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  1. I've run some maths ont he new buffs within the unit - so rerolling the number of shots for Decksweepers and rerolling hit rolls and damage rolls for the cannons. I did this for 20 models with: 4 Mortars (to trigger buff) 4 Decksweepers (to get buffed 4 Cannons (to get buffed) 8 Rifles I went pure offence - not taking any Fumigators. The average damage output with a Khemist buff on the Cannons was actually 17.9 damage against a 4+ save. This compared with 13.8 damage for a unit of 20 Rifles (i.e. 42+20 = 62 shots). The smaller buff is the number of shots one - to model this I assumed that half the time you roll a 4+ (and don't reroll), so (0.5 x 5) and half the time you roll a 1-3 and do reroll and you get 3.5 on the reroll (so 0.5 x 3.5. This comes to 4.25 - compared to 3.5m which is a 21.4% buff to the Decksweeper. The hit roll becomes 3/4 for the Cannon, while the damage goes up to 2.33 from 2. This is interesting (if maths is right) as it suggests that Thunderers aren't a complete waste of space (assuming they are still only 100 points).
  2. List of Possible Allies: Sisters of the Thorn (a gamble on cast roll). Spellweaver (autounbind) Sisters of the Watch (20 Points cheaper, annoying 24" effective range) Glade Guard (better range but understand will not count as a Battleline choice) Protectors plus Vexillor Dracoth Cavalry Raptors plus Aetherstrike Knight Azyros Knight Vexillor Prime Time (cheaper?) Judicators Javelin Prosecutors (no longer undercosted)
  3. Cool write up. Yeah I like to take the first turn vs Khorne.
  4. Good stuff! Hoping to see some Rogue Idol goodness on the table.
  5. Khorne was a challenging match up beforehand. Did you have Gaunt plus Balewind? Did he slap a Brazen Rune down on you? Do we think Hosts D is a dead duck at that extra price? Some of the things it hard countered (Stonelord plus Battle Brew) are going to be less common now.
  6. That's massive if true. Definitely makes the list interesting again. A lot of the scary headline increases to battalion costs are compensated for by reductions in troop costs elsewhere, e.g. Ironjawz. Excited again! Potentially bring in some allies with the spare points? Knight Azyros? Tempestors? Longstrikes and Aetherwings? It's amazing but the big winner from GHB 2017 might be Death as they are used to having near zero useful battalions and can sit back as everyone else's toys get jacked up.
  7. Good points Paul. It feels like this was a change in response to the initial reaction to KO - that Khemist stack on Thunderers was potentially insane, rather than to the relatively new Clown Car without Thunderers meta. I've not done pure Clown Car in my lists and am surprised that putting 10 Cannons in the Ironclad wouldn't be efficient (e.g. cutting down the unit of Wardens) - granted it would be slower on the table.
  8. Thanks! You used to be able to fit 9 Scythes into the Dreadwood list - that's how big the changes are. We've lost 3 Hunters worth.
  9. The choice of Allies is disappointing too, although this maintains the value of including such units in Gnarlroot and Winterleaf. Ironbark with Fyreslayers or KO (Khemist plus Riggers/Arkanauts) look like options.
  10. Are you sure that fits Dante?
  11. Winterleaf: Winterleaf 200 Forest Folk 110 310 Dryads 100 Dryads 100 30 Dryads 270 20 Dryads 200 670 (980) 3 Scythe Hunters 220 TLA 300 Branchwraith 80 Durthu 400 1000 1980 It really is a one-two punch - hitting Kurnoths and Battalions. I think we expected Gnarlroot to go up, but this global change is big. Sinking 310 points on Battalions seems unwise. Is the era of the single drop army dead for Sylvaneth? Skyfires >>>>>>>> Kurnoth Hunters - so that's disappointing.
  12. Here is a Dreadwood list. It's so so: Dreadwood 200 Outcasts 90 Spite Revenants 80 Spite Revenants 80 Spite Revenants 80 Spite Revenants 80 Tree Revenants 80 Dryads 100 30 Dryads 270 1060 Alarielle 600 Bow Hunters 220 Branchwych 80 1960
  13. Acolytes aren't discounted - I thought they went down to 100?
  14. I hate to say it, but if you're going KO in a competitive event, you need to go Zilfin.