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  1. Looks great @broche happy smashing,
  2. @Malakree don’t self deprecate too much that is Aelf talk not Megaboss talk, you bossed it good an proppa, played the list well and took on what was in front of you. Great write up as usual really enjoyed hearing a more in-depth look at what happened!
  3. Yes it was and was great to meet and cheer on Megaboss @Malakree 💚 There was a lot of camaraderie all weekend especially @Chris Tomlin Basically going around and telling all opponents of ironjawz he hoped they lost (in a nice way 😂) 3-2 for me (basically the only thing I ever do with ironjawz) BUT for the first time only the game against Slaanesh did I get battered and my game 5 was winnable just couldn’t get the breaks (one day I will get the 4-1!) great weekend and while it’s always fun to play ironjawz it felt great to have the scales tipped back in our favour a little!
  4. Also doppelgänger cloak means you can charge him with a megaboss or Mawkrusha, activate the cloak so he cannot fight you unit you have fought him, he then has to activate at the start of the combat phase (so fights but fights nothing assuming you don’t have anything else in range. Then you hit him in the combat phase proper he can then fight back but hopefully is dead so at least he is dealt with.
  5. Looks fantastic @Chris Tomlin (As always) hope he does great with it! And that you both have a good weekend am starting to get tournament withdrawal symptoms myself but won’t be able to anything till south coast
  6. @Dan Heelan paid (84) and excited as always for this 🤘
  7. Played a competitive Tzeetch army on Super Bowl weekend and shot it all off by turn 3 however if he had if won priority then he would of magicked me off turn 3 😂😂😂😂
  8. Kharadrons are in a funny place in the meta right now if you play it right and get a double turn you can literally vapourise enemy armies, however this isn’t t really the way to go about making a strategy. Also they are a finesse army so if you are new to the game your double hamstringing yourself with a finesse army and one that is match up/ luck dependent. By finesse I mean you need to be on point with your movement and target priority etc.... Dont lose heart though at best you should be aiming for a 50/50 win rate with them but while you get used to playing and the interaction of the rules your likely gonna lose more than you win anyway. Loads of good tips all over tga keep plugging away and the victories when they come will feel all the sweeter. Lastly if your playing more experienced guys they may be using more optimised lists as well so do some research in all sections of the forums to get a handle on the tactics and list combos of others ( and then find a way to counter it)
  9. I’ve been running a very fun list for Kharadrons since the summer (pre-ghb), I will be honest and say it’s quite thought intensive because of the synergy between the Comand trait and the formation buff and because you have to really think about where you position for maximum shooting but minimum combat. I’ve changed the heroes around a bit and once tried Endrinriggers in exchange for just the Navi as a hero but dislike this because of loss of free artefact but also scenarios sometimes need a hero to score. I’m thinking of just a navi and khemist and then 5 more thunderers (once I’ve built and painted 5 more) the navigator is a great general if you cant or don’t want to have the admiral (maybe 2x endrinmasters for more heals) because he is a 3+ save and the way the formation and trait work your always packing yourself in tight with the 4 ships (and any infantry you can squeeze in 3”) so your not really needed to fight or shoot. I also find the gunhaulers to be amazing a) for canon, b) for the mortal wounds when you do get charged sometimes it can be 3d3 damage mortals But.... overall it’s a lot of fun to play and if you get it right you can totally blast the aether gold out of armies especially on a providential double turn!
  10. If you kill 18 then 8+D6 run away to battleshock also I used Waaaghs as well so more attacks on the Mawkrusha than just warscroll. This was at blood and glory 2016 so pre command points but the premise is still the same. Basically sometimes the way to beat a new crazy combo is to kill the stuff before it can kill you this is the way of Gorkamorka and works
  11. Kill the ghouls before they get to attack I’ve had a Mawkrusha kill a unit of 30 on his own twice in the same game it’s not difficult
  12. In my defence I lent my Ironjawz to @domus as he had travelled over from America and he managed to place best destruction meaning Da Ghostwulfz have retained it for all three years of FHGT I was a very proud megaboss on Sunday ?
  13. Grand convocation cleansing phalanx vanguard wing lords of the storm soulstrike brotherhood (could also include skybourne slayers and warrior brotherhood in as well but they aren’t in the book) as for stormhosts you need to tailor your list to the stormhost I.e any list that has a big shooting unit of 10-15 models and a fighting unit of similar size using the anvils of Heldenhammer stormhost is going to do well if played properly. Match this to a formation such as VW, or Lords of the storm and you will have a better combined force. Staunch defender is great but effectively 30 judicators shooting per turn doing damage 2 on wound rolls of a 6 is arguably a lot stronger add in bless weapons and have 2 wound rolls per 6 to hit as well, rerolling 1s to hit (azyros) and if played properly will outshine staunch every time and that’s the real kicker “played properly” a lot of Stormcast players I face lack that abilty because they have spent 2 or 3 years using exploits to win (knight azyros WBH or vanguard wing) the Les TM stardrake build was strong not because of the drake being so overpowered (that helped) it was because it was the most balanced list in the meta at the time and had limited auto-lose match ups and even in those it could pull off a win with solid play and a little luck. The sce chat has gone the same way a lot of people are looking for that auto charge (Gavriel) or janky exploit (hammers bringing back 20 sequitors) rather than actually looking at the combos and thinking about what they can do with them.
  14. Plenty of great Stormcast lists in the new book and 4 of the 6 stormhosts are worth using with the right army over staunch defender. I think Stormcasts have been refined further into a balanced force which will mean you have to try harder to win but should at least feel you are “in” with a chance in most games with very few if any traditional “auto-lose” match ups. As for formations at least 5 are playable and could build a decent army around with the right stormhost and strategy. at a 5 game event I’d expect a 4-1 as very achievable a 5-0 or 3-2 will come down solely to match ups (and potentially luck)
  15. Inferno blades on 10 brutes is basically new underpants time
  16. Great work @Rock Lobster the pics look fantastic too #BRUTES
  17. Best thing to do is email the FAQs team and get an official answer however I have always played it as a retreat from combat because the ironfist says “makes its move in the same manner as the movement phase except it cannot run” if you move out of 3” in the movement phase this is a retreat. Doesn’t mean I’m right at all so a clarification from GW would be excellent but that’s how I have always played it at least
  18. Only deploy 1 realm gate for Bloodtoofs but if another is on the board but players can use the new rules for them you can now stack Waaagh and Mighty Waaagh so command points can be used to use these more than once. I’ve yet to do a MEGA-Waaagh of more than 3 but with a 6 rolled that was 4 extra attacks and my footboss with destroyer soloed a black coach and my Mawkrusha killed 20 grimghast reapers! Who needs fancy maces or celestial lightning to deal with the supernatural, just waaagh energy brah!
  19. Also don’t forget that the weirdnob when he casts the cogs or balewind only gets one more cast that turn but 2 next turn., because he uses one to cast the endless spell. Otherwise I agree with @broche you need the brutes to be in 2x5 or failing that drop cogs and second shaman for an extra 5 man but to maximise the weirdfist ?
  20. Obviously the list you are all waiting for is my ironjawz so here it is as a teaser for you while @Chris Tomlin puts the lesser lists into a pdf ? megaboss on mawkrusha, brutish cunning (trait) ethereal amulet (artefact, shyish) megaboss , destroyer (artefact, ironjawz) weirdnob shaman, the boss skewer (artefact, ironjawz) 10 brutes 5 brutes 5 brutes 3 gore-gruntas 3 gore-gruntas ironfist battalion Bloodtoofs battalion happy Krumpin ?
  21. Great event again Chris, well organised, good food, excellent facilities, good access to drinks and even a shop to wander around and dream of new armies! Excellent pack, as a non summoning army who can only fight in combat (ironjawz) being able to score the kill points for when an opponent gets a free 300 extra points of models to me felt fair, those models appear from no where and score objective points. I like the fact it didn’t effect the game result (I.e you only counted them towards the tiebreaker score not the minor victory result if people drew on objectives). Good use of the new rules too I have a slight issue with movement after teleport but that’s the rules not your pack! 5 fantastic opponents in Ritchie, Nick, Dan B, Stu C and Dan G would happily play any of you guys again! Will be coming back again next year
  22. This was picked up in a recent WhatsApp discussion and the FAQ team have been emailed hopefully will be clarified in the upcoming errata!
  23. Was a great battle Ian and as expected your boys were more interested in sniffing each other’s bones rather than have a proppa fight ?? I think I scored the 4 point objective the second time and then T4 got 7 instead of 9 and you have missed off 2 points for yourself somewhere making the final score 23-21 but its the same gap so the result is all that the history books will remember! (For your readers benefit) my MK had jade diadem, footboss Ghyrstrike and weirdnob Da Boss Skewer. The Wurgog mask once again showed why I need to take some mortal wound protection on the MK but I feel it difficult to do so because that’s in Asqy and Hysh (Da Ghostwulfz are Ghur/Ghyran) so will be trying out Asqy items next game me thinks ? so close the last two times I’ll get you next time!
  24. @sporadicMike nice list I really like the idea of the Doppleganger cloak will be really keen to see how you get on with it!
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