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  1. Hi, I am a new Death player (have played Chaos a little bit before this) and wanted to get peoples thoughts on this list. I'm not too bothered about it being competitive, its mostly made of the models I own and like (using the Jute Gast models as the Morghasts). Firstly is the list legal? I think that as the allegiance is Death, the 3 skeleton units should give me my battle line. I'll be honest that I don't really understand how the summoning works with regards to points- would I be allowed to chose any of my units to hold in reserve and summon them in using Nagash? Or would I need to nominate the summoning pool before the game? Could this pool include my battle line units? Finally is Nagash considered to be an overly powerful or "gamey" choice? I will mainly play friendly games and just like the model, which is a real centrepiece to the army. But I would feel a bit uncomfortable if no-one likes to play against him? Cheers, Greg Allegiance: Death Leaders Nagash Supreme Lord Of The Undead (800) Necromancer (110) Units 2 x Morghast Archai (220) 2 x Morghast Archai (220) 5 x Black Knights (120) 10 x Grave Guard (160) -Wight Blades & Crypt Shields 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) -Ancient Spear & Shield 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) -Ancient Spear & Shield 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) -Ancient Spear & Shield 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) Total: 1990 / 2000 Allies: 0 / 400 Leaders: 2/6 Battlelines: 9 (3+) Behemoths: 1/4 Artillery: 0/4 Wounds: 115
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