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  1. What is next for Death? (mini factions, models, etc)

    I would like to see a piece of artillery that fires zombies/skeletons and you had to refuel using your own minions. Maybe you enchant a body with death nova before catapulting it towards your opponents. Maybe a nighthaunt themed 'rail gun' that fires a line of frightful touch mortal wounds through terrain.
  2. Legion of Sacrament - The Winning Combination

    If you make a really long charge you can use the extra movement to fly the hexwraiths over the enemy. Or when you retreat. Or if you just need to fly over something to get to another spot, maybe that's free mortal wounds. But it's minimal either way, I wouldn't base a turn around it, it's just free damage sometimes.
  3. Which legion has the best gimmick?

    I also really love the Morghast models but I feel that they lack synergy with the rest of the units. Less efficient damage and health wise than 40 skeletons, and they cannot regenerate or heal via gravesite. A unit of 4 halberd morghasts sure do hit hard though.
  4. Newbie needs advices

    Haven't done the math but what you plan on buying sounds like more than a full army. Might want to make 1k 1.5k and 2k lists (these are the standard point games) and see what products you will need to purchase from there. The game isn't really balanced or designed around smaller games like 600 pts, so who knows how it will go, just have fun I would also recommend buying, building, and painting in stages. Good rule of thumb is not to buy anything else until you're painted what you own, otherwise you have a big gray army and people usually enjoy playing more when their army is painted.
  5. Converting Fenrisian Wolves into Dire Wolves

    I agree that a lot of their flavor can be sold in the eyes. Glowing eyes don't look natural and it adds to the effect. I can also say it's really easy to overdue it on the blood to the point it just becomes a generic bloody miniature. You can also (safely) use an xacto blade or another tool and just put some gash marks into it, so the creature looks wounded. Broken weapons would probably be the stand-out detail on them, I think that will look cool. You can also put arrows/weapons on the base around the wolves.
  6. First go at Arkhan/Sacrament list

    Run the skeletons as 40-40 and just swap the last 10 for a set of 5 dire wolves. Their speed will win you games. I would also consider 6 spirit hosts over 2 morghasts. They are another target for vanhel's and can really soak up some wounds and deliver a nice amount of mortal wounds.
  7. Competitive Low-Model-Count?

    IronJaws Brute Spam with a Maw Krusha and 2-4 heroes can work Stormcast lists focused on Stardrake and Dracoth guard as linked above. The Skaven Clan Skyre shooting lists. Sylvaneth doesn't really run a ton of models based on how you build the list. You could do a monster based list for Death/Destruction/Chaos/Order - Just get 4 big behemoths, battleline, and some supporting units. Death based on Blood Knights or monster mash, both are lower model count. Pure Nighthaunt lists are usually less than 40 models.
  8. Legion of Nagash Spell Cards

    Might just be preference, but if the casting costs stayed as "5" or "6" instead of "B B B B B B" that is way easier to see on the fly. People might just ignore it, but at a glance it's easier to see the number instead of symbols.
  9. Legion of Nagash Spell Cards

    Very well done. Thanks for doing this! Fun blend of GW art and other fantasy art. Is there an easy way to pick and choose just the cards you want if you're only going to need appx ~ 18 cards or so?
  10. Competitive Low-Model-Count?

    The game has changed a bit, and sometimes having high model count unit like Skeletons or Bloodletters is what makes certain armies strong. That combined with whatever else they offer. Most death lists want at least 40 skeletons, because they're really good. If you want it to be competitive you might have to stretch up to 30-40 models.
  11. I mean, I have never once read about or seen that.
  12. Shooting, by default, is extremely cost effective. You get to move first then damage your enemies from long range and take 0 in return. If you are trying to completely wipe out a unit of 40 skeletons while taking no damage and being in a safe defendable location, I sure as heck hope it's not cost effective. You know what's not cost effective? Getting a unit completely shot off the board before it can do anything. Shooting armies simply win by default until their melee counterparts outplay them. You could say something similar about magic, but you have to do magic before you move (massive difference), you can fail your own spells, enemies can unbind spells. Magic typically has shorter range as well unless you've spent a bunch of points to make it similar range to shooting units.
  13. Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Grave Guard cost 80 per 5, max unit of 30. Skeletons cost 80 per 10, max unit of 40. So it takes 4 sets of skeletons, or 6 sets of Grave Guard to reach the max size and get the point reduction, aka that's when the unit becomes efficient. Add on to that that Skeleton can fill your battleline requirement while GG only do that in Grand Host of Nagash lists. And like Sception said, GG costs double the pts per would (and more like 2.2x if you count the reduced skeleton cost for max unit) and they are only slightly more offensive. They have all of the downsides of skeletons without much extra upside, and they come at a way less efficient price.
  14. Another tome ruined for Named Chars

    Within 5 minutes of reading the Legions of Nagash battle tome, I figured out that most of the LoN factions really want you to bring a cool named thematically on-point mortarch. How cool! Then i realized it forces you to take the Mortarch of its choosing, and forces you not to take any of the 12 cool command traits or artefacts I just sat there and read. It went down like this: Step 1: Be excited, read all about new command traits and artefacts the balance team spent (months?) putting together. Step 2: Immediately realize that GW designed it so that you are unlikely to ever use the things I just got excited about, because I have to use specific named characters and they have to be the general. (in some lists). Step 3: Skip to long awaited Death battalions and laugh at how bad all but 1 of them are. I completely agree this named character thing is nonsense. It's confusing for a new player to get excited about a fun way to buff their favorite named hero, then just suddenly "No, you can't, idiot." when they realize GW is essentially nerfing every named character forever until they feel like changing it. This is a problem with Sylvaneth, not with named characters. The issue is that Sylvaneth has incredibly good and passive buffs in the form of their command traits and artefacts. They require no decision making or positioning, just "whelp I'm worth more points now." @WoollyMammoth While I don't think it's ruining the game, it's certainly a dissapointment and it feels really clunky and stupid. LoN Death battletome technically was a buff for me as a death player, but man did they sure figure out a bunch of ways not to excite me at all. Pretty much rolled my eyes as I figured out how half of it restricts the usage of the named characters they are trying to force. As somebody with a well painted Mortarch I want to use, it already feels like Arkhan is the only choice and the command traits I've already deleted from my mind. Nice book. You know what's fun? Making a powerful army that you customized to be the best it can be. What's not fun? Reading through a huge list of fun things you cannot use because the character was deemed too powerful already, when it reality, those named characters are usually overshadowed by generic heroes. Promote the named characters, don't give reasons not to take them.
  15. 2K LoN

    Mannfred Mortarch Of Night (420) - General - Lore of the Dead : Overwhelming Dread (Deathmages) Vampire Lord On Zombie Dragon (440) - Deathlance & Shield & Chalice - Artefact : Shroud of Darkness - Lore of the Vampires : Amaranthine Orb Necromancer (110) - Lore of the Deathmages : Fading Vigour Battleline 40 x Skeleton Warriors (280) -Ancient Spears 10 x Skeleton Warriors (80) -Ancient Blades 5 x Dire Wolves (60) 5 x Dire Wolves (60) Other 2 x Morghast Harbingers (220) -Spirit Halberds 6 x Vargheists (320) Total: 1990 / 2000 Leaders: 3/6 Battlelines: 5 (3+) Behemoths: 2/4 Artillery: 0/4 Wounds: 136 May not be perfect, but seems like some of the models you own. I agree that ideally, you would probably want 2 sets of Morghast Harbingers (probably halberds). Ambushing with 2 Harbingers and Mannfred can be scary fast and effective. Necro stays with the 40 skeletons giving them 6+ and they protect him as well. Potentially ambush the Vargheists instead of Mannfred because he is much faster, but he's more exposed then. I think spirit hosts with less than 6 models are more of an annoyance that can't do much.