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About Me

Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, I've decided to get back into the hobby. I've been out of the hobby since the dropping of WHFB 8th edition so I'm completely new to AoS. In 8th edition I've played both High Elves and Ogre Kingdoms, but I want to start a whole new army. Soulblight! The fast playing style, low model count, general tactics and the models make this the go to army for me. Also budget wise this should be a good army for me as I already know what I like to pick up from the shop. I tried making a list with those models and I'm curious what you guys think of it. The models I'd like to use are: 2x AoS SC Flesheater Courts which contains: 2x VLoZD 2x Flying Horror (Ghoul Kings conversion using the little Vargheist wings) 6x Vargheists 1 box of Tyranid Gargoyle Brood to convert the Ghouls from the SC kit to 10 Fell Bats Probably another 2 boxes of Vargheists The list I came up with using these models would be the following: Death - Soulblight - Swift Death = 2000 Points VLoZD - 440 -General -Lance, shield, chalice VLoZD - 440 -Lance, shield, chalice VL - 140 -Flying Horror VL - 140 -Flying Horror 4x3 Vargheists - 150x4=600 3x3 Fell Bats - 80x3=240 This is exactly 2000 points. I haven't made up my mind about artefact or lore of the vampires. I'd like to know what you think about it so far. If you have any tips or recommendations. If you have any tactical tips for this list? I'll be playing in an AoS group 2 or 3 times a month and there will probably be a tournament two times a year. The list doesn't have to be the most competitive list possible. It has to be a fun and good looking list which is competitive enough that I won't be losing every game.
  2. 'Ivan Dracoth' Vampire Lord for my new Death Army
  3. Hey everyone! Working on my Vanguard build for my Soul Blight army. I'm a bit stuck. Soul Blight does not have a ton of HQ options and I'm trying to decide between two more Bat Swarm units or one more Vampire Lord on Nightmare. Here is what I plan on taking first. Vampire Lord - Chalice of Blood, Nightmare, Mist Form, Crimson Wing, Swift Death Blood Knights (5-vamp) - Hornblower, Kastellan, Standard Bearer Blood Knights (5-vamp) - Hornblower, Kastellan, Standard Bearer Bat Swarms (2-swarms) Bat Swarms (2-swarms) So, should I grab four more bases of Bat Swarms? Add another Vampire Lord on Nightmare? Take 5 more Blood Knights and drop all the Bat Swarms? Thanks in advance!
  4. Starting a thread to keep progress with my AoS/Hinterlands warband anecdote hopefully keep neck motivated to finish. The fluff i had in mind is as follows; The leader is a venerable glade lord and skilled hunter who travelled with a great army to the realm of shadow. His army got destroyed wiped in a mighty battle and he himself dies only to awake in a great forest. Driven mad by isolation he comes to the self realisation he has been reforged by Sigmar in order to defend this beautiful but seemingly rarely inhabited forest of the touch of chaos. He binds the creatures of the forest, wolf and hawk alike, to his will hunting down groups of chaos warriors and mercenaries and putting them to the sword. Except the creatures of the forest are not bound to him through the spirit of the forest but through his shared bloodlust for he is not reforged by Sigmar but touched by the same Soul Blight as the vampire that he thought had slew him. He wanders not in a grand forest hunting chaos, that is all in his troubled mind, in reality he haunts the ruins of an old cathedral in a barren wasteland where he fell, preying on travellers and pilgrims and feasting on their mortal souls aided in the slaughter by great carrion beasts. so in attempt to follow that kind of vibe I'm aiming to crest something's more like a macabre wood elf warband than one with a classic undead feel.
  5. Work in progress Dire Wolves, trying to give them a more natural look to fit in with fluff. I wanted something that would correspond to their wood elf counterparts which would be hunting hounds. Still got some work to do on these and I also started on a Varghulf conversion.
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