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  1. Dunno I feel like marauders are better than all cultists combined. Iron golems are decent for tanking and untamed beasts are good for quick objective capture. But you don't need marks on untamed beasts to do that and reinforcing them is pointless as they do 0 damage and won't live a round of combat. I think this white dwarf update was needed. But at the end of the day, cultists and Co should have had this stuff from day one, at worst the first faq. The fact that this is what we have got after the books been out what, a year now? Is a bit ****** Also why didn't the fomoroid and Sphiranx not get marks? Mind-boggling.
  2. Just to derail, and as I'm probably getting a reputation at this point for asking stupid questions... Can ravagers pick from the universal traits as well when picking for each hero? The writing says If your general is not a DAEMON PRINCE, you can pick 1 command trait for up to 5 different friendly RAVAGERS HEROES (excluding DAEMON PRINCES) in addition to the command trait your general can have. This doesn't state pick one ravagers Command Trait.
  3. Yeah tbf your not wrong with the last bit Wont tzeentch marked Iron golems pretty much always be a better choice than warriors now? Between coherency and just generally having bad weapon profiles they don't do any damage so survivability is there only thing. Iron golems will keep the plus 1 to save under 10 units and are much cheaper. Edit: Well I guess warriors have 2 wounds each but your definitely paying for it.
  4. Tbf since I started playing those two are the only white dwarf updates I've seen, and SOB are already really good and aren't in need of rules rewrites haha I expected just some battle tactics and battalions for them. You're not wrong that I've totally hyped myself up for this, but my best friend is a stormcast player who keeps sending me pictures of the ballista crew and saying how sharp there sextants are 😜
  5. Well alot of our stuff needs a good rewrite but probably doesn't warrant a full book release to fix, so a few pages in white dwarf could have really helped us out. Now we probably won't get a new book for another year and a half. This has led me to feelings of disappointment Also cultists are all absolutely ass, having access to marks won't change that imo. Pretty much our whole army barring Archaon has no good rend and no good MW output, so if everything goes the new stormcast route giving things 3 saves we won't kill anything, and to top that off, the thing we was good at was staying alive and again if the stormcast book is anything to go by everything gets rend now so yeah. What Enoby said was a brilliant write up about the army at the moment, and i just don't see us getting fixed any time soon. This white dwarf was kinda my last hope haha.
  6. Ah ****** I thought the universal rule trumped it. Twas only in one friendly game cause the list i ran had alot of proxies :P. Ignore me then, yeah Ensorcelled weapons suck
  7. Ah ****** I thought the universal rule trumped it. Twas only in one friendly game cause the list i ran had alot of proxies :P. Ignore me then, yeah Ensorcelled weapons suck
  8. Ah yeah I get what you mean. Tbf I think varanguard could do with just getting the blood knights treatment as well regarding weapons. Lance and demonblade in one profile but rend and damage changes on the charge. Keep the demonblade as is regarding 6s but maybe if they felt wild change it to 6s do MW on wounds if they don't change the slaanesh mark. Have the chaos knights do the same with there lances but keep the Ensorcelled weapons on them. That way all three weapons are still represented, but varanguard are still obviously superior. Also just found out the stromcast ballista CREW have rend on there melee weapons 😜 what the hell are our chaos warriors swords made of?? Wood??
  9. I used Ensorcelled Weapons with slaanesh marked Varanguard using Arcane Tome and flaming weapon, they did alot of work.
  10. Yeah i totally agree with you, well said. I also think our chaos chosen units should be on par with the SCE elite units. I'd argue that it's harder to become a Chaos chosen than be cherry picked by sigmar same goes for our heroes really barring Archaeon and the Crackerjack they are all pretty squishy, we definitely don't have a hammer wielding maniac capable of 4 damage swings My biggest annoyance (and this is me probably being petty :P) is the fact that the Hounds pulling it have 6 attacks! Hit and wound on 3s! And have -2 rend! And then we've got our most elite soldiers the varanguard who are riding on steroid buffed ripped horses with teeth the size of swords hitting on 4s 3s and 0 rend haha.
  11. Sooo, new stormcast rules really make our battleline look like weak pieces of ****** huh. Especially the chariots
  12. I mean if the new start collecting box knights where put into a box by themselves with weapon options people would buy them. Same for the warriors.
  13. I just checked my lil points book, blood knights are only 195 for 5 Our knights could do that 😛
  14. If knights where like this I would be SOOO happy.
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