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  1. Mr. White

    The Rumour Thread

    Hmmm...new Underworlds are Stormcast, Nighthaunt, Moonclan,...Darkoath?
  2. Mr. White

    The Shadespire News and Rumour Thread

    hmmm...i'd prefer the model image in the upper left to be unpainted like Shadespire as I often do my own color scheme.
  3. Mr. White

    The Rumour Thread

    I've never preordered a GW product. Are there any incentives or bonuses for doing so? Not that I need any, I'm just curious why one would preorder product.
  4. Mr. White

    The Forgotten Novel: Warbeast

    Hamiclar Bear-Eater... I've not read amy AoS novels, but recognise this name from forums. What's his deal, is he worth readimg up on, and where would I read about his exploits?
  5. Mr. White


    The AHQ rules are also here: https://www.scribd.com/document/325087581/Advanced-Heroquest-Rules
  6. Mr. White

    The Rumour Thread

    I've thought about something like this as well. Using the Hammerhal tiles as a dungeon and the Shadespire warbands as the parties, I think it's very doable to do some AoS dungeon skirmishing. I'll probably work on it some in a few months.
  7. Mr. White


    The AHQ rulebook had rules for using the HQ furniture set. I know neither of the new games came with dungeon dressing, but there are many available options out there. Has anyone used any? which ones? How'd you rule them?
  8. Wait....what? I'm not sure how my post was looking down on Tournament players. I simply noticed the fact that 2 of the 3 ways to play have their own forum, so it seems like hosting all the Tournament talk in the main forum is an unspoken recognition that it's the main way to play the game. I have no doubt a Tournament forum would see more traffic than Open/Narrative, and I could care less. I was simply looking at the nature of discussion and how it's separated out here. No dig on Tournament talk. In the past, I've also lobbied for Skirmish to have it's own forum as well.
  9. Been a lot of good Tournament talk around here lately. I wonder though, should this be in its own 'type of play' area like Match/Open Play is? There are plenty of other AoS topics to keep this 'general' area lively, but I guess I'm hesitant to feature all the Tournament talk in this main/general area as it can give the impression that Tournament is the 'main' way to play AoS. Just an idea...
  10. Mr. White

    Both WHQ Games No Longer on the US Site

    Is that more credible, than the responses we've seen here of "web error"? which is it?
  11. Mr. White

    The Tale of your Army!

    Thanks! I appreciate the proof read and will correct it on the next revision.
  12. Mr. White

    The Tale of your Army!

    A week or so ago, I created a thread something like 'A Little Narrative Flavour'. Really, I should have just posted here instead. I created a little pdf of my army's background. If you read that other thread, feel free to ignore. If not: CotBD Two Sheet.pdf
  13. Mr. White

    Rating the Heroes

    I dig how the party has a background. Did you happen to select these models, so cooked up a backstory to match, or did you have a setting in mind and selected heroes to match?
  14. No dog in this fight, not really a tournament player, but several posts today read like the discussion of NOVA events should be posted over in 'The Rumors Thread'.
  15. Mr. White

    The NOVA announcements.

    I took part in a little round-table discussion on the announcements. https://wyrdstonesandtacklezones.com/2018/08/31/nova-open-news-roundtable-redux/