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  1. Primary Requirement. You could smash them all off and claim it with a handful of models if there wasn't a unit of 20+ models there already.
  2.'re right...those 10/20 points have crippled Moonclan Come on man! I bet @Dangermouse425 is frothing at the potential of Battleline Squigs.
  3. Hey, Sorry I don't understand this sentence. Please clarify. Rampaging Destroyers / Mighty Destroyers - The bonus given is dependant on the proximity of enemy units. Move 6" / Charge / Pile in are the three potential effects. I'll let you work out how far away the enemy would need to be for each to apply!
  4. You and me both!! Hi Dan, The obvious ones of enforcing round/oval bases and measuring to said bases will be in there. Can't think of anything else I particularly want to address though. Manipulating the turn roll is out, I guess stacking buffs is the only other popular one out there. Would rather play that out the book for now though, see how it shakes out with the new changes.
  5. Oooh, thanks for the info. In that case, Compendium will be allowed at BLACKOUT (Using the revised points from this weekend).
  6. Hey, There are multiple battleplans where a single unit of 20+ model is the primary requirement for scoring an objective! Moonclan will be just fine. Well said @stato and @Furious. Chris
  7. Oh my disliking for him ended about 8 months ago I think! Haven't run a list this year without him. Utterly necessary at any cost....obviously we now have some options for cheaper Mystic Shield casters thanks to Allies. I'll post up a review of it in the GH2017 Ironjawz Review & Discussion thread within the forum. It's much better than Ironsunz IMO!!! All competitive Ironjawz lists ran the Cabbage anyway, he had become an absolute must. Losing the Talisman hurts him, but the 6+ ignore wounds/mortal wounds Artefact is a nice option as with so many wounds on his profile, you're bound to pop a couple of cheeky 6's along the way (still have some TBS dice for sale btw if you need help in this department!!). Also that item stops wounds not damage. But yeh, he will remain a competitive option. I can see more people taking Gordrakk now as well!!! Chris
  8. I would've given you two likes for this if I could!
  9. Click on the tournament name bae, you'll find yourself in the right place!
  10. ....and then I will finally become all conquering!!! (failing that I'll paint some more Skyfires )
  11. If you click on the name of each tournament there you will find full standings.
  12. There's a Great Unclean One in Dogma isn't there? Pan's Labyrinth has both Sylvaneth and Tzeentchian vibes for me. I like to think of Ironjawz as akin to the Uruk Hai from The Lord of the Rings. I could see a Kharadron Overlord Admiral taking on Robert De Niro's character from Stardust!! Maybe a plot for @Paul Buckler's next narrative army!
  13. Yeh go on then James, grab it today if you can please mate. If any one has any grudges not on the list, please get them in. Also still looking for a spare player. Will PDFify (definitely a word) all the bits in here that essentially make up the "pack", suffice to say though I think everyone seems to know what's required now. Also; who reads a pack? Units with Matched Play Profiles in the General's Handbook 2017 will be allowed (as well as Forgeworld*). A couple of people have ask regarding Command Traits and Artefacts. These must be listed on a physical copy of your army list that you will submit on the Saturday morning and will be fixed for the weekend. Keep the questions coming. Will update entrants later. Chris *Regarding Forgeworld, Saturday 26th is the cut off for any changes. I am not privy to further changes being made by them, but if they do make more (note the new Rogue Idol scroll) by this Saturday then those will be in play. Anything released after that time will be too close to the event so you'll have to use the older scroll.
  14. Hey, What people need to realise is that all Battalions in the game have increased. I keep seeing people who have looked at one leaked page from a French GH2017 or whatever and flipped out because their favoured army build is "unusable". The thing about raising a Battalion cost is that, actually, it doesn't render any army can still use the exact same models, you just may not be able to fit in the Battalion for the juicy it's more of a decision. Do you drop a unit for the extras afforded by the Battalion, or do you opt to keep more models on the table? Everyone is in the same boat here and it's going to be interesting. I would suggest building from the ground up. As for Bonesplitterz, reducing the unit cap down to 30 was something I recommended in my direct feedback. I'm sure others will have advised similar as it's a great way to fix the Kunnin' Rukk (along with suitable points increases, which is exactly what they've done IMO). I'd love to see a change in the way Bonesplitterz play, with a more combat orientated approach to the game (How I suspect they were expected to be played). With the new battleplans very much focussing on model count, I think Bonesplitterz will still be solid. The sky isn't falling.
  15. Morning all, Just a quick thanks for all the great responses I've had to this both here and on Twitter. To be honest I wasn't 100% sure it was going to be worth the time it took, but seeing the replies here has definitely made it worthwhile. Also makes me feel I made the right choice posting it here so we could keep the discussion flowing. I'm back at work today and am super tired and achy after a weekend of go karting, drinking, dancing and paintballing! I still haven't really caught up on the previous week were I had literally just 2 1/2 hours sleep over 2 nights in order to finish painting my Tzeentch army. Oops! Still, it never stops and I have another packed week with a podcast to record and edit for tonight (about my Tzeentch win, so you guys won't care haha!!) and then I need to fully put a PDF together for BLACKOUT. That said, this thread is still way up there in the priority queue and you will be getting a follow up post today with some coverage of the two new Battalions and some of the first lists I've written. Hoping to get a game in on Saturday as well. Might hit up @Paul Buckler or @Cowboy Boots Matt for that. Anyway, a few replies to comment on for now... Hey man, was great to meet and play you as well. Really enjoyed the game and seeing your super nice army. Unfortunately this was somewhat a labour of love and the Duardin do not tickle my fancy in the same way. Sorry man! Nope. It's a solid choice for you. You will need to leave more than 60 points spare in your list though now It's funny as I think many people looking at their army in a vacuum will feel similar, but remember this is just my thoughts on a handful of pages in a pretty lengthy book. I'd hoped that by discussing the reduction in power of the generic Destruction abilities I might've incited a bit more excitement about the Ironjawz ones. You'll need to look at the whole picture and we'll see how things shake out in time. BLACKOUT in a couple of weeks will be very interesting indeed. Destruction as a whole is getting slower, we as Ironjawz will be faster. Again, lets try and stick with the bigger picture. The whole game is changing so we need to not look at what was, but what will be. I honestly feel we are in a good place. Regarding Bravery, anyone reading my posts on this forum will know that I bang on about it all the time for Ironjawz. I will saw I am happy we now have numerous options to help mitigate this. As a slight spoiler, the other new Battalion has a bravery buff, so check back later for more on that. How so? Let me know what it is that's confusing and I'll help you out mate New battalion reviews to come later. Yeh it's not reliable, but will certainly have it's uses. Personally I can myself using Bestial Charisma to start with...I think! It's easy to feel like this, but bear in mind that Battalions have gone up across the least we've had some reductions to absorb that! Nope. Nope. I think a Maw-krusha General will likely be the go-to regardless. Cheers, this is new ground for me so I'm trying to give as much detail as I can without completely spoiling things ya know. Hopefully I've struck up a good balance. Yes. Spoiler; it is. Very cool in fact. Cheers guys, Chris x