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  1. List's submitted! Gonna spend the night working on tokens to remind me what the hell is going on! Ben: I forgot to say on my email, I've paid for 2000 (Mr Hobgoblin paid for it) and 500. I'm waiting for money to show up in my PayPal to pay for 1000, should get that to you tomorrow.
  2. I'd love to be on Bottomcam, alas I'm sure they'll just cover table 1
  3. Warchanter "Rawk da Kasbah"

    Warchanter "Rawk da Kasbah" Painted for my Army
  4. Hazmat Gutspilla Ascendant

    Hazmat Gutspilla Ascendant - A reincarnation of my Warboss for AoS, Any resemblance to any other Warboss (living or dead) is purely coincidental.
  5. Hope so! Mwahahahaha!
  6. OK thanks chaps! That makes sense but yeah it does mean my plan isn't viable, so back to 2 shamans I guess! I'll get it off eventually this I vow!
  7. Now that the Balewind is pointed and not frowned upon so much I was thinking of taking it my Destruction list to Blood & Glory. The list I've been playing is based around getting Foot of Gork off, I'd love to come back with some great stories of it stomping things to death. So far I've been running 2 shamans surrounded by boyz (+2 to cast), but it's just not working. At first I had 2 attempts to get it off per turn, but no longer. I haven't managed to get it to go off for the last 5 games! So I was thinking of dropping the 2nd Shaman and paying for the Balewind. +2 from the boyz and +1 from the Balewind should improve my chances. Would now cast on 7+. However, my boyz can't be within 3" of the Balewind so I'm gonna struggle to get them in, they have to be within 10" of the Shaman when he casts. Would I measure this? From the base of the Balewind (that's not too bad) or from the Shaman model himself? if so, diagonally? Along and up? (that would make it not worth using for this plan). This also raises the question, when casting a spell from on top of the Balewind, would you measure from the shaman model of the base of the Balewind? Less worried about this, but I guess the same answer should apply to both yes? I'm mainly interested in running this for Blood & Glory so I guess if it's not clear, it's however Ben thinks it should be.. Ta!
  8. Thanks! We'll they're lovely
  9. I think it's self promotion. Wants a job at GW. He's made a hell of a name for himself with this, weather that'll help or hinder his ambition is a gamble.. There's no way he'd have got this exposure just posting fan art in a blog. Lots probably do that and and I haven't seen any of it. If he'd done the box mockup and said it was fan made somewhere, it would have still probably hit all the rumour mills anyway and he'd be morally in the clear.
  10. Beautiful collection of wizards! Congrats! This is something I've always wanted to do but never got around to. This is great inspiration.
  11. Is there and official hastag for Blood & Glory? Would be good to see everyone's preparations in the same place? I noticed last years was #B&G15 but it doesn't look like it works with a & in it!
  12. Congrats! Well deserved! I managed a Gold Medal too! We did well to beat the 40k stuff! You planning next year's already?
  13. Great job! It's heart warming to see the Reik still flowing! Good luck tomorrow! Let us know how out get on.
  14. Red Skull Boyz Brutes

    Brutes finished for my army.
  15. Super excited about this! I'll be there, can always bring a mat and scenery too. Plenty of us at Hobgoblin Club will be making this a regular night so that's a good start! Hopefully it'll grow into THE club of the North!