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  1. Yes please! Cheeky Sean!! @HobbyHammer
  2. Nice topic! Not what I was expecting at all. For me, I really hate labels on games/army lists. Things that try to differentiate between club lists and tournament lists, or worse still fun/casual game or tournament game, as if the two are mutually exclusive...
  3. In what way weird? (out of interest) I've not played Gorechosen either...despite buying it a while back
  4. I'll DM you mate
  5. @Chrisdanish - Which boxes were you interested in and/or how much for your box. @Jalvik - How many do you have total, I would need multiples of 10 if possible
  6. Hey, As others have said, It'll be great (wallets aside!) if they can emulate the likes of X-Wing, Netrunner and other such games with release schedules. I really want them to show that they can write a balanced competitive ruleset (not getting into a debate about existing/previous games!) that fits this game model. Looking at the leaked card pic, it definitely has strong X-Wing overtones. I'm fine with them drawing from other games such as that as they work so well. Minis wise, it'll be a great way for them to tease future AoS allegiance releases. Imagine if we'd seen a handful of Kharadon Overlords for Shadespire 6 months before that massive release; hype much? I can see us getting that with the Aelves. But yeh, I'm really excited for this...will be interested to see if it can stick at a club level. All other games have struggled for a foothold vs the juggernauts of AoS! @Ben - do you think this release will impact Andrew Galea's project?
  7. So excited for this! Literally exactly what I was hoping for.
  8. You weren't around for the Storm of Chaos then! The Slaaneshi Cults of the Druchii were long established in Old World lore
  9. Hey man, just a friendly reminder (looks like we both forgot last night haha!!) That would be awesome. Unbuilt is perfect. Let me know
  10. Hey, I'm all about Dark Aelves, especially Slaaneshi ones, I really am. That was my deal for the longest of times. It's why I see any possible release with a mixture of sheer excitement and dread. I am all happy to bandwagon on someone else's army, but everyone on mine? Nooooooo!! Hypocrites are the worst, I know. All this said, I am really not sure what to think of that teaser pic. The level of sculpt detail and paint seems more Mantic than GW (unless very small scale). Honestly would not have said that was a GW photo. Will be interesting to see who that arm belongs to, that's for sure!! Sorry I've not been able to read previous pages so unsure if duplicating thoughts etc.
  11. @Lord Biscuit is correct! Time to leave the Old World behind boyz....the future is Gordrakk Krunk!!
  12. I have always enjoyed third party miniatures, especially during the times GW would release rules without models. Nowadays though, I do tend to mostly stick with GW if I'm doing a project from a new release. I really like their plastics (and I was one of those guys who for years hated all but metal minis) and they always have a full range of miniatures available to complement the rules. There are a couple of further factors that make me more likely to stick with GW, such as each of magnetising plastic models into really useful boxes for transport and also the consideration that I may wish to play at a Warhammer World event. We've also seen the SCGT put in their pack that they'd like to see all GW miniatures. This is an interesting development and perhaps a different discussion, but with Warhammer TV likely in attendance, you're only going to get on the stream with a GW army. I do think GW are the best out there, but there are plenty of others doing nice models - so why not go for them if you're not playing in a GW store? Aside from my above comments, I recently made my Venetian Court, an army made up almost entirely of non GW miniatures I've been collecting from a range of mainstream and boutique manufacturers over the last few years.
  13. Thanks @Paul G I'm pretty sure @Forestreveries has used those 3 in a list before.
  14. Completely agree with this! I love my 2,000pt Tournament practice games, but equally enjoy a bit of 1,000pt AoS. Works a treat. I apologise for being off topic, but that ship has sailed in this thread haha.