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  1. Knocked out another three warbands. https://wyrdstonesandtacklezones.com/2020/01/21/warhammer-underworlds-grand-alliance-order/
  2. Made a Underworlds display out of a piece of the classic Arcane Ruins set. https://wyrdstonesandtacklezones.com/2019/11/26/underworlds-display-base/
  3. If you sort the cards in a binder by number, how do you handle the cards in active decks? Do you simply leave empty spaces in the binder for them or are you building decks from scratch prior to each game?
  4. So, do you folks sleeve your cards? If so, do you sleeve all of them, or just the cards actively used in decks?
  5. Here's another good thread on this topic: https://www.tga.community/forums/topic/18828-casual-play-rules/
  6. In the background... the floating triangles and chains... isn't something similar in that art of slaanesh in prison?
  7. One could just play Skirmish/Hinterlands with their Underworlds warbands. No need to buy anything but Warhammer Underworlds and the Skirmish book. Plenty of Skirmish warband combinations along GA lines.
  8. If you have the chaos adversary cards, you also get Skaven and Blood Warriors with the respective Shadespire warbands. I'm convinced if you bought nothing but the two WHQ games and the Underworld releases you'd have plenty of heroes and adversaries to last a long long time. And you'd get a second game, Underworlds, to boot!
  9. Because if you do...then you have already have all the minis to fill out the undead adversary options from the July 2018 White Dwarf: Spirit Torment = The Briar Queen (Nightvault) Chainrasps = Chainrasps (Nightvault) Bladegheist Revenants = Sepulchral Guard (Shadespire) Sure, you have to do a little 'counts as', but the models all work. What about the undead heroes? Bah! there are no Death 'heroes' in Sigmar's Hammerhal!!
  10. Too small? Some of it looks very Heroquest-y, but I think I'd prefer open doors over closed.
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