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  1. I think Da Ghostwulfz have the right idea tbh! 4 months since my last game with the Ironjawz and zero practice with the Rock Lobbers...you'll be fine mate!! Still a chance I just switch to the Rogue Idol tbh...all depends on how I get on tonight. Yes, I may be getting my excuses in now!!
  2. Oh man, these Grot crewman are killing me! I can't remember the last time I forced myself to paint like this to be honest. Truth be told I'd rather be working on my Phoenix Temple or better still, playing Horizon Zero Dawn!! Luckily I'm really happy with how the Rock Lobbers themselves have turned out, which is definitely spurring me on. I've ended up having the take the day off tomorrow in order to get these complete (as well as a pre tournament haircut - a UK trend I popularised ). Anyway, here's a crappy B&W WIP photo of the Grots. They are converted from Blood Bowl Goblins and various 40K Grots so are pretty cool looking tbf, just painting 19 models in one go is a bit of a ballache. Also if you're wondering why 19 models (as @Sangfroid did!), obviously 16 for the crew models themselves and then I will have one lookout Grot on each machine to add character. The keen mathematicians out there(!) will realise I'm one short, this is because @Cowboy Boots Matt will be painting me one of his Gadgetzhan Overlord Grots to feature in the army (in turn I will be painting up a model from The Black Sunz to add to one of his ships). Just for a bit of fun. Also, I really should've just reused some of my Spear Chukka Crew...there really is no need to have completely new sets other than OCD and display I guess
  3. Updating Ironjawz

    I was speaking to @Cowboy Boots Matt about the problems facing Ironjawz currently and suggested how cool it would be if Ironclad become an army wide allegiance ability. Might sounds a little OP at first (given it's our only feasible Command Trait), but I really think it would fit the theme of the army and tbh doesn't even help against one of the biggest offenders in the game; mortal wound spam.
  4. Want to start Fimir - What is there?

    Sounds like a solid plan! I would certainly expect them to release models for the Banner and Musician options down the line.
  5. Want to start Fimir - What is there?

    @AthlorianStoners - Unfortunately you can't build a legal Firmir army at the moment due to the lack of a leader. What I'd be inclined to do is use the Noble model with rules from the Megaboss or Tyrant. Then just round out with a couple of units of the base guys. Ruleswise they are actually really good imo. As @meet.the.doctor said, there definitely is new stuff coming so wouldn't hurt to get a bunch of the basic guys painted up ahead of some new releases.
  6. What could the next faction be?

    It will start to get to the stage (if it hasn't already) where Destruction are the new Death and in desperate need of some love. The last 3 battletomes have been evenly spread (Chaos, Death, Order) so it would be amazing if we saw something for Destruction next (Though perhaps Idoneth Deepkin will get that slot). Personally I think the next Destruction battletome is likely to be Moonclan, given the Malign Portents Harbinger - could be a midsize release similar to the Daughters of Khaine with a mix of old and new kits included. I do also think there will be a Grotbag Scuttlers book sometime down the line.
  7. 1200 point Ironjawz list

    @krimsynn - The most obvious build would be; Leaders Orruk Megaboss (140) Orruk Warchanter (80) Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (120) Battleline 10 x Orruk Brutes (360) - Ironjawz Battleline 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Ironjawz Battleline 3 x Orruk Gore Gruntas (140) - Ironjawz Battleline 10 x Orruk Ardboys (180) - Ironjawz Battleline Total: 1160 / 1200
  8. Mournfang loadout

  9. A "Monster Hunter" army

    @Son Of Khârn - Is the plan to just use stock GW models and try to have a theme, or are you actually going to be converting models to look like stuff from the game? If its the latter then I think you could make it work. If not though, I do agree with @Lucio that I don't get a sense of theme here. Mierce Miniatures do some fantastic monsters that for me have always had a Monster Hunter vibe. I own Angrislaug and the Wyvern, both of which could have come straight from the MH games IMO!
  10. Magma Dragon

    Well it's actually just part of the main 4 page rules. Unless you're at an event that explicitly states you don't use "The Battefield" section of the rules then you could call on this; I think @Ben was doing this with his Legion of Azgorh as they have some rules that benefit from playing in the Realm of Fire iirc (don't quote me on this, I may be wrong). Basically it would likely just end up coming down to a roll off as to whether you could take advantage of the bonus I guess!!
  11. It's the Gorkanaut without guns! Got a couple of big painting nights ahead of me on the Grot crew now.
  12. Spent last night's hobbytime rectifying the awful weathering I applied to the Rock Lobbers on Wednesday. This consisting of completing repainting the wheels, legs and fronts of all 4 machines from scratch. Bit of a pain and a waste of precious hobby time. Getting all the Grots done for next weekend is gonna be a big ask, especially with a doubles tournament this weekend. It may be that right at the death I make a last minute call and switch to the Rogue Idol (way worse list) and finish him up next Friday as I know he'll only take a few hours to finish. Nice to be back in the mix and stressing about tournament painting again. I've missed this!!
  13. Magma Dragon

    @GlanceOnASix - Before The General's Handbook and matched play was a thing, I was running a Magma Dragon in my Ironjawz army. Under one of the old community points systems (Clash/SCGT) it was 20/100 of your army, equating to 400pts in new money. That, tbh, was quite the bargain and it was very effective in the club games I used it at. Never got my Mierce Angrislaug painted so haven't used it in a tournament field. I actually love the official FW model as well. Unfortunately due to my preference for Ironjawz > Destruction armies, I haven't really given it a look in of late. Ruleswise though it's clearly pretty powerful and a Destruction monster mash would be great fun for sure!! Lets see some lists!!
  14. Is Competitive AoS Backing Itself into a Corner?

    This ran its course a while back guys! Locked.
  15. Hey, Just to show I am still doing something, I have some incredibly pretentious teaser photos that I put on Twitter for #wipwednesday yesterday. I subsequently ruined the models with a terrible attempt at weather that'll likely take a few hours or so to rectify!! Should have full photos with crew week commencing 19/03/18, providing I get them finished for the event the weekend before that! **EDIT - Urgh, never nice seeing your painting magnified like that haha** Chris