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  1. * Streamlined rules to play with my son. * Low model count games are viable and fun. * Though initially I didn't care for it, I now greatly enjoy the colorful, epic, but slightly more grim, 'Masters of the Universe' type setting * Factions getting overhauled aesthetics. I enjoy seeing what GW cooks up next and the new look armies.
  2. So...what's the difference between a Path to Glory campaign and a Skirmish campaign? Why choose one over the other?
  3. These all look great and I dig how y'all are setting your games of Skirmish in your own settings. Makes me feel lame for uaing Shadespire...feel like I need to come up with something else... I've got my mat in, now we need to source some buildings and scenery. Keep the photos coming!
  4. ^Fantastic. Way to make your available terrain work for you. What size is that? 3x3?
  5. (I'm not sure if this post should go here, in the Shadespire forum, or in the Narrative forum.) I'm assembling materials to make Skirmish runs into does the rotting metropolis look on your table? Let's see some pics!
  6. My son and I are going to work with the AoS starter and Silver Tower models on a small table...doing some Skirmish and maybe a triumph and tragedy campaign. We'd like to play sooner, so in the interest of what we have and the low count of terrain features on hand...what are the smaller sized battleplans? In another post, I was pointed to some 2'x2' battleplans in the Storm of Sigmar starter. We dont have are the battleplans online? Are there any others we should be aware of? 2'x3'? 3'x3'?
  7. Ha! I do like the model, but it sounds like if he's being used it's in a 'counts as' way. I'll find a way to squeeze him into my Iron Horde....
  8. Before I get into it: 1) Can it be played on 2x2? Anyone doing this or is that simply not enough room? 2) With most AoS minis on 32mm round bases...what sort of terrain do people have that these minis could be on? When we played mordheim, those small square bases could easily be on stairs, rubble, etc. The new, average base size seems a bit large for most terrain.
  9. are you guys slotting him into your Chaos Alliance?
  10. ^ The link is in RuneBrush's signature.
  11. ^ Agree. Big fan of Silver Tower here because of the co-op play. I hope they do a title set in an undead setting. I was originally hoping for something with the Flesh Eater Courts, but with the big Shadespire push that would only make sense.
  12. Ha! I ended up just using your Warscroll Designer as it looks to use the right font...then I cropped the text I needed. Cheers!
  13. Does anyone think we'll see Nurgle relaunch soon? We just had Tzeentch and Khorne...and what with Nurgle being the baddies in the new 40k box it seems like a good time to roll them out for AoS as well. Wait, does Nurgle even have a Battletome?
  14. Chris, I'm still new to the game and must have overlooked this rule. I'll look into it tonight at home, thanks. Oh, a Matched Play question I do have...when I look at the points page at the back of a'll say like 140pts for a unit with a min of 10, but max of 30 models. Does that mean it's 140pts no matter how many models (between 10-30) are in the unit?
  15. ^ Good point about the arms!