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  1. (Khorne) Bloodskins of the Iron Keep

    Well...the Slaughterpriests wrathhammer didn't survive the stripping process. It broke at the chain, and I couldn't find a way to reattach it firmly enough for the rigors of play. Luckily, the slaughterpriest has that swole arm...I subbed in an ironjaw weapon. This new weapon also looks to reflect the wrathhammer's 3" reach. Warduke....reborn!
  2. What are your 2018 Objectives?

    I would like to paint exactly 100 minis. That would cover: Orc BB team (16) Space Hulk (32) FEC skirmish warband (16) a second shadespire warband - Guard maybe? (7) finish my silver tower (29) = 100 All this done and my collection will be nearly completely painted. Then in 2019 I can purchase: Ironjawz, genestealer cult (for SH and Necro) and Dreadfleet...and shoot to be totally 100% painted at the end of 2019 as well.
  3. Repainting Models...

    So, I originally got into AoS through Silver Tower. Initially, I thought Silver Tower would be the extent of my AoS journey. I was wrong... The way I colored my ST models is how I'd rather paint a different faction. I want to repaint parts of my ST models. If I'm only changing skin color, is it possible to just repaint the skin on the Tzanngors and such and still have good looking modesl or is a complete strip and repaint necessary?
  4. Where do these wings come from?
  5. The Rumour Thread

    Who is ADB?
  6. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    Eh, I think the Ford and Jobs comparisons are apt. One could say that GW (or Halliwell and Priestly specifically) didn't invent the tabletop wargame, but they pulled it out of the historical gamer's basement (where it languished for decades) and into the wider gaming market as the new worldwide leader. Same can be said of Ford or Apple in their industries. They did innovate their products enough to become top in their fields (not just monetizing them). You don't do that from simply copying others or doing what was done before. It's clear we're not going to agree with design philosophies here. In the end, I view the illustrations, sculpting, fluff, setting, game design, etc of AoS (and 40K) as art and I prefer to let art be in the hand of the artists...not the consumers.
  7. Crushed Under the Boot of a Bully!

    Heh, to be honest, I'm not worried about it. We're having a good time and I'll get the hang of this warband eventually. I just find it humorous that not only does he mop the floor with me in_his_ game (Pokemon), but now he's starting to crush me in _my_ games (GW titles). (though - I think years of Pokemon has tuned him to deck composition and combos)
  8. Hellz yes! Open and Narrative play for the win! I haven't enjoyed gaming or painting this much since...well...ever. At 42, I was a bit young for WFB 3rd, but the AoS 4page, Open Play ruleset seems to me an updated version of that same sort of free-wheeling gaming philosophy...and I love it!
  9. Crushed Under the Boot of a Bully!

    I love this game, but am routinely getting destroyed by my 10yr old son's Stormcast Eternals!!!!!! The last two games saw my Reavers lose 10-1 and 9-1. Ugh! Just a little vent to strangers...
  10. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    I'm reminded of this quote in regards to Apple design philosophies: “The businessman wants to create something for everyone, which leads to products that are middle of the road. It becomes about consensus, and that’s why you rarely see the spark of genius.” When developing the iPhone Steve Jobs went with a vision, not consumers or feedback. At the time, people did not know that they wanted camera, internet and touch screen on their phone. So, polling the market would not have seen us with smart phones as we have today. Sort of the same thing here. If asking the community what to do, I'm sure GW will hear more about 'Khemri' or 'Empire' rather than something knew like Stormcasts or Overlords. The latter are entirely new concepts that there wouldn't be consensus on. Plenty of warhammer players know and like Khemri and Empire so would vote that way and they would appear as the most popular or most desired. Again, it's because it is what people know. AoS is an exciting new setting....let there be a new line. Allow the artists at the GW and Citadel studios create a new fantasy. I'm on-board with moving forward and innovating. Going without points was a ballsy, refreshing ruleset. It brought me back. Points gives the masses what they want though (and all the balance whining that goes with it). I've conceded that Matched play is going to be the segment GW caters to, but allow them to at least move forward with their new AoS setting vision. The time of foppy hats and feathers should be in the past. Again, listening to everyone's opinions runs the risk of resulting in either stagnation, bloat, or lack of cohesion. All this said, the other factions will get updated and support in time. My original point that there needs to be a poster-boy faction still stands to brand the game in the larger market. It's like Mario. He may not be the best character Nintendo has or maybe even your favorite games, but he fills the iconic role that brands their products. Zeldas and Metroids and Splatoons and Arms will all get their due in time. Again, Stormcasts and Space Marines fill that role for GW and GW needs to look to other market leaders such as Apple and Nintendo, not middle of the pack companies like Wyrd Games.
  11. Of Stormcasts and Space Marines

    Let me make sure I understand the situation... One can collect, or have collected, Seraphon, Skaven, and High Elves, yet feel alienated? I understand I may think a bit different than most, but it doesn't seem like there's no lack for things to purchase here. There's plenty to buy among three factions. Or....if one just has too much money...buy a fourth! Regarding Malifaux, I don't know much about it, but isn't that a lower model count skirmish game? Seems easy to roll out a lot of factions if the model count is fewer. Either way this is a bit apples to oranges. When Wyrd Games have the breadth of miniatures that GW does and is at the top of the market based on their current model, then I'll concede that perhaps their way is right. Until that day, I'm still going with having a dominate faction makes a setting easier to peddle to the larger, mainstream market. And to the idea that some responses have been that it shouldn't be GW dictating the 'main' factions but fans should. Uh...no. This is the sort of entitled mindset that has risen in the current KS era where the consumers think they also should take part in the creation. Let the _artist_ of GW (sculptors, authors, game designers, etc) create the art and vision and let us decide if we want it or not. Not only should consumers not be able to dictate art, but non-paid consumers also don't have the time or resource to really, truly vet their ideas. Not to say every published game and setting is water proof, so consumers should feel free to house-rule to their hearts content (I sure do), but we should have a tempered voice at the create-to-publish table. At the end of the day, I'm not saying that the Stormcasts (or Space Marines) are the best, only they should be produced, or that other factions should be ignored, but I stand by the argument that to stay as a top of mind game GW needs easily recognizable factions and marketable that are new player friendly. Naturally, these factions need to be easy to get into and almost always a part of the narrative. It's just the way it is. Make peace with it my brothers.
  12. I'm contemplating a Skirmish (or Open Play) Firstorm campaign for early next year. Anyone have any idea how many sessions a campaign runs?
  13. (Khorne) Bloodskins of the Iron Keep

    The first AoS mini I painted...Slaughterpriest Warduke. But tonight...Baptism!!! One of us! One of us!
  14. (Khorne) Bloodskins of the Iron Keep

    Thanks. I did use the same technique and colors on both the hounds and the chieftan's furs though, so there is some unity.
  15. (Khorne) Bloodskins of the Iron Keep

    Knocked out Bloodwolf's pets... the bloodhounds. I contemplated the bloodhounds being the same shade of red as the bloodskins, but that seemed too much. went with a darker red....almost looks brown. Think it still works though.