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  1. Shadespire Painting Log

    Haha half right....my plan for Shadespire is to do everything to a quick standard that emulates the box art. So whilst they will be green, the armour will yellow as opposed to my regular scheme. I will be picking up at least one more set so that I can add the models to my AoS army as well though (if anyone wants to purchase a set of the cards alone, let me know!).
  2. Shadespire Painting Log

    @Killax - Yeh man, it's a great excuse to turn your hand to something different. I'm excited for you to get your box, it's a real treat cracking into it! Now if only I could get my hands on those Ironjawz...
  3. Shadespire Painting Log

    Thanks guys, unfortunately I have fallen a little behind as I am prioritising my painting for RAW. Can't wait to get back to my Shadespire stuff though. Painting something that isn't green or silver chips on armour will be a welcome change!!
  4. Morning all, So Curse of the Katophranes took place last night and was great fun! Really enjoyed the format, works really well for a club night and actually feels like a bit of a bonus in the week as you're not using a weekend day for it. Still kept a tournament feel I believe and the frantic nature of the quicker games creates a real buzz. Thanks to @Paul Buckler for hosting and providing mats/terrain at Dogger HQ and of course to everyone who showed up on a frankly horrendously dark, wet and windy Thursday night. Special thanks to @Tom Hewitt & @Bueno who had even longer journeys to get home. Also thanks to @Drakira for helping out with the awards ceremony and @Tom Hutchings for picking me up from the train station!! A final word of thanks to Element Games for sponsoring the event. I was genuinely impressed with the standard of the warbands on show and was particularly pleased that some people had even finished models specifically for the event. Even as we were wrapping down last night people such as @#SteveJames were considering the prospects of doing a new project just for Skirmish, which is super cool. If you want to see pics of the warbands, @Cowboy Boots Matt took some photos on the @ProPainted Twitter account (be sure to check out the new podcast as well). The lighting was pretty dark but he made do with the aid of a camping light! There's some videos and pics on my Twitter account (@the_black_sun) as well and you can use the hashtag #CotK to find it all. I did end up as spare player so wasn't able to do as much coverage as I hoped, but you'll still get a feel for it. Onto the winners; 1st Place - Tom Hutchings (Order) @Tom Hutchings 2nd Place - Matt Darkins (Order) @Biscotti Monster 3rd Place - Paul Petford (Order) @ppetford Best Warband* - Ben Chalk (Chaos) @Bueno Best Opponent** - Gary Hennessey (Chaos) @The Lost Lighthouse (Gary) Element Games Spot Prize 1*** - Gary Hennessey (Chaos) Element Games Spot Prize 2**** - James Eveleigh (Chaos) * Ben took 9/13 votes. The other 4 went to Gary Hennessey (2), @Tom Hewitt (1) and Matt Bennett (1) ** 9/13 players received sports votes, with Gary getting 3/3! Crazy good. * **Awarded to the first player to lose a model to Crumbling terrain. **** Awarded to the player who uncovered the most treasure hoards in Treasure Hunt. James tied this 3-3 with @#SteveJames, so the tie break was whoever lost the most models to the arcane storm in Seize the Relic. Overall standings (I did not include myself as spare player), I will include a photo with kill points etc later on; Tom Hutchings (Order) @Tom Hutchings Matt Darkins (Order) @Biscotti Monster Paul Petford (Order) @ppetford Ricky Mee (Order) @ChippyRick Paul Buckler (Order) @Paul Buckler Matt Bennett (Chaos) @RipVanWiggy Tom Hewitt (Order) @Tom Hewitt Ben Chalk (Chaos) @Bueno Matt Lyons (Order) @Cowboy Boots Matt Aaron Bailey (Chaos) @Forestreveries Steve Phillips (Chaos) @#SteveJames Gary Hennessey (Chaos) @The Lost Lighthouse (Gary) James Eveleigh (Chaos) Well done to everyone, I had a really fun time. This is definitely something I'd like to run again and there is space at Dogger HQ to accommodate more players, so perhaps the reach could be slightly greater next time. Would be awesome to see some new faces as well. Cheers, Chris
  5. Hi guys, I have Gorechosen for sale. It's complete, with models assembled (bare plastic). Only played once. Also I have Lost Patrol, same as above its all assembled and has barely been played. The models in this box are coloured plastic and unfortunately the superglue clouded a bit on them. Not a big deal whatsoever, but transparency when selling is important I feel. I intended to just undercoat them anyway. £27.50 each posted in the UK or £50 if you wanna take both off me in one go. Both good games, just looking to free up some space and raise some funds. I also have Warhammer Quest: The Silver Tower for sale...except the box and models! This is everything but. So if you have a bunch of models you could use, this could be a cheap way to play the game (what I planned on doing). All this stuff is still sealed. £20 posted in the UK. I would do all three games for a bumper £60 deal. Chris
  6. GW/Wizkids

    This is big news. I'm interested in whatever they put out, but am particularly intrigued at the prospect of GW IP Dice Masters! It's a great game already and I'd love a 40K version.
  7. Beastclaw Raiders Load-out Question

    The matter of whether a unit leader can also carry a banner or be a musician will be added to a future FAQ
  8. Events UK: Blood Tithe – AoS International Team Tournament

    !!! Have you been reading our team chat?
  9. Can I..?

    Oh...I assumed your name would be Baz, not Ian ...Sorry, couldn't help myself!
  10. Let's chat Phoenix Temple

    This is correct. Super excited to be starting my army very soon. Gonna be doing something pretty cool with it! @Cowboy Boots Matt, @Paul Buckler, @Forestreveries
  11. Beastclaw Raiders Load-out Question

    Mod hat - @Konic and @heywoah_twitch, just a very gentle reminder to play nice please guys. Your exchanges are starting to verge on the kind that I don't want to see on these forums, especially not here in the Destruction sub forum. Anyway... Megaboss hat back on - This is actually a really interesting topic. First thing to address is the FAQ; I'm sorry @Konic but this FAQ does absolutely not give you permission to not model banners and horns. This FAQ very specifically tells you something and we certainly can't just go assuming the reserve I'm afraid. The modelling convention is 100% to model banners and horns if you want the benefits for them. As others have said though, if you and your mates decide to ignore this and just grant the benefits to the units regardless, that is completely fine and totally cool. Just don't expect to walk into a GW, FLGS or tournament and expect the same to hold true. Now, on the subject of what certain models can be/hold, I do find this very intriguing. I do completely agree that there is some hangover here from WFB that our units can have a "Command Group" - 1x Champion, 1x Standard Bearer, 1x Musician. Now we already know it doesn't work like that in AoS. Sure, you get your Champion (Leader), but you can take multiple banners and drummers/hornblowers/whatever in your unit and we have seen this, especially in units with multiple banner options. Reading the Mournfang Pack warscroll, I think I've come round to the idea that your Skalg can actually be a hornblower (he's still a model in the unit, right?*) and hold a banner, all the while packing an Ironlock Pistol and a Gargant Hacker! *This appears to be the only stipulation, it's not "models in the unit, except the Skalg..." It's been established that unit Leaders elsewhere can take special weapons (Judicator Prime with the Shockbolt Bow I'm looking at you!) and I really can't see anything that stops them being banner bearers or musicians as well. It definitely feels a bit "wrong", but that's probably coming from years of WFB. I think I'll make some further enquiries with GW here, perhaps just to establish intent. Chris
  12. Beastclaw Raiders Load-out Question

    Hi @Konic, I'm going to move this to the Destruction sub forum, where you will find plenty of help/advices from the likes of @Soup Dragon and others! My personal opinion is that the models should be equipped as WYSIWYG, especially with key items like Banners and Musicians.
  13. GH2017: the honeymoon is over

    GH2017: the honeymoon is over...and now, so is the thread. This has run its course guys. Hopefully for those of you who needed to do so, you've now expunged all your ill feeling towards the game you're spending your day posting about!
  14. @Twitch of Izalith - Ha! Serves me for trying to be smart. I am completely wrong and indeed meant the Changeling. Apologies!! I have hidden our posts (and my shame!) as to not clog up the thread with off topic stuff.
  15. Hey guys, Some more photos of the trophies here and my warband for playing as the spare player (scores will not be inputted and I will play the lowest ranked player each round); 50 Renown (49) Herald of Tzeentch (24) Varanguard(20) 5 Giant Rats (5) 60 Renown (60) Herald of Tzeentch (24) Varanguard(20) Skyfire (11) 5 Giant Rats (5) 70 Renown (70) Herald of Tzeentch (24) Varanguard(20) Skyfire (11) Putrid Blightking (7) 8 Giant Rats (8)