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Sylvaneels at Bloodshed in The Shires



So it was with great excitement that I took my Sylvaneels to Bloodshed in The Shires - a one-dayer at 

My list was a development of Winterleaf taking advantage of their new ally option Idoneth Derpkin:


Basically, one uses the Order Unit in Winterleaf as 9 Morrsarr Guard (aka Eels, hence Sylvaneels) - which don’t count towards either cap on Allies - and then ally in the Soulscryer for deepstrike and charge buff. The list has built in CP for the inevitable reroll of a 6” charge and  Inspo on Bravery 6 Eels.

The TOs and organisation

The TOs Dan George and Steve Curtis has clearly put a lot of thought and preparation into the event. It was particularly noteworthy as the first event of the Bucks Wargaming Collective and no doubt the first of many. 

Dan in particular was very helpful and understanding when the trains/replacement buses did their best to delay the arrival of players including me. The second game vs Hugh was one of my most enjoyable in a long time partly as Dan and Steve, Hugh and others had some quality banter (mostly about Hugh’s dice sock and Derpu’s derping). This was typical of the lively atmosphere in the event. Despite that, the game vs Hugh and his Freeguild bunker was careful and tactical.

The scenery was high quality for a one-dayer and everything went smoothly (bar the trains😜). The pre-ordered Pizzas were an inspired choice. I could have ordered another it was so good 🍕.

The attendees

The attendees were mostly a healthy mix of Bucks Wargaming Collective and South London Legionaries - a great crowd overall - a real variety of experience levels from first time event all the way to @Age of The Erstwood

Game One vs Clinton Liem (Ironjawz)

(To be completed)











Game 2 vs Hugh Halligan















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