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  1. Chinhampster

    Get On the Floor!

    I think you've already worked this out Steve but yes it's all good.
  2. Chinhampster

    Raise the Roof!

    Nope, knackered for me too mate. Some security setting somewhere to change? Although your previous have all showed up fine...
  3. Chinhampster

    The Generals Handbook

    He'll be playing me with it at some point early on and I'm far from cool...
  4. I bet those of us that just never finish any painting are in the majority of players - nothing of mine has been finished since I got back into the game when AoS dropped. Hell, most isn't started. Meh, grey looks just fine doesn't it..? Seriously, nice work! I'm getting inspired to actually get painting so this forum is doing wonders already. Cheers man.
  5. Chinhampster

    Raise the Roof!

    Can't wait to christen the place! Been too long coming (I know it hasn't really but it seems it).
  6. Chinhampster

    Number of wounds

    I guess I've always had around 100 or a bit more, at least that's where all the lists I've made have averaged out. I'm with some others on here that my list building is erring towards larger models now though which inevitably means fewer wounds. To balance it I try and make the infantry I have now be as survivable as possible, if that means taking formations/heroes to do that then that's the way I'm going. The various "guard" infantry is the way I'm going (Temple Guard/Phoenix Guard etc).
  7. Man I'm so excited! The Aelfs look amazing and have some really interesting rules. The assasin type Shadow Aelf has some filthy teleportation malarkey going on along with a plus 1 to hit alongside pretty decemt damage output, then an 8 inch immediate move if he slays a model! Slap the Loremaster spell on him, teleport in hero phase, pop a wizard or something them nick off before any nearby units pile in on you. Of course, I'll probably not kill the target and then get taken out but hey ;-)
  8. Chinhampster

    Rat Ogres Warpfire Guns

    I heard you definitely can't have more than one. Definitely! Bloody Rat Ogres...