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  1. There are also a number of stories where they team up with other factions. Sometimes it's because the abhorrant sees the ally as an ally (though usually they think they're someone else as in the book Undying King) and sometimes they work as mercenaries. The delusion has no real rhyme or reason, in the lore they can be allied with and work for you but they're just as likely to eat you. Due to the strength of the illusion they're also the only Death faction that Nagash cannot control. Also for those interested in a great depiction of Neferata, Undying King does a good job imho.
  2. Are we really able to take Dolorous Guard as an ally battalion? I wasn't aware battalions were legal allies!
  3. Does anyone here think there will be a nurgle battletome reveal at adepticon??
  4. Honestly Sal4m4nd3r's list he brought to LVO is probably the best place to start. Grandfather Nurgle has chosen him as his champion and blessed him with the forbidden knowledge of spreading his blessings to victory! Edit: He posted his list and even synopsis above, shouldn't have to go too far back
  5. Thanks for the tips! Also wondering if you see a good way to add Fecula? Love the model and resilience!
  6. @sal4m4nd3r Any thoughts on this list? Azyr won't let me add the Blessed Sons battalion but that's what those extra 40 points are for fyi Edit: Everyone at my LGS is pretty competitive and most go to LVO every year so I'd like to be able to go toe to toe with them 🙂
  7. Agree, it would be like playing a LoN army but with 85% nighthaunt (Legion of Grief I'm looking at you). Definitely feels way more like a nighthaunt army than a LoN army when I play it. It's actually why I do, I can use the LoN rules which are at least viable and still feel like I'm playing Nighthaunt.
  8. It seems like they don't want nurgle to be good. They fixed blightkings by changing it to nat 6a then took away our synergy with Warshrine. Before that they increased all the endless spells Thricefold used. Now they print this book where Drowned is the worst faction for the worst models...and the others aren't much better. At least we have the most expensive battalion that is also meh. Edit: And to top it off after LVO/CanCon we are litterally the worst faction. 41% now down from 43%
  9. Oh dang, I read that wrong. That's still pretty good though!
  10. The Eight-fold doom sigil. This new endless spell gives the other +1. True, all about management. And I do mention it is command point hungry and might be an issue. And remember battalions give command points so its possible to start with more than the 1 purchased one if we have the points to allow for it. Oh and don't forget we can always take Aetherquartz Brooch to help out a little.
  11. If they have 10 or more models they just get it. 20 or more they get -1 rend. They cards are downloadable from the New Zealand version of Games Workshop website
  12. I actually think a Nurgle army with glotkin, harbinger, warshrine, chaos sorcerer, maybe chaos lord a ton of marauders the endless spell that gives +1 to attack and some purchased command points could be amazing. Marauders trigger blades of putrefaction on 4s, minimum charge range of 8 inches, average charge of 10 or 11, 5+ save, 5+ save and 6+ save so preventing 65ish % regular damage and 45% mortal wounds plus glotkin spell giving them 2 wounds a piece, and they each get 3 attacks. That's potentially 120 attacks, 60 mortal wounds on average and they're hitting on 2s. Oh and chaos lord letting them attack again. Get at least 3 max units of them still seems great even for 900 points total. Again though really needs a ton of command points. Doing the math in my head but seems doable?
  13. Ya it is a lot! I'm actually holding off on marauders to see if they get new models like we got for chaos warriors 🙂 Your list has a lot of good models but little synergy. Nurgle really needs to make use of synergies to have a chance in the current climate. And as much as I wish the maggoth riders were viable they just aren't. Some of my favorite models though 😕 To try and keep your list as intact as possible while optimizing it I'd drop the plaguebearers, orghotts and Lord of Blights then add 15 more blightkings and a warshrine. The warshrine ups the percentage of wounds your models ignore from 33% to 44%. Then I might do balewind vortext. Anyway that's my two cents and a lot of that info is from reading this forum 🙂
  14. There are a few lists in the previous few pages of posts that use him and have done well. Also something I'm thinking of doing with him that I'm hoping turns him into an absolute power house is this: Glottkin Festus Harbinger of decay Chaos Warshrine Chaos marauders x40 Chaos marauders x40 Chaos warriors s5 Plague monks x40 Plague monks x40 Extra Command point This means glotkin has the potential with just marauders and monks to give 240 addition attacks, plus you have access to blades of putrefaction, and 2 saves after your save with harbinger and warshrine for glottkin and marauders (and the other heroes and shrine). Might be a little too "all in" on hordes and glottkin but seems like fun!
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