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  1. Yeah, the rules say 'White Dwarf' exclusive, but I wonder if we'll see a 'Death Adversary' deck with creatures from all the Death GA factions much like we have for Chaos. Also, iirc, it seems like the adversary model count is realistic this time out...
  2. Mr. White

    Casual Play Rules

    I'm not too interested in Shadespire as a competitive title, but for a quick way to play games in the AoS universe with awesome minis. I built three 'casual play' Shadespire decks last night based on the casual deck thread in this forum. However, I saw some dude post this at BGG and it looks really neat. Seems real easy to set up and keep organized. Just give the warbands their faction specific cards and do the following: So, here's there are several upsides to that 'discard 6 random cards' method. As I was building these decks last night, I was thinking...what happens when I get new warbands? The Leader cards? Will I need to go in and re-tweak each 'casual balance' deck I just built? That sort of maintenance is a headache. What about the cards that are clearly inferior to others? Will they ever get used? However, with this method, No matter the expansion, all the neutral cards get dumped together. Players make their decks with the very small, faction specific number of cards. This is easy. Then, just toss and draw 6 neutrals. New and supbar cards will get shuffled into the mix and show up in game from time to time. These neutral draw piles can even be sorted by 'season' or what not for more variety. This will also keep the game fresh as decks will be different each time, but still generally play to a warband's specific style. I like this a lot. It has really amped up my excitement and appreciation for the game.
  3. Mr. White

    Best Decks for all Warbands

    Giving this an initial pass...do the fiends look stronger? I mean, i understand they're a solid warband, but on top of that their deck generates a wooping 24 glory whereas some of the others as low as 15.
  4. Mr. White

    Best Decks for all Warbands

    So, there's no overlap with these decks? I'm also wanting to build some casual decks to introduce the game with. Heck, I might just keep the game at 'casual play' level.
  5. Mr. White

    (FEC) Chamber of the Bloodied Dawn

    Finally got around to the centerpiece of my Flesh Eater Courts army…the behemoth known as a Terrorgheist. Fortunately, I’m taking part in a painting challenge called ‘Jewel of July’ where we choose a centerpiece model for any given collection of models hobbyist are working on. This big batty fella fit the bill for me as I had been putting it off and needed the push to get it done. As with the rest of my Flesh Eater Courts army, I wanted it to appear Stormcast Eternal inspired. I struggled with what I could do with this model, but came up a local individual who had some spare Dracothian Guard chest plates. The creatures neck was too low to have them hanging from it and they wouldn’t be seen if they were protecting his torso as they do for the Stormcast mounts, so these became shoulder guards. To get some more iconography on the creature I wrapped a series of chains around its neck which hang a shield and medallion with seal. I see Lord Maulheart and Co tossing these chains around it’s neck ceremoniously prior to battle. Flesh Eater Courts can be designed with the Ghoul King either on foot or riding on the Terrorgheist. To account for this flexibility, I moved the model a little to one side of the base, angled a wing up pretty high, and created room to also put the Ghoul King on so I can have them together as one model in cases where I build the army with Lord Maulheart riding his mount. To be honest, I struggled with assembly of this creature. I found it pretty difficult getting all the rocks that it’s perched on to glue level on the base. Those struggles paled in comparison to how much trouble I had painting the beast. Painting this model really tested my patience with the hobby side of this…hobby. In the end, it doesn’t look too bad. There are definitely some spots I’ll go back and try too smooth up, but for now he’s sealed and ready to game. In fact, I took the army out for a test run yesterday against a Nighthaunt army led by Nagash’s Bride. Lord Maulheart’s Chamber was routed…but he lived to to restore order to the Mortal Realms another day. The next issue with this creature is…how the hell do I store it?
  6. Mr. White

    Rules, what is where?

    @Dongilles, yes, that's what I meant....Alliance abilities. Sorry about the confusion. The Bonesplitterz battletome included alliance abilities? It came out after Sylvaneth?
  7. Mr. White

    Rules, what is where?

    Endless Spells rules are both in the core book and the malign sorcery pack? Seems some factions are missing alliance abilities in the GHB. Bonesplitterz?
  8. Mr. White

    1K Nighthaunt Cavalry

    Are these Grand Alliances requirements (3 units of ghouls) in the AoS2 core rulebook or GHB 2018?
  9. Mr. White

    1K Nighthaunt Cavalry

    Back to Open Play!
  10. Mr. White

    1K Nighthaunt Cavalry

    Yeah, I thought I would have to do this as Grand Alliance Death. FEC allegiance only when I play them at 1k. Nighthaunt allegiance when I play them at 1k. Death Grand Alliance when I combine them at 2k. But in the GA list...can the mounted nighthaunt be battleline? If not, what would be needed for a Nagash list for these two?
  11. Mr. White

    1K Nighthaunt Cavalry

    @Nevar Correct, ghouls as battleline for my current 1K FEC force. I was under the impression that one of the Nighthaunt heroes allows for mounted nighthaunt as battleline, so for my 1K Nighthaunt they would be mounted. I guess my thinking was, I would build two separate 1K army lists, then just combine them for 2K games if needed. If I combined the two for 2K of combined undead, would the Nighthaunt hero not still allow the mounted nighthuant to count as battleline? So...ghouls and mounted nighthaunt being mounted battleline units for the combined army. Or would it have to be either all ghouls or all nighthaunt?
  12. Mr. White

    1K Nighthaunt Cavalry

    I currently have 1K of FEC and am starting to become a little interested in adding 1K of Nighthaunt for a combined GA Death force. Particularly Nighthaunt cavalry only if possible. An army of spectral steeds seems cool to me. I don't have any of the new AoS2 rulebooks or battletomes, so does anyone have any idea what combination of heroes and battleline I would need to get to about 1K of mounted Nighthaunt models? Thanks!
  13. Mr. White

    Cavalry armies post-Brettonia?

    Hmmm...tell me more about the Nighthaunt cavalry. With no current interest in a second army, I haven't been following the Nighthaunt releases. What are the cavalry battle line and hero models? i only see the Hexwraiths on the website. is that it? Are they new models? The look a bit more skeletal than the others in the Nighthaunt line.
  14. Hmmm... @Skabnoze I think we were editing our posts at various times within a short timeframe. the flow of discussion seems off now. Anyway, I hope you guys find way to enjoy the games in whatever capacity you're comfortable with. It's something we (I) struggle with as this hobby can balloon way beyond what's reasonably necessary.
  15. We're clearly stepping into the realm of parenting and finances, so I mean no offense. It's all very subjective at this point. Is the item bought worth the time in work necessary to attain the item? What's the difference between 'hobby' and 'junk'? What is 'incrementally'? Weekly? Monthly? Quarterly? Should people be comfortable being groomed as consumers? Maybe it's too philosophical. However you cut it, seems some purchases offer more return, or gaming value, per dollar spent. Looking solely at that value...this being a gaming site. From where I sit, the shadespire warbands seem to offer a very favorable gaming/dollar ratio. There's a lot that can be done with them for little cost. They even cost less than anything GW will peddle as a 'skirmish' warband. See: Skirmish boxes, BB/Necro boxes or the new Kill Team squads. Carry on though.