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  1. Good stuff Adam. Rule of Cool is a big factor (for your own confidence in the army for one thing). The single biggest reason for taking Scythes is the mirror match up vs Sylvaneth - you've immediately all but lost the game if that Household Treeman Ancient with Oaken Arnour and Gnarked Warrior touches a unit of 6 Sword Kurnoth Hunters. The swords do look cool which is why they are finding their way into conversions in my DoT force! Looking forward to catching up at London's #Calling.
  2. The LoC becomes much stronger at the 1,000 point and 500 point levels because the impact of Destiny Dice is bigger the fewer dice are rolled in the game. One 6 mortal wound Spell or key save or long Bomb charge becomes more decisive.
  3. I agree - the LoC isn't going to be YOLOing in by any means. I see him as a counterpunch unit (so behind the Horror or mortal chaff/Battleline - particularly with his long reach) and a way to make use of the 4+s in your Destiny Dice (the hit rolls). Yes - the Daemon Traits do look meh/only situationally strong in comparison to some of the Arcanite ones (let alone Sylvaneth ones). I think that is part of the problem - I'm used to building the army as a single drop army with various compelling choices. You got me on the mystic shield point. Simulacra is basically the Stonehorn Counter - especially as Battlebrew (after being drunk) - is a mandatory buff). You're right that it doesn't help vs Kunning Rukk (it basically mirrors the hits onto misses for them). That's where Infernal Flames comes in.
  4. You make some good points - but I'm thinking that in the back of your mind you're thinking about playing against Sylvaneth (which is one of DoT's good match ups because their unbinding becomes a big edge). My worry is playing in a fixed list, fixed Traits tournament - with the risk that perhaps 20% - 40% of your opponents across 6 games might not use magic more than just a cheeky Mystic Shield - having kings of casting/unbinding ceases to be necessary or is overkill. Is Kairos plus a LoC better than two LoCs potentially including the Battalion buffs is perhaps the better question?
  5. I doubt that he hits harder than 6 Scythes unless he has got Hand of Glory (which only works on a single model - not a unit) or other buffs - possibly his maximum damage is higher if everything goes through and you get 3 extra attacks on the Sword, but I'm pretty certain that the Kurnoths outdamage him on average by a long way (and have the same -2 rend needed to deal with other Sylvaneth armies that ignore -2 rend, Stormcast Dracoths and other tanky targets). People fluff rolls on Durthu reasonably often, whereas you really do need #CraigRolls for 18 Scythe Attacks at 2+/3+, 3+, -2 rend, D3 damage to bounce @Bowlzee
  6. In response to a direct question there's another new answer (in blue) regarding the combination of particular Stormcast Eternal buffs on the Shockbolt Bow.
  7. D6+1. I wonder if you'll come up against the all Plaguebearers, Verminlord Deceiver and Cunning Deceiver list of joy!
  8. Yeah - I think that makes more sense. Still very good.
  9. I'm struggling to find justification for Kairos at 340 points: He cannot fit in any of the Battalions except the specific one that he is in (as Lord of Change is a unit name and not a keyword in the Battalions). This make it challenging to take him within either the Exalted Conflagration or the Hosts Duplicitous. He cannot take an artefact or a command trait. So no -2/-3 rend option for him. He doesn't have a command ability. He doesn't have an option for a shooting attack. Gift of Change is not only much worse than Gateway, but it also deteriorates as Kairos takes damage, which is even more painful. Oracle of Eternity has been understandably amended to no longer affect initiative rolls. It's still a powerful ability. He doesn't know the spells of enemy Wizards - only the friendly ones. In my practice game on Wednesday at the South London Legion - it was useful being able to cast Treacherous Bond. This meant he could run out in front as a tank into the face of a Khorne army and 5/6 of the damage would be dumped onto the 18 Marauders chilling behind him. This was handy when @davidslv managed to roll ten 4+ rolls in a row on the Spear of the Exalted Derpbringer (imagine if that was Foot of Gork - shudder...). However, Kairos's melee output was really dismal. He could also cast Infusion Arcanum, so he can hit on 3s, but he still only has rend -1. I have spotted a couple of clever combos with him (above and beyond rigging Fold Reality on Skyfires or Enlightened), but would welcome further thoughts.
  10. Good points. This one has been floating around in my mind as well. You would get the extra attack from Blessed Weapons (as that doesn't clash with the other rule - it's just a good combo). Whether you get 2 x D6 wound rolls or not is less clear. Purposively you probably do.
  11. Just over a week to go! 8 sleeps unless you're a Death Player. We're all really excited at the South London Legion to be hosting this event. We've got some additional players attending. There are still spaces available. I've added a couple of additional points to the FAQ - both regarding the Balewind Vortex.
  12. Hammer of Might is on Wound Rolls, not hit rolls. Turning to the wider issue. In my view, GW don't distinguish wounds and mortal wounds very strictly (less strictly than I thought originally), such that "Damage" encompasses both wounds and mortal wounds. Particular examples are the writer of the DoT book giving an example of where he would use Destiny Dice to change a "Damage roll" in relation to a spell. Thus you could make a good argument that it would double the mortal wounds (if the wording covered it). I should add that this is somewhat controversial. We'll see how this is dealt with in an FAQ. From our experience at the South London Legion in the time since the DoT book came out, using destiny dice for mortal wounds doesn't seem overpowered (because you get 1.5 sixes and 1.5 fives on average and often need to use the fives for things like casting rolls of 9 for Pink Fire). This is particularly the case when compared to self-healing Husktusks (Thundertusks).
  13. It basically gives you the ability to cast another spell for all your wizards in the Battalion (1 LoC/Daemon Prince 1 Herald and 3 Pinks). Potentially interesting.
  14. You mean my old Kairos model which I foolishly acquired in anticipation back in December. He is quite good as you can summon him in and give him a Lore Spell. Then another wizard can buff him with +1 attack on the -2 rend attack and Shield of Fate plus Mystic Shield perhaps. The points cost is decent. Alternatively you can take it in the list and then give it Phantasmal Weapons for some super rend. He's a good use for those 4s and 3s in the Destiny Dice pool.
  15. I think the Starseer can be worth it - but it's a much more marginal choice if it cannot reroll initiative rolls as is the case in the current SCGT pack. Now that Kairos has lost his ability to alter the initiative roll, I see no reason for stopping the other (less powerful - rerolls or adjustments, not straight to a 6) methods for altering the initiative. People may say that this is overpowered, but the units in question are grotesquely overcosted without that ability (160! for the Lords of the Lodge; have you ever seen a Coven Throne at a tournament? I used one at Firestorm Fours in one game). As I found out at Heat One, my opponent could reroll them almost as often as I could when i used the Starseer due to the guess the number under the fez mini-game. Furthermore, taking a single drop battalion to get a 50% chance of a double turn could be seen as overpowered by some armies (many of which cannot even possibly take a single drop army, like Ironjawz or Grots or most Mixed Chaos or Mixed Order lists - using one of these reroll mechanics as a soft counter to the double turn risk arguably improves balance (assuming that the points costs aren't too cheap).