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Found 41 results

  1. Here is the new thread for discussing Legion Of Azgorh. With the imminent release of AoS 2 (and a lot of the info already being out there), now is the time for us to start afresh on TGA. Moving forward, this will be the main thread to chat about and discuss Legion Of Azgorh in the new edition. I still wholly encourage people to keep their own threads/army blogs within this sub forum and I also think those are a great place to share some photos as I know not everyone frequents the Painting & Modelling section. But this thread is purely for discussion around the faction, things such as (but not limited to) tactics and list building etc. You all know the drill, we've been doing it on this forum since inception! For newer players, I would say the older thread could still be worth perusal and whilst it is now locked for further replies, you can find it here - http://www.tga.community/forums/topic/1983-legion-of-azgorh-mega-thread/ Really excited to see what we can come up with as a community and I look forward to reading all your ideas and thoughts.
  2. Hello all, I have been a TGA member for quite a bit, loving the really healthy and supportive community, been watching and looking at various plogs, and decided to start my own now that I have gotten enough models to justify it. Starting off is a just a big WIP shot of my entire army that was hastily made, I don't have a lightbox yet, nor was the lighting good, forgive me. Not quite up to date, got some of the thunderers painted and shaded, however I am waiting for a paint to arrive to continue (new silver because the old one sucked). Also have Thundrik's warband but i just have to get them all primered and ready to go.
  3. Hello everyone! I am a serious collector of Chaos Dwarf (Legion of Azgorh) from Forgeworld and i am looking tp buy a Skullcracker model. Preferably, i am looking for the model unsassembled and unpainted (with the original FW bag... or not).. but well i accept any conditions. I would offer the rightful price for such product, knowing it is extremely rare and high demanded. I live in Canada and i will take care of any fees regarding shipping. Thank you very much
  4. I've been out of the miniature game for a few years and just recently picked up some Chaos Dwarves from Forgeworld! So I have been slowly cleaning and preparing them and will be ready for painting soon. I see a lot of reds and lava themes online and don't necessarily want to go those routes. I've narrowed it down to two thoughts based on some images I've found online and would love to get feedback from the community here. The two thoughts were the more traditional Duergar dwarves with their purple tinted skin and white beards. The other option are images of Dark Irons with their more orange hair and beards with muted colors from the WoW setting. Here are some of the things I saw and liked, what does everyone think?
  5. Hi everyone! I picked AoS to get back into the miniature scene so here I am. :) I bought some sylvaneth boxes and miniatures but couldn't get behind them when it came to assembling them. So now they sit alone in the corner of the workspace. Some Legion of Azgorh I picked up to replace them I am loving though! Glad to be here and I look forward to being a part of this community.
  6. Morning everyone - long time reader / lurker. I've read an article that's been driving me slowly mad for a while so I thought I'd reach out for some help. I read this. https://www.warhammer-community.com/2016/11/19/legion-of-azgorh-by-ben-curry/ TL;DR; version is - Great article full of info and experience and recommendations. However there is one part that is throwing me that I still haven't worked out... Unless I'm missing a serious trick, I have no idea quite how this many mortal wounds can come out of a unit of Fireglaves and a daemonsmith(s) regardless of their size or numbers If anyone has any ideas or if this is something that has changed since the last rules update although I have checked all the rules I can find for them or if this is a typo or a misunderstanding or whatever. Mostly I just want to make sure I'm not missing out on being able to nuke a unit that thinks they're charging something squishy!! Please help me as not knowing the answer is killing me and this place seems like the right place to ask :D Thanks! Matt
  7. Starting my DZ army. Praying for Hashut's blessing. Sacrifice a slave for me.
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