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  1. There's a distinct lack of variety. Your opponent is really faced with questions like "are they going to stack defence/regen and grind on one particular objective?" or "are they going to stack defence/regen and grind less well on two objectives?" or "are they going to speed something up, so that they can stack defence and grind my front line turn one?"
  2. Make that a Khemist and 9-12 Skywardens with Drill Cannons.
  3. Special rules that apply in a given phase oddly do not work in a deemed phase within the hero phase (the Free Spirits FAQ). This leads to a whole Pandora's box of odd consequences.
  4. Yes, but only if you take an Ancient to summon one in with his 4+ ability or if you take the Battalion, which includes Wyldwoods.
  5. Perhaps a Khemist and 9-12 Endrinriggers?
  6. Fled does not equal slain.
  7. Erm - a Tomb Herald? The one that was comped in the FAQ to stop this from working (except for Tomb Kings and Liche Priests)? Unlucky Sir! Batswarms presumably? You can often walk backwards out of their inadequate range and then shoot....
  8. Setting the cap to 30 would be the best solution. I suggested that yonks ago on the thread about GH v2 suggestions. Less crazy damage and it's easier to whittle them down to 19 models (whereas doing 42 wounds in one turn is quite a challenge). Maybe they could make Big Stabbaz cheaper as a consolation.
  9. I agree with Marc (although I repeat that the wording is cryptic - probably because the rules are allowing it to move even if you don't get into the half inch range needed for a charge). A charge is plainly a move (it's in the table of types of move); and this is a move within the charge phase of 2D6 inches - hence it is very likely that this can be used as a charge to get within 3" (but doesn't have to be).
  10. Arachnorok that has drunk Battle Brew (which is a fixed +2, not a may add +2) - Bravery 6 for the win!
  11. Indeed. There's zero leeway in the Sylvaneth book at the moment. None of the other Warscrolls come across as cheap and several are overcosted.
  12. This is my standard approach too.
  13. I've been writing lists along these lines, basically dumping the Ancient and taking 2-3 Branchwraiths instead (which you might even be able to hide behind a building or which get -2 to hit in a Wyldwood with Briarsheath and then powering ahead with 70 odd Dryads. The problem is that Winterleaf still feels criminally expensive at 160 points (plus it forces you to take 4 units of Dryads rather than 3). Regarding the Ancient - sometimes I think "how is this joker the same cost as a Lord of Change" - given he consistently does negligible damage with both melee and shooting - with only one spell - you don't even get much of a chance to cast his very good Awakening the Woods (unless you take Gnarlroot) - as he usually ends up carrying Regrowth for you. He is a great tank to anything with rend -1 or worse, but often only against the kind of armies that you would likely beat anyway - anyone foolish enough to take an army which is more than 50% melee oriented. This is your "Against normal lists" point.
  14. In the DoT book (for example), it's the final paragraph of the first column of text: "Generate any random values for a weapon...." This is the post-FAQ wording, which carves out damage.
  15. Yes. Although it could be clearer. It's a 2 D6 move in the charge phase - consider the magenta table in the December FAQ. I'm guessing that the wording is like it is so that the Aetherwings can move other than charging e.g. if they don't have the reach.