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Chris Tomlin

Events UK: Tomorrow Burns - Weymouth 25-26th March 2017 - Round One Draw + FAQ etc

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Chris Tomlin    3,000

Event Title: Tomorrow Burns - Weymouth 25-26th March 2017 - Bowling info required!
Event Author: Chris Tomlin
Calendar: Events UK
Event Date: 03/25/2017 12:00 AM to 03/26/2017 12:00 AM

EVENT PACK - http://traffic.libsyn.com/theblacksun/Tomorrow_Burns.pdf

Afternoon boys and girls!

I am pleased to announce Tomorrow Burns - the first of my two 2 day Warhammer events in 2017. This will be held over the weekend of 25-26th March at the Upwey Memorial Hall in Weymouth.

Tickets are priced at £36 (I really think they should be £38, but should be ok!) and include lunch on both days and a limited edition glass only available at this event. Depending on left over funds, I will also try to pick up some beers etc for entrants...I don't run these events to make money, but to make fun times! My Birthday is March 26th and this seems a great way to spend it! Regardless, it will be BYOB.

There will also be bowling on the Saturday night (additional cost), this was great at New Dawn as it kept a large group of us together and was good fun.

The event itself will be 5 games of General's Handbook Warhammer. You will use a single 2,000 point list across all 5 games which will be submitted on the Saturday morning. Generals, Command Traits and Artefacts can freely be picked before each game. Armies must of course be fully painted and based.

Details on the scoring will follow, but my 10-0 per game system used at Rain of Stars will definitely feature as I feel it was simple and worked well.

Ticket sale info

Tickets go on sale at 8pm on Friday 2nd December. Payment (£36 per player) must be sent via Paypal as a gift to lunatic_Pandora@btinternet.com - please note that anyone sending their money before this time will find their payment returned.

Initially there will be 38 places available, though some of these will be allocated to club members etc. I'm fairly confident I could sell out a larger event but I like my venue and the smaller numbers are good for social.  This is now a 56 player event!!

That said, I believe there is room for more tables without compromising on space, so I will be visiting the venue and looking to increase capacity slightly. Therefore any payments over the 38 places will go on a paid reserves list. Anyone not wanting to wait on this can request a refund at anytime. Anyone still on the paid reserves list at the time of the event will automatically be refunded.

Drop outs from the main entrants list will be refunded up until February 10th 2017, after that time you will forfeit your entry fee. There will be no selling or transferring tickets (due to paid reserve list). Drop outs are a complete pain for TO's!!

I think that's all I needed to share for now, please do not hesitate to ask if I have missed anything out.

Many thanks,


  1. Aaron Bailey vs Donal Taylor
  2. Karl Breakspear vs Andy Talbot
  3. Paul Buckler vs Kieran Harper
  4. Gary Hennessey vs Martin Morrin
  5. Rob Ellis vs Russ Veal
  6. Adam Petford vs Laurie Huggett-Wilde
  7. Mark Mitzman vs Tom Hewitt
  8. Matt Lyons vs Richard Ciereszko
  9. Wayne Holt vs Ricky Mee
  10. Declan Waters vs Tim Fisher
  11. Matt Clarke vs Les Martin
  12. Sam Davies vs Ben Diesel


1. Steve Phillips
2. James Eveleigh
3. Rich Morley
4. Adam Petford
5. Tom Hewitt
6. Matthew Lyons
7. Jen Lyons
8. Mike Wilson
9. Paul Buckler
10. Tom Hutchings
11. Will Philpott
12. Aaron Bailey
13. Laurie Huggett-Wilde
14. Wayne Holt
15. Gary Hennessey 
16. Dominic Hook 
17. Ricky Mee
18. Andy Talbot
19. Patrick O'Sullivan
20. Robert Nightingale
21. James Mapson
22. Liam Cook
23. Kieran Harper
24. Jonathon Kyprianidis 
25. Karl Breakspear 
26. Dave Roberts 
27. Patrick Rance 
28. James Box
29. Terry Pike
30. Sam Davies
31. James Warth
32. Mark Mitzman
33. Steve Hursell
34. Donal Taylor
35. Rob Ellis
36. Tim Fisher
37. Bryan Hatchett 
38. Chris Lewis 
39. Elliot O'Neill
40. Jon Warmington
41. Kris Robertson 
42. Richard Ciereszko   
43. Ben Smith  
44. Matthew Arnold  
45. Ian Ralph
46. Declan Waters
47. Chris Green
48. Henry Poor
49. Russ Veal  
50. Les Martin  
51. Matt Clarke
52. Ben Diesel
53. Martin Morrin
54. Carl Smith
55. Craig Namvar
56. Mo Ashraf
57. Mike Burgess
58. Dave Fulbrook
59. Tim Bamford


Tomorrow Burns - Weymouth 25-26th March 2017 - Bowling info required!



Edited by Chris Tomlin
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Chris Tomlin    3,000
28 minutes ago, TalesOfSigmar said:

Hopefully I can get a ticket. 4-Day weekend to travel down from Newcastle will definitely be worth it!

Sounds great! Would be awesome to have you down.

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Chris Tomlin    3,000

Just a bit of a heads up guys, tickets are due to go on sale a week today - 02/12/16. The time and paypal address will be announced nearer the day, as well as a loose description of the event (full pack to come in the New Year).

Keep your eyes peeled!

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Chris Tomlin    3,000

Hey guys,

I am pleased to announced that this event now has a name; Tomorrow Burns

It also has ticket release info! Exciting. Please see the original post which has been updated with all the new information.

It's a bit wordy and not formatted very well so I will tidy it up at some point, but for now it contains all the details you need...I think! If not, please don't hesitate to ask.

So get your Paypal apps open and ready to send me £36 (as a gift) this Friday!! Looking forward to seeing all your names pop up on my phone as the payments come in.

Cheers, Chris x

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Chris Tomlin    3,000

Guys and girls,

Don't forget that tickets go on sale tonight as per the above instructions. Ever since posting those details I've regretted stating £36 over a more sensible £38, but it doesn't feel right to change that now - So with ever increasing ticket costs elsewhere, I can ensure you that you will definitely get more than your monies worth at this event!!

Unfortunately I will be unavailable this evening, so if you have any questions, please get them in ahead of time. I will be reviewing all payments tomorrow morning and will put up the lucky initial 38 entrants, with everyone else going on the paid reserves (full info in the original post) then.

Please please note that any payments I get before 8pm will be refunded tomorrow morning and you will not appear on the entrants or reserves list - don't try to be clever.

Also, whilst I may be overestimating interest, I am pretty confident that this will sell out tonight. Please don't be disheartened if you don't make the list tomorrow morning, as previously mentioned I would like to expand numbers if possible and for this event to run at nearer to 48-50 players, so the reserve list is worthwhile. I will get into the venue and confirm final numbers in the New Year.

Thanks in advance,


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Chris Tomlin    3,000

Morning guys,

wow, just wow. 55 of 38 available tickets sold straight off the bat. That's crazy for a little event down in Weymouth. Thanks so much for all the interest, it's really mind blowing. 

Ok so with that said, obviously 55 is a bigger number than 38. Which means right now 17 of you are feeling pretty disapointed. Please please do not feel dispondant. I am very confident I will be able to expand capacity to 48-50ish entrants and will be looking to confirm this ASAP, though it might not be until earlier January. 

I would highly suggest sitting on the reserve list until that time as I suspect the large majority of you on there so far will end up playing, especially as we can expect a few drop outs.

It's really not nice to see so many names not on the main list and honestly, I want you all playing! 

If you are really not not happy on the reserves then I can of course refund you right away, but you do lose your spot in the queue as such. But yeh, stick with it. 

Im also gonna say now, that anyone who waits on the reserve list and doesn't get into the event (you'll obviously be refunded) will have first refusal for tickets at my second two dayer later in 2017. 

Tickets are still on sale if anyone else wants to go on the reserve list. 

Once again, thanks so much to everyone who's paid up. I can't wait, gonna be an awesome birthday weekend!!

Chris ???

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bennyp    31

Chris, can you refund my entry. I might have, err, forgotten I'd promised the wife we'd go on holiday that week...apparently this is not allowed to be a holiday to an AoS tournament ?

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