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  1. Nah that's @ChippyRick, he was in a good position to pick up Best Death but unfortunately had a combination of bad match up / luck in his last couple of games...and yes, his army does looks great, the rebasing he did recently has really improved it as well. @Countmoore ended up winning Best Death with Nagash and the Von Carstein family!! Both Ricky and Tony played a game on Warhammer TV which you can check out on Twitch. They are both top players, flying the Death flag well. I think @Moon was the only other one close (and pretty sure Owyn won Best Death at SCGT last year!)
  2. @DodgyRoller - You forgot what surely was the highlight of the entire weekend; a Frostlord killing a Mourngul with Kicks and Punches!!
  3. @Anaticula - GW have sourced a lot of feedback for GH2, some of it targeted directly and others freely submitted such as what you and others did here. Unfortunately I don't think that the advices of any one person/group will influence points changes, but perhaps after collating the data they will have spotted common trends and taken note. Just my personal thoughts on the matter of course. However, I do happen to think a deduction in points for Greenskinz (specifically Orruk Boyz) is the most likely outcome. I honestly can't see a new battletome coming out for them. They do have some good components such as the Warboss and Warboss on Wyvern (which needs no reduction), but in all just feel very dated compared to the recent releases. AoS has truly moved on from the world that was and for the better IMO.
  4. Good post Paul @Soup Dragon. As you say, there won't be changes to the Bonesplitterz warscrolls for sometime. However as well as amending points costs, they also have the facility to amend unit sizes within The General's Handbook. Part of my feedback to GW was to decrease the maximum unit size for Savage Orruk Archers. That is one simple way to decrease the efficiency and the sheer volume of dice rolling required.
  5. Meh, if you shoot it 34321366789778452133456568769787894552345 times in one turn with a Kunnin Rukk your opponent will inevitably roll eight ones!
  6. @MattTheIrongit - Hi Matt, I think they are great. I started converting some to fit in with my Ironjawz aesthetic. The only thing that stopped me finishing and painting them was my inability to get generic Destruction battleline done!! One day!
  7. The single biggest issue is comparing them to Savage Orruks, which have twice the wounds for the same points. One noteworthy point is that bow armed Orruks are still generic Destruction battleline, unlike their Savage cousins (which have a separate warscroll).
  8. Hey, I am looking for the following kits on sprues; Orc / Orruk Warboss (the one that has a foot and mounted version in the kit) Orc / Orruk Boarboyz Ork Flashgitz Ork Stormboyz Cash waiting.
  9. Yeah @Tom, unfortunately @Imperial is right. Makes it pretty useless for now
  10. @jonwarmington - I'll check to see if I am actually at a wedding this weekend!
  11. Great post @Tom, I particularly agree with this; The more the meta pushes into heavy shooting, the more we rely on that T2 double turn to have a chance. I'm honestly not whinging and still love playing with the Ironjawz. It's just frustrating at times. I feel like I am a good player (other than round 3 at SCGT not know what I was playing at there!!) and my army really hinders me at times. I don't want to have to switch armies to stand a chance as I don't mind the challenge of an uphill battle,. It's quite rewarding when you do get a good finish with Ironjawz, I just have to accept that sometimes I wont! I think the SCGT essentially "comping" Ironjawz (and not a lot of other armies it has to be said!) didn't help things for us this weekend, I also think most the agendas were tough for us as well. All this said, I did still feel in most of the games up until a point and actually winning a priority in my first three games might have helped things (no exaggeration). Like you Tom, I'm just going to mess around with some silly lists until GH2 comes out now. I'm going to try to assemble my other 15 Gore-gruntas this weekend!! Let's hang on in there though, I have complete faith GH2 will go some way to restore balance, however that may come. Finally, thanks for the kind comments Tom. Was cool to meet you (and also Dan, you're the kind of guys I could see myself hanging out and playing games with - top banter!) and see your army; I've been a big fan of it ever since @Ben tweeted the pics from Alliance, so was nice to see it in person. Thanks for the beer. Hopefully catch up soon. @Caffran101 - Once again well done mate, I'm glad someone was able to get some Ironjawz models high up in the final standings!!
  12. Sponsored by Sorry, this week’s episode comes a day late due to recording before and being over SCGT weekend! No show notes as a result, just have a listen and enjoy Steve Foote talk about themed armies! Skype tried to scupper us, but we got there!! Tickets for my next event, BLACKOUT, are on sale now! Find more info here – Also be sure to get a ticket for the Element Games Grand Slam – I’d love to hear from you if you have any feedback or ideas; the show e-mail address is and my twitter is @the_black_sun. I’ve noticed a few e-mails coming in now, so will actually probably do a mailbag episode soon. Keep them coming. Many thanks and much love, Chris x TUNES!! Intro – Silverstein – Ghost Outro – Linkin Park – Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T & Stormzy) View the full article
  13. Nerd version of "Netflix and chill"? I'm big into painting and have soft scores at my events (standard at Tomorrow Burns was great across the 54 players), however each event is free to score as they see fit. It's then down to the TO's to enforce this. SCGT does actually have paint points and whilst the majority scored the cap of 30, there are a few 20's in there so they were policing it. @AlexHarrison and @Average Joe both painted their armies in a short space of time to get them ready for the event. I'm sure both would admit they wanted to get strong lists on the table - which is cool and to be expected for SCGT. Whilst they won't be winning any awards for painting (which is alright, mine didn't either ) they did hit the minimum standard from what I saw. I had a good look around the tables and considering the number of entrants, I thought the overall standard was fine.
  14. I think the Tzeentch lists seem like a solid counter to Sylvaneth. I found to interesting to walk down the rows during the final rounds and see almost waves of armies being represented heavily in sections. @Forestreveries said the same; Tzeentch Beastclaw + Kunnin Rukk Sylvaneth Stormcast Hope that makes sense, it was definitely a thing! Obviously plenty of variety interspersed amongst them as well, but blocks of those armies almost finding their place was noticeable IMO. Great weekend all in all