thanks for following along. As I said I will be adding plenty more so it's not over yet. As for Lotann, here are some photos I took. Found it tricky to take any good ones tbh. The cloth looks horrid in these, but is actually nice irl...likewise the drybrushing on the stonework is no where near as rough and gross as it looks haha! This is another example of me rigidly sticking to my self enforced colour pallet. I think that Ochtar would've looked much better in a turquoise but that wouldn't have been in keeping. It's also hard to tell how in depth the conversion is...we didn't actually need to keep the model on the 40mm base it came with, which I didn't realise until it was too late. Had I known this I would've been able to open everything up a bit more and make a bigger deal of it. The winning entries all made use of bigger display plinths, which IMO caught the eye of the voters over anything else. Still, at least the conversion work was noted by the voters and I picked up the trophy for that, which was pretty cool. Doing the Paint Battle was good fun as this isn't a model I would've chosen to paint. If we count him as part of the army, it's the second trophy it's won so far as I got Best Warband at a Skirmish event for the Phoenix Temple. I am looking forward to taking the full army out to a Tournament later this year and seeing how it does though!
  9. Chris Tomlin

    Frostheart Phoenix

    Frostheart Phoenix
  10. Chris Tomlin

    Snow spray!

    Snow spray on the base of a Frostheart Phoenix
  11. Chris Tomlin

    Frostheart Phoenix

    Frostheart Phoenix
  12. Chris Tomlin

    Frostheart Phoenix

    Frostheart Phoenix
  13. Chris Tomlin

    Frostheart Phoenix

    Frostheart Phoenix
  14. Morning all, Sorry it's been ages since I posted here (or at all on the forums really ). I have a couple of answered posts to reply to and then we'll crack on with some photos of new models! Thanks man. Yeh you've nailed my thoughts on the models there, especially regarding the soft detail. I am 100% adding Sacrosanct units to the army, as you say they should look pretty great in this scheme I reckon. I've already assembled a Knight-Incantor with a couple of small conversions to tie her into the Phoenix Temple a bit more and then there are plenty more units I plan to add, so this thread will definitely continue as the army builds. Thanks a lot! As per above, my initial focus will be around adding more Stormcast to the army, but I may well include more Phoenix Temple units over time. After painting 50 Phoenix Guard to a pretty decent standard over 6 months I am in no rush to paint any more of them haha! So our campaign is now over and everyone has finished their 2,000 point armies. You can search the hashtag #FromEmberToInferno on Twitter to see everyones work. There's a lovely Tzeentch army from @Cowboy Boots Matt, a super cool Spiderfang Grot army by @Paul Buckler and a spooky Pirate Wraithfleet force from @Forestreveries - two of these have already won painting trophies at two day events. The standard was very high across the campaign. I guess I'd be remiss to not mention the fact that my army performed very well across the campaign, winning every game and taking first place with a tonne of Glory points. That said, in the vacuum of our four armies mine did unfortunately end up being a little overpowered, a fact that was exacerbated by some of the bonus items/abilities I got. Still, it was a lot of fun regardless and we will definitely be revisiting the format for a second season next year. The final units I added to the army in month 6 were 10 more Phoenix Guard to bump one of my units up to 30 and a Frostheart Phoenix. For this 3rd Phoenix I decided to have him unridden. My reason for this was twofold; firstly I wanted to reduce the potential power level of the army for the campaign and also I had hoped that AoS 2 would introduce a different points cost for an unridden Phoenix, making it a viable option. Unfortunately this was not the case, so I will be adding an Anointed to the ruins on his base going forwards as there is absolutely not reason not to, which is a shame. Here are the final 10 Phoenix Guard. I do really like these models, but as per above will not be in a rush to paint anymore. That said with there points reductions in the new addition there definitely is a temptation to do some more down the line; And then finally is my third Phoenix. I'm pretty happy with this guy. The paint is mostly pretty nice and all in all I am happy with the pose, although it didn't quite turn out as I envisioned. All 3 Phoenixes have ended up slightly different colours, which I think is ok. The coolest thing for me is the snow spray. When I was originally planning my Phoenix conversions I did some crude drawings in the campaign WhatsApp group and had one of a Phoenix with a vertical wingspan like this shooting through the snow with it spraying up. I wasn't sure how I'd be able to model this, but I'm really very pleased with how it came out eventually (took a long time to build up over a blister pack skeleton). Once again I'm pleased with the icicles as well. Hope you like him! So yeh, that's it for now. Going forward the army does have to undergo some change in the new edition unfortunately. I'm really not a fan of the new restrictions for allies as I think they penalise cool themed armies like this and actually does nothing against power builds. I literally think they were just scared of all Order armies taking 4 Celestar Ballistas, which probably alludes to a different issue other than allies overall haha! This does give me a chance to paint up a bunch of the new Stormcast models in this colour scheme and eventually I can mix and match the units perhaps. Definitely looking forward to converting a Tauralon into more of a Griffon/Hippogryph to better fit the army. Thanks for all the likes and comments in this thread so far. Keep an eye out for what's to come in the future as I am planning on taking this army to at least a couple of events before the year is up. To finish up, here a couple of rubbish photos of the full army in my display cabinets. I would like to do some full army shots on a snow mat or something, but for now it's cool just to see it all laid out. I've also included the Lotann I painted in the same colour scheme for the #BattlerollPaintBattle (where I won Coolest Conversion). Not sure if I posted pics of him on here, but I could if people wanted to see him. Enjoy; Chris x
  15. Chris Tomlin

    Events UK: BLACKOUT - Firestorm Games - 4&5th August - Pack released

    I'm giving consideration to everything at the moment and want to get a definitive pack up as soon as possible. However I also don't want to rush into any decisions. Hopefully I will have some further guidance for you all over the coming days. Apologies for the delay, I know it's not ideal at all...I really thought I'd dodge all the game changing stuff by bringing the event forward this year...it's now 3 years in a row I've run events straight after new rules dropped haha!! EDIT - Also going to announce details of the FREE Shadespire Store Championships that will be running on the Friday for BLACKOUT attendees. Hopefully a bunch of you will take part in that as well. Great opportunity to pick up some of the awesome GW prize support whilst playing vs friendly AoS regulars.