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  1. I am with Aryann with this one. Lots of ****** by meta chasing tournament players. Bow kurnoths er grossly overcosted or underpowered. Tree Revenants do not fullfill the role of an elite infantry unit. Five in a box, statline worse than clanrats. Utter garbage as the “soldiers” of the sylvaneth. A unit or two as battleline tax and objective grabber, sure. Nothing more. How sad, for such great models. And I only play casual, using the models because I like them, but tree revs do nothing but a throw away unit. Utter garbage, again forcing us to use crappy old dryad spam, eith old crappy models. Seriously, how can that compete at all against the new armies? Sure, there might be stupid OP combos in the new book, that tournament players will use and say that sylvaneth will be competitive, but for casual players it is just sad. Grimbok
  2. Tree revs hit on 4+, not 3+. Big differene. And you can’t get 10 models to hit a single character. And that’s if you get the charge off. And they just die when they hit back, bravery 6 doesn’t help. They are just not good at 16 points a model. Dryads are more scary in combat, due to better reach. And are more survivable. Tree revs are grossly overpriced or underpowered, simple as that. Most people take 5 to fill battleline and threaten empty objectives... that’s it. A pity really with so beautyful models. Grimbok
  3. Eitther make them like namarti thralls, hard hitting class cannons or make them two wounds. They are pretty big tree/ghost stuff, seems pretty durable. Grimbok
  4. They count as battleline I suppose... Grimbok
  5. Tree revs shouldn’t be a small unit hiding in the back to pressure empty objectives. They don’t do much other than being a slight annoyance. They don’t do enough damage and dies to a stiff breeze. These should be your main battleline troops (they are the soldiers of the sylvaneth) delivering damage. More like namarti thralls style. You should be able to play these as battleline without dryads support imo. Grimbok
  6. A mixed fluffy force. I don’t mind a treelord or two or a group of dryads. But I would also like to include kurnoth hunters (all types) and tree revenants, drycha once in a while etc. A mixed force is fine against half of my opponants, good games. Not against LoN, Maggotkin, Seraphon and sometimes Khorne (when 20 bloodletters drop down late game). It’s power creep and summoning that does it. Classic GW. To counter that, it forces sylvaneth to go down one route to play along (with unfortunate wildwood syndrome added in).Other armies are worse off though, but they need an update too. My fear is because one aspect af Sylvaneth does OK at tournaments, GW thinks the battletome is fine, just minor adjustments... How many years are we gonna wait for Spite and Tree Revenants to be a usefull battleline option? It’s pretty basic stuff. With so few warscrolls in the army, they better hit the mark pretty close with all of them. Fixing wildwoods is of highest priority though. Grimbok
  7. Summoning is whate broke AoS 2.0. An otherwise brilliant core book. Armies I played close matches against before, I now almost auto lose to. (I play casual). 20 plaguebearers at the end of a tight game= you lose. 500 points ghosts coming back= you lose. 500 point free seraphon= you lose. I still have close games against non-summoning armies though... Grimbok
  8. So either play a demi-godess or one drop battalion...ok... what about lower point games? Of course that doesn’t excist in tournament players mind. Only 2000 points matched play...all the time... This is one of the biggest problems in AoS, the tournament mindset and it’s influence on army design and points costs etc... you always say; just play like this, all is fine! But what if I just want to play a varied sylvaneth list and want’s it to function ok and have close games? You know, like armies we see on pictures in the battletomes and read in fluff descriptions... Sylvaneth as a defensive control army. Not the feel I get reading the tome... Grimbok
  9. But did GW design the army to be a defensive control army, annoying for the opponant to play, one drop wildwood spam army? I don’t think so. They thought up some cool looking rules, with a wildwood for flavour. The current playstyle og wildwood/dryad spam control game is unintentional. If you don’t play that way, you are hard pressed even in casual games... It’s just how it worked out, more or less by accident. Why would they make the brand new revenant kit rules underpowered/borderline useless and the old dryads awesome? They need to fix the warscrolls from the ground up and change the wildwood rules to make this army viable and varied army people want to pick up and play with for a long time. The one drop control ****** gets boring really fast, the hassle of moving those models within the woods is too much, and many opponants find it annoying to play against. I love my sylvaneth models, a joy to paint, but I find them very uinteresting to play. I refuse to dryad spam and I can hardly put more than 3 wood bases on the board because we actually use terrain and stuff...and if I don’t, my army is utterty destroyed by new battletomes...even in casual games...and that’s a problem. Grimbok
  10. The Wildwoods need to go away. The need to buy at least 6 citadel woods is keeping new people away. And the transportation is a real issue. Furthermore they are a bad play experience to play with and against, fiddly and annoying. The rules for the woods are a mess. I hope they make one big tree like the nurgle tree, just taller, but about the same base size. They could buff sylvaneth and hurt enemies within a certain area. You could get one for free and spells could summon new ones, but about three trees would be more than enough, for normal games. The alpha bunkering is extremely boring and frustrating non- fun play experience, but if you don’t go that direction the army is quite weak, so many things are dependent on the woods. One can hardly deploy sylvaneth models outside of the allegiance, as they are so dependant on those woods. The they need to fix the warscrolls accordingly. Revenents need a complete overhaul. They are the martial class, the soldiers of the army. They don’t play like that at all. A tax for dreadwood or household, or just lurking, to teleport to empty objective. Elite aelf spirits? Not really. Treelords need to follow other monster boosts, like the ghorgon, 14 wounds and a less crippling damage table. Kurnoths need to be split into ranged and melee warscrolls, call the Kurnoth Stalkers and Hunters or something. A kurnoth leader and a revenant leader, with actual command abilities wound be a welcome addition. Revenants with bows would be cool. But fix the woods, thats the most important change... Grimbok
  11. Good time for Sylvaneth? I think not. Unless you wan't to spam the same warscroll, playing defensive board control grind. I see only three different warscrolls used competetively, Alarielle (undercosted), Branchwych (summon dryads) and dryads (cheap, and good battalions)... Boring and unfortunate. Sylvaneth isn't that good in my casual meta (can't compete with free summoning armies). I could buy and paint more dryads, except they are the oldest and worst models in the whole range. Branchwraiths are also crappy old finecast models. Durthu is very swingy, but ok I suppose, maybe a bit overcosted (20 points). Drycha is too expensive by a lot (but ok in the meta maybe) Kurnoths are a tad overpriced, bows by a lot. Tree revenants and spite revenants need a warscroll change actually. Branchwych..ehhh. Pretty sucky compared to Branchwraith. Treelords. Ancient is way overcosted. Don't know about the normal one. So that leaves Alarielle undercosted, dryads don't need that max discount, and branchwraiths are pretty good, might be sligtly on the cheap side. No wonder all tournament armies look the same. This book is getting old, and it shows...there is no way to make a competitive army without spamming dryads. A shame really. Grimbok
  12. I like Firestorm, good quality. But there is something I don't get. When choosing an area to fight, why would you not always fight in the three strategic areas and the two areas enabling you to forge the sceptre? You gain more glory points and advantages. It seems that all the other areas are "just there". What's the point of fighting over the other areas? Grimbok
  13. Cool battleplan. What is blood sacrifice points? It's a bit unclear. Do you earn one for each enemy unit slain? Grimbok
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