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  1. Honk

    Dealing with Putrid Blightkings

    20 wounds for 160 points... 10 puppies for 120 have 20 wounds and then the grind is on. Or speedbump them with 2x5 he might kill them in one round, but if not, regenerate and another round not getting anywhere
  2. Honk

    Dealing with Putrid Blightkings

    Stupid mistakes I tend to make... took a double to bring up my 40 skellis, he charged in 10 brutes and got a return double inspired to attack and mopped up the rest during his close combat... 3 attackphases without regen just dissolved them like a snowball in hell (sun-tzu wept)
  3. Honk

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Yep, looks like AoS 2e is going to stir things up a lot. Seems a bit like Death Star bowling galore, hope the games are not finished 2. round. Who lands the first punch...
  4. Honk

    Dealing with Putrid Blightkings

    leave them in the bog (30 wolves, 40 skellis, 60 zombies) and remember!NOT! to grab a double turn, if he gets one your regeneration might not be enough
  5. Honk

    Lets Chat: Flesh Eater Courts

    Holy f*<k that really puts FEC back on the board, especially with the command ability spam... gkozd and gkotg one summoning the courtier, the other placing the unit...
  6. Honk

    AoS 2e previews

    I think big slow blobs like skellis or guards might be hard to re-summon, but fast units like wolves or knights... charge‘m in to keep your opponent busy and replenish from the mid-/ backfield... but it‘s all guesswork, till the print has dried. My friends start complaining about endless hosts of 400 attack skelli blobs, with Nagash doing cinematic epic fireworks. Let them sweat a bit. think it is going to be alpha strike heavy
  7. Honk

    Viable 1000pt lists on AoS2

    I like list 1, but without gg and bk but with more morghast and 5 puppies... but it is definitely to early to talk about viability for AoS 2e. Don’t know anything about points, lot of magic stuff unknown...
  8. Honk

    Legion of Night - "Double Dragon" help

    Oh, one thing I forgot last time and it cost me dearly... Do not double turn!!! I repeat: do not doubleturn!!! Your tarpits are save, until you get double turned...
  9. Honk

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    With such bases you shouldn’t... they look great
  10. Honk

    AoS 2e previews

    Why would they do such a thing, wolves are the worst!!! Way overpriced, almost not playable, definitely not competitively... #dontgivethemideas
  11. Honk

    AoS 2e previews

    With the new shooting rules, I might invest a little bit more in bats...to fly up to those backyard snipers (or fell bats)
  12. Honk

    Lets Chat: Legions of Nagash

    Well, they have to sell off the old stuff first *rolleyes... now the direwolves habe been out of stock for weeks, and imo the fenrisian wolves look better but cost twice as much
  13. Honk

    Tomb Kings?!!

    You mean like Manfred saving the day in the old world, totally having Nagash six all the time rotflol #backstab buuuut, I would like to have a fourth army in the GA... and with Legions, FEC, Nighthaunt (skellis,ghouls,ghost) the mummie slot is still open. Not sure what else would by sufficiently undead... ?! lycans ?! That would definitely be crazy
  14. Honk

    Tournament Death Lists Discussion

    Yeah, I’m currently arcane bolting with that spell, last game (1,1,3 mw) i really need more time at the table... keep us/me informed and all the best pushing faces into the dirt
  15. Honk

    Tomb Kings?!!

    Like the shiny force of righteousness that the GA: Order has become #Ineedtoharvestyoursoulformybabys but I was lectured, that order in terms of lawful does not imply morality (good) and chaotic does not mean evil. Thx D&D 😛 All in all i would love to see the diversity of other ga mirrored in death, please with some kind of working allying system, not the restrictive hot mess we have now.