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  1. GW/Wizkids

    ^agree. I wasn't much a fan of FFG...but Wizkids is multiple levels below FFG...
  2. Dreadfleet

    I know it isn't an AoS title, but many people brought it up in the Wizkids thread. I actually haven't played the game, but have considered picking it up. It appears like it could be set during the End Times... a series of naval engagements underway while the world is getting ripped apart around them. I dont think that is the actual setting for the game, but it doesn't seem like it would take that much squinting to view it as set during the End Times. I do believe it was the last 'new' Old World game released before the End Times went down. But is it any good? Not looking for a Man O War clone. Does it stand on its own as a game worth getting?
  3. Clear bases

    Yeah, i don't even use clear bases on flyers. To me, the base grounds the mini and makes each one a mini diorama. They appear more alive. Not a fan of clears. Too sterile.
  4. GW/Wizkids

    The oddest thing though....it seemed GW was on a roll with board games: WHQ titles, Gorechosen, Space Hulk, Shadespire, Gangs of Comorrah, etc...why license out? Why not continue to make board and card games in house?
  5. GW/Wizkids

    I bet this will be similar to their FFG agreement....no minis games. I'm sure GW doesn't want a competing 40K or AoS minis based game out there. Besides, GW produces some of the finest minis on the planet....Wizkids...some of the worst. I can't imagine GW would like poorly sculpted, cheap plastic, horribly painted versions of their iconic space marines on the shelf. Brand dilution for sure... I expect it's going to be dice games, card games, board games etc that come out of this arrangement. Not minis games.
  6. The Rumour Thread

    This is good to hear. I heavily committed my home terrain and mats to Chamon, so look forward to a campaign box set there.
  7. I agree. I'm a long time GW gamer going back to the late 80s who was at first skeptical of blowing up the Old World. I came in to AoS through Silver Tower. The gonzo and perverse denziens, garish colors, and over the top heroes drew me to the new setting. It's colorful and exciting. It sparked my creativity in ways the Old World hadn't in years. I passed on Hammerhal as it seemed too similar to what I had gamed many, many times before....forces of chaos festering underneath some human civilization. My son is all in on AoS. In an era where modern fantasy is about epic heroes and our theaters are packed with superheroes...AoS feels relevant and seems it would attract new, younger gamers far more than the Old World would. I mean what would be more exciting to a young person...gallant stormcasts riding lightning or some dudes with feathers in leather caps and frilly pants trying to pull themselves out of the mud? I do hope that future AoS releases lean more into the unique and outlandish like the Kharadron and Silvaneth and less going back to Holy Roman city states... those were fun times (and great games!), but let's move on a bit...
  8. (Tzeentch) Lazulites of the Silver Tower

    Finished the ogroid and added photo to the OP. Really struggled with this model so calling him done as is.
  9. personalize the various warband

    C'mon, man, I'm trying to forge a narrative here...a sense of adventure...so the game isn't just a dry abstract. Maybe the stormcasts have to brave narrow tunnels and cooridors before arriving in the open chambers the battles take place in?
  10. The Rumour Thread

    I'd agree with this...in fact I do! As a narrative gamer I have my eye on Firestorm and Blightwar post holidays. GHB17...not so much atm.
  11. personalize the various warband

    I think those round shields in the stormcast upgrade packs would be perfect for tunnel fighting. Those large liberator shields are too....large.
  12. personalize the various warband

    This is exactly what we plan on doing as well. I wish the cards were a bit more generic because they won't match our models. I did think that was an odd choice. They have to know that GW caters to the hobbyist crowd who tend to want their own colors. Though this is supposed to be directed at the more mainstream set...so perhaps they expect many buyers to not paint their set and GW is providing flash and color on the cards.
  13. Reservations...

    Anyone know if the models are made in Nottingham or China?Also, I hope GW, or some 3rd party, makes modular rubble terrain to go in the blocked hexes.
  14. Reservations...

    (upon re-reading the post, this is a bit negative. If the game isn't for me, i simply need not buy it. Not run it down for what it is. Mods feel free to delete)
  15. Reservations...

    The sculpts look great. I think I'm in for a core, the skeletons and the ironjawz for sure. We'll be modding the base game Stormcast so the main dude wears a helmet and the Ironjawz 'ardboyz are fantastic models. Far better than the ancient 'ardboyz currently available separately. I'm not as wowed as most by the skeletons, but they're cool enough. I look forward to using them in my FEC faction. Now, the game itself, well long term...I have reservations. I see two big problems: 1) I fear that as the game goes on, there are going to be cards only available in warbands one may not be interested in. This is a similar problem as what I understand X-wing has. This means $30 (guessed MSRP) outlays for a few cards and the hassle of selling off the minis. 2) My bigger concern...these sort of collectible, competitive games are cyclical. I doubt these first-wave warbands are viable in 2-3 years. Either because of ruleschanges, cards cycling, whatever. You see this in CCGs all the time. Only recent releases are legit in organized play. I could be wrong, but I doubt GW will simply sell card packs to update their older Shadespire warbands....particularly as the years roll on and the number of warbands grows (if the game is a hit). With cards tied to models, I don't see this as clean as something like BB where a team's models can be used under any ruleset. It seems one will need to keep buying into Shadespire. This takes the most wind out of my sail. Feels like these warbands come with an expiration date... I could be wrong on this, but I think the best way for a minis gamer to approach the game is as a source to get cool models for AoS and have a fun game to play on the side. I think looking at this as a long term game is going to mean jogging the release treadmill. And that may be exactly what they want with the somewhat FFG model of this title.