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Found 32 results

  1. I've grown impatient for GW to come out with some really cool Vampires and with the COVID Pandemic it has given me suffcient time to hobby. So without further ado, I present House Corvent, a Vampire Coven that turned its back on Nagash and made a deal with Khorne. House Corvent “To be on the cusp of dominating the mortal realms, only to be denied such power from a group of greedy rats only shows how ignorant he really is.” - Duntov Von Corvent, discussing Clan Eshin’s intervention during Nagash’s Necroquake and the Arcanum Optimar. House Corvent is an ancient Soulblight Coven that is of significantly smaller size than many other Soulblight Covens. Despite its size, House Corvent’s members are known as being some of the deadliest and fiercest fighting of all Soulblight. This has resulted in the Coven being tasked with some of the most difficult and deadly missions. Duntov Von Corvent, the head of House Corvent dates back to a time when there were only faint whispers of blood sucking immortals that inhabited the realms. Duntov has served under Neferata since she turned him centuries ago. However, that came to an abrupt end several years ago when Duntov made a deal with the Blood God, by turning the Covens back on magic and the Great Necromancer. In return House Corvent would, for the first time in centuries, have their minds free from Nagash’s grasp and no longer would they be puppets in his undead army. Having served Neferata and as a result Nagash, Duntov became increasingly frustrated with the strangle hold the Undying King and his Mortarch had over their servants. It was during a bloody battle in Shyish when the forces of Khorne appeared and House Corvent was sent behind enemy lines to assassinate leaders of the invading Khorne Warhorde. Duntov ruthlessly slaughtered a high-ranking Chaos Lord, plunging his sword through the Chaos Lord's skull and then sucking his body dry of any remaining life blood. The feasting did not stop there, the warriors of House Corvent drained the warriors of Khorne of their blood as was the Soulblights nature. It was at this very moment that the eyes of Khorne gazed upon Duntov and house Corvent, for the Blood God cares not from whence the blood flows, only that it flows, and on this particular occasion the blood flowed endlessly. Khorne was aware of the existence of the Soulblight, however never had he seen such bloodthirsty warriors as those from House Corvent and this pleased the Blood God. Sensing turmoil within Duntov and his House, Khorne appeared to the Vampire Lord offering House Corvent freedom from Nagash and Neferata and in return they only needed to turn their back on magic and pledge loyalty to the Blood God. Duntov and his House accepted the offer, and at the snap of his fingers, the Chaos powers of Khorne freed House Corvent from the grasp of Nagash and his Mortarch of Blood. The following years proved to be difficult for House Corvent, no longer would they have the luxury to do as they pleased in Shyish; no longer would they be the apex hunters of the realm of Death, now they were the hunted. Despite being incredibly cunning, Neferata was blinded by her rage, one of her oldest and most elite Soulblight leaders had defected to the forces of Chaos. She would send countless Deathrattle legions in search of the traitor Duntov Von Corvent and his House. However, each skeletal legion was met with swift destruction. Duntov not only had the elite forces of his House to command but was supported by Khorne daemons. In one particular bloody battle against the forces of Death, Duntov called upon The Tyrants of Blood and he was greeted by Skarbrand and two Bloodthirster escorts. The trio of Bloodthirsters went on to decimate the front lines, allowing Duntov and his Blood Drenched Knights to ride down the remaining forces of Death. The once powerful magic wielding Soulblight in House Corvent, now turned warrior-priests, were often found drinking the blood of their fallen foes so that Khorne would answer their prayers. Top Lieutenants, now called Deathbringers were found spearheading charges, some aspiring to gain Khorne’s favor and others being exalted by their new God. Through these victories in Shyish, the locals in surrounding areas bore witness to an alternative life, one that wasn’t dictated by the Undying King. Over time these locals would flock to Duntov Von Corvent, pledging loyalty to him and worshiping Khorne as their new God. Most would fill out the ranks as Bloodreavers or Chaos Warriors, but those that proved particularly savage would receive The Red Baptism and become a fearsome Blood Warrior and thus was established the Corvent Warhorde. Less than a decade after their pledge of loyalty to the Blood God, House Corvent had grown to become a thorn in Nagash’s side and for a fleeting moment the Undying King questioned the vulnerability of Shyish. House Corvent Organizational Background of Notable Leaders & Units Faction: Chaos, Khorne Realm: Shyish Motto: Ut neque quod duceretur captum neque quartam partem dare, non accipere vulnerum occidioni (Take no prisoners, give no quarter, accept only bloodshed). Duntov Von Corvent (Chaos Lord on Karkadrak): Often found leading his House into battle from atop a Karkadrak. He carries a Khorne blessed Sword as old as House Corvent itself, forged from the metal of Chamon that has the ability to pierce even the strongest armor with relative ease earning its nickname The Gorecleaver. Arkus Zrone (Chaos Lord on Manticore): The famed Vampire warrior and right hand of Duntov Von Corvent, Arkus leads the troops of House Corvent head first into combat, riding atop his Chaos Beast. Cazdrakk Corvaul (Chaos Lord on Foot): Perhaps one of the most ruthless and bloodthirsty officers in House Corvent. Cazdrakk prefers offense to defense and thus throws caution to the wind, wielding a Reaperblade in one hand and a Daemonbound Axe in the other. Cazdrakk leads House Corvent’s foot soldiers and is usually tasked with taking and holding areas of great importance on the battlefield. Zori Zosix (Priest): Oldest in House Corvent, second only to Duntov Von Corvent himself, Zori was the spiritual leader of the House in their mortal days. When Neferata turned Duntov and subsequently the remainder of the House, these rituals were practiced in secrecy as it was seen to be heresy. However, under their new Chaos God, their bloody rituals are welcomed. In battle, Zori is often found atop his skull altar or warshrine praying to the Blood God for support in battle. Sometimes answered in the form of daemons, other times in the judgments of Khorne. Lt. Unu (Bloodstoker): One of Duntov Von Corvent’s most trusted lieutenants, he is tasked with keeping the infantry known as the Gore Seekers in line, whipping anyone that dare disobey an order. The Blood Drenched (Chaos Knights): It is rare to see Duntov Von Corvent without his royal cavalry escort of Chaos Knights called The Blood Drenched. Their name paints an accurate picture, as these former Blood Knights charge at terrifying speeds, crashing into enemy lines breaking bone and detonating organs creating a red haze in the air and soaking the riders and their mounts with their enemies’ blood. Gore Seekers (Chaos Warriors, Blood Warriors or Bloodreavers): The Gore Seekers are a general term used for the foot troops within House Corvent. The Gore Seekers look to capture The Blood Gods' eye through spilling as much blood as possible and as a result they are usually found on the front lines and oftentimes they are the first to see combat, in hopes that their eagerness will earn Khorne’s favor. Art of Duntov Von Corvent Duntov Von Corvent on Foot (Chaos Lord) Duntov Von Corvent on Karkadrak (Chaos Lord on Karkadrak) Arkus Zrone (Chaos Lord on Manticore) Cazdrakk Corvaul (Chaos Lord on Foot) Zori Zosix (Priest/Chaos Warshrine) The Blood Drenched (Chaos Knights) with Duntov Von Corvent on Karkadrak
  2. "From my rotting body, flowers shall grow, and I am in them, and that is eternity." Edvard Munch Apologies for the lack of updates recently. It's been a while, but then it's taken me a while to tackle this month's challenge. At the beginning of February, to align with Tales of Instahammer's Monster Month, I set myself the task of complete The Ancient One atop his zombie dragon. I'd be lying if I said it hasn't been a slog, but we've made it. Who is The Ancient One? (The lore) For decades, this vampire's spirit has walked the Realm of Death's many underworlds. Unfettered from his cadaver during bouts of deep sleep, he has travelled far in his hunger for knowledge and secrets. Most souls are all too eager to share their stories. Others are doomed to repeat their final moments or strongest memories; The Ancient One need only watch. Even the dead want to be heard. Now his tower stirs again. Fell bats flock to the upmost turrets, crawling like lizards to rest in the rafters. Those humans and the other base creatures held in the laboratories huddle deeper in the shadows. Deep beneath even the duardins' old tunnels, rows of iron maidens rattle once more with madness and the crunch of mandibles. Acolytes long sequestered in their private quarters feel the winds shift and look up with red eyes and trembling hands, helpless against their father's will. Back in possession of his remains, he pushes aside the lid of his sarcophagus and emerges into total darkness to record that knowledge, the secrets of the dead painted on reams of human skin that he might reread them, refer back to them, draw pleasure from them all over again in his quest to understand them. For only in understanding them does he make them his own. And they will be his. "I come back to myself slowly, and the visions of the dead come with me. They dance in the corners of my eyes as I reach out to drag the vast stone cover from before me, retracing steps they once learned in life or else writhing from base memories of a different kind. A select few of them I recognise, their features etched into my being, bound to me or my holdings until such a time as I deem otherwise. Others I might recall once I have woken properly. Most of them are as faceless to me as the dead in my dreams and just as immaterial." Dark Awakening, Ch. 1 Bringing The Ancient One to un-life You might recognise several of the parts used to convert The Ancient One and his mount. Much like his experiments, this vampire's model is made from a variety of different sculpts. At its base is the Tomb Kings Hierophant from the classic Casket of Souls set. There's a Spirit Host arm, an arm from the Warcry Beasts kit, several skulls from the Mortis Engine set, and a Terrorgheist with a Troglodon's head, which to my mind is super serpentine and draconic. The rest is Greenstuff. (Curious? Check out some WIP shots.) I think my favourite part is his gnarly expression, which I feel really captures the essence of the Necrarchs and the classic Vampire Counts artwork that has so inspired me. I hope you like him as much as I do. If so, I'd love to hear about it. Related read: Sunday Spotlight: The Acolytes Five Instagram: @brotherhoodofnecros
  3. Muerte4kvs4k (2).pdf Heyyyyyy booooooys. This weekend i have a 4k vs 4k (2 vs 2 players) agaisnt Nurgle and Sylvaneth, my mate will use Orruk warclans. I need your opinion about the list im linking. Your thoughts, utility etc etc Have to say we are going to play starting in the short sides of the table, i cant remenber exactly the name of this vertical battle plan.
  4. "Tell me a story, Abel." One sandalled foot on the marble steps, my brother stops. "A story, Teacher?" "That is what I said." He tugs at the sleeves of his robes, eyes unblinking, and I almost imagine I can see them playing out behind those glassy orbs: a hundred tales, a thousand sagas retold in the recesses of his mind. They say the dead don’t dream, but I have tasted Abel and know better, know that in the dusty aisles of his compliant head, an imagination like no other gluts itself on a centuries-long banquet of literature and lore. Grimoires. Codices. Maps, books of maths and legislature, litanies and more fill his brain. Another once described his sort as books of blood. If so, I am his sole translator. Dark Awakening, Ch. 2 For month one of Tales of Instahammer, we've been asked to complete a regiment and a character. To kick off my collection, I've chosen to tackle a unit of Fell Bats and my counts-as Coven Throne. It's the latter I'd like to shine the spotlight on today, specifically one of the vampire 'handmaidens' mounted on it. Befitting my Necrarch theme, I've imagined the Coven Throne as a kind of chariot/platform from where Abel and his get recite their litanies. A priest of Necros, Abel the Unwritten spends much of his time in the library. A shadow of their progenitor, his get are similarly obsessed with literature. As a coven, they are never far from one of their books. To represent this on the Throne, this acolyte will be reading studiously from a necromantic tome, muttering the word-perfect incantation that you can see manifesting from his outstretched hand. I'll share another update once I've made more progress. For now, I've a book of my own to finish reading... Related read: Sunday Spotlight: The Acolytes Five Flash Fiction: A Copse of Books
  5. The GW store offers 5 different vampire lords for sale that all share the same warscroll, what are the stats for each one? I assume the one with the skeleton horse gets the "nightmare steed" ability. What about the other 4, which ones have "flying horror" and which ones have the "chalice of blood"?
  6. Vampire Lord Conversion. Body - Slaughterpriest Wings - Vargheists Head and Sword - Knight of Shrouds on Eteral Steed More images: http://wellofeternitypl.blogspot.com/2018/08/warhammer-age-of-sigmar-soulblight.html
  7. I am starting a Warhammer Quest style game where each player has one character and the group goes on a hunt for a vampire. The players and I met yesterday for our intro game to the new campaign. All of them are new to Warhammer, as well as mostly new to war games in general. We went over the basic rules for a bit and then had a little scrum with some zombies to try them out. Things went well, and the players enjoyed themselves. I'd forgotten, however, how weak zombies are. I am toying with the idea of tweeking zombies for this type of game: DRAGGED DOWN AND TORN APART (SKIRMISH EDITION) Zombies that outnumber their opponent by at least 2 to 1 receive a +1 to hit and to wound. Zombies that outnumber their opponent by at least 3 to 1 receive a +2 to hit and to wound. Zombies that outnumber their opponent by at least 4 to 1 receive a +3 to hit and to wound. Hopefully this will make them more of a threat, and lead the players to have to treat them as such. What do you all think?
  8. Hey all. I was just wondering if any of you have this wonderful Michael Kontraros model. I have been wanting to pick it up for awhile but I can not get a good sense of its size from online pics. It of course says 54mm scale but all the pictures I have seen and several reviews have said it comes in a little small. Was hoping someone out there has it and would throw up a picture with it and a GW model to compare size. I was hoping to use it for a Coven Throne conversion. Even if it is too big I will probable get it as it is drop dead gorgeous.
  9. Hi all, First time posting here! I've recently started a "Death" army after a few years out of the fantasy scene. Used to play Vampire counts and had over 15,000 points at one point so it's good to be back! I've a spare Yvraine (Ynnari 40k) model for some time and thought it would be a great base for a female vampire! Without further ado I present Melaina! Shes not completely finished yet but any constructive criticism or tips are more than welcome! I'll post more pics once compeltely finished!
  10. Dracula

    Black Knights

    First things to be painted. I kept the knights off the horses to make them easier to paint and mixed in grave guard parts to give the two units a unified look
  11. Dracula

    Black Knights

    First things to be painted. I kept the knights off the horses to make them easier to paint and mixed in grave guard parts to give the two units a unified look
  12. So finally finished (besides her base) the horse mounted version of my vampiric big boss Cassia. Still not sure on a full name though I'm sure I'll think of something! (Any ideas do let me know!) And of course it wouldn't be Cassia if she wasn't covered in the blood of her victims... She will be getting her inaugural games in tomorrow as we practice for our path to glory firestorm campaign and I will try to post some battle reports here. Hopefully with pictures though most will be unpainted alas... (Sorry, it's a long process!) Anyway here she is in all her gory glory!
  13. So today I had a lot of fun painting up my vampire to sit on her zombie dragon Need a good surname for her but I'm getting there. Then it'll be onto actually creating some background for my soulblight army. She's already going to have the nickname of 'the bat queen' for employing large use of her bat-like gargoyle followers (counts as fell-bat conversion, pic below) and of course regular bats (gonna have to get myself bat swarms just because they can be useful for protection) She will also have a horse mounted model that will be painted up later but I'm proud of how she's turned out. Good fun applying the blood too obviously she's just a messy eater.
  14. And here it's a video on how I converted one winged vampire lord on a on foot one. It could also be magnetized , but I really liked to use it in the position I modified, so I decided not to procede to that step. Anyway all the other steps you can find them here:
  15. And here I bring a tutoril about how to realize easily a chalic/goblet. I realized such tricks for my vampires and Blood Angels, So I thought it would be interesting to share the idea about it. And here it's the video talking about t that comes from my YT channel.
  16. Hello all - I had a question regarding a potential Death list that I was building, as a friend of mine is selling me some of his models that he wants to get rid of (very cheaply, to boot): Allegiance: Death Heroes Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440) - General - Command Trait : Ruler of the Night - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Cursed Book Vampire Lord (140) - Flying Horror Vampire Lord (140) - Flying Horror Units 5 x Blood Knights (260) 5 x Blood Knights (260) 5 x Blood Knights (260) 6 x Vargheists (320) 4 x Bat Swarms (160) Total: 1980/ 2000 The idea for this list is fairly straightforward - Keep VLoZD up/healed, and use him to fly towards key battles/flanks, and buffed up Deathless Minions saves and buff either himself or a key allied unit with his command ability. The 2 Vampire Lords can fly 10" and have great utility this way, as well as being able to debuff a key enemy unit, and throw out the obligatory Mystic Shield/Arcane Bolt. The Bat Swarms I can sub out for more Vargheists, but I plan on flying them up towards key shooting units, since they only have to be within 12" to debuff them with that -1 to hit rolls (since this doesn't stack, it's better to have x4, rather than 2x2, and can receive Deathless Minions bonus). Blood Knights will do what Blood Knights do... haha. Some variations: 1. Dropping 1 Vampire Lord, 4 bat swarms will buy me 300pts for another unit of Blood Knights, and dropping 4 x Bat swarms will give me 3 more Vargheists. I don't fancy the Coven Throne, and have decided to ignore it in this list. 2. Dropping 2 Vampire Lords, 2 bat swarms, add Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror and 3 Vargheists. This is one less hero, but the spell for the Vampire Lord on Terror, DOUBLES a unit's move characteristic... In that case, the Vargheists would receive the Command Ability + Mystic Shield + Hellish Vigour = 24" fly, 4+ save, 28a/3+/3+/-1/2 reroll failed hits that generate more attacks per model killed. These would be the crowd-clearers, 3. Dropping 2 Vampire Lords, Vargheists, Bats, Add 10 more Blood Knights and Vampire Lord on Abyssal Terror. This would basically be Blood Knights 2 x 10, 1 x 5, and heroes... Vampire Lords would buff a Blood Knight deathstar to have 30 wounds, saving on 3+ with mystic shield (2+ vs attacks with no rend), 5+ Deathless Minions save, 20" move (buffed), 30 attacks, rerolling failed hits... that do D3 damage on the charge (!!!). A one-trick pony, that buffed up, on average against a 4+ save base, would = 24 wounds. Even if something crazy like Khorne Skullreapers or Bloodwarriors, the extra save would sustain their numbers, allowing for a model to regen each turn. Thoughts? Concerns? I know it's not massive model count, and lacks shooting, so armies like Khorne will give me some trouble, but the ability to soak up mortal wounds, heal, and regen models, as well as flying chargers a la Vargheists, will allow me to fly into some Thundertusks, should I ever face them.
  17. I tried to find answers for these questions (and for one of them I think I already know the answer). Can you help me to clarify some things? 1. Can I play with named hero (e.g. Vlad von Carstein) or I have to use scroll for Vampire Lord in general because Vlad's stats are out of date (https://www.games-workshop.com/resources/PDF/AoS_Warscrolls/aos-warscroll-vampire-lord-en.pdf)? 2. If I can play with Vlad, do I have to pay for him twice because of his resurrecting skill? 3. If I can play with Vlad, when exactly do I resurrect him? Just after he is slain? For example, can I place him within 3" of the enemy to use him in combat phase? Thanks in advance
  18. Eemus Dracoth - Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Prince of the Withered Kingdoms and Commander of the Seven Nation Army
  19. Omulous Dracoth - Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon Prince of the Withered Kingdoms and Commander of the Seven Nation Army
  20. The fluff i had in mind is as follows; The leader is a venerable glade lord and skilled hunter who traveled with a great army to the realm of shadow. His army got destroyed wiped in a mighty battle and he himself dies only to awake in a great forest. Driven mad by isolation he comes to the self realization he has been reforged by Sigmar in order to defend this beautiful but seemingly rarely inhabited forest of the touch of chaos. He binds the creatures of the forest, wolf and hawk alike, to his will hunting down groups of chaos warriors and mercenaries and putting them to the sword. Except the creatures of the forest are not bound to him through the spirit of the forest but through his shared blood lust for he is not reforged by Sigmar but touched by the same Soul Blight as the vampire that he thought had slew him. He wanders not in a grand forest hunting chaos, that is all in his troubled mind, in reality he haunts the ruins of an old cathedral in a barren wasteland where he fell, preying on travelers and pilgrims and feasting on their mortal souls aided in the slaughter by great carrion beasts. so in attempt to follow that kind of vibe I'm aiming to crest something's more like a macabre wood elf warband than one with a classic undead feel.
  21. Hi guys! So a friend of mine dropped around today and we decided to bust out a 1200pts game. My seraphon vs his undead. I wanted to test the core of my 2k list so I took: Sunclaw starhost Sunblood - General, obsidian blade, tenacity, phoenix stone 30 saurus with spears 10 saurus with swords 10 saurus with swords Oldblood with great weapon Skink starpriest Skar-vet on carno My friend took Vampire lord - book of -1 to hit, general Necromancer 10 skeletons with swords and shields 30 skeletons with spears and shields 20 grave guard 2 morghast archai 10 zombies sitting in his summoning pool (I didnt know this in the game). We decided to play take and hold as I think this might be a scenario I'm going to struggle with. Deployment wise I placed my carno on the right hand side of the battlefield, one 10 man saurus unit screened my 30 man unit and the other 10 man saurus was deployed on the 12inch line on the far left. All my characters were deployed on the back board edge as I wasn't sure how fast my friends army was. He occasionally runs these black knight bombs that get a first turn charge and wasn't sure if he had something similar planned with this army. I was able to win the priority and went first, in hindsight I shouldn't have. I couldn't make use of the saurus march ability as that would put me in a bad position if my friend double turned me. So instead I pushed the 10 man sword unit that I deployed on the left up the flank and cast mystic shield on them and moved the carno forward. My middle battle line re-positioned themselves. In my friends turn he summoned some zombies to block my carno and moved his entire battle line forward. His skeleton unit he buffed with the vampire's command ability (+1 attack). The archai flew into the centre. I won the priority for second turn. I started by casting mystic shield on my 10 man swordman unit shielding the spearman and using inspiring presence on the spearman. I knew that next turn I was going to probably take a beating haha. Everything in my army shuffled forward a little. My saurus on the far left flank charged a 10 man skeleton unit and the carno rolled a double 1 for his charge... In combat I rolled badly and only managed to kill 3 skeletons and lost 4 saurus in return. In my friends turn he ran his zombies out of the way as much as possible and positioned his spearman unit for a charge into the carno. His wights prepared for a charge on the losing 10 man saurus unit on the left and the archai set themselves up for a charge into my 10 man screening unit. The vamp threw his command ability along with cursing my carno and the necromancer gave van hels to the skeleton spearman. The saurus on the left only just managed to die, the wights only killing 5 and with the skeletons managing to cause the one wound needed to remove the remaining member. The carno surprisingly held up to the double attacks from the spearman only losing 5 wounds from about 100 attaks, in return I only managed to kill 3 skeletons due to the vampires curse and my inability to hit anything. The archai ate through 6 saurus.. Those dudes are brutal when you can't ignore their rend haha. We rolled for priority with me knowing if I lost, I'd lose the game. Luckily for me priority was on my side and I was able to secure it again. I was finally able to use the sunblood command ability! And only just! I threw it on the skeleton unit that was currently beating up my carno. I tried to cast mystic shield on the 4 saurus fighting the archai, but it failed. I moved my old blood up to try and get a charge off on the archai, it was desperate, but I needed to try and stop them from getting into the spearman. the sunblood and skink priest moved over together towards the carno and the spearman prepared themselves to charge the skeleton spearman. Charges started badly with the old blood not making it into the archai, it was so bad as this meant his re-rolls of 1 to wound buff would still be in range of the spearman. The spearman made their charge into the skeletons. In CC they managed to delete 18 of them and took 3 causalities in return. With the carno ability and battleshock the skeletons were wiped. The 4 man unit of saurus unsurprisingly got slaughtered by the archai. In my friends turn he positioned his archai and wights for a charge into the oldblood and spearman and the zombies for a charge into the carno. The necro used arcane missile to take 2 wounds off the carno putting him at 7 and the vamp used his curse thing to remove 1 attack from all the saurus spearman weapons... Which is brutal since that basically negates the 80 point battalion. Charges went off with only a small amount of wight making contact with the oldblood and spearman. The archai easily made it into the spearman centre and the zombies went into my carno. My friend activated the archai first and proceeded to delete 12 saurus. In retaliation I managed to kill one archai, bing the other to 2 wounds remaining and do nothing to his wights. He then activated the zombies who caused 2 wounds to the carno! My old blood whiffed and missed with all his attacks before being deleted by the wights, I also lost a further 10 spearman from the wights. In battle shock the saurus disappeared. We rolled for priority and my friend got the double turn. I conceded, but we played it out to see what would happen. The carno was arcane missiled off a decent 3 mortal wounds caused. The wights moved up to charge the sunblood and the archai went after my priest. My friend wanted to see what the sunblood could do and charged him, as soon as the sunblood died I would lose anyway as he was the only thing holding my objective. My friend was able to get van hels off in the hero phase on the wights (forgot to mention that). In combat he caused 7 wounds to me, luckily because I was tenacious I was holding in there and caused 6 back at him, we didn't roll for the second round of attacks from the wights and ended it there. Learning curves I came away with a few things learned. The additional wound on the Sunblood probably isn't worth it and might be better replaced with reckless. I shouldn't have been so timid and should have tried for a double turn, myself. By not doing so meant I just doomed myself to die slowly (which I did great!) Saurus old blood is really sad as far as his profile goes, but the re-rolls to 1 for all saurus within 5 inches is good. I will say though the high elf loremaster could probably kill this dude 1 on 1.. Seriously the mage has a better to hit roll haha. Sunblood command ability is super hard to use. 15 inch range is surprisingly low and when you do get to use this ability its generally only going to be for your turn as whatever you hit with it is likely to die anyway. I may need to consider making the slann my general, I'll ponder some more. All your abilities are single targets, which means you have to anticipate exactly what your opponent is going to do and if you're fighting on multiple fronts like I was, you're probably going to be overwhelmed. Saurus are great chaff, but might not work in the way I'm hoping. I planned to use them sorta like a chaff and hammer with the 10 man units slowing the enemy so the 30 man unit can obliterate them. Coming to find this might work once, but that's it... Carnosaurs look awesome, but don't seem to be very killy... at least not the skar-vet anyway. The 30 man saurus spearman unit is super hard to maneuver, the large bases are just killer for 1 wound 5+ sve models. The next games I play will be at a tournament on the 16th. After this game I had considered going over to chaos or back to my ole trusty stonehorn haha. But I think I'll just stick to Seraphon to get the army based and painted. Here is my WIP old blood: Thanks for reading. Crispen out!
  22. Below is a photo of my WIP Glade Lord turned Vampire conversion and my progress on his base. Used some Slyvaneth parts to help keep it in keeping with both the wood elf and Vampire vibe, the main part of the model is the Eldar Visarch which is about a head taller than a normal elf but i thought this would make him more imposing and also given that the rest of the warband is made up of beasts i'm not sure how much more noticeable it'll actually be.
  23. Prices including postage in the UK. Feel free to PM for more details or to make me an offer. Dwarf Lord - painted £10 Alith Anar - pro painted £20 Teclis - Undercoated black, and the end of his staff broke - £10 Vampire Lord - painted badly - £10 Longbeards - partly assembled - £20
  24. Hi i'm trying to make death army and I need some advice. My list: Vampire Lord on Zombie Dragon 440 Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (Totem) 120 Necromancer 120 Corpse Cart 80 Blood Knights x 5 260 Morghast Arcai 240 Zombies x 40 (Battleline) 240 Total: 1500 Point Total model: 51 I'm trying to make synergy with Wight King + Necromancer + Corpse Cart + 40 Zombies : Front line And have Vampire Lord on ZD + Blood Knights + Morghast Arcai : Flanks Magic synergy with Morghast + Corpse Cart Should I remove Morghasts and add Dire wolves and make more synergy with my front line and add Grave Guard or Hexwraiths or Black knights for more flanks?
  25. Considering selling my FEC army for something else, would consider trades for Daemons only but would have to be same Value or with money either way. Quite a large lot and mostly painted Points wise, over 5k and value wise £841 retail from GW. I would be looking for around £350 for everything posted (recorded of course and postage inclusive would be UK) Complete army list on scroll builder http://bit.ly/2gVVdhd Books, FEC and Death grand alliance 3 Terrorghiests, one painted one part one plastic 1 Zombie Dragon, painted 4 Morghasts painted 60 Crypt Ghouls, 10 plastic, 10 part 40 painted 18 Crypt Horrors, one undercoated, two built as Courtiers, 3 plastic rest painted 40 Zombies, 20 built 20 NOS neferata Undercoated Zandri dust and washed with Serphim sepia Konrad Von Carstien painted Henrich kimlier painted Wight King undercoated Ghoul king on foot painted 10 Hexwraiths undercoated Vargulf Painted
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