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  1. The Slimux sculpt is incredible. Any idea who sculpted it?
  2. I waa contemplating picking up the nurgle start collecting box to compliment the blight kings in hammerhal. seems those two would be the start of a decent force. Perhaps I should wait and check this out first?
  3. @Darksider, I think those mats are fine for Shadespire as described in the Skirmish book. I'm not as big on the graveyard/mausoleum look of GWs skirmish mat or terrain. So, I've moved our Skirmish games to Chamon for now and use the Misty Mayhem mats by Mats by Mars. Here's what it looks like on my table.
  4. One of the big bonuses to the new WHQ games is that we can use most of our AoS models. That "double duty" for models doesn't seem as likely with Shadespire. Seems we would need special decks and such for each character. I suppose my question is...does this complement AoS like WHQ does or is this a separate game only sharing the same setting?
  5. or keep limited visibility ('fog') as suggested above. i might try a steady 12" visibility limit.
  6. Have you made any changes to range attacks or movement?
  7. Good suggestion on keeping the fog of war throught the scenario. In fact, implementing 'fog' in all the games on the smaller boards may be a viable, and thematic, answer. Our recent foray into Clash at Dawn was a Relictor and two Liberators vs Slaughterpriests and some Blood Reavers.
  8. As a relatively new member, I don't have much to compare recent tone to, but I have always felt this place more positive than most. The nurgle/overlord post exampled earlier was against the spirit of how I understood this forum to be, but I wrote it off as a one time slip in judgement. The only other gaming forum I've visited that I would suggest is more positive is Lead Adventure. However, that is almost a pure hobby forum with nearly all posts being about paint jobs and conversion work. So many disparate games are being played there, no one is in an uproar over's all about the hobby. For what it's worth, I've recently started pulling away from other game forums and fb groups and hope to have TGA as my one home for online gaming discussion. I love AoS and I dig positive, inspirational ideas and discussion around it. These are toy soldiers, so I'm into the rule of cool, not so much how competitive a unit is. To quote Bad Brains...."I've got that PMA!" Ben, moderators, and usual suspect posters..thanks all for making this a fun place to enjoy AoS!
  9. We play Skirmish on 2x3 ft boards as they fit on our coffee table. I'm aware this is less than the minimum 3x3 ft GW suggests in the AoS rules, so maybe it's the culprit in our dealings with Mortal Wounds. When we build starting warbands (~25 renown) we tend to have 2-4 models with most being the cheap, 1 wound unit type. Scenarios such as 'Clash at Dawn' end when a warband has lost half their models. We're finding Mortal Wounds one these 1 wound units from range attacks (like arcane bolt) are ending matches before they even start. My first assumption was that playing on smaller boards is fine with no range adjustments for attacks. My logic being the smaller boards got us into the action faster with less useless turns moving into combat. However, I'm thinking that either Mortal Wounds need to be handled a little differently in the low model count games of Skirmish or that I need to go through and adjust all the ranges (and maybe even movement) to account for the smaller boards. Does anyone else play Skirmish (or AoS, I suppose) on smaller than suggested tables? Any tips or suggestions that have been helpful in playing games in the smaller space?
  10. My son and I play Skirmish, soon Hinterlands, through the WHQ games and the AoS starter. So, we skirmish SE vs khorne, tzeentch, and nurgle. All our models serve double duty in both Skirmish and WHQ. I planned on getting Flesh Eater Courts and Ironjawz for Skirmish...if they could also be used to stock WHQ dungeons...that'd be fantastic! We'd continue to get a lot of bang for our GW game bucks. Cheers!!
  11. We're big fans of the new whq, so looking forward to this. The only initial thought I have is to suggest maybe using the new WHQ font to signify this is a Mortal Realms variant and not an Old World one. Edit: Personal preference, but I like to go with an illustration over a painted mini for the adversary picture.
  12. I have also done this. Put him on a smaller base and have omitted the large flame piece. I've also separated the books and disc and put them all on their own flying base stands. The idea being they are dungeon dressing of sorts for the final chamber with the Gaunt Summoner. The disc is suspended in air (or hung on a wall) while the books sort of float around the room. It's a cool effect, but I've basically cut up this chariot set so much as to make it unplayable in an AoS army.
  13. That's probably right thinking more about it. Poor example.
  14. I would think the cost of components and manufacturing going into a Honda don't cost that much different than those for a Ferrari...
  15. Nerd entitlement never ceases to amaze me. Nothing is forcing us to play these games or buy their minis. There are many other options out there. Hell, a player could even play GW games but use whatever minis they want. To be honest, I like that GW has sort of positioned themselves as the 'Cadillac' of minis games. In this age of unproven kickstarter ****** and fan's refreshing that GW is doing their own thing. Even if some choices can sting...I applaud what they do.