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  1. Bump... Happy to strike a deal now. Really really need to raise some funds as I need to take a week off work unpaid in January for an operation. Help!!
  2. Lull in releases for Matched play AoS

    Hey @Ryan Taylor, Interesting topic. I think you definitely need to look at 40K, which has obviously been a massive release and focus for GW during the second half of the year. I think AoS had pulled over a small section of the 40K player base prior to 8th Edition's release thanks to the simplified ruleset and ease of play. I suspect with 40K emulating a lot of what made AoS a success, those players may have drifted back towards the grim darkness of the far future. At a local level, 40K was picked up universally and enjoyed, however it soon dropped off as people went back to AoS, so I honestly couldn't say that 40K had a impact (though is experiencing a bit of a resurgence at club recently - I've got a buzz for it I have to admit). We also do need to consider the fact that it's been a long time since we had a Battletome, which is obviously going to impact things. To counter that though, I would say the GH2017 did a fantastic job of reinvigorating the game and in some ways was the equivalent of many new Battletomes (I sure felt that way in regards to Ironjawz). Shadespire is also a contributing factor. On a personal level this game has grabbed me entirely and I have to admit that right now is my game of choice. I felt initially like this was being pitched as a quick game you can play after you finish a game of AoS on a club night or whatever. This can certainly be the case if you just want to play a one off game or whatever, but I am very keen on the best 2 of 3 match format. If you play the game like this, you're unlikely to squeeze in a full game of AoS as well. This isn't a problem whatsoever, it's just a choice for me (and others) to make. I am really interested to see how they develop Shadespire and if it holds a solid player base. IMO this will depend on future releases. It will also be interesting to see how this impacts on AoS (if at all). This all said, if I want to play Shadespire at club, I have very few options (though there is at least some interest) and actually have to travel a FLGS an hour away where there is a pretty booming scene for it. I guess my point is that I'm not sure how much overlap between AoS and Shadespire players there actually is. So all in all, whilst my preferences might currently be somewhat shifted personally, AoS is still the game of choice at club and going very strong. I have no doubt that 2018 will bring about some big, exciting releases for this game that will pull any of us with our heads turned, back on board!
  3. Hey guys, Sorry but I am super busy with work at present and am going into hospital for an operation between Christmas and New Year, so unfortunately this will have to take a back seat until some time in January. Please feel free to respond here in the meantime so there is plenty for me to be working with when I return. I'll still be about, but not overly frequently. Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year, been a great year for us Destruction guys here on TGA
  4. Oscar Painting Stuff

    @Lysandestolpe - How on earth have I never looked at this topic?! Utterly criminal as there is some fantastic Orruky goodness to be had. I've just chucked a million Likes at you, all of them entirely deserved. Whilst I feel like I've seen the odd individual photo of some of this stuff, it really was something going through the full thread. Brilliant work mate. The only downside is that I'm now waaaaay behind at work this afternoon! Haha
  5. Whats up with GW's prices??

    Actually there is no individual kit for the Magmadroth anymore. If you look on the GW website under the Magmadroth individual listing you will see the following message; "Please note – when you purchase this miniature, you’ll receive the Start Collecting! Fyreslayers box. This contains the complete Magmadroth kit, with all the options as described here, as well as 10 Vulkite Berzerkers, for the same price!" So technically no reduction on the kit, as weirdly it no longer exists by itself!
  6. Ironskull's Boyz

  7. Painted Shadespire Warbands - Please post

    Hi, You can read about my tale of woe here; But here's the accompanying (rubbish) photo
  8. Morning, I have finally finished Ironskull's Boyz! Despite my love for Ironjawz, I'm currently left hating these models!! I've had a bit of a nightmare with them which has impacted on my (failed) brief of speed painting. I actually had to strip these models twice before I was able to get a solid undercoat with Averland Sunset. Perhaps it's the green plastic, perhaps it was the weather conditions, regardless I got there in the end. Unfortunately the drama did not end there as I had a problem with the bases cracking/splitting! I believe this happened as originally I hadn't glued the feet and actually painted the bases quite nicely. However I pushfit the models after spraying yellow (one of the failed times) and ended up chucking the whole thing in the Biostrip. When I pulled the models apart from the bases I found they cracked/split. Perhaps they were softened (or made more brittle I guess) by the Biostrip, or perhaps (more likely IMO) I applied too much pressure when pulling apart...no idea, never had anything like that happen before. Anyway, I fixed this with plastic glue and then sanding it down. Still, that wasn't quite it as I ended up not being able to drybrush the bases properly (due to my drybrushes dying), I stubbornly persevered out of continued frustration, only to end up having to paint them about 3 times. This caused the finer cracks and detail in the basing (which is no where near as nice as the SCE it has to be said) being obscured by washes etc. I picked up a new drybrush and tidied them a bit, however it did leave me needing to apply some small patches of static grass to mitigate this. What a mess eh? But yeh, looking at them objectively now I am pretty pleased with the paintjobs given the time they took (once you take away the endless issues). I have not been able to photo them in good light (because, Winter!) and the only half decent photo I do have washes out the colours, especially the top Flash Gitz Yellow edge highlight. At some point I'll try to take proper photos of all the Shadespire stuff I think. Anyway, I'm pleased they are done. At the end of the day, whilst they are cool and all that, they are pretty much just Ardboys models and I don't enjoy painting those either. The weapon blades are lovely (and came out well I think...wish I'd done this method on my Ironjawz army actually), the faces are cool and Gurzag's cloak was nice to paint, but other than that, meh. I much prefer the more modern style of armour the Brutes, Gore-gruntas and Megaboss have. Hopefully I'll enjoy painting my pirate version for AoS a bit more than these. Going back to a familiar paint palette should help me feel more at home there haha! I think the Sepulchral Guard will be next. Not really feeling the Reavers at the moment. Enjoy...
  9. Skirmish Forum?

    For me personally, Skirmish is a great way to play AoS. I've enjoyed playing it myself and have also run a couple of matched play tournaments for it, which have gone down well with the participants. I wouldn't want people to think that we, as Mods, are dismissing Skirmish or anything like that. I have to say however that I am in agreement with @Gaz Taylor in that a specific forum is not required for this. If I want to report on Skirmish games myself, I just add them in my general army log thread. If I want to discuss or promote an event, I put it in the relevant forums. If you guys are keen on discussing Skirmish then please feel free to make topics either here, in Narrative/Open or wherever else you feel they best fit. If there's any confusion myself or Gaz can easily move it elsewhere. Have fun and I look forward to reading your musings on Skirmish Chris
  10. 2017 Rankings - End of Season update Page 2

    Once people hit 4 tournaments, the number attended is somewhat irrelevant. I have noted above when people have played less than 4 though as this is important. Basically the rankings take into account just your 4 best placings over the season. So whilst attending many more than that gives you additional chances to place better, someone playing only 4 events could be way higher than someone who has played 10 (there will be examples of this within the rankings I'm sure). Hopefully that makes sense, not sure I've worded it very well.
  11. Hello and welcome to what will be the definitive thread for new Destruction players! This is currently a work in progress, but in time I will update this post to hold all the information a new Destruction player could possibly want...I'm sure there will be something of use for the more experienced General as well. Basically, I am starting this thread as a result of similar questions cropping up multiple times. This is of course fine and a duplication of information is no bad thing, it just makes sense to have everything in one place. For now I will allow replies in this topic and ask that people list what they believe are the most common questions and queries we get here. I'm asking for the questions, not the answers at this stage. Once I have established the required information, I will then outsource this to experienced Destruction Generals to get the best answers I can! In time I will also hide/delete the response below to tidy this thread up for newcomers. Just remember that for now, this is very much a work in progress only. We will be looking at covering all of the individual allegiances supported by the GH2017 as well as providing advices on mixed Destruction. This will cover purchases, equipment choices, list builds, tactics, general questions and anything else I may have missed! Of course there will be links to other threads and resources (such as podcasts, YouTube etc). Thanks in advance for any initial responses. I will continue to update this throughout the coming days and weeks as and when I get opportunity at work. Would be great to be able to have this "finished" (I appreciate it will be a constantly evolving project) for the New Year. Chris
  12. 2017 Rankings - End of Season update Page 2

    Thanks for updating in my stead @Paul Buckler - I've edited your post to sort the formatting as I'm fussy like that! Solid placings all round, time to start afresh for the 2018 season. We'll use the season rankings all year round I think so that everyone starts on a level playing field.
  13. Free Shadespire card in White Dwarf

    Bit off topic, but opaque sleeves are a must IMO. These cards are not cut and finished to the same high quality of popular TCGs (nor do they need to be tbf, as they hold no individual value) and we've seen examples of highly visible differences posted on these forums. However given this, I think I'd want to see everyone using opaque sleeves just so their could be no suspicion or doubt.
  14. customize your shadespire

    @Sim, @Dawk and @TwiceIfILikeIt - Loving your 3D blocking hexes. Very cool indeed!
  15. Free Shadespire card in White Dwarf

    Agreed @Turragor, I'm of the opinion that promos, freebies and the like should stick firmly to being foils or alternate art etc. Printing new cards that are not available in one of the retail sets would not be healthy for this game. Thankfully it does not look like they are going down this route.