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  1. Can Nagash survive an alpha strike?

    All the damage in the world at at least 15" range.
  2. Can Nagash survive an alpha strike?

    All the damage in the world at at least 15" range.
  3. Can Nagash survive an alpha strike?

    KO will drop him trivially. He's a lot better vs Skyfires due to the 4++ vs Mortals. Also outdropping a Skyfire list isn't impossible.
  4. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    Well for what it's worth that would mean that your opponent would score with him in their turn.
  5. Let's chat Disciples of Tzeentch

    I personally don't think he should be able to simultaneously count as a friendly model to your opponent for all other purposes; and as an enemy model for scoring objectives. A lot of packs routinely house rule it that he cannot score until revealed.
  6. If you're looking for AoS in London, then head down to the South London Legion any Wednesday afternoon. This week again features a number of 1,000 point games as people are practising for a tournament in Brighton at that level this weekend. Woop woop. The Magmic Mice will be playing their second league game against The Zharr Dhrath - Matt's Chaos Dwarf team in our Bloodbowl League. There are a whole bunch of games taking place - plus some people are exploring 40K for those interested. We're also starting one or more Firestorm Campaigns at the circa 1,000 point level. I'm dusting off the Fyreslayers #FluffChoice #TheHairIsTheOnlyFluffyThingAboutThem. @Thanatos Ares @Leonardas @Bowlzee There will be the usual mixture of 2,000 point games going on. If you have a smaller force, then someone should be happy to give you an introductory or demo game as well. Give me a shout on the forum or post below and I can add you to our AoS WhatsApp chatroom (74,800 messages and counting). You can find us here: Croydon Conference Centre 5-9 Surrey Street Croydon Surrey CR0 1RG @sthlondonlegion
  7. Vanguard Wind Battalion

    Yes - it's a pure set up rule. One of a handful in the game.
  8. GH2017 - Ironjawz Review & Discussion

    To be fair the Troll Hag's spell will be out of range typically early on and so she can transition from Mystic Shield to Uber Nerf. Just don't let DoT steal that spell or it's curtains....
  9. Splitting is the best rule Tzeentch have - it's the lynchpin to the whole army. It delays the enemy from getting to the squishy damage dealers of the army. Mostly you either use Changehost then move then charge or Summon then Destiny Dice Charge to lob Pinks into one or more enemy units. They get (mostly) wiped out but dump the Blues in place to block them in their hero phase, movement and shooting phase. Eventually the Brims complete the job. There is still some doubt as to what the part of the rule about "any rule" wiping out the unit (other than Battleshock) - it's not clear whether this covers regular attacks wiping them out or is meant to deal with special rules like jumping through a Realmgate. Split is stronger if the Blues arrive at the end of the combat phase.
  10. For completeness, if you had a unit of 20 Blues which got knocked down to 16, you could top that back up to 20. Doesn't happen often.
  11. The foot one is a bit expensive. Gaunt Summoner is one of the bedrocks of DoT. He isn't the only horde blender out there - Drycha and Lightning Charioting Medusae (until that gets FAQed) are both better. Drycha isn't 5 wounds and a 6+ save either.
  12. The Rumour Thread

    We've had Chocobos - now it's time for Battletome Tonberries! @Thomas Lyons
  13. Rule of 1: 2 spells same name, different effect

    I agree - different spells. There are also two different Aetherstrike Forces....
  14. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Watch your hero count though with 5 Packmasters!
  15. Let´s Talk Skyre

    Yep Shock Gauntlets are one of the few remaining mega combos. Did get nerfed from the deletion of Throt though.